Kodak Moments 3

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The fact that there was a man embedded in the wall did nothing to scare off the peak hour rush of people squeezing into the train. Akane was squeezed between Ranma and the wall, but wasn't going to start complaining that much. It was just after nine and Akane was still trying to get her blush down from his last attack when Ranma had managed to secretly undo much of her blouse and shoved his face in her cleavage, poorly imitating a sneeze as a cover. This had come as a real surprise more from the fact he'd already brushed, groped, and stroked her over pretty thoroughly. She knew he was out of ideas and had been steadily looking at her since the two women in business suits had boarded the train and were within such easy reach.

Ranma was sweating, he needed some inspiration. He had done everything he could think of to Akane. And since he'd given his word to own up if he failed, it'd just make Happosai force him to do something worse. He wasn't getting off this train without at least one more perverted act.

Akane stood on her toes to reach his ear to whisper. "Reach behind you and grab the woman behind you. Do it quickly and get it done."

"You're okay with this?"

"Okay is not the word, just do it! Then put your arms around me."

With a nod he reached out and pinched the woman before darting his hand back, encircling his arms around Akane. The woman in her mid twenties spun around to find the culprit and began eyeing the suspects. Eventually she gave up with a disgusted sniff.

Ranma was looking at the wall straight above Akane's face trying to figure out why anyone would get enjoyment out of pinching a woman like that. There was nothing to enjoy about it. 'Guess I'm not as perverted as Happi is then'. His mind wandered down the young woman in his arms, thinking about all he'd seen and felt of her in the past day. 'Akane don't count, she's my fiancée'.

The small temple was empty but for an old monk sweeping the dust from the balcony of the building. A small pot was boiling on a fire in a pit near the garden. The garden was beautiful in the sunlight of the sunny day. The noise of the city retreated behind the hedges grown around as a fence.

By mutual unsaid consent Ranma and Akane move into the shrine, lighting an incense stick each and giving a quick prayer that the next three days pass quickly. Neither was surprised or interrupted by the old goat’s voice.

"Prayer won't help you."


A soft melodious voice behind them did interrupt. "Prayer can always help."

Turning the pair saw the perverted Master rubbing his head giving a dirty look at a tall elegant lady in a formal kimono. She was obviously older but her beauty was startling. Her pale skin was flawless and her face showed no wrinkles or aging. Her eyes were closed as she fanned herself with the same fan that had hit Happosai.

Akane felt the sharp pang of jealousy and envy of the woman's beauty. Her gaze shifted to make sure Ranma wasn't ogling her.

"These are your students Happosai-sensei?"

"Well, the boy volunteered, didn't you student?"

Ranma's eyes flashed with anger at the smiling old pervert. "Yes Master."

"The girl is involved how?" The woman faced Akane but still hadn't opened her eyes.

"Akane ain't involved."

The woman smiled wider at Ranma's defensiveness, "Then why are you here, Akane is it?"

"Yes, I'm Akane Tendo. Ranma is my fiancé and it's my fault he is doing this." Akane looked down so as not to look at Ranma and the anger she imagined he had for her right now. "I want to help him."

"I see he has, handled you pretty thoroughly already today. How far will you go for him?"

"Akane ain't doing nothing, that was part of the deal."

The woman's smile was unsettling to the pair, but the only answer she gave.

Happi spoke up from around his pipe. "Can he do it?"

"I don't think so, Happi, not your way. She has more potential to your way." Akane and Ranma weren't sure what was going on, but Happi's eyebrows had tried to reach the top of his bald head.

"Go get the paste while I test him, put it near the door to cool while I find out more. Do not re-enter, no matter what."

She reached out comfortably to shut the shogi screens to the outside. "Take off your shirt, Ranma."

"What's going on?"

"Happi has left you to me. He has asked that I... open your eyes, now do as I say."

Ranma watched the woman carefully before nodding and taking off the green shirt. He tossed it to Akane who moved towards the back of the room.

