“Isn’t that skirt a little short Akane?”

The youngest Tendo daughter glanced at Yuka as they got dressed after Phys ed. “It’s my last clean skirt. Nabiki shortened it a month ago, gradually trying to take the seam up till Ranma caught her at it. He got all jealous of Ryoga-kun looking at my legs, it was cute.”

”So he doesn’t like you wearing it but you keep on wearing it?” Sayuri asked as she buttoned up her blouse.

Akane gave her friend a dark little grin as she skimmed out of her bloomers from under the skirt. “He just doesn’t like any other guys looking at my legs. As for him, I’ve caught him looking more than once.”

”Ooh, is this an about turn. From I hate a pervert to look Ranma, look close.”

Pinking at the cheeks, Akane shrugged. ”Hey, if he wanted me just for that he had his chance at the wedding. Now he gets to see what he missed out on till he comes to me on his knees.”

The girls giggling covered the small ripping sound as Akane slipped her underwear on…

”Beloved Akane, I have defeated your captor! Come to my arms!”

Akane turned from her friends as they left the girls changed rooms before the lunch bell, a frown on her face from concern for Ranma at Kuno’s claim. Her eyes looked at the wannabe samurai running towards her with his arms outstretched, showing no sign of being in a fight. That wasn’t surprising to her really, as in an actual fight he wouldn’t have a chance against her fiancé.

Setting her leg, she kicked up at the appropriate time, foot slamming into his face, halting his run and keeping his arms from reaching her. With a frown she lowered her foot, wondering what the slight ripping sound she heard was but narrowed her eyes on Kuno’s footprint marked face.

”What do you mean you defeated Ranma?”

As always his beloved was straight to the point. “Unfortunately it was a victory of but a battle and not a final blow for your and the pigtailed girl’s freedom, but no doubt it shall be remembered as a key turning point in our war for your heart.”

Rolling her eyes, Akane growled. “What did you do Kuno?”

”In a savage blow, I used his own strength against him, turning his black magic on my insane father, and so have struck him from this lunch, imprisoning him safely from you and I and the pigtailed girl!”

”You got him detention?”

Kuno searched valiantly for the right words to express how this blow of justice was so much more than mere detention, “Verily he must clear the brush from beside the sports field, labor of the lower classes to which…”

It was about then Akane gave up caring what the idiot had to say, rushing forward to punt him in the stomach, flinging his body into the sky.

”Um Akane,” Yuka began gently as many of the girls stared, Akane joining them as white material fluttered in the wind, the same wind all too obviously brushing the suddenly sensitive and exposed flesh under her short skirt.

”So you’re going home?” Leaning on the metal rake used for clearing the brush, Ranma looked at Akane.

Growling, Akane held up the former panties to her fiancé. “Look, the seams were picked at, they were made to fall off me.”

Seeing Ranma glance red faced at her skirt made Akane squirm, her heartbeat suddenly obvious in her ears, eyes too aware of the muscles of the young man in the tight sports t-shirt before her. Shaking her head, she refocused on the situation. “What else am I meant to do? Hopefully this was just something by Nabiki for a laugh, but what if some pervert is out to get me! This might be Happosai’s idea of fun?” The moment she said it, she started looking around for the diminutive old man.

Taking the white cloth from her hand, Ranma shook his head. “I doubt it, he’d never ruin a pair of underwear.”

”It could be Shampoo, maybe she’s trying to…” Wrenching her hands, Akane frowned her only thoughts not really seeing how Shampoo might benefit.

”You really think someone’s out to get you?”

Looking into her idiot Fiancé’s blue eyes, Akane deadpanned. “It’s not like I haven’t had people out to get me before, Ranma.”

”Getting paranoid Akane?”

Before she could reply, the black ribbon swirled down from above, wrapping the young woman’s arms to her sides even as black rose petals fluttered down around them.

”Hohohohohohoho! Get away from my future husband, you Hussy. I know your plan.”

Twisting up, Ranma lashed the rake through the ribbon from Kodachi, defending Akane but leaving him open as a bouquet of flowers impacted near his head. Purple smoke billowed out as he pulled his head back, as darkness closed in on his vision, feeling so very tired.

