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Ranger24 is a Twilight Warrior and the former host of the Darkside Shade. He also serves as Second in command of the FAF.


Early history Ranger was trained from an early age into the ancient Twilight order. He learned swordsmanship, archery, stealth, and knife work under his master before she was killed by assassin's from the Church of the holy light. He fell apart after this and lost control of his twilight Abilites. He got joined up into blue army. But when he discovered the truth about the war he was jailed at sand trap prision. He escaped and trained under the devil hunter Dante relearning swordsmanship, evasion, and gunslining.

After his training he found an old man who could restore forgotten power he tried to force the old man to give him is power back. He was forced to bodyguard the man's grand daughter, Allison Naomi. After a year his power was restored and he sought out revenge. After his successful pay back on the killers of his master he joined up with the Author fighters. When the subject of evil energy was brought up in a battle against Emperor Jestermon Ranger tried to hide his power to avoid any discovery. The risk of using twilight might reveal him and endanger his friends.

Darkness Unleashed:

A while into this Drake detected a powerful darkside forming in Ranger. Thus he kidnapped Ranger and forced Shade out, giving Ranger a curse mark to subdue him. Shade however was not interested in working for Drake so he went off on his own. Ranger battled Shade and forced the darkside into hiding.

War with the Zodiacs:

During the War with the Zodiacs Ranger first defeated the Darkside Neko in Jump City. Later he battled Ondori in Blood Gulch, Ranger had the upper hand throughout most of the battle until Ondori removed his mask and unleashed his full power. Ranger used his curse mark to increases his own power and killed Ondori. After the Battle Ranger was one of the few Authors still able to fight but was powerless against the Dark Yonkou.

Demon From Heaven:

Months later Ranger and Shade clashed again over the Anceint Blade of the Twilight warriors, the Moon Sword. When Emperor Jestermon stole the sword from both of them Ranger was forced to truly take on the mantle of a Twilight warrior. Together he and Shade defeated and killed Emperor Jestermon. During this confusion both Ranger and Shade's curse marks were leveled up.

Twilight Dawn:

Some time later the Church of Holy Light fully resurfaced and began its final move to elimenate all Darksides and Twilight warriors. They stormed Hellsing and stole information that could help them locate the remaining Twilight Warriors. Ranger is forced to regroup the remaining Twilight warriors to combat the Church of the Holy Light. In the climatic battle for Los Angelos Ranger was badly wounded by the Church's leader High Bishop Lord Sampson Hermes and much of his gear is destoryed. Ranger recovers however and resumes his attack but Hermes reveals his trump card as the manufactured Holy seven of Light, a massive battle hammer. The hammer has been designed espacily to deal with Ddraig s Caul and even in Final Twilight form Ranger is no match for Hermes. With the aid of his deceased master Meilena Namoni he unlocks the power of his blood line to enter Twiligth Mastery form. Using his Ultimate Twilight Slash Ranger Obliterates Hermes and the battle is won.

War with the Legacy:

When DM was captured by Corruption Ranger caught Kamereon hacking into the Author Fighters Computer mainframe and disabling security to allow the Pacifista PX3 to attack the base. Ranger raised the alarm but the Author's were scattered, desperatly trying to stop the rampaging cyborg. He joined up with Nukid's team and was able to damage the Pacifista in battle. When Oldkid arrived with reinforcements however he was forced to retreat. He later battled and killed Freak Unit Member Hayato after an intense duel.

Saving Nukid:

When Nukid was captured by Narutards for insulting Naruto Ranger organized a Team made of X Prodigy, Airnaruto, MistressofDawn, and Lunatic. They chased the Narutards to Death Valley where Ranger launched a one man diversionary attack to get the Narutards Attention so The rest of the Team could rescue Nukid. The Narutards however were merely trying to prevent the escape of a Greater Daemon Avergol.


Ranger has an introverted personality. More often than not he will avoid larger group activities unless its required of him. He is also quickly irritated. In combat however his personality does a 180. He becomes confident, trash talks, and is incredibly flippant to his opponents. To his friends he can supportive in such times but his gruff manner normally puts people off to him.


Hieght- 6 foot 9 Hair- dark brown hair messy. Eye Color- Brown Build- Skinny

Clothes: Green shirt, black pants, gauntlets, green hooded cloak, leather boots with black shin guards, and a Twilight vest (capable to stopping bullets up to the 45 cal and repelling knives).


Rosemont: Ranger's Orginal Long sword. During Demon from Heaven it was broken when he jammed it into the engine of a Ghost. He usd its hilt to kill Hermes with a Twilight slash and had the blade repaired. He now uses it as his primary blade.

Moon Sword (Also known as the Dragon's maw or Ddraig S Caul): During the late days of the war between the Twilight warriors and the church of the holy light things got desperate for the Twilight warriors. The Evil energy was still on its rampage and the Twilight Warriors had a plan to seal it using their last remaining holy seven, the Bow of Twilight. The Church of the holy light however wanted to posse all of the holy seven and use them to tame the evil energy. This was one of the sparks that started the whole war. Over the years the church had acquired the other six holy sevens, only the Bow remained free. Before the Twilight Warriors could use the bow to stop evil energy the Church attacked their head quarters at the tower of Amon Ere. They were driven back but they had killed the Bows wieldier in the battle and stolen the holy seven. Things got very bad then. The church couldn't completely control evil energy but they could set it lose on any world they pleased. Millions were consumed. It was in this hour that the Twilight warriors called a council of all of the enemies of the church of the holy light. It was rare to see Balance's and Darksides working together and the Twilight warrior's had to keep the two groups from killing each other. It was decided at this council that the would need to make a weapon capable of matching the holy seven in battle. Thus they began to attempt the impossible. They gathered at the fire nation to forge a blade that would be strong enough in power to defeat the holy seven. The used Forerunner alloy, mithril, and adamant to form the blade and hilt. To fire it the used the raw fury of the dragons of the Fire Nation, who were long allies of the Twilight Warrior's. Under a Twilight Moon they forged the sword and with it defeated evil Energy and the Church of the Holy Light. Shade knew of this legend and sought out the blade to increase his power but Ranger claimed and used it against him. Ranger kept using it until he learned that the sword was increasing his power by sucking on his life energy. He has since switched to Rosemont and only uses Ddraig s Caul in dire situations. M6C Luna and Desert Eagle Sol: Ranger's trusty, custom twin pistols.

