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Kodak Moments 2

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. They belong to the wonderful Rumiko Takahashi and her licensees (Viz Communications in North America). This work is strictly for the non-profit enjoyment of fans. No copyright infringement is intended.

The grin breaking out over Happi's ugly little face nearly broke Akane down again. "Three Photos, three days, Ranma. Swear that you will do for me any tasks I set to the best of your abilities for each of the next three days, and no one gets to see the photos."

Ranma brought his head up to face the old letch, simply starring as the moments ticked by.

Happi watched in glee as the fire left Ranma's eyes, he'd won.

"We get the photos now and you leave Akane out of it."

Happi smiled and looked through the pictures before pulling one out and tossing the other two on lazy arcs toward him. "This one I keep till this is over, and Akane is only involved if she wants to help. If you fail, you help me distribute copies personally. Now swear it."

With a single swipe of his hand he caught both pictures and made sure they were the real ones. "I swear it."

"I swear it what?"

Ranma's dirty look at Akane went unnoticed as she still wasn't facing him. "I swear it, Master."

"See you in the morning, student."

The pair watched him bound away into the crowd.

"I'm sor..."

"Shut up!" Ranma's voice only held anger as he interrupted her. The ashen look on her face though was more then enough to break his anger. "There ain't no use in placing blame. Lets just do this and in four days it's over."

He picked her up and leaped down from the stage, jogging through the crowd, consciously aware of the people still watching from above. Akane snuggled into his chest and whispered up to him. "No matter what he forces you to do, you're still my fiancé."

"Don't make any promises Akane, they'll come back to haunt you."

As twilight approached a small fire was lit in the back yard of the Tendo residence. Two teenagers looked into the flames.

"Got the photos?"

"Yeah, here." Ranma dug into his pocket and passed the blackmail photos to his fiancée.

Akane was about to cry again at what she'd done, looking at the three polaroids. Her sadness gave way to terror as she looked at the third. It was of her bending over the camera. It didn't show her face, but it did show everything else. "What?!, oh no no no no no..."

Ranma turned to her grabbing her shoulders as she began to topple. "Akane, What's wrong?" He couldn't decipher what she was babbling about through her sobbing. "Calm down, what is it?"

Swallowing her sobs she got out, "He had a picture of my body."

"What?!" Without thinking he snatched the photos back and looked, relaxing when he saw the polaroid he'd found when he had woken in her room that morning. "Akane, he... ah, didn't have that picture."

Akane's eye soaked eyes looked up at him. "What?" Her voice was scared but with a little hope.

"Um well, ah, I did." He watched as her eyes narrowed and before he knew it he was on his rump.

Standing above him with mallet ready, Akane was livid. "What?!"

"Hey, it was amongst my clothes when I was getting dressed in your room this morning..."


The pair looked across to the shogi of the house to see Kasumi's feet sticking out.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well, I ....I was confused about what was happening."

"You were going to keep it weren't you?" Akane knew she was on the right track as his face went red.

"I...I.." Akane was pulling back for a pervert slam when Ranma's eyes hardened.

"What about the photo of my ....?" He gestured down at his anatomy with his hand.

Akane lost her urge to hit him with this, "That was part of the rest of my plan, that's all."

"Yeah well it ain't like I was going to show that picture to my family."

Akane knew she was on pretty shaky ground here so decided to end it there. "Okay, that was a mistake. I'm sorry, let's just burn these and be done with them."


The two watched the pictures blacken and burn for a few moments. "Come on, let's help Kasumi."

Ranma started shaking his head, "Uh uh. One more to go."

"What?" She tried to sound innocent but she knew he saw through it. "Okay, sorry." She began to start digging into her pocket for the picture of Ranma.... at attention.

Ranma caught on pretty quick to the panicked look in Akane's face, as she began to check and recheck all her pockets. "No, you didn't?"

Biting her bottom lip she looked up at him, "I don't have it."

"Where is that photo of me Akane?" His voice was slow and even.

"I don't know, let me think."

Her thoughts were interrupted by the pale Kasumi, picking herself up using the edge of the shoji. "Dinners ready." Before they answered she turned and stumbled back inside.

Akane looked at her sister knowing she'd have to tell her before she spoke to her parents. When the thought of where she had the photo last came to her. "Do you think Kasumi might have it?"

"I don't know. Ask her."

"Why me?"

"You took it, you showed it, you lost it, you ask."

