Muteki’s Fishing Boat

Muteki wandered from the arena hazily. He didn't fully grasp what just took place, but for the moment his ego had regained control from the ever-threatening darkness. Elfland. Whether from him or the darkness, the word repeatedly arose in his mind. Elfland. He felt compelled to go there but why? He wandered to the harbor deep in thought.

Four vessels relaxed in the harbor. The head merchant's Cruiser and Flagship, Bikke's Privateer, and a smaller more rickety fishing vessel. None of these looked promising and attempting to steal one would likely lead to his demise. That said, he just needed to leave the city and this land, and so he walked towards the bustling fishing boat.

The sailors looked at him as if he weren't human. "Lookie here, mates. The landlubber wants to help us fish today!" With a chuckle, he added, "Ok, I'm in a hospitable mood today. Come aboard, but don't expect help if you get in trouble. She's an angry sea these days." Muteki boarded and they set sale to the inner bay of Pravoka. Muteki felt refreshed being away from the city and its inhabitants, but not for long. Four SAHAGs attack the ship. Muteki joins the two fishermen (Kyzokus) to defend the vessel.

Battle 1

[Battle begins. Please enter your command.]

Round 1

SAHAG3: 1-Hit 7-Damage against KYZOKU1

SAHAG1: 1-Hit 13-Damage against Muteki

SAHAG2: Misses against KYZOKU2

Muteki: Casts Lit on SAHAG1 for 47. Terminated.

KYZOKU1: Misses against SAHAG2

SAHAG4: Misses against KYZOKU2

KYZOKU2: Misses against SAHAG2. Friend and foe alike missed repeatedly.

[Muteki 90/103. Please enter your commands for round two. Targets SAHAG234]


The pirates had very defensive maneuvers which stopped them from getting within reach of the enemy and was very odd considering they were pirates. However he would have to inquire about that later.

Seeing the other two Sahags out of attacking range, Muteki quickly started casting a Lit spell aimed at the one close "hag of the sea."

Rounds 2+

SAHAG2: 1-Hit 13-Damage against KYZOKU1

Muteki: Casts Lit on SAHAG3 for 29. Terminated.

KYZOKU2: 1-Hit 13-Damage against SAHAG2

SAHAG4: 1-Hit 7-Damage against KYZOKU2

KYZOKU1: 1-Hit 16-Damage against SAHAG2. Terminated.


SAHAG4: 1-Hit 14-Damage against KYZOKU2

KYZOKU1: 1-Hit 15-Damage against SAHAG4

KYZOKU2: Misses against SAHAG4

Muteki: Misses against SAHAG4

SAHAG4: 1-Hit 6-Damage against KYZOKU2

KYZOKU2: 1-Hit 17-Damage against SAHAG4. Terminated.

Victory: Party members gain 80 experience and 40 gold

The ship cruised towards the center of the calm bay adjacent to Pravoka, and the seasoned fishermen began their fishing. With their newfound respect for his fighting skills, they even permitted Muteki to assist as he wished. Muteki, not normally one for manual labor, found comfort in a hard day's work... and an escape from his mind. What happened to him earlier? Did his friends hate him now? What could he do to mitigate it?

"Sharks!" The fishermen announced, fear emanating from their voice. Muteki turned to help as only he knew how -- with destruction.

Battle 2

[Battle begins. Targets SHARK12]


"We need to get out of here mateys!"

"I already know that you sea hag!"

"Well the landlubber doesn't!"

"Then why did you say mateys?"

"You be a pirate, so don't go correcting my speech!"

"I correct what I wa--"

The Kyzoku stopped their argument when they saw Muteki step forward toward the Sharks.

"What you doing landlubber? Those things are the kings of the sea. They will tear you to shreds!"

Muteki responded in a deep, trying to act cool, type of voice, "I have a plan that might have us win. However if anything goes wrong I don't want you to risk your lives. Just one round of bravery is all that I ask of you."

"Sure thing landlubber. Just one thing.... what do you mean by one round?"

Round 1

SHARK1: Misses against Muteki

KYZOKU2: 1-Hit 24-Damage against SHARK1

Muteki: Casts SLEP successfully against both sharks! (stop making hard battles easy RNG!) =p

SHARK2 remains asleep

KYZOKU1: 1-Hit 25-Damage against SHARK1

[Muteki 90/103. Please enter your commands.]


