• Jake (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) as Jack
  • Atomic Tangerine (from Crayola Colors) as Adrienne
  • Bertie (from Thomas and Friends) as Cookie Monster


Jake: You know, this is an A. A is my favorite letter in the whole alphabet. You know, A is the first letter in the alphabet, too. But that's not why it's my favorite letter. Uh, A is the letter in the word apple. (The word "apple" appears onscreen) See, there's apple. But that's not why it's my favorite apple. A is also the first letter in the word ant. (The word "ant" appears onscreen) See, there's the word "ant". But, uh, that's not why it's my favorite letter. Uh, the reason that A is my favorite letter is because it's the first letter in a word that describes my girlfriend: adorable. (The word "adorable" appears onscreen) Adorable and that's what she is. Come on in, honey.

Atomic Tangerine: Hi.

Jake: This is Atomic Tangerine.

Atomic Tangerine: Hi.

Jake: Isn't she adorable?

Atomic Tangerine: (giggles)

Jake: I'll tell the world. Yeah.

Atomic Tangerine: Oh, Jake.

(Jake and Atomic Tangerine start walking past a row of alphabet blocks. As he sings, he tosses each block to the ground.)

Jake: A, you're adorable
B, you're so beautiful
C, you're a cutie full of charms (Atomic Tangerine: Oh.)
D, you're a darling
And E, you're exciting
And F, you're a feather in my arms

Atomic Tangerine: A feather-that tickles!

Jake: G, you look good to me
H, you're so heavenly
I, you're the one I idolize
J, we're like Jack and Jill
K, you're so kissable
L is the love light in your eyes
M, N, O, P, I could go on all day
Q, R, S, T, alphabetically speaking, you're okay (Atomic Tangerine: You're okay too.)
U made my life complete
V means you're very sweet
W, X, Y, Z
It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you
To tell you what you mean to me

Atomic Tangerine: Oh.

Jake: You're really a cute sweetheart, you know that?

Atomic Tangerine: Aw, thanks, Jake. I like you, too.

Jake: Well, I believe I like you too.

(Just then Bertie marches up, demanding--)

Bertie: Hey!

Atomic Tangerine: AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

(She runs off, leaving Jake looking very embarrassed.)

Bertie: Where's my blocks?!

Jake: Uh, gee, I didn't know those were your blocks.

Bertie: Yeah!

(As Jake begins the second half, he starts hurriedly picking up blocks. Each time, Bertie grabs it away and eats it in that ab-ab way of his.)

Jake: (speaks, the tune still playing) Well, here's A ... and B ... C ... let's see, we have a D ... and E ... and F (Bertie: F!) Uh, yes, right... Gee! ... H ...

Bertie: Where's my I?

Jake: There's an I! Here's an I! Here's an I! ... and J ... and then uh K ... and here's L, right .... and uh, M is right down here. (Bertie: Where's the rest!?) M, N, O, P, I could go on all day--

Bertie: Go ahead! Go ahead! (ab-ab-ab)

Jake: (hurriedly now) Yes, well, we have Q, R and S, T,--alphabetically speaking, you're okay--U! V! (Bertie: Hurry, hurry!) W X Y Z! (Bertie: More more more!) It's fun to wander through! The alphabet with you! And tell you what you mean to me! (Runs off)

(Bertie tosses the X block into the air and catches it in his mouth)