Struggling against the ribbon still binding her arms to her body, Akane took a wide stance in readiness for the leotard-wearing psycho in love with her fiancé. “So you were behind this Kodachi!”

Discarding the wand of her gymnastics ribbon as she took a ready stance, the daughter of the Kuno family drawing a pair of Gymnastics clubs. “Do not try to confuse me Harlot. I am the one who will liberate my darling Ranma and take him away from your hideous visage.”

Face ugly with anger, Akane let Kodachi come in close before twisting under her striking clubs, stamping one foot on the gymnasts bare foot, rocketing her head up as Kodachi cursed, slamming her forehead into the dark haired beauty’s chin.

Thrown up and over with stars in her eyes, Kodachi hit the ground hard, dazed but not out. Akane, still struggling with the bindings, knelt over the face down dark haired girl, knelling on Kodachi’s back, she hooked her other leg under Kodachi’s head to get the gymnasts neck behind her knee. Purposefully rolling back, Akane lifted Kodachi up, stretching her back up and neck down, locking the taller girl into improvised choke hold.

Gasping for breath, Kodachi began to struggle but unaware of the danger till her neck was under considerable strain she could do too little to break out.

Shaking off the sleep gas, Ranma stumbled to the fighting pair to help, eyes going wide as Akane’s position put Akane’s legs pointing up at him, her skirt useless, exposing her to the open air and sunlight.

Seeing Ranma staring made Akane frown till she realized what he must be seeing, locking her up red faced.

The shock in Akane’s eyes in his peripheral vision snapped Ranma into action, glancing around to see other lunch goers approaching the fight scene, he rushed forward before they could get close enough to see, grabbing his fiancée up, pushing her skirt down, and running with her for the gate.

Breathing heavy, Akane couldn’t look up at her fiancé, her mind supplying the look in his eyes as she looked at her treasure. Worse was when they had reached the ally they now hid in, she had looked down then and gotten the shock of the bulge in his sports shorts. At least the pervert had been embarrassed enough to turn from her too then.

”You okay?” Ranma asked awkwardly, looking at the street beyond for Kodachi or anyone else chasing them. When Akane didn’t reply, he hung his head. “Sorry bout that, I ah, was surprised.”

“You stared,” she accused.

”That’s what I’m apologizing for. It ain’t my fault ya used that move is it? If ya had been wearing underwear that was a great move. But I’m still sorry I looked at you.”

Instantly angry he was too stupid to get that wasn’t what she wanted, Akane turned and grabbed his shoulder. “I’m… just… argh, can we go home and talk there?”

Nodding in agreement, Ranma looked out into the street. “Yeah okay, streets clear.”

They made it another block before the next attack.

”Get away from my fiancée!” Ukyo cried as she dove at Akane, slashing with her giant spatula.

Diving aside, Akane spared a glance for Ranma as he blocked blows from Konatsu, the male genius kunoichi, raised as a woman in a tea house and now Ukyo’s waitress. The pair of warriors trading lightning blows with skill that took Akane’s breath away with envy, her fist closing as she turned on her opponent.

Blocking two fast punches from Akane, Ukyo lashed out again with her weapon. Dodging back from the metal blade, Akane just managed to get her hands down to keep her dress from blowing up in public at the wind of the missed attack.

Kicking Konatsu away, Ranma dove around to grab Ukyo’s arm, pulling her away from Akane as she rushed for a gate to someone’s private property before she was exposed in public again.

“She’s getting away!” Ukyo cried as she tried to break her free of Ranma’s grip, the pigtailed you man holding on, turning to put his ‘cute’ fiancée between his body and Konatsu.

The feminine ninja spared him but a glance as he lunched a series of dart like shuriken, Akane giving a shriek as the precise attacks pinned her to the gate she was trying to escape through.

”Yes!” Ukyo cried, as her target was kept from escaping. Still trying to break free of Ranma’s grip to get at Akane, the brown haired chef yanked back and forth on his iron grip. With a lurch she tried to pull free again only to suddenly find herself released, stumbling back into Konatsu.

Akane struggled against being bound again, this time her school blouse pinning her to the wooden gate, but as she saw Ukyo stumble into Konatsu, the pair falling in a heap, she hoped Ranma would help her.