"Arrr, he be mighty helpful."

"I have told you before that I hate that word, so please stop using it!"

"I still don't get why you hate the word 'arrr' so much."

"It is just so stereotypical and makes it seem like we are trying to growl like primative animals."

"Yes, yes. You have said that many times before. I still don't think that those are adequit reasons why I should stop using it. Besides, its not like there are people around to hear me say it."

"Fine, you want to know the real reason? My dad would come home drunk and hit me while yelling out 'Arrr, move it landlubbers.' So please stop saying it."

"Ar... Uhhh.. sorry matey."

"Hurry up and help me kill these things before they wake up!" Muteki yelled out at the two strange pirates. Of course he had a tough time concentrating to cast a spell as he was trying to figure out how those two survive out here on their own.

Round 2

SHARK1 wakes up of its own volition

KYZOKU2: Misses against SHARK1

Muteki: Casts Ice on SHARK1 for 68

SHARK2 remains asleep

KYZOKU1: 1-Hit 23-Damage against SHARK1.

The shark is bleeding heavily in the water. Hopefully that does not attract other sharks.

[Muteki 90/103. Please enter your commands. Hehehe, purely to spite mathematics I'll keep SHARK1 as being mostly dead.]


"You two hurry up and kill that shark!" Muteki yelled as he ran inside the ship. He emerged not very long afterwards carrying quite a few chunks of ice with him. Muteki quickly ran over and leapt onto the sleeping shark's head/body and proceeded to sharpen the ice chunks using his dagger right before shoving the ice chunks up the shark's gills.

Rounds 3+

KYZOKU2: 1-Hit 22-Damage against SHARK1. Terminated.

Muteki: Casts Ice on SHARK2 for 43

SHARK2 wakes up of its own volition, quite chilly.

KYZOKU1 skewers the dead shark

[Autobattle] -- repeatedly =)

KYZOKU2: 1-Hit 28-Damage against SHARK2

Muteki: Misses against SHARK2

SHARK2: 1-Hit 25-Damage against KYZOKU1

KYZOKU1: Misses against SHARK2

KYZOKU2: 1-Hit 14-Damage against SHARK2

Muteki: 1-Hit 12-Damage against SHARK2

SHARK2: 1-Hit 37-Damage against KYZOKU1. Terminated.

KYZOKU1: Misses against SHARK2

SHARK2: 1-Hit 31-Damage against KYZOKU2. Terminated.

SHARK2: 1-Hit 39-Damage against Muteki

Muteki: 1-Hit 13-Damage against SHARK2

SHARK2: 1-Hit 24-Damage against KYZOKU2

Muteki: 1-Hit 10-Damage against SHARK2. Terminated.

Victory: Party members gain 1068 experience and 132 gold

Muteki lamented the loss of the two fishermen. In the brief encounter, they taught him the freedom and allure of manual labor amidst the harbor, breaking him from his reverie. He spent the next hour burying the fishermen at sea and piloting the small boat back towards Pravoka. [Don't worry too much about the fishermen, it was part of the plot.]

Muteki continues to Gimme My Treasure - Trouble in the Harbor

Dave Mlinko’s Arc



The following few posts may contain plot holes large enough to send a GrOgre through.Reader discretion is not only advised but encouraged.

(A few days earlier)

A lone elf was advancing down the field,,sowrd in hand,cutting a path throgugh the tall grasses he was walking through.There were various bramble patches and deep mud underneath him,but he ignored them,as he had problems far bigger than some thorns to deal with.He was Doran,a fairly tlaented Elvish swordsman,and today's adventure consisted of him raiding a rustic castle retreat for an important possession.He was wearing all silver equipment imported from Crescent Lake,and he looked like a knight heading back to his estate as he approached the castle,which was rumored to be home of the outlawed elf king Astos.

Doran approached the double doors and pushed them open.He consulted his map and made a beeline for the treasure room.Doran marvelled at the complete state of ruin the castle was in.Most of the walls were almost,as well as general cracks across the castle.Those thoughts were set aside for now,as the treasure room was right in his sights,and he knew that something special lay in wait for him there.After finally arriving at the treausre room,he picked the lock on the door quickly and entered,noticing three treasure boxes.Doran knew that the only treausre worth talking about was in the fourth one,which lay underneath the middle of the stone floor.That chest contained the will of a deceased lord,which Doran needed to prove that the bulk of the lords fortune was his.

