• Thomas
  • James
  • Percy
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Emily
  • Molly
  • Neville
  • Rocky
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Edward (cameo)
  • Henry (cameo)
  • Gordon (cameo)
  • Duck (cameo)
  • Toad (cameo)
  • Cranky (cameo)
  • Oliver (mentioned)


Part One

Narrator: Molly is a kind-hearted caring yellow tender engine. She is the last of a dying breed. Molly loves working with Thomas, Percy and Emily. One morning, a new engine had arrived on Sodor. He was called Neville. He had a coat of Southern Railway black paint all over him. His boiler made him look like a diesel.

Sir Topham Hatt: This is Neville. He built by the Southern Railway in 1942, during the Second World War.

Molly: Hello, Neville. I'm Molly. It's nice to have you on our railway. I'll show you around.

Neville: That would be nice.

Narrator: So, Molly took Neville around Sodor: the branchlines, Crovan's Gate, the quarry, et cetera. Neville was impressed with the beautiful island.

Neville: You got a nice railway there, Red. Thanks for the tour.

Molly: Hey, no sweat! Ya wanna be friends?

Neville: That would be great!

Narrator: For the next few days, Molly and Neville worked together with any job both were involved. One evening, Thomas took his last train of the day. He saw Molly at Elsbridge.

Molly: Hi, Thomas!

Thomas: {throws up}

Molly: Eeewww! I had a great time with Neville. He's JUST misunderstood. {Neville puffs up.}

Neville: Evening, Thomas. Molly. I have to go take on water. {he leaves}

Molly: Oh yeah, and, Thomas. Neville and I are now best friends.

Narrator: Before Thomas could speak, the guard's whistle blew, and he left. Thomas felt upset when he heard. He thought Molly would be leaving him for Neville, like Emily did to Henry.

Thomas: Hey, Narrator! Don't bring that story up again!

Narrator: Sorry. Anyways, {clears throat} later the next day, he was helping Percy and Emily at the coaling plant. He felt upset. He was too preoccupied thinking about Molly to listen to the trucks teasing him.

Emily: Poor guy. Molly might be cheating on him.

Percy: Remind you of someone?

Emily: {unamused} Ha, ha.

Percy: She'd be like you, only not that stupid! {puffs away}

Narrator: Emily said nothing. Thomas saw Neville and Molly collecting coal trucks, and it upset him even further. He accidentally bumped four coal trucks into the buffers, and they derailed, coal spilling everywhere. Sir Topham Hatt arrived to inspect the damage, inevitably eating some sliced meats in the process.

Sir Topham Hatt: {chewing} Tis hont goo, Omas.

Thomas: Didn't your mother tell you not to talk with a mouth full of meat?

Sir Topham Hatt: {swallows} This won't do, Thomas.

Thomas: {smiling} Actually, I think it's an improvement. You can't get dirty right now.

Narrator: After the incident, he was sent to help Donald and Douglas at the quarry.

Narrator: Although working with Donald and Douglas, Thomas was still upset about Molly.

Donald: Och, what's wroong, wee Thomas?

Douglas: Ye don't seem happy to be helping uss.

Thomas: It's not that, it's just that I'm worried about losing Molly. She's my second girlfriend so far.

Donald: Och, that!

Douglas: I thought ye wouldn't like working with uss.

Narrator: Thomas explained why he had his accident, and told them about Neville. Later, Donald and Douglas took a train of rock to the quarry. Thomas set off with his. He had to do it himself. Percy and Emily were still too busy at the coaling plant. Edward was away for repairs, Duck and Oliver had their passenger trains on their branchline, and James thought he was too important to pull rocks. So, Thomas was struggling at Gordon's hill. Neville passed by with - to Thomas' discomfort - Molly.

Neville: Hello, Thomas.

Molly: Hi, Thomas!

Narrator: Thomas didn't answer. He was still upset at them. He made it to the top of the hill, and arrived safely at Brendam docks. He finally had enough of seeing Molly with Neville.

Thomas: That does it. I'm not going to be Molly's boyfriend no more. I'll just be myself, and do my work properly, and no mishaps.

Narrator: Thomas made that firm. Later, Thomas was puffing down the track, still upset. He later stopped at a signal to let Gordon pass with the express. As he waited, he saw Molly pulling a goods train on her own. Thomas frowned. At least Neville wasn't with her. Gordon passed by, and Thomas was on his way home again. He had to stop at a station.

Stationmaster: Thomas! Molly has had an accident! You need to help her!

Thomas: I'm on my way.

Narrator: Molly had derailed at Gordon's hill. She had accidentally biffed the trucks and they pushed her down the hill. She was feeling upset. Thomas arrived at the scene of the accident.

Thomas: Molly! Are you all right?

Molly: Thomas? Can you please help me?

Thomas: {smartly} I don't know. I might not get help after you're cheating on me-

Molly: Me?! Cheat on you?! I wasn't cheating on you. Neville and I are just friends.

Narrator: Thomas realized his mistake and felt sorry at once.

Thomas: I'm sorry, Molly. I thought you were leaving me. {Neville puffs in the scene.} Neville! Can you stay here with Molly? I'll get Rocky!

Neville: Of course, I can!

Narrator: Thomas rushed away to get Rocky. As he left, Neville helped with the trucks. Thomas soon returned with a rather fussy Rocky.

Rocky: You interrupted my weightlifting, Thomas! And I was improving and getting stronger.

Thomas: No, you weren't, Rocky. You're a crane. You're built to lift heavier things than hand weights, which make you look stupid when you lift them. Now do what you were built for and lift Molly back to the rails.

Rocky: {no longer fussy} Hello, Molly. We'll have you back on the track in no time.

Neville: What did Rocky complain about his weightlifting?

Thomas: Since James mocked him that he was better than him and can pull more than he can lift, Rocky's been wanting to be better than him.

Narrator: As Neville tried to picture James, Rocky swung out his crane arm over Molly and lowered his hook. She was already back on her eight wheels. Some workmen attached chains to Molly. One of the workmen hooked Rocky's hook onto the chains. Rocky lifted up Molly and placed her onto the rails in front of Thomas, who had backed away from Rocky a bit to give him space to put Molly down in front of Thomas, facing him.

Thomas: {worried} Are you okay?

Molly: I'm fine. Thanks for helping me, Thomas. You too, Rocky.

James: {unimpressed} Oh, puh-lease. All he did was bring Rocky for you.

Narrator: Neville took Rocky back to the yard, and James was forced to take Molly's goods train, despite his protests. Thomas explained to Molly about his jealousy.

Thomas: I thought you'd be developing feelings Neville.

Molly: No, I felt sorry for him, and that he had few friends on the Southern Railway.

Thomas: Hey, I used to work there! Well, for a short while.

Narrator: Neville backed down next to the two engines.

Thomas: Neville, I'm sorry I thought you were stealing Molly. You really reminded me of an incident that happened between me and Emily.

Neville: No, I figure that you two are perfect for one another. Let's be friends, Thomas, as Southern Railway engines.

Thomas: Suits me! We'll mend that bad bit at Gordon's hill first thing tomorrow.


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