Rushing in, Ranma pushed the gate open, grabbing Akane’s hand to pull her free, ignoring Akane shriek and the sound of tearing cloth as he slammed the gate behind them.

”Konatsu! Do you see where they went?”

The sound of Ukyo’s demand made the pair hiding in the tiny tool shed hold their breath till they heard the chef and waitress move on in their searching. The moment Ranma sighed and relaxed Akane gulped for breath, holding the remnants of her blouse to her chest. In ducking under a rack of rakes, cutters, and a hedge trimmer, Ranma had taken a knee, and Akane was all too aware of the heat of his face oh so near to the now bare skin of her stomach, far too close to her skirt.

Finally controlling her breathing, she pulled back the tiny bit the packed shed allowed her to, focusing on her anger. “Great work. Did you even think about what that was going to do to my shirt? What if it had been my skirt?”

”It wasn’t like I had much of a chance to think of much back there. Something has those idiots all riled up.”

”I noticed idiot.”

”I’m not the idiot raising my voice when hiding,” he hissed back, making her quiet up very quickly.

A few moments later he finally opened the shed door, bathing them in light.

“I think their gone,” he said, his voice awkward. “Ah, before I look up, are you decent? Do you want my shirt?”

Smiling sweetly down at Ranma’s shy act, half amused at how shed changed him, half imagining him wanting to look at her more. Her eyes drifted down passed his black hair to the tight shirt he wore, the tight muscles contained within, holding the casual strength she knew of him too well. “No, my sports bra survived. It’s covering enough, like a tank top.”

Imagining a disappointed look on his face she pushed him out ahead of her, dropping the last scraps of her blouse, obviously irreparable in the light, and gave a sigh.

”Do you think we can make it the rest of the way home without being attacked again.”

”If home is grave, Shampoo helps you home. Die, Husband-stealer!”

Diving out of the sun, Shampoo’s war cry was all that gave Ranma a chance to push Akane clear, dodging past the Chinese woman’s large blade as he swept her legs out from under her. He bit back a verbal follow up as a flash of white forced him to jump back from the purple haired Amazon warrior, a bunch of chains and weapons raking the area he left.

Akane almost reached the gate back out into the street when Shampoo’s sword slammed into the wall to bar her way. From the ground, Shampoo smiled from the ground as her toss cut her target off from escape. Pulling her knees up, she moved to use her back and abdominal muscles to kip up from her back to her feet, nearly making it when the returning Ranma stomped his foot on her hair, cutting her momentum early as she screeched and fell back to the ground.

Jumping over his Amazon wife, Ranma waved Akane to the gate, crying “Run!” only to stop as Shampoo’s hand tapped his ankle, pushing it behind his other leg, tripping him up to sprawl on the ground.

“Mousse get for Shampoo!”

Akane swallowed as Mousse looked at where Shampoo was pointing, straight at her. Ducking the blade of the sword embedded in the wall before her, Akane moved again for the gate, jumping up and over a series of chains reaching for her from Mousse’s sleeves.

Glad for once Mousse wasn’t wearing his glasses as she twirled around his attacks, Akane almost made it to the gate when one tiger claw on its cord brushed her back, tugging at her once before with a now familiar ripping sound her sports bra was yanked from her body.

Looking up at Akane covering herself, Ranma cursed at the near miss of his fiancée, he broke from Shampoo’s grip to kick at Mousse, driving the blind Chinese young man back and refocusing him on him. It was blind luck he hadn’t hurt Akane.

Shampoo slinked up from the grass of the yard away from the two men fighting behind her. Seeing Akane in just the school skirt, red faced and trying to cover up her exposed chest, Shampoo drew her Bonbori and charged to kill her once and for all.

Feeling Shampoo’s intent more than seeing her, Akane dropped low enough to swing past the blow, one hand grabbing the back of the Amazon’s neck, pulling her forward and down to slam her face first in the ground.

Shaking off the dazing impact, Shampoo tried to reach back and ankle tap the again running Akane as she had Ranma, missing by inches. Quickly back to her feet, the Chinese Amazon moved to pursue when Ranma grabbed her, her mind idly noting Mousse’s glasses in his hand as he turned to put his body between the two Chinese warriors.

