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Ragnar Thrice-born is the Circle Elder and claimed the position of Prince some 50 years ago, though he has eschewed the traditional titles in favor of those of his scandinavian homeland.


In becoming Jarl, Ragnar rode a general feeling of antipathy against the Invictus and fear of an increasingly deranged predecessor Prince. The Jarl assumed power peacefully, with a broad coalition and many bribes while establishing the new order.

Under circumstances that many considered suspicious, Ragnar called a blood hunt on Michael Law in October of 2007 for "breaking the masquerade." These circomstances included the use of a backroom interrogation with ambiguous results and the calling in of a Major Boon that Ragnar would step down as Prince and not seek to hold that position.
Even after the subsequent prince lifted this Blood Hunt, Ragnar made clear to many individuals that he still intended to slay Law.

Ragnar's title was contested by Kanis, who gained significant support in no small part because of the questionable actions of Ragnar regarding the boon/blood-hunt issue. Ragnar stepped down as Jarl on 10/19/07.

It is widely believed that Law escaped the back-room confrontation with Ragnar soley because a Kindred summoned the police to the location of court. While every kindred outside the room recieved adequate warning to escape, Ragnar did not release the meeting until police arrived. Ishta would later be torpored at the decree of Prince Annalia Tate for having summoned police to court, and then slain by a coalition of Ragnar, Wulf Lockheart, and Heinrich Von Rothdam.

Starting the night of that confrontation, Ragnar's face began to appear in news media as a wanted individual and police raids on court continued.
While the reason for the mortal authority's interest was not publicized those who investigated found that he had made a significant splash, including having police called upon him, when leaving the morgue (an incedent after which several bodies, including that of the local celebrity Seamus O'Connell, were missing) and then later somehow convinced police to allow him to simply walk away from a significant "drug bust" where a firefight erupted killing several individuals and rescuing at least one hostage.
After several weeks of surveillence and attempted apprehension, federal authorities became interested because of seeming links to other terrorist-related actions and Ragnar's apparent posession of some new "stealth" technology that allowed him to escape appearing on video surveillience. During this time repeated raids Court continued.
The escalating interest seems to have peaked when two kindred attacked Michael Law in a populated Elysium, killing at least 2 mortals and rendering Law to torpor before police arrived. Under interrogation these kindred admitted to knowing Ragnar and contacting him through Annalia Tate.
These confessions lead to the largest, most significant raid of court- where nearly every kindred in the City was arrested at a club rented for a private party and most of the Primogen council and the Prince were arrested after being found in a room with Ragnar, who again was allowed to simply walk away by police.

Ragnar was ultimately slain during the day by Nightwolf with the help of Christian Michaels, pre-eminant member of the city, a covenenant-mate, and previously long-time ally of Ragnar. Mr. Michaels claims that Ragnar had forced the Prince, Annalia Tate, into a blood bond and was using it to retain power as prince, force the city to war with other supernaturals and persue his personal vendettas. Nightwolf further claimed that Ragnar had risked the Masquerade.

Princes of San Andreas

Crimson Shadow

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"Bow to me! I am your Prince."

Played by Geof, whose previous Crimson Shadow Requiem characters predate the current chronicle and include the infamous Don Gaius Vitellus; Nosferatu, Invictus, Mobster, and Madman. Geof enjoys long walks on the beach, fine dining, classical music, and curbstomping emo kids in tight pants.

Geof has been playing White Wolf Products since Vampire: the Masquerade 1'st edition. Additionally, he was on the White Wolf online forums for several years and has enjoyed many tabletop games since his early teens. He hopes one day to master the secret recepie that will cause the genitals of all emo kids to melt off when they put on their tight pants. It's not like they need them anyways. It is also believed that Geof is most likely a homosexual.

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