Railway Hearts is a Thomas/Kingdom Hearts FL paroy made by EliJBrown.


  • Royal Claude (from RWS) as Sora
  • and more


  • Old Engine: No vessel, no help from the cupids... So tell me, how'd did you get here?
  • Archibald: I simply believed. Nothing more to it. When our world fell into darkness, Libby was taken from me. I vowed I would find her again no matter what the coast. I believed I woud find her. So, here I am. She must be here. I will have her back!
  • Old Engine: Take her if you can. [fight Archibald and kill him (almost)]
  • Archibald: [lay on the ground]
  • Royal Claude: Stop!
  • Old Engine: So, you final made it. About time. I've been waiting for you. We've been always been rivals, haven't we? You've always pushed me as I always pushed you.
  • Royal Claude: Old Engine...
  • Old Engine: Bit it all ends here. There can't be two whistle masters.
  • Royal Claude: What are you talking about?
  • Old Engine: Let the whistle choose... it's true master.
  • Royal Claude: [try to hold on his whistle, but to no avial]
  • Percy and Bertie: [together] What?!
  • Royal Claude: Huh?
  • The Whistle: [place on Old Engine's buffers]
  • Old Engine: Witch Engine was right. You don't have what it takes to save Sally. It's up to me. Only the whistle master can open the secret door... and change the world.
  • Royal Claude: But that's impossible. How did this happen? I'm the one who fought my way here with the whistle!
  • Old Engine: You were just the deliver boy. Sorry, your part's over now. Here, go play hero with this. [hands Royal Claude the wooden whistle and leaves]
  • Percy: Bertie. Let's go. We have to remember our mission.
  • Bertie: Oh! Well, I know the king told us to follow the whistle and all... But... [leaves Royal Claude]
  • Percy: Royal Claude, sorry. [leaves with Bertie]
  • Archibald: [manages to get back up, which he did]
  • Royal Claude: Hey, don't move. You're here
  • Archibald: [looks at Royal Claude] Why... Why did you... you come here? [then looks the way] I came to fight for Libby. [gets up] And though I am on my own, I will fight. I won't leave without here. That's why I'am here.
  • Royal Claude: Me too. I'm not gonna give up now. I came here to find someone very important to me.
  • and more

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