”I got you Akane!” Ranma cried, lying out loud as Shampoo’s eyes widened, hearing Mousse throwing his chains and ropes.

”No stupid Mousse!”

Ranma twisted from the Amazon warrior, letting the chains grab and wrap her, even as he saw Akane darting at Mousse, clocking the Chinese young man across the chin, then seizing on his turning with the blow grabbed his arm and started to spin him with it.

By the time Mousse cleared his head, the heated Chinese curses of his beloved Shampoo, her body tied with his weapons to which he had also been wrapped in the chains of. Pushed to his knees and closer to Shampoo by Ranma, Mousse got a glimpse of a shed before the Chinese pair were pushed in and a door slammed cutting off the light.

From outside, Mousse’s keen ears heard Akane’s voice shouting at her fiancé. “Stop gawking and give me your shirt, you pervert.”

Still blushing red, Ranma held the gate open as the pair moved out into the street, Akane not comfortable in Ranma’s larger sports shirt, kept trying to keep her eyes from drifting to his exposed torso and shoulders as they moved quietly and as secretly as possible down the road.

“Why do all your girlfriends think I stole you? That’s what Shampoo said?”

Shrugging while keeping his eyes moving around them before they got ambushed again, Ranma didn’t answer.

Ignoring his silence, Akane moved to quickly up to the end of one street, looking around the corner to make sure it was clear before they crossed. “And why start with my underwear? This all makes no sense?”

Turning she caught Ranma glancing at her legs, shaking off all the emotions that weren’t anger to focus on that. “Eyes out you pervert. Even if they did do this to try and make me see you as a pervert, I already did, that won’t break us up. Come on.”

The pair rushed across the road, moving up sticking to the wall, Ranma however was distracted by his own growing temper. “Hey, if I was half the pervert you accused me of, you’d know it. How can you even compare me to guys like Happi and Kuno?”

Confronted with her accusations, Akane turned from him to continue working, her mind sorting through events he was definitely being perverted, distracted by how her memory was sparking the warmth that had been in her body since he saw her fighting Kodachi.

Finally deciding on how to answer, she turned to confront him, only to get a face full of water.

With a ‘hmmph’, the little old lady with her ladle looked from the young woman she splashed in wetting the ground around her gate, then looked at the boy who was her more common target. Looking at Akane again she humphed at the angry young woman and went back inside her yard.

Wiping her face, Akane glared at the closing gate, then at her fiancée from whom she expected a grin after all the times the old woman had splashed him. But instead he was looking away down the street. “Ah, Akane, can you cover up?”

With a gasp Akane slapped her hands over her once again exposed chest as the white t-shirt soaked with water clung to her curves. “Great, how can this get worse? Now this and we aren’t even home yet. They’re all probably going to ambush us there too.”

Snapping his fingers, Ranma grinned at her, “Hot water?”

Following Ranma over another fence, Akane moved quickly, reliant on Ranma’s hands as he helped her with his eyes firmly closed.

”We’re here,” Ranma stated moving up to the back door of a small house and knocking, a smirk of success on his face.

”Where are we?”

”You don’t recognize it? Geez Akane, the first day we walked to school you brought me here for hot water.”

Suddenly recognizing the building, having never actually scene it from the back, Akane straightened, hugging her suddenly brilliant fiancé. “Doctor Tofu’s clinic!”

Awkwardly hugging her back, Ranma mentally resisted enjoying it or imagining all that his bare chest was pressing against with just a thin bit of wet material between. “Ah Akane, if the Doc see us hugging like this…”

Breaking the hug to look up as Ranma left his statement hanging, it was when his eyes drifted down to her chest she realized what he meant, one hand and arm automatically covering up again.

Knocking again on the door in the awkward moment, Akane glanced in the darkened windows, suddenly recalling talking to Kasumi the day before. “Oh no, I think Doctor Tofu is out of town this week for a conference. I forgot.”

Nodding, Ranma moved to the nearest window, he looked in seeing it was the bathing room. “Well I doubt the Doc would want you running around naked through town so we’ll go in a window and apologize later.”

