Railroad Station Series
Genre Children's
Running time 30 minutes
Creator(s) Sunbow Entertainment
Starring Ringo Starr
Ian James Corlett
Terry Klassen
Lenore Zann
Andrea Libman
Michael Donovan
Phil Hayes
Bradley Pearce
Scott McNeil
Long John Baldry
Rachael Lillis
Country of origin United States
Original network/channel Sunbow Entertainment
Origional run May 1, 1994-
June 23, 2002
No. of episodes 40

Railroad Station Series was an Americanised version of the British television series Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, seen on the PBS network. The show consisted of a plot line, with an "episode" of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (mostly stock footage, which was cartoon-animated instead of live action animated).

The show introduced Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends to the US however, none of the original series' plotlines were used; the new stories were rewritten and edited as moral based stories, rather than action based.

Another significant change is the characters featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends segments: Gordon was renamed Garten; Toby was renamed Tobold; Duck was renamed Doug and Troublesome Trucks as Foolish Freight Cars. Also, Sodor became Sodall Island. In some cases, even the characters' genders were changed, such as the case with Thomas' major characters, Percy, Peter Sam, Bertie and Rusty who were now all females, instead of male.

Comparisons with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

  • Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends never had a cartoon plotline.
  • None of the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends' used plotlines from the original 26 episodes; instead, various scenes were cut up into new episodes.
  • The stories were now set in the modern day.
  • Percy, Peter Sam, Rusty and Bertie were all female instead of male. Also, Percy was referred to as Thomas's sister.
  • The engines voices had all been changed to Bronx, New Jersey, and Brooklyn accents rather than the original Glaswegian, Cockney, and Liverpudlian accents.
  • Gordon was called Garten and Toby was called Tobold. However, in the original series, their numbers were painted on their tender sides. Unlike Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, censor bars were used to cover their names printed on the side of their cabs.
  • Duck was called Doug, Toby was called Tobold and Bill and Ben were merged into one character called Benny. However, in the original series, their names were painted on them.
  • The Diesel became a movie producer and a rolling stock hider, and was changed to Mr. Movie Hider.
  • Diesel was still evil and remained a trickster.
  • Skarloey was called Stanley, and Rheneas was called Chooch. However, their nameplates "Skarloey" and "Rheneas" were painted on them, and were not censored as with Garten, Tobold, Doug, Billy and Benny.
  • Troublesome Trucks became Foolish Freight Cars.
  • Donald and Douglas were changed to Police Engines even though they still spoke with Scottish accents.
  • Scruffey became Hopper even though his original name was painted on his side.
  • Duke had two episodes, one in which he remains a engine and successfully guides the platform to rail, and one in a flashback told by Thomas to Stanley, in which Duke has trouble with it and becomes a 'stationary engine'.
  • Smudger was renamed Stanley like in the Railway Series.
  • Bulstrode was renamed Whitelocke though his original name were painted on his hull.
  • Bulgy was renamed 'London Bulk'.
  • The breakdown train became a large portable crane instead of being two cranes, two flatbeds and a workmen's carriage.
  • Boco was called CoBo.
  • Sodor became Sodall Island.
  • Railroad Station Series had four seasons; similar to Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. However, as the original series' episodes were edited and integrated into the new series, the new version had 40, instead of 26.
  • Arthur is evil instead of good.
  • Cranky is renamed Slim and is shy and bashful, his name is not censored.
  • Ferdinand is an evil engine who likes to steal freight cars and coaches.
  • Bash & Dash are Ferdinand's henchmen.
  • Hiro is a police engine named Mike who takes Ferdinand to jail.
  • Murdoch was renamed Mac.
  • Molly was stubborn and rude.
  • Salty was renamed Captain Diesel. And when he tells the other engines what to do, the engines say "Aye Aye Captain Diesel".
  • Spencer was renamed Carter.
  • Fergus was renamed Bobby.
  • Dennis was a hard-worker instead of lazy.
  • Bertram was said to be Duke's twin brother.
  • Derek became BoCo's Brother.
  • George was renamed Slappy.
  • Captain was renamed Glenn.
  • Diesel 10 was renamed Homer.
  • Lady was renamed Magic.
  • Victor is evil engine who move on general.
  • Kevin is evil engine with Victor's henchman.
  • Axel is police engine.
  • Vinnie is good engine who move on race.
  • Colin was renamed Mickey.
  • Hank was renamed Chuck.
  • Annie, Clarabel, Madge and Millie was male instead of female.
  • Terence was renamed Patrick.
  • Caroline was renamed Sally.
  • Stanley was renamed Rob.
  • Flynn was renamed Antoine.
  • Daisy was renamed Sonia.
  • Hector was renamed Simon.
  • Toad was renamed Kirby.
  • The Sprited Breakvan was renamed Bart.


