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Races living in the solar system of Void of Earth's Solar System include ordinary human beings, human clones, artificial-intelligence (A.I.) personalities which can exist in both mobile robots and stationary computers (and such A.I. personalities can be downloaded from one machine into another), canoids which are created by cloning with both human and dog D.N.A., felinoids created by cloning with both human and cat D.N.A., and dolphins and apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutangs) gived human-like intelligence by genetic engineering. Both the United Earth Regime and the League of Planets grant all intelligent beings equal civil rights regardless of race. The civil rights of the various races in the Outworld Alliance depend on the individual member states. The Empire of Spectra is outright racist: only humans have full civil rights. Spectra treats canoids, felinoids, and genetically enhanced dolphins and apes as inferior, second-class citizens. The Empire of Spectra outright outlaws A.I. for robots and computers, and actively attempts to erase A.I. personalities.

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