Railway Hearts is a BasRockz's original game.


  • Thomas as Sora
  • Billy as Donald Duck
  • Duck as Goofy
  • Edward as Mickey Mouse
  • Molly as Minnie Mouse
  • Emily as Kairil
  • Percy as Riku
  • Stepney as Tarzan
  • Engine Blower #4 (from Sodor Dark Times) as Mr. Clayton
  • The Small Controller's Wife (from RWS) as Jane Porter
  • Whiff as Terk
  • Benedict (from greasemonkydb1) as Kerchack
  • African Animals (from Disney's The Lion King) as The Gorillas
  • Royal Claude (from RWS) as Hercules
  • Rex (from RWS) as Phil
  • D261 as Hades
  • Oliver as Peter Pan
  • Diesel as Captain Hook
  • Sigrid of Alesdale as Wendy
  • Daniel (from Sodor Railways) as Mr. Smee
  • Desoto (from Disney's Oliver and Company) as Tick Tock
  • Gordon as Beast
  • Lady as Belle
  • Thomas' Green Trucks as The Heartless
  • James' Blue Trucks as The Noboddies
  • Ringmaster (from Disney's Dumbo) as Xheanort
  • Bertie as Pluto
  • Ronk (from The Legendary Starfy Series) as Chernabog

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