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The Radiant Heat includes the products needed to properly install a Radiant Heat system. It represents the fastest growing segment of the hydronic heating systems. Radiant heat is one of the most popular ways to add comfort to your life. It is the movement of heat energy from a heated mass, like a wall, floor or ceiling to objects in contact with it or in its line of site. The energy radiates from the panel to an object. In hydronic radiant heat the panel is heated using water pumped thought tubes.

This method of heating has been in use from primitive time. It isn’t a new concept in fact; it was used since the Roman times in 60 A.D. to warm their enclosed places. It was the development of cross liked polyethylene tubing that provided a reliable and economical way to build a radiant panel using hot water.

Radiant heating controls the rate at which a body loses heat by turning large surface areas (floors, walls, ceilings) into large, low- temperature radiators. This method has been found to be highly economical and reliable one.

Few benefits of using radiant heating are categorized as below:

• Radiant heat system allows you to have comfort in your life in every kind of atmosphere. It may be freezing outside but this system allows you to remain warm and cozy.

• It has been found to be highly efficient heating system that is highly economical.

• Radiant heat allows you to divide your home or office in zones. You can set different temperatures of different zones according to your requirements.

• A radiant floor heating system can be installed under practically any type of flooring, such as carpeting, tile, linoleum, wood floors, etc. Easily add in floor heat to small areas such as bathrooms or kitchens with Electric Radiant Floor Heat.

• Radiant Heat reduces dust mites and air borne allergens by 60%-90%. No other heating system reduces allergies as effectively as radiant heat. Hence, it has been regarded as healthy way of heating.

• Radiant heat systems are installed within the structure of your home, which means you will not have to consider vents, baseboards, radiators, or drafty areas when decorating and furnishing your home.

• A radiant heating system will increase the value of your home more than it costs to install.

To learn more about Radiant Heat Systems and Radiant Heat Products visit Radiant Heat Learning Center at

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