The Rakelli are a humanoid species. The Rakelli are humanoid in appearance, similar enough to humans that the species can easily pass for one another under casual inspection. However, in terms of internal structure there are several important differences between the two species. Rakelli teeth, for instance, are somewhat pointed. Unlike Humans, the Rakelli have no major arteries in their wrists. In terms of physical strength and endurance, and intellectual ability, the Rakelli are equal to humans. Rakelli males typically wear their hair in Peacock-tail shaped fans. The social standing of the male determines the length and style of the hair. Females typically shave their heads except for a knot of hair in the back. Their dress and customs reflect their imperialistic culture, with militaristic clothing reminiscent of the 18th Century for the men, gowns for the women whose design appears to be of similar general vintage, and a generally courtly manner one would expect to find in Victorian England or Imperial France. Several Rakelli serve in the earth force, eight Rakelli serve on the EAS Columbia.

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