• Thomas
  • Annie
  • Clarabel
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Molly
  • Henry
  • Neville
  • Percy


Narrator: Thomas the tank engine has worked his branchline for years with his brown coaches, Annie and Clarabel. But today, Clarabel was tired of being brown.

Clarabel: Annie, do you ever get tired of being brown?

Annie: No. Do you?

Clarabel: Sometimes............

Narrator: Annie talked to Thomas.

Annie: Thomas, could you pull Clarabel in front today?

Thomas: O-kaaaaay..........................

Narrator: Thomas didn't have to wonder why much longer. James was at Elsbridge with their passengers.

Clarabel: Perhaps I could be red like James.

Narrator: Later, Gordon was putting his coaches away for the day.

Clarabel: Or blue like Gordon.

Narrator: Thomas was doing long runs today so he went to Wellsworth where Henry, Molly, and Neville.

Clarabel: or yellow or black like Molly and Neville. Or green like Henry.

Molly: What's wrong with Clarabel?

Thomas: She's thinking about being different cololrs. I have no idea why.

Neville: Oh, look, your signal's green.

Thomas; Bye.

Narrator: Percy was shunting at Vicarstown. He biffed the trucks and paint splattered out of the cans and onto Percy. He was blue, green, yellow, black, red, and brown! Clarabel did some thinking.

Clarabel: Thomas.

Thomas: Yes?

Clarabel: I decided to stay brown.

Thomas: I thought so.


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