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This is Season 1 of The Adventures Of Thomas And Friends On The Railways Of Sodor.

Season 1

  • Preface
  • Railway Adventures on Sodor: Prologue
  • 1. Day of the Diesels- Sir Topham Hatt brings four diesels to help out.
  • 2. Diesel Does It Again- Sir Topham Hatt needs another engine and until he can purchase another engine, Diesel must help.
  • 3. The Four Little Engines- Skarloey says he needs another engine on his railway so Thomas travels to the scrapyard.
  • 4. Percy's Smelly Friend- Sir Topham Hatt brings an engine to help with unused things and garbage, but he smells.
  • 5. Old Groaner- Some people hear noises at night, but they don't know who it is.
  • 6. Twin Trouble- Sir Topham Hatt buys two identical tank engines who play tricks on Donald and Douglas.
  • 7. Annie Without Clarabel-Thomas has an accident and Percy takes Annie and Clarabel but Clarabel has an accident too!
  • 8. Clanking Old Edward- James says Edward is no use and Sir Topham Hatt pulls a few strings to prove him wrong.
  • 9. Henry and Emily-The first recap episode. Henry and Emily fall in love with each other.
  • 10. Thomas and Molly- The new engine Molly arrives on Sodor and Thomas helps her with everything.
  • 11. Spencer and the Signal-New engine Spencer meets up with old LNER foe Gordon and have race to settle an old dispute. Spencer ignores Edward's warning about the signal beyond Gordon's Hill.
  • 12. Second Chances- Spencer has a second chance when James has an accident.
  • 13. Molly's New Friend-Molly befriends new engine Neville which makes Thomas suspicious.
  • 14. Gordon and Danni- Danni comes to help Gordon and Spencer, and is around Gordon a lot. (No, don't even think about it.)
  • 15. Colorful Clarabel- Clarabel thinks about being a different color an speaks about it with Thomas, which worries him.
  • 16. Molly and the Old Bridge- Molly discovers a bridge, but it starts to collapse.
  • 17. Escape- Three engines escape to Sodor and are stationed to different jobs.
  • 18. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Charlie's job is quite messy and he loves messes! (We see where this is going.)

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