Randy Cunningham is the main protagonist appearing in Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja and the love interest of Sophia Winterford. Voiced by Ben Schwartz, he has spiky purple hair, blue eyes and wears a black long sleeved jacket under a red short sleeved shirt, black pants with green briefs inside and black and white sneakers. At his age, he is about 14 years old.


  1. Mrs. and Mr. Cunningham (Parents)
  2. Sophia Winterford (Love Interest)
  3. Bash Johnson (Rival)


  1. Liking for Sophia
  2. Being the Ninja
  3. Using the nomicon


  1. Being bullied by Bash
  2. Losing his skills
  3. Getting fractious


  1. He is the titular protagonist of the series
  2. His mentor is Mike Chilton
  3. He attends Norrisville High
  4. Everyone knows he's a star
  5. Good times will always be with him
  6. He and Sophia are a good couple

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