Shampoo x Konatsu. Shampoo crosses konatsu and they fight, then rather than kiss of death Shampoo decides some girl on girl would cheer her up, hot and bothered when finds out her partner is a man

Shampoo stirred the pot of ramen on the stove slowly, allowing the soup to cook evenly. It was a task that she had done hundreds of times before, enough that she could let her mind wander and still cook up a storm. It actually made an otherwise boring job bearable. Especially when she thought about Ranma.

Shampoo felt a pleasant shiver run up and down her spine at the thought of her airen. Oh the things she would do to him once he finally grew up a little and realized that she was the best choice for him. It frustrated her to no end that he just couldn’t see that she was the best cook, the most beautiful, and would be the best lover.

Shampoo shook her head to wake herself up from the dream, wiping a small skein of drool from her face. It had been far too long since she had taken a man into her bed. Sighing, she turned down the heat on the stove and started ladling out servings. Ranma was a man at heart, and that would be all the advantage she’d need. Men couldn’t help themselves when it came to carnal matters. Once he experienced the Joketsuzoku sexual knowledge first hand, it would be all over. In fact, the soup she’d just finished preparing was flavored with eleven different Amazonian herbs and spices to help her errant husband realize this. She placed the bowls of soup inside her delivery box and went out to her bicycle.

Ucchan’s was slow. It was after the lunch rush, and the dinner rush hadn’t started yet. Normally Ukyo would use this time to catch up on her paperwork, or her sleep if one of her boyfriends had spent the night. Today though there was no paperwork to do and neither Hiroshi or Daisuke were able to come over last night. And frankly, she had been hoping that at least one of them would. Unfortunately both had put off writing a major paper until the last minute, and had needed to finish them last night, or risk failing the class.

Of course, that was last night, and the papers were due this morning during their half day of school. It shouldn’t take much convincing for one of them to come over for some afternoon fun, if only she could get some privacy. Konatsu was sweeping up the floor in an attempt to stay busy. Ukyo had been trying to keep her relationships from her cross dressing waiter, feeling somewhat guilty about how she’d treated him knowing that he liked her. He just wasn’t the kind of guy she wanted to date. She’d already gone through the cross dressing phase with Tsubasa.

Ukyo sighed and promised herself she’d tell Konatsu she had a boyfriend later. For now she needed him to disappear for a couple of hours. Looking out the window, she saw Shampoo zoom by on her bicycle, heading in the general direction of the Tendo dojo. An idea formed in her head. “Hey Konatsu, Shampoo just rode past. Why don’t you see what she’s up to. Stop her if she looks like she’s on her way to pick up Ranchan.”

Konatsu smiled and nodded at his employer. “Should I return to inform you of her whereabouts?” he asked demurely.

“No! Err…” Ukyo hesitated, but Konatsu gave no outward sign of having registered her outburst. “Just do what you need to to keep her from getting to the Tendo Dojo. I have some homework that needs doing, so I don’t want to be disturbed. Just come home when she gives up.” Knowing Shampoo, that would give Ukyo hours of privacy.

Konatsu bowed low, before removing his kimono, leaving him dressed in his kunoichi outfit. Pulling up the hood and mask, he leapt out an open window. Ukyo smiled as he left, and ran upstairs to her bedroom to make a call or two.

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