I wont! I wont!

I will! I will!

-Rafiki and Pumbaa arguing

Rafiki and Pumbaa retitled Rafiki Gets It Done, is an episode of the first season.


Rafiki is in the shelter and wants an adventure. He goes

out and does very well. Then he wants another

adventure tomrrow and Pumbaa tells him

that he will be watching him as he pulls

the wagon express. Rafiki goes to push wagons

and hears that Pumbaa is stranded on a

mountain. Rafiki helps him and gets a nice

long drink.




Simba (does not speak)

Kovu (does not speak)

Mufasa (does not speak)


The narrator says that everyone was

bigger than Rafiki but Kovu isn't bigger.

Rafiki has Simba's face when he

goes to get water.


UK Title Card US Title Card Rafiki pushing Pumbaa Pumbaa with dirty wagons

Rafiki leaves the shelter Pumbaa is angry

Pumbaa running Rafiki with Simba's face

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