• Trekkie Monster (from Avenue Q) as Cookie Monster


(Trekkie Monster arrives on a winter scene, a snow-covered hill behind him, a kid building a snowman, another kid runs in, slips and falls on the ice)

Trekkie Monster: In the winter, there lots of snow
It very chilly, but don't you know
It another season, another reason
For eatin' cookie

(he devours some cookies from the box in his hands, then leaves to arrive on a rainy spring scene, as kids run up the hill)

In the springtime, the birdies sing
The flowers bloom, and one more thing
It another season, another reason
For eatin' cookie

(more cookies eaten)

Me eat them every season
Me eat them day or night
When it come to cookie
Me got healthy appetite

(now he arrives at a summer scene, sun shining, a beach umbrella up, a kid with sunglasses on lies on a towel catching some rays, a girl eating an ice cream cone, a boy flying a kite)

In the summer, it very hot
Me go to the beach, me sweat a lot
It another season, another reason
For eatin' cookie

(he munches more cookies and leaves the scene, arriving on an autumn one, a man raking up some of the fallen leaves)

In the fall, the leaves turn brown
The wind it blows, the leaves fall down
It another season, another reason
For eatin' cookie

(more cookies eaten, then the screen changes to 4 Trekkie Monsters, one in each season)

Winter: So if it's winter ...

Spring: Spring!

Summer: Summer!

Fall: Or fall!

Winter: It don't matter!

Spring: Hey, anytime at all!

Summer: It a season, me got a reason

Fall: For eatin' cookie!

Winter: All together now!

All: It a season ...

Spring: Oh yeah!

All: Me got a reason ...

Summer: Coming home!

All: For eatin' cookie!

(all 4 Trekkie Monsters devour what's left of their cookie boxes ... including the boxes)

Fall: Me love the outdoors!

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