He reached for a small pick he brought to break up the floor,but his progress was halted before he could strike the rocks when something grabbed his arm.

Doran was prepared for any enmies coming at him,though,and he surprised his opponent with a quick elbow to the ribs.He put away his pick and drew his sword in one swift motion,facing his opponent,which turned out to be an undead mummy.The mummy tried to hit him with a forearm,but he ducked and beheaded the mummy.Two more oppnents rose through the ground behind him and grabbed him,but two swift elbows to both sent them backwards.Three more appeared in their place and Doran summoned his training to cut through all three with gusto.Doran then walked over to the two mummies still downed by his elbows and stabbed them directly through the heart.

Doran stood up,dusted himself off,and surveyed the mess.He didnt get to look around long,though,since he was bonked on the head by a staff.Doran turned around but didnt see anything,then was hit yet again.Doran turned around rapidly,searching for his tormentor.He saw a shimmering image out of the corner of his eye,and he quickly ducked before it came at him.Upon returning to his feet,he was beseiged by staff blows.Nonetheless,Doran ducked low and started a continous spinning sword attack trying to remove all the enemies surrounding him.However,he was tripped and was sent sprawling out the door.Doran felt that he had definately outstayed his welcome and started running away.He stopped to catch his breath,and he didnt seem to be followed,so he felt he was safe.

The throne room was up ahead,and Doran decided to check it out.He opened the door,took three steps in,then stopped and stared.His dramatic entrance was spoiled,but he didnt care.Someone could have removed the armor right off his back and he wouldnt have cared.Right in front of him,sitting on a throne,was the almighty King Astos himself.Doran stared for a moment before coming to his sense.This would be a huge boost to his rep if he were to kill Astos.He faced Astos for about a minute,before finally releasing his rage

"YOU TRAITOR!!!!!!!"

Astos laughed demonically as Doran charged at him.He quickly conjured a magic spell,which sent the image of a Grim Reaper flying towards Doran.The reaper cut him down before he had a chance to react.He didnt feel the pain from the cut,and there wasnt any blood,but the reaper instead cut through his soul and his internal organs,instantly killing him.He collasped on a heap on the red carpet leading to the throne.

Astos sat up and walked over to Doran,looking at the fallen solider for a long time,until Audrey burst through the entrance for their prearranged meeting,carrying something wrapped in silk.She looked down at the corpse of Doran with a look of mystification.

"Dont mind him,hes just some random swine that came in for his death.Now,give me the Crystal."

Audrey nodded,unwrapped the silk,and handed over the crystal to Astos.Astos examined the crystal closely,then hid it in his robes.

"Looks like you did a thorough job of taking the crystal.Is Matoya alive?"

"As per your instructions.......What was your second request?"

"Tell your friend I need three magically enchanted locks,one small,two large.I need to protect something very badly.Dont worry,you will recieve full financial compensation for this.I want it delivered via ship to a port a few miles east of Elfland.Dotn mess this up"

"Done" Audrey said,leaving the castle,looking thoughtfully at the downed Doran before she left.

--- (Fast forward to today)

Audrey stood on the roof of an abandoned building,looking with dissapointment at the fallen giants being dragged away by Bikke's pirates.Just when the plan seemed perfect with the support of Astos coming in spades,everything hit a snag.Six imported monsters had been killed by Dave's comrades,costing them major gold.Some more were coming in,but they would take a while to get here,and she needed to replace the 6 killed.

Dominic had been spending the past two hours defending his monsters,but Audrey wasnt listening.She knew what he was saying about the monsters being top-of-the-line was right,but if top-of-the-line wasnt good enough,then this plan was not going to get off the ground.Audrey finally had enough of Dominic talking,so she interrupted

"Alright,alright,alright,you have made your point,the monsters are high quality,but Dave's friends just got lucky,I see your logic.I no longer care about those monster,we'll just try outI am more concerned with the shipment.Are those locks done?"

"The locks are done.They seem to be pretty effective considering I havent made one in years.I wonder what his purpose for the locks are."

"He said he needed something protected very badly,and I dont know about you,but I dont want to know his reasons behind ANYTHING he does,if only because knowing will probably result in my death."

Dominic spit over the edge scanning the horizon like he was trying to pick out some kind of object.

