1. Gordon Runs Dry
  2. Kevin's Cranky Friend
  3. Scruff's Makeover
  4. Wayward Winston
  5. Steamie Stafford


  1. Kevin's Cranky Friend
  2. Steamie Stafford
  3. Gordon Runs Dry
  4. Scruff's Makeover
  5. Wayward Winston
  6. Merry Misty Island

Bonus Features


  • Hide and Seek Game
  • All You Need Are Good Friends
  • Guess Who? Puzzles - Kevin, Scruff, Gordon,


  • Really Uesful Engines - Hiro & Charlie
  • Mr. Perkins' Postcard - Whiff's Waste Dump
  • The Earl's Quiz - Disappering Diesels and The Phantom Express
  • Mr. Perkins' Story Time - Edward & Gordon
  • Who's That Engine? - Caitlin

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