Frowning but nodding at the pigtailed young man, Akane watched as he moved to the window, putting a hand in his pocked and pulling out a small blue handle. Pushing whatever it was up into the window frame, and to her surprise, he jimmied the lock, sliding it open.

Like a monkey, her fiancé quickly climbed in, giving yelp almost as soon as he was out of sight within as Akane heard the splash of water.

Looking in the window, Akane was surprised to see Ranma was in his cursed form, the cute boys shorts her only covering as the red head stood immodestly glaring at the wash bucket on the now wet floor where he had apparently stepped on it while it was full.

Grumbling, the topless redhead glanced at Akane, looking away with a faint blush. “Don’t we make a pair?” he said referring to their similar states, him topless and her in a wet shirt that didn’t really cover. “I’ll go open the door.”

Akane gave a huff before making a decision and turning to the rack of drying poles at the back of the building. Stripping off her wet shirt, she began to put the pole through the sleeves before she realized where she had seen the blue handled object Ranma had in his pocket. It was from Kasumi’s sewing set, it was the pick to undo stitching.

Her heart tight in her chest, Akane slowly put the pole up on the rack, Ranma’s wet sports shirt hanging from it. She didn’t take much imagination to remember Ranma in the tight shorts he wore now. In those shorts he happened to have a Kasumi’s stitching pick. In the clothes he wore for a class at the same time her underwear sabotaged to fail, Ranma had a pick that undoes stitches.

Placing her hands over her chest she found her nipples surprisingly hard and tender, some part of her saying it wasn’t from the cold water on the shirt. Still wondering if he was behind this or it was one of the strange co-incidences always around him, Akane turned back to see a red faced Ranma sheepishly looking out the open window.

”Ah, the doors deadlocked. I’d need a key to get in. You’re gonna have to climb in.”

Not surprised after the rest of the day, Akane nodded, moving up to the window. Ranma’s hands extend out to help her, only to realize she’d be using both her hands herself, the redhead turned away. “Watch the furo as you climb in, its dry but rounded. Say if you need a hand.”

Akane smiled softly at the red heads back as Ranma moved to the sink, turning on the hot water but finding the pipes still cold.

Taking what privacy she had, Akane began climbing in the window as Ranma had done, pulling herself in, still she felt a tugging, and the sound of tearing. “Oh no no no,” she said, trying to shift and turn to salvage her skirt. With a clunk the windowsill slammed down on her legs, the shock jarring her body, her hands slipping and she nearly fell forward, but her fiancé was there.

Though his hands smaller than in his male form, Ranma’s hands held her shoulders holding her up as she dangled in the window by her legs. What wasn’t smaller on the red head was her chest, Akane’s face wedged in her cleavage, blushing felling the tatted remains of her skirt around her trapped knees meaning the red head was looking at her bare behind.

With a grunt of effort, Ranma lifted her up enough so she could look up, latching her hands on her fiancé’s shoulders. Her face red at the smirk on her feminine features.

”Hurry up and help me, pervert.”

”Story of my life,” Ranma quipped, not losing the smirk. “Can you lift the sill with your leg or do I have to?”

Struggling her legs, braced between the arms of her fiancé standing in the empty furo tub and the window she was stuck in, she finally shook her head, “It isn’t moving,” she said plaintively.

Stepping forward, Ranma raised her forward, her knees bending as the red head tried to get close to the window, Akane flinching when her bare cheeks touched the cold glass of the window, “Stop. If you keep pushing me up you’ll see me naked.”

Ranma swallowed slowly, and nodded. “You want out? There isn’t much choice. Besides, I’ve seen that before and you showed a lot more when you had Kodachi in that awesome leg submission earlier.”

Blushing red recalling her fiancés eyes on her earlier, a little part of her gleeful at his praise of her marital arts, Akane swallowed and looked him in the eyes. “Was this your plan all along?”

Blinking, Ranma shook her head. “My plan was not to have you naked locked in a window so I could get a peek at you.”

While Akane could tell he chose his words to not lie, she’d seen the nervousness in his eyes at near the real truth. “But you did start this didn’t you. You ruined my underwear with Kasumi’s stitch pick didn’t you? You made the others attack me? Strip me?”