"I still dont get WHY we are getting Astos's backing again.I do not trust elves,mainly due to the fact that anyone who trusts them usually dies while their back is turned."

"Are you kidding me?Do you honestly think I would align with him unless I have to?Rumor has it that guy keeps enemies body parts as souvenirs,plus just looking at him give me the creeps.I can see why he was outlawed from Elfland,thats for sure.....Buts thats not the point.The point is,we need cash.Bikke's crew cant scare up any more gold,partly becuase theyre scared that Dave will kill them if they so much as sneeze in his direction,so we need this deal with Astos to fall through or else we cant get enough monsters for your use."

"Then we should cut ourselves loose from Bikke's crew.They bumble around and screw up too many times for my taste."

"That would be a bad idea,because we need them to distract Dave in case we need to set up in Elfland.It will get us closer to Astos,who is more valuable to us."

Dominic knew once again that Audrey was right,but he didnt know if he wanted to go to Elfland.Elves always gave him the creeps,and he dreaded beng picked for diplomatic meetings working for his old kingdom.

Nonetheless,he knew deep down that it was for the best if they had the psychoctic outlawed king on their side,rather than a neutral party Dave could get to and influence.

He stood with Audrey,silhouetted against the sun,which was starting to set right before their eyes.

Behind two tall pots,a pirate was listening.After 5 minutes of silence between Audrey and Dominic,he decided he had heard enough and then he hooked a rope to the rooftop and climbed down,running lightly towards the arena


"Hes not waking up,damnit!"

"Look,the body may take a while to heal here.He suffered some serious gashes,and those take a while to heal up."

"This coming from someone who said I had a remarkably quick recovery time for a guy who was skewered like a wolf kebab?"

Dave and the head healer were arguing.Dave had been revived first,and his first thoughts upon waking up were whether or not Stephen was alright

"Thats because your training as a Black Belt added to your chi fo---"

"Blahblahblah,heal my friend better or you will pay dearly for it."

"Listen up,Mr Mlinko,you are being overly belligerent.We are doing everything we can for your friend,and if you continue,I may have to remove you from this hospital by force.I have leanred a few death spells in my day,and you better not doubt that I know how to use them."

"I dont doubt that at all,but let me ask you this......Can you cast spells with a concussion?"

The doctor backed off immediately after that.There were six other healers,armed with hardened walking sticks,in the room,and not one of them doubted that Dave could knock out everyone here,even if they all ganged up against him.The healers went to work,and Stephen finally woke up with a groan a few minutes later.He sat up,but the doctors,aided by a now thankful Dave,held him down until enough pillows were set up so he could sit safely.Stephen,however,shook them all off and attempted to get up of his own volition.After nearly falling several times,he steadied himself well enough to go on without support.Dave apologized to the healers,then escorted Stephen out the doors.The two sat down on the cobbled stones in front of the hospital and breathed easy.

"You alright,Stephen?"

"Yeah,I am."

The two stood there for a minute or so,watching the sky,collecting their thoughts,and secretly being glad that the other was still alive.

"Alright,Stephen,Ive got some huge news for you about our little situation.Its starting to get really serious.Somebody took all of our money while we were gone,plus the money of everyone else that we travel with."


"But look,thats the least of our concerns right now.Theres some more stuff going on with the whole Erin situation recently."

Dave told him everything about the previous few days.The dream about Audrey and the subsequent discovery that Audrey led a band of elves to steal a witch's crystal ball for unknown reasons.

So she loved you all along and you didnt know?How did you not know?"

"I was too blinded by Erin.I just saw Audrey as someone I could talk to about my problems."

Dave sighed deeply before continuing.

"She was someone I could talk to who would just listen.Thats what I needed.Mom never cared about my problems,and Dad was busy at sea.I had no one to talk to except for her,and I thought she just saw me as a friend who I could come to to get my troubles off my shoulders....."

Stephen rubbed Dave's shoulder briefly.

"Dont feel bad,Dave.Remember,she is your enemy.Just focus on that.Shes trying to kill you,and you cant do or say anything to prevent her from doing that."

"I suppose youre right......"

Dave looked at the sun starting to set.So many questions ran through his mind,but he ignored them.Stephen was right,there was no point in trying to say he was sorry to Audrey now,because it was clear that he had crossed the bridge of apology a long time ago.It was time to focus on different things.

