A near rape and robbery of Nabiki and Kasumi brings Ranma into the police station, where he takes the opertunity to voice concerns that the Kunos, Cologne and Shampoo, and Ukyo, are getting out of control and could end up killing someone, or his unconcious concern that he will have to kill again (Saffron) to stop them. The case is handled by an officer Hiyashi, a former Nerima resident and rising star investigator in the Tokyo police.

Hiyashi uses this opertunity to show up the Tokyo police force martial arts trainers as part of an undercover op to get close to the kids, getting Soun to agree to host a training test of the best of the police against the Nerima crew. Kasumi recognises Hiyashi from childhood, whom he recalls as a tomboy he picked on in youth before moving away. Feeling guilty and a little intimidated by the pretty young woman, he is brow beaten into a lunch, Kasumi complicating his job in the fic with her own interest in him, for fun and possibly something more as time goes on.

Having studied the skills of the local martial artist, Hiyashi is lothe to put even the best martial arts trained police against the Nerima fighters, however he does see an opertunity in having the officers test against Ranma and his friends, as a way to get the police involved with these young adults socially and try and find a solution and identify the current dynamics.

Hindered by the martial arts training crew cutting down his requested force to just three male and one female martial arts expert officers, Hiyashi calls on a former partner, Natsumi xxxxx, a judo expert from the Bokuto trafic police division, who brings along her current partner Miyuki xxxxxx, as driver of the police personel carrier van to increase the female members.

At the dojo, they fight with many of the crew in sparring, Ukyo and Konatsu are here but trying to keep it cordial with Akane angry about Ukyo being involved, Nabiki here with her camera, and Mousse and Ryoga both showing up, the former leading the latter who got lost.

Events at sparring: Ranma trading looks with Hiyashi who tries to keep it oblivious, Kasumi catching part of it. Ukyo trying to goad Akane to fight and Akane taking it out on Ranma when he keeps interrupting. Mousse fights weapon police, while ryoga takes on their strong man, with predictable results, ranma getting the trickiest who is in there league. Ukyo and Natsumi fight includes comments by Natsumi that she has been attacked by an insane woman with a frypan before, trying to rile Miyuki. Akane fights a female martial artist shorter than her who blocks well and hard, and seems very skilled. When almost giving up, Ranma starts insulting her, her anger rising and she tries to hit him, only he uses his battle aura on her to bully her back. Controlling herself knowing she can hit him despite some battle aura trick, he turns her face back to the police officer, now realising the girl is just defending and bullying with a battle aura, which lets her win the fight. Natsumi and Miyuki have a bit of a girls talk with akane over ranma, including some girl advice on how to get him interested in getting closer to her without her saying she likes him first.

The kick took Akane across the mid section, her body folding over it and toppling. Rolling with it put her upright but not standing, her eyes looking up to where Ranma storming across towards her. She wasn’t about to let him gloat at her failing, she climbed to her feet, turning from him as she wiped more than sweat from her eyes, wanting to just set herself as ready. His hand grasped her arm and yanked her to face him.

“You done embarrassing the school yet or you want to quit?”

His harsh words hit her like a blow her face paling white.

“How do you expect to win with that around your neck?” He pointed at her chest, but as she looked down automatically flicked his finger up clipping her nose.

Her emotions already churning, she reddened like she was cooking, the final humiliation of the child’s trick set her seething with boiling rage. “RANMA!”

And her unstoppable fury met his immovable will, his battle aura washing out his scowling face promising to put her in her place, just like the police woman. But she knew she could hit him, she had before, he was a jerk and she’d hit him, he didn’t scare her with his face. Her shoulder pulled back, gathering her power her body could throw behind the punch, but his hand was fast, fingers touching her face and pointing them back at officer hasigawa, still standing on the mat watching, and the anger faded as she looked at the womans eyes, watching in mild confusion.

Akanes brown eyes looked back at Ranma’s, the blue orbs uncertain, before she smiled and began to turn her body from him. “Jerk.”

Turning her face, she looked again at Hasigawa. “Again?”

The woman’s face hardened, and again Akane felt nervous, but now she knew, it was just a face.

