Rajiv is an Indian engine who was a contestant in [Great Railway Show|The Great Railway Show]. He competed in, and won, the Best Decorated Engine Parade.


Rajiv was invited to participate in the Great Railway Show, and was shipped to [Mainland|the Mainland] with the other engines on a ferry. He participated in the Best Decorated Engine Parade, competing against [[1]], [Bao|Yong Bao], [[2]] and [[3]]. Rajiv was declared the winner of the event.

After the Great Railway Show ended, Rajiv left the Mainland and returned to India.


Rajiv is based off of the Fairy Queen, a 2-2-2 tank engine built in Leeds, England which currently works for the East Indian Railway Company. It is the oldest operating steam locomotive in regular service in the world. Whereas the original Fairy Queen is broad gauge, Rajiv was scaled down to standard gauge.


Rajiv is painted navy blue with yellow lining, a black boiler, white wheels and golden details. His funnel is painted in the colours of the Indian flag.


[the Tank Engine & Friends|Television Series]


Rajiv was also featured in a [the Contenders|Meet the Contenders] segment.


  • In real life, Rajiv would be too large for the British loading gauge.


Rajiv's Theme is the Theme song of the Series "Sally Bollywood"


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