"So anyways Stephen,while I was waiting for you to be revived,I bumped into someone very interesting."


"He is a pirate that used to work for Bikke,but he has left him,because hes thinking that the pirate crew was going to hell in a minecart because Audrey is just using them as pawns in her little game.He begged me not to kill him,so when I complied,he told a very interesting story.Apparently,a major shipment is going out,and Audrey is getting a large amount of gold for this shipment.So,large,in fact,that if this shipment doesnt get to its target,Audrey is going to be screwed.IF we disrupt this shipment,she cant finance our deaths.So,are you up for a ship hijacking?"

"Yes I am Dave,you know I will back you till the end,but for this mission.....we need to use brains over brawn."

"What do you mean?"

"You may think we can charge onto that ship,brutally murder everyone,then steal its contents,but think about it.If that shipment is so important,obviously its going to be heavily guarded by the best fighters Audrey has.We need some direction for this hijacking,like some tacticians or something.A healer could really help as well."

Dave thought for a moment.He knew that Atma was a pretty good tactician,and he was always game for any adventure they had gone on in Coneria,so Dave thought he would be a logical choice.

"Alright,I'll talk to a friend and see if I can get him to come along.You'll have to find a healer,though,because both of the White Mages I know absolutely hate me."

"No surprise there."

Dave chucked a small stone at Stephen,but laughed along with him.

"Anyways,the pirate guy will tell you some more about the mission,I have got to take care of some important business,so you'll have to go alone.He's loitering around an abandoned building somewhere,so you'll have to find him.Also,some leftover pirates are still looking for you,so watch your back."

Stephen nodded and watched Dave leave.He then walked back inside the clinic,picked up his scimitar,and sheathed it in his belt before walking around town,looking for the pirate.

Dave,meanwhile,walked out of town and into a little forest up in the north.He needed to find a place to train off the local flora and fauna to enhance his abilities.He walked a short ways north before finding a forest.He walked for a few minutes until he reached a clearing with a log in the middle of the forest.Dave sat cross-legged on the log and relaxed briefly,before a snapped twig broke his reverie.He heard animals breathing.They had tracked him here,and were looking for some fresh meat.Dave was open to the challenge.

"Come on out monsters,come on out wherever you are."

Dave Mlinko

The growling beasts were none other than Dave's original nemesis from his adventures in Cornelia. Every time he saw a wolf now, he envisioned the corpse they fed upon in his head, and it made him angry.

[Battle begins. GrWOLF, WOLF123 remain.]

Round 1

WOLF3: Misses against Dave Mlinko

GrWOLF: 1-Hit 12-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 24-Damage against WOLF3. Terminated with a nice roundhouse kick.

WOLF1: 1-Hit 2-Damage against Dave Mlinko

WOLF2: Misses against Dave Mlinko

[Dave Mlinko 119/133. Please enter your command.]

Round 2

WOLF1: 1-Hit 6-Damage against Dave Mlinko WOLF2: Misses against Dave Mlinko Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 24-Damage against WOLF2. Terminated as the first hook connects nicely. GrWOLF: 1-Hit 9-Damage against Dave Mlinko

[Dave Mlinko 104/133. Please enter your command. WOLF1 GrWOLF remain. I will autobattle once only one remains.]


Dave,was faring excellently in his endeavors against the pack of wolves that made an ill-advised pick for their supper.He had killed two with perfect attacks,and now circled their leader,who had a lustrous grey coat.Dave took the blood of one of his fallen wolves and smeared it across his forehead.The Grey Wolf growled in response and Dave took that as a cue for a quick kick to the jaw followed by one to the ribs.

Rounds 3+

WOLF1: 1-Hit 2-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 28-Damage against WOLF1. Terminated.

GrWOLF: 1-Hit 14-Damage against Dave Mlinko


Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 26-Damage against GrWOLF

GrWOLF: 1-Hit 8-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 25-Damage against GrWOLF

GrWOLF: 1-Hit 18-Damage against Dave Mlinko

Dave Mlinko: 2-Hits 46-Damage against GrWOLF. Terminated with a quick right-left combo.

Victory: Party members gain 330 experience and 40 gold


Making his way to the alley Dave indicated, Stephen sensed what was coming before it arrived. He stopped just before turning the corner only to see a spiraling dagger whirl by his nose. He unsheathed his scimitar and made ready.

