Randy Charmton: Teenage Spy Boy is a Nickelodeon original animated series.


In this animated series, a teenage 14 year old boy starts attending 7th grade but becomes a spy.

Voice Cast

  • Nash Grier as Randy Dallas
  • Madeline Curry as May Coleman
  • Ashley Johnson as Sadie Monroe
  • Tara Strong as Ruby Julesdery
  • Hynden Walch as Luna Presley
  • Hayes Grier as James Dallas
  • Mason Cook as Todd Stewart
  • AJ Michalka as Katie Markov
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Liam Deeker
  • Grey DeLisle as Mary Dallas
  • Maurice LaMarche as Stephen Dallas
  • Ashlee Simpson as Rosie Coleman

List of episodes


  • The first Nickelodeon series to have Nash and Hayes Grier.
  • The Series is from Stretch Films Inc. and Nickelodeon Productions.

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