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Sixth Video for Rainbow Rocket


This is the Shape Like a Rectangle


  • Directed By: Clark Santee
  • Written By: Stephen White

20 Rectangle Songs

  1. The More We Get Together (Taken from If the Shoe Fits)
  2. The Gorden Rule (Taken from Wonder Kids: Bible Action Songs)
  3. Boom Boom Ani't Great to Be Crazy (Taken from Wonder Kids: Rellay Silly Songs)
  4. Building Others Up (Taken from Word & Song Collection)
  5. We Are Barney and the Backyard Gang (Taken from Barney in Concert)
  6. Down on Grandpa's Farm (Taken from Barney in Concert)
  7. The Noble Duke of York (Taken from Barney in Concert)
  8. Pop Goes the Weasel (Taken from Barney in Concert)
  9. Shoo Fly (Taken from Wonder Kids: Mother Goose Songs)
  10. A Tisket A Tasket (Taken from Wonder Kids: Mother Goose Songs)
  11. Aiken Drum (Taken from Wonder Kids: Second Grade Songs)
  12. The Ants Go Marching (Taken from Alphabet Soup)
  13. Mr Sun (Taken from Four Seasons Day)
  14. Fall Song (Taken from Four Seasons Day)
  15. How Many Miles to Babylon (Taken from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
  16. Everyone is Special (Taken from Barney in Concert)
  17. If You're Happy and You Know It (Taken from Barney's Imagination Island)
  18. Animal Fair (Taken from Wonder Kids: Rellay Silly Songs)
  19. Apples & Bananas (Taken from Eat Drink and be Healthy)
  20. Five Little Butterfiles (Taken from I Just Love Bugs)


  • Distributed by Lyrick Studios & Time Life Kids on VHS


  • 49 Minutes


March 15, 2011 VHS / February 7, 2012 DVD


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  4. Time Life Kids Logo (1995)
  5. Rainbow Rocket: Rectangle Intro & Title Card


  1. Credits (for Barney's Sense Sational Day)
  2. Barney's Good Clean Fun & Oh Brother She's My Sister for Bouns 2 Pack Preivew
  3. Barney's Great Adventure Preview
  4. My Party with Barney Preview
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