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is a special-tv of MMPR The Power Rangers to bringing creating all the Zyu2 Monsters in footage story.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 1: Guitardo

The Song of Guitardo
As Kimberly tries her hand at song-writing, Zedd decides to create a rock and roll nightmare. He calls forth Guitardo, A Super Caccata with a Hypnotic Sound. Can the Rangers mellow down Guitardo's melody and bring him down.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 2: Stag Beetle

The Beetle Invasion
The Rangers step up to the Challenge of A Broomball Tournament, but Zedd has a challenge of his own and creates the Stag Beetle. Can Tommy's powers endure or will the Rangers to beaten by a bug.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 3: Saliguana

Putty on the Brain
Zedd launches a new diabolical scheme when he creates a spell that causes Billy and Zack to see their friends in the whole new way. With the Rangers confused, Zedd creates the Saliguana and begins a new assault against our heroes. Can the Rangers cool down the Saliguana.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 4: Oysterizer

An Oyster Stew
Zack's in love and plans a big date in order to impress Angela. But Rita plans to spoil Zack's romance and calls for the dangerous Ecocide Pearl and a monster called the Oysterizer. Can our heroes overcome the Oysterizer and save the Seven Ses?

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 5: Soccadillo

Second Chance
Jason and Zack offer to help a young friend make Ernie's soccer team. But Rita has games of her own to play and sends down the Soccadillo to roll over the Rangers. Can our heroes overcome the routy rodent and score a winning goal.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 6: Lizzinator

Enter...The Lizzinator
Kimberly helps a young friend named Kelly try to make the junior high cheerleading squad. but Rita plans to use Kelly to lure the Rangers into a battle with the Lizzinator. Do our heroes have what it take to beat the Lizzinator and save Kelly.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 7: Dramole

Return of An Old Friend
It's Parents Day at Angel Grove Youth Center and Rita hatches a plot to kidnap the Rangers' parents with her terrible Dramole Monster. Can the Rangers find a way to foil Rita's Family Fiendishness.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 8: Goo Fish

Something Fishy
A Nice Picnic and an afternoon of scubs diving turn fishy when Rita sends the treacherous Goo Fish. Rita then puts a spell on Billy that plays on his worst fears. Can the Rangers overcome the Goo Fish and his venomous spray.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 9: Invenusable Flytrap

Welcome to Venus Island
Lord Zedd sets his sights on Trini's neighbor Haley and captures her. The Rangers must find their way to Venus Island and take on the Invenusable Flytrap. Can the Rangers beat his vicious vegetation and Save Haley.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 10: Bloom of Doom

Bloom of Doom (Episode)
It's Club Sign-Up at Angel Grove High School and Zedd cast a spell that turns Kimberly against Trini. Zedd then sends down the Bloom of Doom, who captures Kimberly and traps her in A Mysterious Dimension. Will our heroes find a away to save Kimberly and prune the Bloom of Doom.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 11: Pirantishead

The Mutiny
Lord Zedd ruler of the Dark Galaxy, arrived to take away Rita's powers and destroy the Rangers. Our heroes jumped into action and took Zedd's first monster Pirantishead. But Pirantishead got the better of them and froze their zords solid. Can the Rangers overcome this ferocious fish.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 12: Pumpkin Rapper

Trick or Treat
Kimberly is chosen to complete against Skull on the Hottest TV Game Show in Angel Grove. Things go well for Kimberly until Rita starts a new offensive and the Rangers are called into action. This time they face the Pumpkin Rapper, a hip-hoppin' terror who takes our heroes to the end of their rope. Can the Rangers overcome the poetic pumpkin.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 13: Grumble Bee

Grumble Bee (Episode)
Billy is shocked when het gets his first B ever. This gives Rita an idea. she sends putties to trap some of the Rangers, leaving Billy and Trini to Fight The Ominous Grumble Bee. Will the others get free in time to battle the Grumble Bee.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 14: Fighting Flea

