Railway Park - Featuring Skarloey and Sir Handel is a Thomas/South Park Parody Series. It is all about Skarloey, his best friend Sir Handel, An Unlucky and Fat Red Engine named James and an unlucky yellow narrow gauge engine named Duncan who dies on every episode.


  • Skarloey as Stan Marsh
  • Sir Handel as Kyle Broflovski
  • James as Eric Cartman
  • Duncan as Kenny
  • Diesel as Butters
  • Gordon as Chef
  • Madge as Wendy
  • Duck as Mr. Garrison
  • Thomas as Randy Marsh
  • Emily as Sharon Marsh
  • Caroline as Shelly Marsh
  • Daisy as Liane Cartman
  • Rusty as Token Black
  • Rheneas as Clyde
  • and more


Season 1

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