Ralph is the twenty first member of the Tetris Attack crew appearing in Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?. He has brown hair and blue eyes. His main outfit consists of: a blue and white shirt with short sleeves, black shorts, white socks and brown shoes. In his romantic date with Nikki, his prom outfit consists of: a black tuxedo with long sleeves and a white shirt with long sleeves, a black necktie, black pants and black shoes. In The Fantastic Adventures of Shining Time Station's fourteenth Season 7 episode, Ralph and Nikki, his Jonathan Brooks outfit consists of: a red long sleeved shirt, blue pants and brown shoes.


  • Miss Wimple (Mother)
  • Major Man (Father)
  • Cassandra (Older Sister)
  • Nikki Yanagisawa (Wife)
  • Mr. Terada (Father-in-Law)
  • Vicky Nakagawa (Sister-in-Law)
  • Crystal (Daughter)



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