[Battle begins. PIRATE and KYZOKU remain.]

Round 1

Stephen: 1-Hit 16-Damage against PIRATE. Terminated. The poor pirate never stood a chance. KYZOKU: 1-Hit 22-Damage against Stephen

In the heat of battle, Stephen hears footsteps. A quick glance over his shoulder indicates it is ToST, his stealthy accomplice here to assist. The battle is now two against one and the kyzoku looks nervous.

[Stephen 108/130, ToST 133. Please enter your commands.]

Round 2

KYZOKU: Misses against ToST

ToST: 1-Hit 24-Damage against KYZOKU

Stephen: 1-Hit 13-Damage against KYZOKU


KYZOKU: 1-Hit 19-Damage against Stephen

ToST: 1-Hit 20-Damage against KYZOKU. Terminated.

Victory: Party members gain 100 experience and 80 gold

Weak opponents aside, the two thieves found the mark Dave referenced. The mark was quite willing to share information, being an ex-pirate scorned and exiled from Bikke's group. He confirmed the shipment Dave mentioned will be departing tomorrow morning at dawn. It will be well guarded with Bikke himself making an appearance to oversee the loading process.


The battle appeared to be at somewhat of a standstill.The Kyzoku wasnt exactly giving in,but he was outnumbered.ToST then decided to use his unorthodox skills to his advantage.

"Hey pirate,look up!"

The pirate looked up and the result of his stupidity was a loss of a leg,which occured after ToST lost his footing in mid-swing and swung too low.The pirate looked down at his lost limb for a few seconds before passing out and staying out due to blood loss.

Stephen spat on the corpse and searched him for any miscalleanous objects,but was unsuccessful.He nodded briefly at ToST,then continued on,ToST following.

Eventually,after checking several abandoned buildings unsuccessfully,Stephen found him.He was badly beaten,and he looked like a vagrant.Bruises covered his face,and he seemed to favor his left side.He jumped upon seeing Stephen and ToST,which caused him to moan in pain.

"Please dont beat me again,Im telling you,we are all headed for disaster!"

"Calm down,its me,Stephen,Im Dave's friend,I've come for info about the shipment."

The pirate clamed down,but was still taking short,gasping breaths.Stephen looked at him in shock.The dim oil lamp provided a better glance at the job the pirates had done on him.He had two black eyes and a broken forearm,and his left side had several hideously deep gashes.He was also missing the index finger on his left hand,and every finger on his right hand looked sqaushed.From the imprint on his hand,it looked like his hand had been stomped to smithereens.The beating looked fairly amamtuerish,thankfully.If a torture pro had done the exact same stuff,he wouldnt be alive right now.

"You came just in time,the pirates left a while ago to get refreshment from the tavern.I won't last the night,so you two listen closely to what I have to tell you."

He paused for a few minutes,sucking wind and grimacing.

"The shipment leaves tomorrow at dawn,and Bikke has handpicked his best crew members,as well as all three of his commanders and some buccaneers from other crews Bikke is close with.They also might have yoked wolves and other things on board,so be wary."

Stephen nodded

"What about the ship itself?Is it easy to navigate?"

The pirate reached under his leather armor and produced a cloth map and handed it to Stephen.Stephen gave it to ToST to analyze,and paid close attention to the rasping pirate.

"You must stow away before that ship leaves,its docked in the harbor.Find some bandanas and disguise yourself if you run into guards while trying to stow away.Keep in mind one important thing,and that is that Bikke himself is overseeing this.He is a skilled swordsman,and even Dave will have problems bringing him down."

Stephen nodded.He had expected this,but he didnt know if him and Dave were physically ready to take on Bikke.This further enhanced the need for some tacticians.

"Alright,the shipment itself is of extreme value to Audrey and Dominic,and they know that you are going to be on that ship when it leave,so they will be ready for you.Of course,there is the small chance that the trpa is so obvious that they wont even expect anyone to walk into it.They are using the money they get in exchange for this shipment to get imported monsters to kill you and Dave.I believe you already faced some,they were the ones that attacked this city today."

"Is that all?"

"No it isnt,Stephen."


"Give this key to Tonya and tell her that there is a chest underneath the dirt beneath me,she will need it.Head to Elfland becuase Audrey and her friend are giving up on this proposition in Pravoka and are leaving Bikke's crew for dead,which is why they sent him to guard this shipment,because they think you will be able to kill him.I have been beaten to within an inch of my life because I knew this information."

