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This is the wikia of Rachele The Beloved of Robert the Daemon (her muse). (Rachele is a fictional creation. she is a beautiful goddess of the Dictionary-Thesaurus Dinosaur that speaks myths.) she likes to blog. she also likes her new wiki. this is her first one! she loves to use her dictionary and thesaurus. she also tried to join wikiversity but did not know how to register or have the patience to read more than fifty pages of articles on mythology. Robert is a daemon who loves to enter people's minds and change what they are thinking. like rachele's mind. He changes her moods and energy levels and likes to speak to her mind and make body movements not her own. Rachele and the Dinosaur along with Robert came up with a game called Words and Concepts. it is based on fantasy where there is no truth in their reality. they use The Books (dictionary, thesauruses, Symposium, wikipedia, etc.) to come up with Ideas and that is what they do. For example here is a game they play. They get one word and complete it by entering in another word's definition. Or, trying to be a good writer they look up the words of a thesaurus word and it's list to find out the exact meanings of its synonyms. How fun!

Here is an example of the Word Game. first word i will use is something that carbonates me meaning gives me simple pleasure. carnal pleasure? since i do not know the meaning of the word carnal to be exact i will look it up in my traveler's dictionary.

Carnal- referring to the body; sensual.

while looking up carnal i found i also like the word cauldron. it is a large deep pan for cooking.

well, my dad used a cauldron to cook the soup i ate for dinner and it writing is NOT a carnal pleasure i learned because it is not bodily. so i learned something. i love my handy dictionary! too bad i wont remember what i learned.

i was trying to remember how to write an essay and what it would be useful for since i do not know how to research correctly. Rachele is known for not knowing Truth and not valuing it properly. She flies away on her dragon in the realm of fantasy and does not know how to work well in Trashland. The world called Earth by men. Trashland is a place where nothing satisfies. Rachele stays by her lovers side and stays indoors with her parents never to move outside. Her story is shared in Book One which is a real book published by where anyone can publish their own work.

but i wonder. what does sensual mean?

sensual-referring to the pleasures of the body, not of the mind.

so sensual and carnal are not the words i am looking for. although i enjoyed the massages i got at the hotel i am looking for a word that describes what i am doing here. what i value. what my life is about. what is it that Rachele is looking for? why does she talk to herself like that? and where is Robert?

what Rachele is thinking

hello, well, first of all i love Robert. he is my god. he is so handsome and he is my lover. he is also a daemon for we have mastered the spiritual realm through meditation.

i am listening to my zen creative player and just drank one of my Kirkland diet shakes. it was good and i like my music. there is nothing that i can say to make myself happier. i am not happy right now because robert does not like me and is not my friend. it pains me. i could visit paul but i dont feel like taking the bus or walking half a mile home. what i really need is some company. but i have to wait til Friday for that when my case manager picks me up to go shopping at Savers with her. i want to find something i like but i know i wont. something bizarre. but entertainment for my life is covering for what i really need. some love. my parents are grouches most of the time. i dont enjoy my time with them. always telling me what to do. never there just to say how life is going. my brother never calls me. he doesnt answer his phone. christian music makes me feel a little better but not that much. i need something for my spirit.

the beginning of the daemon

first off, she used books to meditate upon and ate nothing but chocolate bars(especially heath bars)and vanilla coke for more than a month. she then transfigured herself "anywhere out of the world" and used No Doubt's Running song as her mantra to run away using the nightbox sound. then as she stayed up day after day, and did nothing but think and journal as hard as she could, she fell asleep to the radio right next to her head and then she heard it. Reynolds. he was the first daemon she encountered. after entering many delusional escapades with her loved one she returned her senses to Trashland and came out of the mental hospital in paradise. she took her resperidol and without it she found she got laughing attacks. with it she feels scared that she will "lose her mind" but at the same time as she listens to Robert her new muse and daemon who makes love to her all day and night she thinks it may not be so bad. Bad in Trashland and to her parent's perception but not for her. as long as she takes her medication maybe it doesnt matter what she believes.


robert the real person on myspace was her second real life encounter with a person who carbonated her and made her want to be a better person. the first was john reynolds. he was a genius. he loved plato. rachele also loved plato and read symposium and the nichomachean ethics (aristotle) and loved to go off on tangents making up her own theories. she also bought both of john's published works. someday robert will publish his own works for he wants to be a literature professor as john is a philosopher professor. rachele also is highly influenced by Paul Cravath her drama professor who is a bisexual buddhist. she loves his paris wisdom such as that adultery is OK. is that really from paris? who knows. but he likes france and decadence.

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