With a nod, they rushed each other, arm block stopping a punch, knee blocking a kick, a step back by Akane drawing her opponent in and she blocked again, hard. Jarring Hasigawa’s elbow she stepped in and shoved a punch into the womans stomach, not as hard as she wanted, but enough to force her back. The range open she leapt after her, ducking into a blinding kick and taking it in the shoulder, turning it into a leaver to force the woman back, this time knocking her down, pushing the leg away to straddle the womans chest and straddle her, her face unprotected to the girls fists.


Akane smiled and looked at Ranma, or rather at his back, as he watched Mousse tangle with another officer. She fumed!

“Akane, you can get off the officer now.”

“Oh, sorry.” She said, springing to her feet and offered Hasigawa a hand up.

Taking it, the officer got up, she nodded at Ranma. “I had a teacher like him, always playing it cool. He didn’t need to see you take me down, he knew you could. Have you been training together long? Your accent is local but his I can’t place.”

“No, he, he travelled all over Japan when he was growing up. He only came here… nearly eighteen months ago.”

“Tendo Dojo, Tendo School of Anything Goes Martial Arts, Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts… Both about the same age…”

Akane looked at the officer for a moment, before smiling slyly. “Yeah, our fathers engaged us. We got off to a bad start when it happened and, well things just don’t work between us. Every time something goes right, something or someone spoils it, like our fathers or his girlfriends.” She looked down at the floor.

“He has other girlfriends?”

Her lips wavered before she slumped, “Not really, they just think they are. They won’t give up.”

“He doesn’t pursue them?”

She giggled, “No, two he is always trying to get away from and the last used to be his friend as a little kid but he’s avoiding her since the wedding.”


“Oh, heh, feels like everyone knows about that catastrophe. We tried to have a wedding, well Dad and Uncle Saotome tried to but when I found out I thought that was what Ranma wanted so I helped set it up, we even tried to keep it secret, but in the end Ranma was the only one who didn’t know, and when the crazies stormed in it all fell apart. If he had stayed…”

“Shh.” Hazigawa’s arm came around her shoulder as she teared up. She offered her towel to wipe sweat from her eyes. “Did he know you wanted it? Or did he think you were being forced?”

“I don’t know. I think he thinks I was just letting it but didn’t want it.”

”Have you told him that?”

”How? Even if I knew how we always get interrupted. And what if… what if he still doesn’t want to get married?”

“Does he pursue you?”

”I… no, but, well, we live here together, and it’s gone wrong so often, I don’t know.”

“Do you want him to?”

Akane blinked as she looked up, the question hitting her with implications despite its simplicity. “I want to be closer to him, but I, I don’t even know what he wants. I’ve seen him watching me but then he looks right through me, or insults me.”

“I’ve met the type. All mouth to put the opponent off balance, but then insulting you riled you up to beat me.”

“That wasn’t it, you beat me because you scared me. He made me angry and tried the same and I saw through it, so I could see through your battle aura.”

Hasigawa blinked and looked at the boy then back at Akane. “You are both very good for your age. I’ve been working on that for years. Being a girl, your shorter and less built than most guys, so you have to get used to intimidation by size.”

“But by doing it to guys who aren’t used to it with your battle aura you can win by breaking their resolve to fight.”

“Exactly.” Hasigawa grinned. “So do that to him.”


“He uses keeps aloof and insults you to keep control. He hasn’t driven you away so he mustn’t want to, but he might be scared of you rejecting him too. Take control, and he can’t keep hedging the distance between you, you can make the relationship work between you.”

Akane nodded, slowly smiling at the idea. “But how.”

“How does he insult you?”

She frowned and looked down. “He calls me flat chested, and my thighs as fat, or that I am strong like a gorilla. That I can’t cook.”

“Well Officer Azumi over there has been eyeing you up, and that boy with the bandanna blushed when he watched you stretch earlier.”

“Ryoga?” Akane frowned, wondering if she looked like Akari from behind.

“Do you think Ranma thinks of you like that, or is just trying to rattle your cage?”

She giggled. “One time, his mother came, and we were all scared, well, its complicated but she is very big on manly men and all, and we really needed her approval so I let him peek on me bathing, and when he saw I was in a swimsuit he looked really disappointed.”

“Okay, so if he doesn’t believe his own insults, they can’t hurt you, so turn them on him. He insults your looks, put it on him, make him admit he watches you, that he is thinking about you.”

