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Raelyn Lark

When you have a younger sister with ever so slight tendencies toward insanity, see if you can focus on something else!
Colin Lark, concerning his sister

Raelyn 'Rae' Lark is the sister of Scimitar medic Colin Lark.


  • Species: Human/Kiffar mix primarily, with a few others thrown in somewhere along the line
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 21
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Weapons/Equipment:
    • long, very sharp dagger
  • Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
    • Melee combat skills – If you see someone wearing a knife on her belt, you gotta assume she can use it.
    • Hand to hand combat – Though it won’t be evident until later, Raelyn can easily outmatch her brother.
  • Primary Role Player: Writer


The records on Raelyn Lark are just as phony as her brother’s and they’re just as simple. Raelyn was identified as a genius at pre-school age. But even classes for advanced-students fell beneath her level and any attempt at education bored her. She read massive amounts of books and seemed to literally absorb the information into her brain. At ten years of age, she dropped out of school and opted to remain home until she was of an age where she could get a job. But she never got that far.

When Colin started his college courses, Raelyn went with him. It nearly drove him mad that she could answer the questions immediately after they were asked when he struggled, but in return for his allowing her to follow him around, she helped him study. When he went into his residency, she took to staying home, but when he finally quit his job, she rejoined him in traveling.

Though she agrees it was for the best that they ended Colin’s previous contract when they did, Raelyn hates Bryndar and is actively trying to find transportation offworld.

Personality and Traits

At times, Raelyn can seem overly friendly... and she knows far more than she ought to due to her telepathy. But she sometimes forgets that it isn't exactly 'galactic normal' for people to be able to read other peoples' minds, and that can get her into trouble.

On the flip side, she has her bouts of random insecurity and violent emotions. To put it bluntly, Raelyn Lark is hard to read. And it never helps when she starts muttering things in languages no one has ever heard...

The Truth

As far as species, age, equipment, and skills go, the records for Raelyn Lark are accurate. Everything else is complete fiction, added to the galactic databases by 'Raelyn' in an attempt to keep herself and her brother out of the Empire's eyes. The true facts are as follows, for the crew of the Scimitar will eventually learn of it.

  • Name: Katrine West

True History: Katrine, called Kate by her family seemed to grow up far too quickly. At two years of age, she could speak in almost complete sentences. By four, she was doing her fourteen year old brother's school homework. A visit from her great-grandmother revealed the truth: Kate was a telepath and she subconsciously pulled the correct answers for her brother's homework out of his head. Now aware of this ability, little Kate wanted to learn exactly what she could do with it.

At eight years old, Kate was quite the little troublemaker, often planting suggestions in her parents' heads to get away with things no child ought to. On one occasion, she stayed away from home for three weeks, until she was brought home forcefully by Imperials who'd found her trying to persuade a guard to let her in to meet the Emperor. Her parents insisted they'd dropped her off at her grandmother's.

It was her brother Aidan who finally realized what she was doing, as he had not been near enough to be under her influence. The eighteen-year-old had begun studying at a university halfway around Coruscant, and he returned home to find his parents and his little sister insisting that she'd been at her grandmother's. He scolded his sister profusely for her little stunt and that affected her far more than her parents confused arguing. She apologized and promised never to do it again. And for a week or two, she held to her promise. Then, little suggestions began slipping in here and there. Soon, she was back at it... and that's exactly what the Empire wanted to see.

Katrine's recruitment was subtle. Shortly after her tenth birthday, she was offered a spot in an elite school for the brightest students and, though Kate was only the brightest because she could read the teacher's mind, she jumped at the chance to learn something new from the mind of any brilliant teacher she could find. With a little subtle persuasion on her part, Kate's parents agreed and what Kate calls the 'Empire Days' began.

Right from the start, the 'school' was nothing like Kate expected. They tested her telepathic abilities to the limit and when they had stretched her as much as they could there, they probed other areas of her brain. In doing so, they discovered her telekinetic abilities and worked to stretch her there as well. Kate tried to get a message out, or to escape, but they kept her heavily drugged when they weren't testing her strength. Gradually, they began trying to brainwash her and for a time, it seemed to work.

When she turned eighteen, Kate's trainers presented her with a uniform all her own, pure black, with a tiny insignia on it, reserved for high ranking Imperial spies. They told her that she was ideal for any form of deployment, as she could not be injured if she was expecting any sort of attack, and she could penetrate any defenses thanks to the telepathy. Then, she was given a mission and she accepted it.

Katrine West was never seen again. The records on her were changed, both images and ages were altered to show a different person entirely. Those who trained her were just as deceived as the rest of the galaxy, for she altered her appearance and mannerisms in their minds as well.

She stole her brother out of his Imperial doctoring job and they went on the run together as Colin and Raelyn Lark. In the official records for Aidan and Katrine West, it states that the siblings were caught, tried, and executed by Imperial firing squad. Case closed.

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