"And the singlet."

The dark under shirt with 'Ranma' printed on the front quickly flew to Akane, whose pretty face had become angry.

The woman smiled again at Akane. "Don't worry dear, I'll give him back."

"I don't want him taken at all."

"Then you shouldn't have let Happi get his little hands on him."

Akane nodded as she released her anger. Her voice was meek when she continued, "What are you going to do?"

Her question was ignored with Happi's voice from outside. "It's right here, Naru-chan. Hurry it up, daylights wasting."

"Patience Happi, Akane-chan please get the paste. Ranma, wash your hands in the basin over there."

The pair did as instructed, Ranma washing his hands in the water of the tiny basin against the wall, while Akane picked up the black pot they'd seen over a fire in the yard from just outside the shogi. Turning back Akane was about to start screaming bloody murder when she noticed the wounds marring the woman's skin.

The woman had removed her kimono while they had turned around and now sat on the floor, naked, still with her eyes shut. Her alabaster skin was still tight over her shapely body but was marred in many places with scars, burns, pockmarks, rashes, whip marks and more. Some old, some new, a bloodstained bandage wrapped one thigh.

Ranma's voice was tight and held anger. "Who did this to you?"

"That doesn't matter. Kneel beside me."

Hesitantly, he knelt beside the woman as she leaned back and straightened her legs to lie down. Once down she silently reached out and took his hands with hers and brought them towards her chest. She was remarkably strong when he tried to snatch his arms back.

Before he could say anything her eyes opened, one a fiery orb full of baleful anger, its gaze coming from the core of hell itself. Its mate was blue as a clear summer sky, filled with warmth, somehow everything the other was not.

Akane watched silently as, with mechanical motions, Ranma began to massage the woman's breasts in even circles. After a few minutes he reached for the pot and the steaming hot paste inside. Without flinching he dug a large handful of the dull red paste out and began to massage it into the woman's chest. This repeated until there was a thick red layer on the woman's chest, then he sat back, placing his hands on the mat, continuing to stare into the woman's eyes.

The woman raised an alabaster hand and dunked her fingertips into the still steaming mass. Bringing the hand to his face she painted around the eyes, each eye closing to paint the eyelid, before painting a third eye on his forehead. As she completed painting, she began to chant. Akane couldn't recognise the chant, or even the language, it almost sounded like some African song she'd heard in a documentary.

The chant was repeating in an even rhythm, Ranma quickly joining in. With a final chanting word the paste glowed with bright pale red light and vanished, from both them and their hands. Even the pot was empty. Akane blinked to regain her vision, returning to see the woman redressing, her chest completely healed. Ranma had collapsed.


Ranma woke with a start. Akane held him tightly looking for any marks on his handsome face. "Huh? What?"

Blushing, she quickly released him, "Are you all right? You collapsed."

"I did? I feel fine..."

As she watched his eyes crossed and he shook his head shapely like trying to clear it.

Akane turned on the woman who was reopening the shogi to the outside. "What did you do to him?"

"I opened his eyes. With patience he will understand what Happosai will show him."

Before Akane could answer she felt a draft around her legs. Looking down she saw her skirt floating back down. "Sorry, Ten fourteen." Ranma's voice was a little disappointed, his hand closing the old pocket watch.

"The effect will only last a day or two Happi, and you of all people know the price of failure, keep an eye on him."

Turning back to the pair, she smiled gently. "Have a good life together. You are welcome to visit if you wish, just ask the monks for me."

She had begun walking away when Akane called after her. "What are you?"

She looked back with a sad smile. "Cursed," she said simply before again continuing around the corner.

"So boy, ready for a little fun?"

Ranma turned to face the old bastard with a stony face "Let’s get this done with, Master."

"Oh don't be like that, now why didn't you lift Akane's skirt high enough for me to see?"

Ranma's face-hardened further. "Remember the deal, Akane ain't involved."

"Yes, yes. Come on, daylights wasting."