Akane nodded, flushing lightly. “Do I want him thinking of me like that?”

”Yes Akane, you do. Yes it is scary, and you can hold off till the wedding or not if you want, but if you keep control, then what is wrong with him thinking about what you will be doing as a married couple?”

Still blushing, Akane nodded.

”Has he ever physically hurt you?”

“No, he doesn’t hit girls, well, he did hit Ukyo, but he didn’t know she was a girl, and shampoo, but she just chased him for it, and Kiima…actually he says he doesn’t hit girls, but he does. Just not me. And he normally stops anyone trying to fight with me, actually you’re the first one he hasn’t in a long time. He won’t even spar with me.”

“Really? Use that. Don’t abuse it cause he might change just because, but if he isn’t comfortable sparring with you, confront him on that. Take him out of his comfort zone, then welcome him in yours. Make him comfortable to be near you, and he will open up to you.”

“I’m not sure I can do that. I mean, he makes fun of me all the time.”

“If you can’t turn them on him, just walk away. Show him that if he does that you won’t talk to him till he stops. Sometimes people don’t understand they are hurting feelings. Is he normally pretty tactless?”

“Tact? Ranma couldn’t spell Tact let alone use it.”

“Perfect, then rile him and twist his words. Make him learn that you are nice to be near but he has to be nice to be near you.”

“But how do I stop all the others interfering?. Our parents, my sister, the other girls, other guys.”

“Then get him to take you on a date, get away from them.”

“A date? How do I make him take you on a date?”

”Ah so young, I forgot how that could be.”


“Oh hush. Put him into a position he is uncomfortable in and make it a choice he can take to get out of it. Make it seem like a safe thing to do, come on girl. Think what you would like in a date, and think what he would like in a date and go for what he would find least intimidating, then bully him into it.”

Akane nodded slowly when Ranma’s voice carried over, “Akane, you’re meant to be making the school look good, not talking the cops to death.”

Akane rolled her eyes, “I wonder if he’s worth it.”

“You tell me, so few are, but would you want him if he was all, yes dear, no dear?”

”He certainly isn’t that.”

“This place okay?”

The girl in question smiled as she sat down. “Actually it’s nicer than I expected. Thank you for bringing me here.”

The formal tone she used seemed to hammer in the fact this was a date. A date with Akane.

”Why did you chose this place?”

His eyes glanced over the road at the police station. “Well, it was close, er and Kasumi said it had good food.”

”Wonder why Kasumi came here? Nabiki did say something about her having a date last Monday for lunch. Did you ask Kasumi about places for this date?”

His adams apple bobbed at the label of date. “Not really ask, I heard her mention it to Mom.”

“We’ll have to ask her if she knows any other places that might be good if we want to try this again. Maybe something a little more… private?” The way he coughed with a stricken look made her thankful he hadn’t been drinking anything at the time or she would have worn it. She held back rolling her eyes, smiling at him. “This is nice, though I think I’m too scared of just anyone walking by spotting us, especially those who would interrupt.”

”Er, right,yeah.” Shifting in his seat, he got up and picked up a heavy potted plant, moving the decore and placing it directly in the tables view.

“Nice idea Ranma, but now we don’t get the view.”

”Do you want the view or do you not want to be seen?”

Akane glared at Ranma but the figure waving behind Ranma got her attention. “Kasumi?”

Ranma spun in horror, made worse when he saw another familiar face. “Inspector Hiroshi!”

  • ring ring*

The familiar bicycle bell of Shampoo and Ranma blurred into action. When the plants and table cloth settled afterwards Ranma and Akane’s table was returned the way it was, Akane was in a seat beside Kasumi and Ranma was beside Boshi, a picture of boredom.

“Nihao Airen, what doing here? Why not come to good restaurant? Why with flat chested girl? She destroy kitchen? No bring to Cat Café, make food bad here just sitting.”

Ranma looked board even as he nudged the table back into Akane’s stomach to stop her raising to Shampoo’s words.

“Shampoo, come on, why ya gotta be so rude? This is an old school friend of Kasumi’s and he’s getting us lunch.”

Shampoo pouted, but had all of two seconds before the kitsans manager came out, showing her out, more for being a rival business, and he glared at Ranma after she went.

“So Ranma, how do you know Boshi?”