Sawed of shot gun Gryffin: A sawed off Shot gun Ranger had gold plated.

Long bow: Ranger's most powerful Ranged weapon and the weapon through which he uses the majority of his Twilight Powers.

Boot Knife: A concealed blade in Ranger's boot.

Seax Knife: A long Knife Ranger uses for up close and in person combat or assassination.

Equipment- Twilight Vest: An enchanted vest that disipates magical attacks and can stop up to a 9mm round.

Gauntlets: Simple leather gauntlets with metal plates inside.

Cloak: Ranger's signature garment. Comes complete with a hood.


Twilight Powers-

Twilight Slash: A focussed slice of Twilight energy in final Twilight form it can hurl the energy a short distance. Twilight Frigra: Burst of intense burning twilight energy, in mastery form it becomes a full scale stream. Twilight terror: Massive slash area attack combo. Twilight volley: Makes one arrow turn into thirty blazing arrows. Twilight walk: Ranger can teleport from place to place by moving in any way, the range of the teleporting is unknown but it is very costly on him to bring people with him. Twilight Sight: Allows Ranger to see peoples light or dark auras, handy it he has to cover his eyes or its dark. Pursuit of the Angel of Death: Ranger relentlessly attacks an opponent with out stopping or halting the pursuit the only way to stop it is to kill or incapacitate him or wait from him to run out of twilight energy.

Final Twilight form- This High Level form of twilight signifies great control of twilight powers, it triples the power of all of Ranger's attacks, increases speed and agilaty, decreases reaction time, and allows him greater stamina to preform multiple twilight attacks. His increased stamina was seen as being able to pull three Twilight Terror attacks in one fight and still having enough strenght to pull one more to finish the battle when he ran out of juice to maintain the form.

Twilight Mastery form- A supreme state of Twilight focus that grants incredible gifts. Mastery requires massive conncentration and has a maximum time limit of thirty minutes before the user suffers a possibly deadly Twilight blow out. Twilight Mastery could be seen as the equivlent of going super saiyan 4 in power level terms or using a Bankia in Bleach terms. The control over Twilight is increased to the point of allowing full scale Regeneration of limbs, mass Teleportation, strength and speed on an epic scale, and whole lot of other impressive bonuses.

Cursed seal of Shadow Ablites- Ranger enters a berserker state at stage one and can unleash dark power and suffering less damage then usual. In level two Ranger transfroms into a garoyle like creature with large gray demon wings, claws, black matted hair, and blood red eyes. Small scale regeneration also manifests in this state.

In Curse Mark form Ranger gains several Dark Powers- Shadow Manipulation: Ranger creates an arm of Dark Energy and uses it to manipulate objects or attack his enemies. Dark Frigra: A Fire ball of Dark energy. Dark Thundraga: An area blast of Lightning.

Swordman- Ranger is a skilled swordsman on par with many masters. His style is often mistaken for being all brute strength. In truth his style is a mixture of Ferocity and critically placed strikes. One hit from Ranger can normally seriously wound or kill an opponent.

Marksman- Ranger is a decent Marksmen able to get 8/10 on a range of over 500 yards. He mixes his gun play with acrobatic manuvers to keep enemies at a distance.

Tacitcian- Ranger is a slightly above average level tactician. His plans often rely on diverting enemy attention while setting up for a killing blow.


"Oh boy! A victim!"

“Because last time I went to a church I blew it up.” (Talking about why he can't go to churches)


“But now I can have my revenge.” She whispered. “Technically you committed suicide.” Ranger remarked. “You still technically killed me eight times. The ninth I whacked myself.” Neko shot back. (Ranger to Neko.)

“Oh I hate it when I have to do this.”

"Best, Moshpit, EVER!"

“Na, I say you need a new director, this shits worse than the Eragon movie.”

“Go sit on a land mine freak!”

“Maybe you should go back to kissing Drake’s ass.” (To EmperorJestermon)

“Good bye! See you in hell!”

“TSS… Where’s the rest of my money?”

"I'm insulted. You weren't even using armor peircing rounds."

"Hey in the past seven hours I've been shot at, whacked by douche bags, and killed a hell of a lot people."

"Listen here bitch. You can slash me to ribbons, rip out my intestines, and even set me on fire!! But when you damage MY ship. YOU HAVE A GODDAMN DEATHWISH!!" (Ranger to Neko)

"For a normal guy this would be a little too much, but for me, a guy who enjoys the thrill of the fight, and the near death experience, this pain is like an appetiser to me bitch!" (Again Ranger to Neko)

“Well then bring it on girly, I’m still pissed about the damage you did to the Phoenix. Ten foot scratch marks don’t buff out easily you know!” (Once more to Neko)

“You’ve got guts girl. You’re not giving up this time. I appreciate that in a warrior.” (Take a guess based on the last three)


"You jumpy, slippery bastard. I got ya now!" (to dead Vordan)

"He took my master's life. I took his hand." (About the leader of the Church of the Holy Light)

"Well…’s like the saying……if at first you don’t succeed…." "What? Try and try again?" "No….USE YOUR BOOT KNIFE!!" Ranger to Ondori.

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