"Rainy Days and Water Play" is a fan-fiction Kipper VHS tape featuring 6 episodes and 2 new episodes distributed by Lyrick Studios.

Featured Episodes

  1. Big Owl's Bath
  2. The Rainbow Puddle
  3. Kipper and The Flood
  4. The River Trip
  5. The Goldfish
  6. The Holiday
  7. The Rainy Day
  8. The Visitor


  • Release Date: July 3, 2001
  • Distributed by Lyrick Studios.
  • This is the first Kipper Lyrick Studios tape to have any episodes from previous tapes.
  • This is the final Kipper tape to use the Lyrick Studios logo.
  • This tape has the same previews as "Tiger Tales" and "Pools, Parks and Picnics".
  • This video has The Wiggles music video "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" at the end.
  • This video is a cross between Tiger Tales, Pools, Parks and Picnics, Kipper Helps Out, Cuddly Critters and Water Play, except it has The Lyrick Studios 2001 logo.

Opening Previews

  1. Lyrick Studios FBI Warning
  2. Lyrick Studios Interpol Warning
  3. Lyrick Studios logo
  4. Come On Over to Barney's House Preview
  5. Sat On The Wall/Own Hour Pbs Funding Credits/Sam And Tracy Series Preview
  6. HIT Home Entertainment logo (silent)
  7. Now from Lyrick Studios....
  8. Bob The Builder promo
  9. My Little Pony Screaming Is Magic The Movie Preview 
  10. Opening Credits

Closing Previews

  1. Closing Credits
  2. Media Dhx Logo
  3. Hasbro Studios Logo
  4. The Wiggles "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" Music Video
  5. Dan Vs The Movie Preview
  6. Sat On The Wall Ride Wheel Preview
  7. Curly Sue The Movie Preview
  8. Shout Factory Kids Logo 
  9. Lyrick Studios Logo

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