Wincing, Ranma shook his head awkwardly. “Not the stripping. Konatsu and Mousse were only supposed to help Ukyo and Shampoo find and attack us then let us escape. They weren't supposed to get your clothes and that idiot Mousse wasn't wearing his glasses to aim for ya bra. I just wanted us to have to run away together like our adventures and once we got you to here to try and kiss you right for once. Getting you naked really wasn’t my plan.”

”You make my panties fall off but not to get me naked?” The flat tone in her question made him know she wasn’t buying it.

”Honest, it was just to make you nervous about fighting them alone. You know how obstinate you are, if Kodachi and Kuno attacked you at school it would be just another day. I needed you to come to me so we could do this together. I didn’t tell Konatsu and Mousse to strip you.”

“But you did make them attack me.”

”And you kicked Shampoo’s ass.”

Trying not to grin at his choice of words, she found herself too awkward by her predicament without hearing what she wanted from him. She looked at his eyes again, keeping them on hers. “Why didn’t you just go through with the marriage.”

”I was unconscious!”

”You were hardly enthusiastic except for the spring water?”

”I thought you only wanted to marry me as a man? I wanted to be a man for you. Trust me I hate feeling wet as a girl like I do holding you like this. I should have a boner!”

Shaking her head recalling the bulge in his shorts from earlier, Akane realized that she was safe while he was still in his girl form. “Just get me down.”

Nodding, Ranma pushed her shoulders up, exposing her hanging body, down her neck to her small but ripe hanging breasts, down her abdominal muscles to the dark hair at the juncture of her legs. As he stepped in Akane though she was going to kiss her chest, but the red head moved his hands to dislodge the window and open it up.

Leg’s free she brought them inside the window, her skirt dropping as Ranma used his great strength to hold her and put her down, avoiding rubbing against her the way both wanted her to, his blue eyes closed. Once down, Akane didn’t think as she reached out to hug him, only to overbalance the red head with closed eyes, she pushed back, Akane falling backwards, Ranma going down with her. Lashing out for purchase, Akane’s hand brushed the tap as they fell into the empty tub.

The pipes already filled with hot water by the still running hot water in the sink, hot water splashed on Akane, in her surprise she leapt from under the tap back on Ranma, returning the favor as the red heads face was mashed into her chest.

Breathing heavily, Akane bent her back up to look up at his blue eyes for a long moment.

”Tomboy, you are a lot of work to keep safe.”

An old familiar heat of anger flushing through her entirely too hot body, making her start to push up to better glare at him again, but his feminine arms kept her from getting away.

”Good thing I love the job of it.”

Her heart might have stopped for the way it tightened in her chest. For a long moment Ranma just watched her eyes, enjoying her speechlessness, when the hot water pouring in the tub reached her legs, his male form returning, trigging a smirk as he pulled her to kiss him.

It was the second gentle kiss before Akane returned it.

It was the eighth kisses, their tongues tussling, that she suddenly broke from his lips, looking down at the raging wood from his juncture brushing at hers under them.

Ranma looked down too, but got the wrong impression. “Don’t tell me you got so hot running around half naked your ready for him already,” he asked, his fingers brushing her treasure, parting her petals as he slipped on finger into her slick hole.

”You little pervert,” he smirked as she moaned a denial as his finger filled her.

”I’m not a pervert,” Akane moaned, trying to think as her body reacted to his touch like she had no control. She couldn’t think, she needed to think but she couldn’t, not with his finger in her, his lips on her breast, her eyes rolling up as he sucked at her flesh, refocusing wondering when her hand grabbed the staff that was so hot.

The sudden heat gave Akane the idea, pulling away from her fiancé, turning away from him, she reached for the taps, fumbling to reach the hot to turn it off and turn on the cold, to cool her down, to make him not have that hot flesh weapon, to let her think.

“You don't have to tell me twice.”

Akane heard his words but her mind when blank as his hot skin pressed behind her, her body moving forward dragging the lips of her labia along his stiff hot shaft as he pressed against her.

Holding herself against the sides of the tub, Akane's eyes were on the cold tap but her hand just wouldn't reach forward, her mind on her fiancé, his manhood rubbing beside her flesh, scant distance from being inside her.

