Raina is a fan made OTH character created by RoboGamer. She is voiced by Monica Horgan, the voice actor for Mary Shepherd-Sunderland and Maria in Silent Hill 2 - Restless Dreams. She has pinkish-white fur, bright blue eyes, and looks and sounds exactly like Rana, Ozzie's wife. Raina first met Ozzie at a supermarket. She instantly fell in love with him and became determined to convince him that she was his wife who had committed suicide three years earlier. He resisted her until he was completely sure that she was dead. A year later, Ozzie was shot down by a trio of men. Raina told the gang that there was a way to get him back-traversing into the Realm of the Dead. Raina, Heather and Vincent entered the Realm of the Dead in search of Ozzie. During their travels, Vincent was mysteriously murdered. After searching through different nightmarish worlds, they found Ozzie. The new trio searched for the creator of the Realm of the Dead, the One Being. When he was found, Ozzie fought him off in his human form. When he was killed (or so he thought), he found Raina trapped in a cage by two monsters. One of the monsters impaled Raina and the two monsters left. Ozzie took Raina and held on to her as she died. One year later, Heather went to a mall to get away from the hedge for a while. She fell asleep in the bathroom and when she woke up, she found that the entire mall was overtaken by the Realm of the Dead. While exploring, she found a church in the mall run by a witch burning cult group. They saw a picture of her father and accused her of being a witch and tried to kill her. Heather then found that the reason why they called her a witch was because of an opossum named Daniel who has the likeness of her father who was burned alive by the cult. He was still alive, but horribly scarred. He wanted her to help him punish the cult by killing them. After this, Raina was found dead lying on an altar in the church. After reading a strange scripture, Heather accidentally resurrects her and brings her back home.

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