They had walked for a few minutes away from the temple, up a main street. Akane vaguely remembered a park somewhere ahead. The young martial artists stopped when Happi stopped at a corner, looking down this road with an evil smile. Following his gaze up fifty odd meters, there was an ice cream vendor with his cart, selling to a party of women sitting at tables out the front of a café.

"Okay, Master, what am I going to do to them?"

"This isn't all about women, student."

Ranma didn't look very convinced.

"No, I feel like an ice cream. Akane-chan, do you feel like an ice cream?"

The two exchanged glances before looking down at the little freak. "No thanks."

"Your loss, here student."

Ranma plucked the thousand yen bill from the air. He was still waiting for the axe to fall. "You want me to walk up there and buy you an ice cream? What flavour?"

"Vanilla will be fine."

With a final confused glance at Akane he began to go. Just as he expected Happi's spoke again. 'Here it comes'.

"Oh, Ranma, I want you to tell me something about each of the women."


"Just some detail about each."

With a confused look back he started out again.

"Oh student, leave your clothes with Akane."

"What!?" "What?!"

Happi didn't answer, instead just looked at the polaroid suddenly in his hand.

Akane was about to ask again when Ranma's green shirt landed over her face. Yanking it off she found her future husband handing her his pants and boxes before heading down the street, right hand holding the yen bill and the left covering himself as best as possible.

Akane watched his tight backside and muscled back as he took short steps forward, his legs together.

Ranma tried not to blush as he came up the street. The group of women, six, all in their early twenties, sat at the tables, laughing at some joke when the first one spotted him. All six were suddenly staring. Ranma shook his head as he caught a yellow aura burn around each of them. Between that and embarrassment, he was completely unprepared for the whistling and lewd suggestions that started flying thick and fast from the girls. Stepping up before the ice cream vendor he had to wait for the girls to calm down to ask for an icecream.

The ice cream vendor looked at him with an amused smirk, not that Ranma noticed, gazing steadfastly down, "Can I help you?"

"Just an ice cream thanks."

"Any flavour?"

"Ah, Vanilla thanks."

With a final grin the man opened his trolley reaching for a scoop.

"Lose a bet?" Ranma managed to look up at the dark haired girl talking to him.

"Ah, yeah." His blush got even bigger as he felt each of their twelve eyes on him.

"Hey, don't' be shy. You've got nothing to be ashamed of. My names Mitchiko." The woman stretched out her left hand to shake.

"Ah, Ranma." He reached out with his right and was just about to change to his left when he caught on, blushing even further at what almost happened.

The girls groaned at the failure before laughing heartily, a couple blushing badly themselves.

"Here you go." Ranma snapped back to face the ice cream man handing him the note before accepting the ice cream.

"Ah thanks." Ranma was ready to bolt back and was moving when the ice cream vendor called to him.

"Hey, your change."

Ranma turned to say keep it, only to see him flicking the 500-yen coin towards him. Trained reflexes took over plucking the coin from the air even as he heard the shrieks and laughter from the women. Reflexes stayed in control as he covered himself again, his eyes going wide with the feeling of ice cold as his brain registered the ice cream touching sensitive skin. Even louder laughter came from the group, one of the girls falling off her chair. It was just too much for Ranma, he bolted.

He found Happosai around the corner, rolling on the ground, tears pouring down his face as his body was racked painfully with laughter. Akane held out his clothes, looking away shaking, but it wasn't in anger. Snatching back his pants he placed the cone with remaining ice cream in Happi's shaking hand. It quickly fell to the ground.

Happi was still giggling and Akane was doing well at holding it in when the three arrived at the huge open park.

"What now Master?"

"Oh, don't be like that Ranma m'boy. But first things first, you just missed fifteen minutes. Have you missed any others?"

Ranma flicked the watch open, "What? Damn. No that was the first one."

"Okay, Punishment point, you have to do ten laps of your school yard on day three. Naked, five in each form."