"Thanks for your help......and sorry about everything."

The pirate shook his head.

"Dont be sorry,anyone would do the same thing in my position.Oh,and by the way......Tell Dave that I was the one who killed Erin."

"What?Buts that imposs--"

"No,it isnt.Dave saw the pirate stabbing her,but he didnt see me cut her throat from behind,and I hid from battle to avoid Dave's wrath for when he saw it.I am a coward,and I deserve to die.....Go now,and avenge me for the injustice done to my mates."

Stephen gave him a grief-stricken look,then departed.

"What the hell was all that about?" asked ToST.

"And old score I have to settle.....Look,do you want to tag along?I need help and manpower for this thing."

ToST thought for a long moment.

"You got it,Stephen.Im with you all the way."

The two traded high fives,and it was extremely opportune that Stephen looked off to the side,where an archer was waiting on the rooftop.

"SNIPER!!!!!" he shouted,pushing ToST to the ground.

The yell distracted the sniper briefly,and he missed Stephen by about an inch.Tost and Stephen fell hard,and saw the archer jumping onto a rooftop which gave a clear view of the two.They tried to get up,but seemed paralyzed with fear as the archer pulled a arrow form his quill and drew the string back.

And thats when the unthinkable happened.

"Can someone please explained what happened here?"

"Its called a miracle,ToST,and I suggest we get the hell out of here before we need another one."

Despite his talk,Stephen stood rooted to the ground,depsite the obvious dangers of standing around the archer.He was about to unleash a fatal shot when a horde of magic green skulls came at him from what appeared to be near the inn,and then the archer was incpacitated by a cloud of poison gas prduced from the skulls mouths,which still emanated from the archer,whos eyes had rolled back into his skull by this point.

Finally,the two left,and ran into Eric on the way out.Eric explained that there was a ruckus at the tavern and he was looking for some excitement,so he decided to tag along.They talked to a vagrant outside the city walls,and he explained that Dave went to a forest in the north,with a murderous gleam in his eyes.Stephen rolled his eyes.Nothing new there,Dave had that gleam in his eye almost 24/7.The three nodded to each other and headed out to the forest to meet Dave and share the information.

Eric, Stephen, and ToST(good to have you back Eric)

The thieves collected this new information and headed out of the city toward Dave's favorite meditation spot near Pravoka. They collected a well-rested Eric and would spend today training for the big event tomorrow.

[Starting next update, you will join Dave for random encounters.]

Thieves and Black Belts

Stephen, Eric, and ToST joined Dave Mlinko has he stood over the wolf corpses. They reported their findings to him when three more gray wolves appeared in the clearing. Dave assumed the fourth position in the party. It was to be a quick training battle before their big day tomorrow.

[Dave Mlinko 62/133, others perfect. GrWOLF123 remain.]

GrWOLF2: 1-Hit 11-Damage against Dave Mlinko

GrWOLF1: 1-Hit 14-Damage against Eric

ToST: 1-Hit 26-Damage against GrWOLF1

Eric: 1-Hit 17-Damage against GrWOLF1

GrWOLF3: 1-Hit 9-Damage against Eric

Dave Mlinko: Critical! 2-Hits 89-Damage against GrWOLF3. Terminated. Dave breaks the wolf's neck outright.

Stephen: Misses against GrWOLF1


GrWOLF2: Misses against Stephen

GrWOLF1: 1-Hit 11-Damage against Eric

Stephen: Critical! 1-Hit 47-Damage against GrWOLF1. Terminated.

Eric kicks the lifeless body of GrWOLF1

ToST snickers at Eric defiling the wolf corpse

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 24-Damage against GrWOLF2

GrWOLF2: Misses against Stephen

ToST: 1-Hit 21-Damage against GrWOLF2

GrWOLF2: 1-Hit 17-Damage against Stephen

Stephen: Misses against GrWOLF1

Eric: 1-Hit 21-Damage against GrWOLF2

Dave Mlinko: 2-Hit 38-Damage against GrWOLF2. Terminated.

Victory: Party members gain 139 experience and 16 gold

The training session was a lackluster preparation for the imminent mission to infiltrate the pirate ship. Still, dusk was settling in and the four returned to Pravoka only to meet a squadron of adventurers returning from the northeast hut.

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