• Mr. Whiskers (Brandy and Mr. Whiskers)
  • DJ (Total Drama)
  • Candace (Phineas and Ferb)
  • Yoshi (Mario)
  • Mario (Mario)
  • Coconuts (Sonic)
  • Beezy (Jimmy Two-Shoes)
  • Bloo (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)
  • Shnitzel (Chowder)
  • Wilt (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)
  • Gunther (Kick Buttowski)
  • June (Little Einsteins)
  • Leo (Little Einsteins)
  • Quincy (Little Einsteins)
  • Annie (Little Einsteins)
  • Mr. Noisy (The Mr. Men Show)
  • and more from The show, and the shows and movies used in my videos

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