Kasumi was smiling, but it was not vague and it didn’t look happy. “Er,” he looked to Inspector Hiroshi.

“I’ve worked with Ranma on a case before. I guess I didn’t put it together before. You didn’t tell them about meeting me?”

Kasumi coloured lightly, her eyes on the handsome police inspector, “No, it really wasn’t there concern, and Ranma came to Nerima well after you had left Furinkan. So what was the case with Ranma?”

The pigtailed boy however butted in, “What, you to really did go to school together? Wow, I lied cause I didn’t want her to think... er, we we’re sitting down to rest our legs?”

“Because he didn’t want to interrupt out date, and now we’ve interrupted yours.” Akane corrected.

“I wouldn’t really call it a…” “I wouldn’t really call it a…”

Hiroshi and Ranma looked at each other after speaking in stereo, but turning back they encounted stereo frowns at them.

“Let’s just have this lunch and worry about what it is called later.”

Finishing some more food, Ranma half listened as the sisters followed the inspector’s tale of chasing a thief in a cowboy suit during last years Halloween festivities.

”Boshi, may I ask why you and Ranma pretended to not know each other at the Dojo the other day?”

“The police have become, a little concerned about…”

Ranma swallowed even as the inspector searched for the words. “I asked the inspector to help with the situation with Shampoo, and the Kuno’s and, Ukyo.”

“Ranma had valid reasons for concern of violence coming up, if we can, we will head off what we can. But please, don’t tell anyone about our interest, it could only cause complications.”

“We won’t tell anyone, but we’d like to help.” Akane said eagerly, even as Ranma winced.

“Ranma has already agreed to help us find a solution, but when we have enough to act on it, we will see what you can do to help. As it is Akane, our initial investigations put you as one of the most in danger. This is nothing against your skill, but if you, or anyone else, were seriously hurt, it could escalate violence, so you have to be wary of girls like Shampoo trying to goad you into a fight right now.”

Frowning, she nodded. “Fine, but if they attack me I’m not going to run away.”

“How about this, if they want to fight ask it to be a fair fight in front of your fiancée, and I’ll give him some tips to disarm the situation if it comes to that.”

Trent O'Donoghue says: Combining both, the thieves this time had attacked nabiki after money they had been told she had by the leaders cousin, gosenkugi. After the arrest, they escape the police, going after gos for details about the redhead.

Trent O'Donoghue says: Most of the lines had Nabiki threatening to screw him if Akane wouldn't.

hpackrat says: ah, revenge... if she doesn't then it can't be called a lemon. itd be lime at best

Trent O'Donoghue says: Not revenge, more just here owing him one, and feeling post adrenalin rush from the near rape he saved her from.

hpackrat says: hmm, k. but that still doesn't qualify as a lemon

Trent O'Donoghue says: It was the entrance for the lemon between Akane and Ranma. Never got there though.

hpackrat says: ah, she's suppose to be the icebreaker?

Trent O'Donoghue says: In the original, yes

Trent O'Donoghue says: Anyway, Hiyashi brings in the cops to talk to the kids under the front of testing the polices best against such potent kids, and a bit of a crossover brings in Natsumi and Miyuki from You're Under Arrest, who then volunteer to help by being a friend to akane to get her into a position to marry ranma or break it off (the only real way to defuse the fiance problems).

hpackrat says: she has an inferiority complex. that's not gonna be easy

Trent O'Donoghue says: Also Natsumi and Hiyashi worked together as juniors and so they following the gossip possibilities of him and Kasumi.

Trent O'Donoghue says: That is true, but then she doesn't have many positive reinforcing friends who arn't obviously involved.

hpackrat says: ooh. the police r worse than housewives...

Trent O'Donoghue says: Japanese police women are, yes

hpackrat says: so that's where the police come in

Trent O'Donoghue says: Anyway, the plot proceeds to the thieves researching Ranma's curse, and buying up the last of the instant springs available, and starting to use them to grant alternate forms for crimes or distractions for getaways.

hpackrat says: k, i believe u'v mentioned this before though not gos' involvement

Trent O'Donoghue says: The police start asking more of ranma because of this, and ranma starts thinking of taking the Anything Goes school to teaching the police, since he is getting fed up with students without honour.

