List of Characters

  • Sally Smith
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Melody Mouse
  • Hum Bear
  • Wee Rabbit Peter III
  • Clarke Thomas
  • Mark Thomas (as Francis Lackaff)
  • * Christina
  • * Robert
  • * Jenny
  • * Billy
  • * Teapot
  • * Drum Major
  • Old MacDonald
  • Duck, Pig, and Cow
  • The Yellow Spurdlegurgles
  • The Blue Twirlytops
  • The Green Jingleheimers
  • Purple Pasha
  • Sillywhim
  • Scott and Laurie
  • The Nut
  • The Fruggy Frogs
  • Pasha's Friends
  • The Tree

And others listed from above


* The closing song, known as "The Magic Store/Rainbow Connection Reprise" featured a crowd of more than 250 Wee Sing characters -- virtually every character that had been created up to that time, with a few exceptions (mainly Singaling, Warbly, Barney the Basset Hound, Annie or Tim (from Wee Singdom), and most of the Wee Sing characters). 137 characters were enlisted from the Characters of America to help the regular character performers film this scene. The crowd sequence took one day to film.

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