To Flea or Not to Flee
The Juice Bar is in trouble and the kids rally to help their friend. Meanwhile, Rita makes a fearce Fighting Flea Monster and plants it on A Lost Dog. Can the Power Rangers destroy the fearce Fighting Flea and save the world from eternal itching.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 15: Turban Shell

Green No More
Tommy got a mysterious message from himself and also received bad news about his powers. then Zedd recruited five to be his own Rangers and created Turban Shell to draw our heroes into a fight. Turban Shell drained Tommy's powers and left him defenseless and alone. Are Tommy's morphing powers gone for good.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 16: Robogoat

The Green Dream
Tommy is troubled by a recurring dream about losing his powers. Little does he know that Zedd is behind his nightmares. It's Part of his Plan to capture Tommy and steal The Sword of Power. has Tommy eached The End of his Powers.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 17: Octophantom

The Power Stealer
The Rangers lead a drive to clean up Angel Grove. but Lord Zedd has plans of his own and decides to create the Octophantom to steal the Ranger's Powers, Now the Rangers face a battle to keep their powers and save Tommy. Can They Do It.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 18: Primator

The Wanna-Be Ranger
Our heroes are summoned to the Commander Center when powerful galactic forces cause Zordon to shut down. Zedd decides to use Zordon's absence to stir trouble and creates Primator, a shape-changing monster out for no good. Will our heroes sort who's who and defeat Primator.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 19: Rhinoblaster

Football Season
It's Time for Football tryouts at Angel Grove High but Tommy is having a hard time. Rita decides to field her own team and sends down the Rhinoblaster to lead the putties in a grid-iron battle. Will the Power Rangers sack the Rhinoblaster and send him out of bounds and out for the season.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 20: Two-Headed Parrot

Two Heads Are Better Than One
Jason and Tommy volunteer to teach the moms of Angel Grove Self-defense. Rita decides that two heads are exactly what her next monster needs and she creates a Two-Headed Parrot to take on the Rangers. Will teamwork be enough to stop this molting meance.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 21: Jellyfish

Reign of the Jellyfish
The kids of Angel Grove High prepare A Time Capsule for Future citizens. But Squatt and Baboo try and steal the Capsule for Rita. Rita sends the Jellyfish to challenge our heroes. Can the Power Rangers defeat the terrifying Jellyfish and save the world from destruction.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 22: Commander Crayfish and The Mutant Rangers

Mighty Morphin Mutants
Ms. Appleby gives the classic a special assignment. But Tommy has a hard time with it. Meanwhile Rita sends down the Mutant Rangers to make the Real Rangers' day memorable. Will our heroes overcome The Mutant Rangers and Save Angel Grove.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 23: Slippery Shark

On Fins and Needles
Jason and Tommy volutnteer to teach the valute of teamwork and martial arts. But their teamwork is undermined as Rita cast a spell that turns the heroes against each other. Rita sends down the Slippery Shark to split the Rangers for good. Can our heroes overcome the spell and send the Slippery Shark back to the sea.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 24: Peckster

Fowl Play
Zack helps out by teaching magic to some day camp kids which works a bit of magic on Angela. But Rita makes magic of her own and creates the Peckster to terrize the City. Can the Rangers overcome Rita's sorcery and bring the Peckster Down.

Enemy Zyu2 Monster Book 25: Mantis

Plague of the Mantis
Trini is learning a new style of Kung Fu. Meanwhile Rita sends down the Mighty Mantis Monster to challenge Trini's new skills. Can Trini and the Rangers foil Rita's decitiful monster.

The Final Boss from the Rangerboard bestest year 1994 of the Creating Zyu2 Monsters 1-25!: King K. Rool

K. Rool
is the final boss from sequel 1998 TV Show Donkey Kong Country. to created known as at...Zyu2 Monsters. to seen missing bestest monster as...Snow Monster from Storybook Rangers, like Primator.

Big Surprise for the Best of the Monster of Zyu2!: Snow Monster

Snow Monster

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