Railway Park Season 5 End Credits is a fan-fiction thing to make. This is the same as the SpongeBob SquarePants end credits along with the other Season end credits.

Version 1 (taken from Apolizies from Jack-Super Fun Time/The China Problem

  • Excutive Producer: Stephen Hillenburg
  • Co-Excutive Producer: Paul Tibbitt
  • Line Director: Dina Buteyn
  • Production Manager: Jennie Monica
  • Art Director: Peter Bennett
  • Supervising Producer: Alan Smart
  • Story Editor: Steven Banks
  • Writors: Dani Michaeli, Richard Pursel, Big Bird Shaw & Paul Tibbitt
  • Cast: Kevin Clash as Elmo, Peter Sam as Big Bird, James as Luis, Dennis as Zoe, Diesel as Maria, Adam West as Batman, Burt Werd as Robin, Emily Sharon as Batgirl

=Special Guest Villian



  • Casting Director: Maryanne Daley
  • Casting Assistants: Lorena Gallego & Shannon Reed
  • Supervising Recording Engineer: Justin Brinsfield
  • 2nd Recording Engineer: Mishelle Smith
  • Orinigal Character Design: Stephen Hillenburg
  • Storyboard Supervisor: Clint Bond
  • Storyboard Artists: Sean Chazmatz, Dave Cunningham, Chuck Klein, Maureen Mascarina, Ted Seko, Marcelo Souza, Janice Tolentino, Monica Tomova, Brad Vandergrift & Iam Graham.
  • Character & Prop Designer: Robert Ryan Cory
  • Clean-Up Artist: Derek Lestrage
  • Model Supervisor: Steve Asquith
  • Model Makers: Clint Bond, Steve Asquith, Paul Larson & Jan Page
  • CGI Animators: Steve Asquith, Paul Larson, Clint Bond, Abi Grant & Paul Tibbitt
  • CGI Animation by: Nigotion Studios CANADA.
  • Editor: Kate Buckland
  • Production Coordinators: Derek Ilverson & Noeli Rosas
  • Writing Coordinator: Melissa Webster
  • Production Assistants: Devon Lombardi & George Rincon
  • Final Checker: Kathy Gilmore & Misoon Kim
  • Sheet Timers: Juli Hashiguchi, Andrew Overtoom, Alan Smart & Tom Yasumi
  • Post Production Supervisor: Eric Weyenberg
  • Thomas and Skarloey: Created by HIT Entertainment
  • South Park: Created by Trey Parker & Matt Stone
  • Supervising Picture Editor: Christopher Hink
  • Picture Edtor: Jeff Adams
  • CG Supervisor: Ernest Chan
  • CG Animator: Russel Davis
  • Animatic Editor: Steve Downs
  • Post Production Sound Supervisor & Mixer: Timothy J. Borquez
  • Sound FX Designer & Editor: Jeffery Hutchins
  • Dialogue Editor: Mishelle Smith
  • Re-Recording Mixer: Eric Freeman
  • Foley Team: Monette Becktold & Tony Orozco
  • Music Editor: Nicholas Carr
  • Music Composed by Nicholas Carr, Mike O'Donnel, Junior Campbell, Ed Welch & Robert Harmstone
  • Thomas & Skarloey/South Park theme song composed by Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade
  • Based on South Park by Trey Parker & Matt Stone
  • Animation Servaces: HiT Entertainment & Gullane
  • Title Logo by: HiT Entertainment
  • Developed by: Derek Drymon, Tim Hill & Nicholas R. Jennings
  • Special Thanks: Margie Cohn, Mark Taylor, Claudia Spinella & Courtney Sanford
  • Excutive In Charge Of Production: Eric Coleman
  • SESAME STREET - Batgirl Gets Lost

A Hanna Barbera Proudction

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