Trent O'Donoghue says: Gos is roped in to the crimes, and will then become a pivot point where either akane can lure him into giving up details, or he will save akane to keep her.

hpackrat says: turn the anything goes into the police's training dojo?

hpackrat says: save her to keep her?

Trent O'Donoghue says: Turn the police force into an anything goes trained police force.

Trent O'Donoghue says: Stops his thief relatives from killing her/letting her die/etc if she will come to him.

hpackrat says: considering MAs can leap between buildings in a single bound, no 2nd story guy is safe. that means they now have the ability to chase happi...

Trent O'Donoghue says: That too

hpackrat says: ooh, the villainy... akane's too proud for that though

Trent O'Donoghue says: Yes, but its an opertunity for drama in the fic.

hpackrat says: true. so what other twists do u plan?

Trent O'Donoghue says: Do you know any of the characters from YUA?

hpackrat says: yeah, but i can't remember the names now. wasn't there a crossdressing cop?

Trent O'Donoghue says: Aoi was a crossdresser, and might be fun for a Konatsu moment, or have Ranma guess it early as he has been fooled so many times he now looks out for it.

hpackrat says: what will tsubasa think?

Trent O'Donoghue says: But actually it turns out that the motocycle cop, Ken in the english but can't recall full name now, has a bit of history with kasumi, where he was the one that arrested her for night street racing and took her liscence, Soun ending her part time job at the tofu store where she learned to drive for deliveries.

Trent O'Donoghue says: I probably won't include Tsubasa. Though then maybe he knows Aoi and has tea with her occasionally.

hpackrat says: eh? since when did this become a cross with initial d?

Trent O'Donoghue says: Right about now.

hpackrat says: hmm... fair enough. what happened to her car though or did she ride a bike?

Trent O'Donoghue says: On the Kasumi/initial D plot, I basically like the idea of Kasumi being a different person behind the wheel, and a bit of history as to why she is always at home and nice now. And if I want a meaner Kasumi I can make her initial interest in the police officer about lifting the ban on her liscence. A bit of Nabiki in her is all. Blackmail is not really her style, but she is part of a community neighbourhood, you do for me, I do for you, and so a police friend might get the ban lifted. and I like the idea of when needed, kasumi can be part of a big chase scene, possibly appearing to catch ranma on the bonnet or help him catch a fleeing vehical with kidnapped akane. Ala martial artis on trucks and car fight of Matrix 2

hpackrat says: riding what though? Herbie?

Trent O'Donoghue says: Hiyashi may have a car, she might get Miyuki's mini-patrol car (good with the Nitro), or might rush to her old work and borrow the bosses old car (86 or whatever I make it)

hpackrat says: i've always liked the mini-van though. looks petite by plenty of headroom

Trent O'Donoghue says: And they are actually renowned for the oversized horsepower they have for the size.

hpackrat says: u mean the minivans or the mini-cars?

Trent O'Donoghue says: Mini-pato, the car they drive through the series.

hpackrat says: ah, k

Trent O'Donoghue says: Fair enough. One episode had me laugh so hard I nearly fell out of chair.

hpackrat says: oh? major hijinx?

Trent O'Donoghue says: Major selfish attitude.

Trent O'Donoghue says: Want me to ruin it for you?>

hpackrat says: selfish? go ahead

One of the girls, the new one gets kidnapped. All the other girls who normally avoid helping, suddenly want to help. No one is scared of what will be done to her, but the other girls want to help because the kidnapped girl was organising a goukon with a lot of high earner single guys, and only the kidnapped one knows how to contact them for where it will happen. Even the kidnapped girl begs for one phone call, not to save herself, but to call and delay the goukon to another day!

Trent O'Donoghue says: Just so funny to go from fear of what they could do to her up to killing her, and wanting a date with a successful guy For a comedy, it paints the girls as overly selfish, where in the cartoon only the short one with glasses was that bad.

hpackrat says: My problem in the fic is to provoke a big race scene where kasumi must drive, and akane must be saved.

I stuck the same on my fic. I can visualise an almost matrix two like freeway fight for ranma and co, kasumi driving one car, things like that. But getting to that point and the ending after it I got very little.

hpackrat says: what? ranma jumps cars until he reaches the one akane is in then frees her. unless the gang is skilled in martial arts they won't be able to stop him. heck, i'm surprised akane got captured int he first place

Trent O'Donoghue says: I was going to bring in some hired muscle, maybe even trick the kunos into helping. And if they instant spring of the goddess of war they won't be a direct pushover. And I'll throw in some guns to the flunkies.

hpackrat says: ooh, serious then

Trent O'Donoghue says: No use doing it by half.

hpackrat says: an all out effort.