Ranma groaned. Akane was more vocal, "No way, that's too far Happosai."

"No deary, just far enough."


Happi's evil grin made Akane realise she'd just dumped herself in it.

"Fine, for every punishment point he gets, you remove an item of clothing."

"No way, she ain't involved."

"Unless she wants to be," The old fart argued with a smile.

"Ranma, it's fine. Just don't get anymore." Before he could complain she squatted and reached under her skirt. Happi's eyes lit up that she'd start with those. His eyes darkened when she pulled off her gym shorts and stuck them in her pocket.

Ranma caught the object Happi tossed. "Next task, I want you to use all the film. We'll meet you in ten minutes over there."

Ranma looked at the one use camera with twelve shots.

"Every minute you're late, one demerit. Every shot not showing a different set of panties, one demerit."

Ranma groaned before checking the watch. Great.

Akane watched the clock on the church approaching the tenth minute with concern.

She breathed a sigh of relief as Ranma, jogged over. Two great red handprints on his face and one eye firmly closed.

"Are you all right, Ranma?"

"Yeah, just some pepper spray." He gestured his hand to his eye while tossing the camera to his master.

"Hotcha." The little pervert smiled and dashed off to a nearby kiosk with one hour developing.

The two sat silently for several minutes, feeling the sun on them from a break in the clouds. The park was sparsely populated with people sunning themselves or just passing through. Ranma took a few moments to finally work up his nerve to ask a question he'd been worried about for a long time.

"Akane, how do you feel about the curse?"

Akane looked over, the nervousness in his voice suddenly reminding her of his reaction when he thought she was bringing another man on their honeymoon. "Well it used to bother me, but it is part of you, I've never known you without it, so I guess I don't care about it anymore."

"But do you think I'm ....girlie."

"Ranma, only a guy would ask that question."


"Ranma, you are the _Man_ I want to spend my life with. I don't care about the curse."


Silenced reigned.

"That's it, you're just going to say 'Oh'!"

"Huh? What do ya want me to say?"

"I want you to say you want to be with me as well, Baka!"


Ranma only flew through the air a short distance. Akane watched in horror as he landed on a pretty young girl, lying back on the grass enjoying a little sun.



Ranma managed to grumble an apology as he got up and waddled back cradling his crushed anatomy.

"That's the spirit, Ranma ma boy."

Ranma gave dirty looks to both his Master and fiancée.

Nabiki was having a great day, taking another bite of the lunch she'd purchased. Beginning of lunch and she had already sold all thirty copies and had requests for twelve more. This was worth more than the wedding. The St Hebereke sales would be phenomenal.

Her smile slipped slightly at the sight of the school idiot striding towards her, no doubt to ask as to the truth of Ranma serving Happosai. The rumours on this were incomplete but after it was confirmed that he proclaimed Happosai his Master, from the prone position, it was hard to doubt. The fact he wasn't here today as much as proved it. Although there was much contention over the deal they made after the microphone was turned off, and on what was on the polaroids.

"Nabiki Tendo. Is it true that the foul Saotome has finally admitted to working with the perverted Master of his School all this time."

Nabiki had long ago lost all respect for the Kuno family in general, especially Tatewaki, who was still carrying the steel katana with which he had stopped the 'demonic ritual' that was the attempted wedding. Looking over the lunatic she continued with the lines she'd been using for the past week. "Unless you're here to pay for the wedding you ruined, I'm still not talking to you, Kuno-baby."

"Bah. The Kuno family will not pay for any such ritual of hell."

"Then the Kuno family won't know what Ranma and Happosai have planned.... for Akane."

She'd been trying that line, without Happosai involved, every day since the wedding and knew he was weakening, if anything this should do it. The vision of the check with the ridiculous cost she'd quoted him danced before her eyes.

"Nae, it shall not be. I, the Blue Thunder shall find out myself." With swift sure steps he turned and strode from the school grounds towards the Dojo.

