All Characters in Beyond the Veil possess a Rank that ranges between 0 and 10. A character moves up or down through their ranks through the process of Transubstantiation. The higher a Denizen's Rank the more advantages they have, including greater ability to spend various resources to improve their situation, higher total and individual Stats, and number of Attunements.


In addition to limiting the maximum level of Domain a character can purchase and use, Rank confers many other benefits and burdens.

RankCost to Escape[1]Resources per turn[2]Number of Domains[3]Total Stats[4]Per Stat[5]Notes
000011Cannot spend Substance, Souls, or Belief on draws[2]
111132Cannot spend Souls or Belief on draws.[2] First Attunement.
211263Cannot spend Souls on draws.[2]
55232113May choose a second Attunement
817845545May choose a third Attunement
103017414466May choose a fourth Attunement

1 This is the cost for a Denizen of the given rank to exit their Personal Demesne.

2 A character may spend certain Resources to use Powers or improve their draws during conflict. This is the maximum amount a character of the given Rank may spend in one conflict turn.

3 A character may purchase ranks in each of the four Domains, however this is the maximum number of domains they may access at a given Rank.

4 A character's Stats are dictated by their Rank. This is the max number which all of their stats added together may not exceed.

5 A character's Stats are dictated by their Rank. This is the max number which no single one of their stats may exceed.


Depending on the types of Substances to which a character is Attuned they recieve various terms to identify their level of power. All Denizens are referred to as Shades if they are Rank 0, as such individuals have no Attunements.

1VoiceFallen - SalamanderSylphUndineGnome
2WatcherForsaken -
3CherubimImp -
4GuardianGremlin -

1 Oracles recieve no special rank-based names.

2 Denizens Attuned to Light Substances.

3 Denizens Attuned to Dark Substances

4 Dispite assumptions about "association" through their Attunement to Material Substances, Elemental Denizens with only one element favor different Rank names based on their element. Mixed element Denizens, however, share a single structure.

5 Because a character must be at least rank 5 to have the necessarry 2 Attunements there are no terms for lower-ranked multi-elemental Denizens

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