Hurray! Hurray!

-Rafiki and Mufasa

Rafiki, Pumbaa, and Mufasa retitled Mufasa Helps Out, is an episode of

the first season.


Pumbaa plans to tease poor Mufasa who wants to leave the

hole. But then he runs out of energy. Rafiki is the only

one left but he has no strength. Karen orders Mufasa

to help and he backs slowly out

of the hole. The two set off and Karen cheers for them.

Then Rafiki and Mufasa help Pumbaa home.






Simba (cameo)


Why would Pumbaa run out of energy?

Rafiki could have been strong enough to move the wagons.

Mufasa's paws are missing when he gets out

of the hole.


Rafiki pushing the wagons Mufasa gets out UK Title Card

US Title Card Pumbaa Karen and Mufasa

A goat eating Karen's ribbon Karen without her ribbon

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