Trent O'Donoghue says: Might even have the baddies hired driver being Kasumi's former racing rival from those days, if need be her first crush/boyfriend.

hpackrat says: oy, now we have an emotional element... a love triangle for kasumi... mebbe even quadrangle if tofu returns

Trent O'Donoghue says: Tofu may complicate it too much, but with ranma growing up with a direction in life he will likely start looking at settling things, akane more confident and getting some older girltalk advice, a new love triangle might be useful.

hpackrat says: yup

Trent O'Donoghue says: I think I need something to steal that ties in the police or ranma crew to force all involved in the final big scene.

hpackrat says: the crew will join any chase that involve the primaries. its the police tha tneed convincing

Trent O'Donoghue says: If I kidnap akane in classic fashion I have reason for Ranma to chase, for Kasumi to do anything up to car theft to get involved. If I also kidnap miyuki, ken would take off on the motorbike, natsumi likely following on her scooter, leaving the patrol car to steal. If I set up a 'double date' somewhere and the thieves interupt, the cops show and akane and miyuki get taken.. Ranma goes in pursuit

hpackrat says: sounds convincing...

Trent O'Donoghue says: on foot, Hiyashi taking the patrol car with kasumi getting in too, then when baddies nudge him off road, she takes over drivers seat.

Trent O'Donoghue says: catch up just in time to catch ranma being kicked off truck at high speed, akane going mental at his apparent death, maybe sweettalking gos enough to get unbound to start destroying all, tossed out of truck herself to be caught by ranma on front of car.

hpackrat says: so now its a matter of revenge by that point

Trent O'Donoghue says: And rescuing miyuki still.

hpackrat says: oh yeah...

Trent O'Donoghue says: Perhaps a final crash into a bridal shop for a last gag.

hpackrat says: how would it be a gag

Trent O'Donoghue says: In the aftermath, some have fallen into wedding dresses, or tux jackets. Hmmm... one plan I had used the instant springs in water pistols, to hose guards into minor animals, or civilians into larger animals to cause traphic jams. If the kidnaped were sprayed to kidnap them, then they would be sans clothes and willing to wear much of anything.

hpackrat says: nice idea.

hpackrat says: though that wouldn't affect ranma, i think

Trent O'Donoghue says: At the end of the YUA series 2, Ken finally proposed to Miyuki, though the details never came up in the following movie. So miyuki, akane, and even kasumi in wedding dresses could be amusing.

Trent O'Donoghue says: Unless he has been convinced that solving the kunos, chinese and ukyo requires marriage by then, he might be more eager than akane to find a priest while the fathers arn't around to 'ruin it'

hpackrat says: so they eloped?

Trent O'Donoghue says: The threat of it may be there.

Trent O'Donoghue says: If the wrong things are said it could seem like one or the other is eager.

hpackrat says: the aftermath?

Trent O'Donoghue says: Ukyo and shampoo bashing in trying to stop it again?

hpackrat says: a little too late as the couple run away?

Trent O'Donoghue says: Ranma grabs a tux and jumps akane into the intact window display and they pose to hide?

hpackrat says: i dunno. running away seems more fitting

Trent O'Donoghue says: Running into a church to hide?

hpackrat says: think it would stop the crew?

Trent O'Donoghue says: No, but a tired and confused priest may get the wrong impression of the couple, one in a wedding dress...

hpackrat says: ooh, even better...

Trent O'Donoghue says: Priest grumbles about kids today, Ranma asks if akane can hold that side of the doors? Priest asks akane 'Do you?' Akane, "yes!' Beating on door. Akane, 'Thier comeing through' Priest to ranma, "Do you?" Ranma "Ya think? I do..." the rest of his csentance 'know that', gets cut off, as crew bash into door.

Trent O'Donoghue says: Priest "Fine your married, we'll do the paperwork in the morning, go have your honeymoon and come back in the morning."

Many sets of eyes stare in shock.

hpackrat says: ooh, in front of witnesses to boot.

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