Ukyo sat with Sayuri and Yuka, cooking a couple extra Okonomiyaki and handing them out to whoever was nearby. Yuka and Sayuri shared a nod confirming their suspicions about Ukyo's state. She'd arrived at school grinning ear to ear, but the moment she found out Ranma wasn't here it had vanished. She had covered her emotions well when she found out Akane was missing as well. When they'd heard the about the incident at the mall, she'd tried to leave but Miss Hinako had interrupted. She eventually seemed to calm down, but if she was giving out free food, she was not happy.

Ukyo was intent on cooking another pair of her okonmiyaki, when she finally took notice of the irritating child's voice repetitively droning at her, a voice that belonged to a child who could give even Ranchan a hard fight. Her head came up shouting "Yes, Miss Hinako," just as the child was bringing the coin up.

The coin vanished quickly enough as she identified it was indeed Miss Hinako, and beside her stood Mai, a girl she knew in one of the other classes. "Ukyo, is this your fiance?" With that the child like figure held up a copy of a popular photo.

Ukyo's jaw hit the floor, Yuka stared, and Sayuri fainted. Ukyo didn't recognise the.... member in question, but she did recognise the tiny piece of wall paper in one corner. "Where'd you get this!?" she demanded, snatching the photo.

"Mai here was showing it to the girls in the change room."

Mai froze, terrified as she was lifted into the air hearing the question again, Ukyo scaring her more than Hinako had. She also knew Nabiki was scarier yet. "I can't say."

Ukyo knew what that meant. Dumping Mai on her backside, she shot off across the school yard in search of the elder Tendo.

Wiping the drool from the corner of her mouth, Yuka leaned over to wake her friend up again, noticing Miss Hinako eating up the final Okonomiyaki, oblivious to the fact Ukyo had left.


Nabiki saw the approaching angry fiancée and launched appropriate countermeasures. "All right, the original is going to bidding all this week. Akane has already bid fifty thousand. What can I put you down for?"

It worked.

With her anger derailed by the offer she stared incredulously at the woman before her. Shaking her head to regain herself she held up the photo. "Is this Ranma?"

The Tendo sister controlled her smirk so as not to rile the angry chef. "They don't come with a money back guarantee for nothing."

Ukyo looked stunned, accepting that most of the school had pictures of ... what was hers.

"How'd you get it?"

"Lost and found."

"How do you know it's him them?"

"I'm confident."

Closing her eyes, Ukyo counted out her anger before speaking again. "Where is he?"

The hesitation told Ukyo that Nabiki had been tempted to charge her for the answer. "Kasumi says he's in the city with my sister."

Ukyo was so tempted to hit Nabiki's face off but knew it wouldn't help. Turning, she began running for the school gate and the rooftops beyond.

Ranma's cheeks had begun to regain their normal colour when the trio came across the film crew set up out the front of the sushi shop. Leaping to follow Happi, they stood on a fence watching the filming of the commercial. Ranma seemed to remember the actress below, and the weird leather fighting outfit painted on her, on some kind of TV commercial. She had two long plats of golden hair running down her back. The skin tight leather fighting uniform of black and gold with a short sailor style skirt revealed more than enough of her flawless lightly tanned skin on a body that surely rivalled all his admirers. The outfit was the same black and gold of the 'Shishimi Sushi' store's colour scheme.

"Hotcha". Ranma glance left expecting Happi to be on route to her cleavage. Instead he was patting down his pockets looking for something. Finally bringing out a squeeze bottle, the old fart looking back at his target.

The actress was wielding a short-hafted Naginata in a martial display before using the blade cut up and flick sushi into the mouths of a bunch of school children lined up on the other side of the store. Just as she posed for the camera Ranma saw the jet of white from the squeeze bottle flying across the twenty meters to strike her in the face and hair.

The director calling for cut was drowned out by the scream of outrage from the star. All on the set turned to see Ranma sitting on a fence, alone and holding a squeeze bottle. He took the calls for security as a cue to leave.

