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This is the Color Like a Yellow

20 Yellow Songs

  1. I Can Work with One Hammer (Taken from Greg & Steve: Fun & Games)
  2. The Little Red Hen (Taken from Greg & Steve: Fun & Games)
  3. Mr Knickerbocker (Taken from Barney in Concert)
  4. Baby Bop Street Dance (Taken from Barney in Concert)
  5. I Try to Be Polite (Taken from A Splash Party Please)
  6. Isty Bisty Spider (Taken from Hola Mexico)
  7. Looby Loo (Taken from Hola Mexico)
  8. Over in the Meadow (Taken from Our Earth Our Home)
  9. Mr Sun (Taken from Four Seasons Day)
  10. Fall Song (Taken from Four Seasons Day)
  11. Popcorn Song (Taken from Good Clean Fun)
  12. Mary Mary Quite Contrary (Taken from B Flat the Cat: Children's Silly Songs)
  13. There Was a Crooked Man (Taken from B Flat the Cat: Children's Silly Songs)
  14. There's a Hole in My Bucket (Taken from Rock-a-Bye Baby)
  15. Waltzing Metilda (Taken from Rock-a-Bye Baby)
  16. Apples (Taken from Wonder Kids: First Grade Songs)
  17. London Bridge (Taken from Barney Live in New York City)
  18. Ask Seek & Knock (Taken from Word & Song Collection)
  19. Building Others Up (Taken from Word & Song Collection)
  20. What Pleases the Lord (Taken from Word & Song Collection)


  • Distributed by Lyrick Studios & Time Life Kids on VHS


March 27, 2012


  1. Lyrick Studios FBI Warning
  2. Lyrick Studios Interpol Warning
  3. Distributed by Lyrick Studios Logo (1998 Version)
  4. Time Life Kids Logo (1995)
  5. Rainbow Rocket: Yellow Intro & Title Card


  1. Credits (for Mary Had a Little Lamb for Chartbuster Karaoke)
  2. Sing & Dance with Barney Preview
  3. Barney's Good Clean Fun & Oh Brother She's My Sister Bouns 2 Pack Preview
  4. Barney in Outer Space Preview
  5. Distributed by Lyrick Studios Logo (1998 Version)

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