• George the Janitor (from The Muppets) as Cookie Monster
  • Ralphie Tennelli (from The Magic School Bus), Toby (from Sheriff Callie's Wild West), Humphrey (from Sesame Street) and Kwazii (from The Octonauts) as The Beetles
  • Provenza (from Sesame Street) as The Announcer


Provenza: And now, here to sing and eat for you are those four fabulous characters, Ralphie Tennelli, Toby, Humphrey and Kwazii, and George the Janitor!

George the Janitor: Hey food me in the mood
For fish, meat or cheese called cheddar
Me eat them all before me am done
'Cause not know which one
That me like better

Ralphie TennelliTobyHumphrey and Kwazii: Hey food when we feel bad
We chew on a piece of bread or

Some veggies or a raspberry tart
And then we start to feel much better

So eat it up and drink it down
Hey food we've found
That you are so healthful and nutritious

By the ounce or by the pound
Glad you're around

George the Janitor: 'Cause me so hungry
And you delicious!

All: Yum yum yum yum, yum yum yum yum!

Ralphie TennelliTobyHumphrey and Kwazii: Hey food can't put you down
If you're dry toast or something wetter
Whenever we take you off of a plate
We feel so great

George the Janitor: And me feel better, better, better, better

All: Better, better, better, oooooooo!

(background "yeah"s and "better"s as George the Janitor starts eating everything in sight)

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