The producer was on his feet fast. "Sakura darling, you were great..."

"It's in my _hair_!!" In extra emphasis Sakura held out her golden hair.

"Darling, how about this, you go wash it out and relax, then, when you’re ready, we'll try it again."

With a final dirty look at every one on set, Sakura Shishimi left for her trailer.

"And the point of that was?"

Ranma had found Akane and Happosai in a bookstore just down the street. Akane looked confused as to what's going on, not knowing why they'd run here. Happi had a dark glint in his eyes as he held up a dark piece of cloth. "She's going to need a shower. Go get me her outfit. Panties too."

Even before Ranma could try to rebel Happi had the polaroid out and was caressing it. Taking a deep breath he turned towards the exit.

"Don't forget this." Happy shook the dark cloth.

"What's it for?"

"Bend down."

Ranma landed silently on the roof of the RV, right beside the satellite dish. He had to use his father's technique of the 'silent thief', between the inordinate amount of security people hunting for him and having to ware this ridiculous cloth disguise, the knot tickling under the nose. Silently slipping through the roof into the vehicle to stand on the table, he listened carefully, hearing the shower running towards the back of the truck. With a prayer thanking the Kami he bent down to grab the outfit over the back of a chair. He turned to leave when he remembered the panties.

He slinked quietly down a short hall, the shower running on the other side of the wall, into a bedroom. The bedroom was a tacky mesh of red, black and gold. A large closet was off to one side and a heart shaped bed dominating the floor space, and a fish tank, with small fish swimming in red coloured water on the other side. There, at the point of the bed were the panties.

Only one step into the room and the shower stopped, darting in he lunged for the panties. Just as the silky material was in his hand he heard the gasp behind him. He turned to see Sakura Shishimi, wrapped in one towel, a second one drying her hair, which cascaded around her like a golden waterfall.

Anger flashed through her grey eyes at the pervert in her trailer holding her panties. With a cry for security she tossed the second towel at the pervert and attacked with her family martial arts style. Ranma expected the follow up attack after the towel, he had recognised her obvious training from the onset, but was still surprised at the lightning fast pinches to his face and arms as the chopsticks in her hands bit into him painfully.

Jumping back he saw her take a stance similar to Kirin of the Seven Lucky Gods in China.

"You! SECURITY!!!"

Ranma finally saw his 'disguise' had been torn off by her technique. Feeling the footsteps of others in the trailer he struck his hand out into the fish tank, scooping a ball of water with lightning hands and flinging it towards her before jumping on the bed and punching a hole in the roof.

Ranma Saotome was home free.... if he hadn't looked back. He just had to look back to see if his attack had worked, watching the red water go straight through her expected defence and into her face. Her towel dropped.

His gaze remained on her, a trickle of blood crossing his lip, knowing now her hair wasn't naturally gold. He idly noted a purple flare of colour in the bathroom behind her.

He stared long enough for a burly security man in a black uniform lumbered through the door and dived for him. As he fell to the bed under the larger man, he watched Sakura flee back into the bathroom.

With its target gone, the little brain, which had been having the time of its life today, returned control to the higher processes.

A single punch followed by a shove and twist sent the security man flying back into the second man entering. A flip and jump got him out the hole in the roof. A leap from the vans roof to a building, to another, and away. Those outside saw a green and black blur shoot out the roof and away.

Sakura stepped out, wearing her bathrobe, and looked at the fallen security guard with the blackening eye. "You're fired".

(To be continued)

Thanks to my proofreaders: Ray DeVore Hashbrown

I, as the author would just like to say I do not condone any perverted acts out side of a consensual relationship. Any perverted acts I use in Kodak Moments are only used for their amusement value to the story. All peeping acts are a major invasion of privacy. I hope any person who wilfully commits any act of sexual assault or invasion of privacy, no matter how minor they may seem, are caught and persecuted to the full extent of their countries laws.

Thank you for reading.

Trent O'Donoghue

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