• Percy
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Whiff
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Henry
  • Thomas
  • Emily


Narrator: Percy was alone at Ffarquhar Sheds. Then, Sir Topham Hatt arrived with a green engine.

Sir Topham Hatt: Percy, this is Whiff. He was built by the NER. He will take those garbage trucks you collect from far down the line.

Percy: {miserable} Yes, sir.

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt left.

Percy: {in his mind} God, he's smelly.

Narrator: Percy ran away quickly.

Whiff: Where would ye be going?

Narrator: But Percy was far gone. Later, he was hiding in a siding behind bushes. Just then, Gordon raced by. He was followed by Whiff.

Whiff: Hello! I'm Whiff!

Gordon: Yes, you certainly are.

James: No doubt!

Henry: Absolutely!

Whiff: Oh, well!

Narrator: And he raced off. He stopped at Elsbridge.

Thomas: You must be the new engine.

Whiff: Yes, I'm Whiff. Oh look, a big engine is coming. You'll be taking passengers. Oh, dear, I'm on the line.

Narrator: And he raced off. Meanwhile, on another part of the island Sir Topham Hatt was talking to Percy.

Sir Topham Hatt: Whiff has not collected his trucks!

Narrator: And then he left as Donald and Douglas came in with long trains of coal.

Donald: Och aye, lad! Why be ye so glem!

Percy: That Whiff. He's smelly.

Douglas: Aye, he be smelly, but yon engine's not sich a bed anjin.

Percy: I suppose so.

Narrator: He left to find Whiff. He was at Knapford when Thomas arrived.

Thomas: Hello, Percy.

Percy: Have you seen Whiff?

Thomas: He's at the quarry. Those glasses must be useless. He thinks garbage is coming out of the quarry's chute.

Percy: My lord! I'd best find him!

Narrator: Whiff was right where Thomas said he was.

Percy: Whiff, leave those trucks and follow me! The barge is leaving soon from Brendam!

Whiff: Let's go! Should I take these garbage trucks?

Percy: Those are rocks. You need a new prescription.

Whiff: I see. I'll see my doctor tomorrow.

Narrator: They puffed away, got the trucks and got to Brendam in time.


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