Again she willed her hand to move and this time it did, reaching between her legs to grasp his hot flesh, pushing and angling till she felt the engorged head at her lips, his hands on her hips pulling her back on him.

Moaning her hands dropped, unable to do more than hold her even on the sides of the furo, his cock sliding inside her tunnel, forcing her open with a delicious pain she couldn’t help but want more of.

The intruder in her body pulled back, leaving her empty even as her body shook with the rubbing sensation through her walls and folds, senses she never knew firing up her spine with stabbing intensity. Once again he pushed forward into her heat, her teeth biting her lower lip as she squealed with pleasure.

“Damn its so tight.”

Shame washed over her at his lustful toned words, his hands on her hips roughly pulling her back and forth as he impaled her. She again tried to pull up, looking to the cold taps less than a foot in front of her but moaning as his thrusts rubbed her front wall directly, the intensity jumping, his hands raising with her to grab her breasts from behind her body.

”This is the body that’s been haunting my dreams. I knew you were the real pervert but this is fucking awesome. I’m not going to last.”

Akane’s body shook at his words and actions. The taps within reach but she couldn’t bring herself to reach for them, the decision made for her as Ranma leaned back in the steaming water, pulling her back to his chest making her sit upright on his manhood, her legs tightening as she started to raise and lower herself on his length.

”Wait up,” Ranma said suddenly, clamping a hand around the base of his twitching cock, grimacing as he held from blowing early.

Pulling her off him, he forced her to turn around, enjoying her naked form squatting over him, he pulled her in to kiss her lips, her reply surprisingly intense as she grabbed his member, repositioning herself.

He waited to see her face as Akane slid down on his length again, awkwardly dropping quickly with twisted look on her face.

”You do like this you pervert,” he teased again, focusing on his words than the feelings igniting the heat as her tight body squeezed him.

”No,” she moaned automatically.

”Liar, you like being naked, you like being on me.”

”No,” she moaned again, leaning back to angle him up higher, her body splashing in the rising hot water.

Ranma kept thrusting his hips in time to her rocking, his muscles tight as he tried to resist the sensations lest he go off before her. “Then why are you so wet? IS this why you were so scared of me being a pervert, cause you knew you can't control yourself?”

Whimpering at the pleasure, Akane kept going, feeling the fires through her body.

His lips caught hers again, a searing kiss shifting their pace but not quieting their need. “That was the real reason you came to me when your underwear was ripped. You wanted me to know about it?”

“No,” Akane moaned again as she kept splashing down into the hot water on his manhood, her fingers digging into his broad shoulders.

Feeling the delicious pain in his shoulders, distracting him from tripping over the edge. “I'm going to fuck you forever.”

With a gasp Akane shook, her limbs jarring as her body shuddered, an orgasm burning through her like a storm. Feeling her react, Ranma could hold back no more and barely pulled out in time, his seed jetting into her stomach with thumps in time to his racing pulse, his hips still awkwardly thrusting up several slowing times with his need.

Gasping for breath, Akane became aware of Ranma's pressing hands on her hips, holding her crushingly to his hips, her arms grabbing his head to pull him to her chest, kissing his head between gulped breaths at what they had shared.

Akane's eyes opened as Ranma sighed, her head tilting to look up from her she resting against his chest in the hot water, ignoring the twinge of pain from her deliciously aching lower body.

“Why the sigh?”

His blue eyes crack to look down at her. “It's like a load off.”

Akane frowned trying to work that out, wondering if he was being crass.

“It's like, we had all the pressure and now we're good.”

Ignoring the pain Akane rolled over, pressing her breasts to his chest as her lips found his to kiss him thoroughly.

Ranma's arms hugging her tight, the pair finally parted lips with a gasp of breath. Akane smirked as she lay her head on his warm chest again. Holding her in silence, Ranma frowned down at a little of his seed on his chest, apparently rubbed from her on him in their kissing, Akane's eyes spotting it as he washed it off with the bath water.

“Thank god I'm on the pill,” she said with relief thinking of the consequences of what they did.

“Nah its cool, I pulled out.”

Looking in shock at her thick headed dunce of a fiancé, Akane rose up. “It doesn't work like that you idiot!”

The end of part 1.

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