A Rakelli

The Rakelli are a reptilian alien race characterized by their cool, calculating demeanor. They despised mammalian races as inferior to their cold, reptilian cousins. They were covered with small scales, and often had a topknot of hair on their heads. Their scales change color with their emotions, and they exude intense pheromones when they want to. The males use these pheromones to attract females. The Rakelli are humanoid in stature, and have clawed fingers and toes. Their ancestors lived in the water, and most Rakelli litters are birthed in the water. They have evolved into what some consider the most beautiful of all humanoid races. As a people, the Rakelli existed in a feudal society, with noble houses ruling over lower classes of artisans, workers, and slaves. Rather than become wrapped up in learning about the galaxy at large, the Rakelli chose to remain introverted and refine their already "superior" culture.

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