  • Unlike Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, the characters were voiced by individual actors.
  • Garten spoke with a Bronx accent, Benny had a high voice and Sir Handel spoke with an Upper Class Accent.
  • Benny sounded like Tails from Sonic, while Dulcy sounded like Misty from Pokemon.
  • Ringo Starr voices Thomas and Michael Donovan voices Henry that sounded like Lister and Rimmer respectively, from Red Dwarf.
  • There's a slight goof, with Dulcy (Mavis)' voice in season 3. Dulcy's voice has a higher pitch, but in previous seasons, she had a distinctly lower pitch.
  • The Fat Controller was renamed Sir Tophamm Hatt.
  • Railroad Station Series is highly unpopular among Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends fans, who believe it to be a crude and diluted adaptation of the original show. Many of the changes made to the show are regarded as highly implausible. For example, though many of the engines had undergone name changes, their names were painted on the side of their cabs, while their original names could still clearly be seen painted on some engine's sides. Special venom is aimed at the fact that the footage had been spliced together with seemingly little regard for continuity; there are numerous scenes where the engine's coaches and trucks loads or the settings around them change from shot to shot, and in one episode the locomotive pulling the train also change.
  • There was supposed to an actual USA version of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends nothing at all like Salty's Lighthouse.
  • All the Skarloey Railway engines remain their RWS red liveries and Donald and Douglas are painted blue, as in The Railway Series. Garten had a blue bufferbeam, black wheels and a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement instead of 4-6-2, Benny had reversed letters (CCS instead of SCC), Doug had green wheels and James had his tender connected to his rear valence. Cobo was a Co-Co diesel engine instead of Co-Bo because he has 6 wheels at the back, not 4, like CoBos.
  • The breakdown train had three (or four) speaking roles.
  • Throughout Railroad Station Series, Henry appears in his old shape.
  • This is the first cartoon to feature Racheal Lillis, rather than Anime.

Theme Song

The theme song is rather Childish unlike the Thomas and Friends theme and is sung by Children. The shows theme is more musical and uses a railway tune which Thomas and Friends uses though.

Episode List

Main:List of Railroad Station Series episodes


  • Ringo Starr as Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Ian James Corlett as Tobold, Foolish Freight Cars and Toad
  • Scott McNeil as Oliver and Stepney
  • Paul Dobson as Henry, Diesel and Cobo
  • Venus Terzo as Annie and Clarabel
  • Long John Baldry as James, Edward, Garten, Terence, Express Coaches, Firemen, Railway Inspectors, Stanley, Chooch and Slim.
  • Terry Klassen as Sir Handel
  • Andrea Libman as Percy
  • Phil Hayes as Doug, Trevor, Carter and Bobby
  • Bradley Pearce as Billy and Benny
  • Rachael Lillis as Daisy, Caroline, Mavis, Henrietta and Molly
  • Gary Chalk as London Bulk, George, Ferdinand, Arthur, Bash and Dash
  • Michael Donovan as Harold, Duncan, Station masters, Whitelocke, Mr. Movie Hider, Mac, Mike and the Breakdown Train
  • Lenore Zann as Peter Sam, Bertie and Rusty
  • French Tickner as Duke, Hopper, Smudger, the Spiteful Breakvan, Captain Diesel, Drivers and Vicars
  • Richard Newman as Donald and Douglas