"I couldn't."

"And I could? I'd rather ask my Mom than Kasumi. She's... Kasumi."

"I... know. Fine, I'll do it." With that she steeled her nerves and went to ask Kasumi Tendo if she'd seen her photo of Ranma's manhood.

Kasumi was in the kitchen wearing her apron in front of the simmering dishes of dinner for the three of them. Their fathers had gone out and probably wouldn't be back till late, Nabiki was out working on a 'school project' and Aunty had gone back to Juban for a few days to oversee construction of the new Saotome house.

'It was probably a good thing' she thought, as she downed another glass of the cooking wine with a shaky hand. Father and Uncle Saotome may have heard about their children's actions.

Hearing the steps of her sister approaching, she quickly replaced the bottle to the shelf, slipping the empty glass into her apron.

"Kasumi, Can I talk with you?"

Like a flicked switch, the gentle smile was on and she turned to face her youngest sister. "Of course Akane, what can I do for you?"

"I kind a lost that photo I had earlier..." Akane just managed to catch Kasumi as she fainted again.

"Guess you haven't seen it then."

Kasumi seemed much more at ease knowing the full story as they finished dinner. She was reproachful of Akane's actions but let it go happily since her sister wasn't a woman yet. She knew she'd be in charge of keeping the fathers busy while Happosai tortured Ranma but she was used to keeping them down. She watched the conversation between the two taking note that Ranma was actively trying not to insult Akane, also noting she was deserving it for this one.

"Where did you put it after you showed everyone?"

"For the tenth time, I thought I put it in my pocket."

"How hard is it to remember?"

"There was a lot going on, okay?"

"No it ain't! Somewhere out there is a picture of me."

"Wait! I remember, I definitely put in my pocket when you picked me up to chase Happi."

"So where is it now?"

"It must have fallen out during the chase."

"So anyone could have it?"

"It wasn't like it had your name on it. You didn't even recognise it."

"Well, I don't look at it from that angle."

Kasumi tuned out the rest of the argument, idly thinking of the half full bottle sitting on a shelf in the kitchen.

Happosai made his way through the silent house. He had watched the false dawn and was now ready to begin his first day of fun. He looked down on the sleeping form of his student. So full of pride and potential, both there for him to exploit. Speaking of exploiting.


Ranma sprang up into a defensive posture waiting for the inevitable attack this type of wake up call always pre-empted, trying to identify the offender. Her blood ran cold as she heard his voice.

"Good morning student." Happi almost burst out laughing at the silence of his student. "Oh don't be such a spoil sport, were going to have such fun today. And you don't even have to go to school. Here, have a present."

Ranma plucked a metal item from the air and looked at it. It was an old silver pocket watch with a foot long matching chain. Ranma's english wasn't good enough to read the brand but she recognised the quality. A faint outline of a claw, carved roughly, was on the inside lid.

"Now we start with the base rules of today. You will address and refer to me as Master. You will do your best to stay in male form unless I say otherwise."


"Fine, what?"

"Fine, Master."

"Now it is ten to six. From six on, every fifteen minutes you must do something perverted to a girl. Every fifteen minutes student, and it must be a girl other than you. Failure to do so will get you a punishment point. Every time must be different or a different girl to the last. She must also not be expecting it."

Ranma continued to listen to his idiotic rules, wondering why she kept her promises. She was brought to focus again when Happi sealed the pact.

"...., I can trust you to own up when you fail?"

Ranma gazed down on the little turd. "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Master!"

"Good, I have some errands to run so we'll continue this in the city, meet me at ten at the temple just up from ..."

Ranma finished drying his hair as he silently slipped into Akane's room. Checking the watch it was nearly a quarter past six, and he was going to start being a pervert. He looked down at Akane, wondering what to do, as she slept on with a gentle smile in the dawn's light coming through the window. In the bath he'd started cataloguing what he knew as perverted and came to the conclusion there'd be a lot of unhappy girls if he didn't come up with a more to use on Akane, not that she'd be any happier either way.

Moving over to the chest of drawers he brought out the entire underwear drawer and took it to his room. Dumping the content on the bed and tossed his blanket over the pile. He returned the drawer to its home before he sat on Akane's chair and sat watched his fiancée sleep.

All too soon he was aware of the time coming around again and stepped over to her bed. He knew it wasn't that perverted, after all Ryoga had done it for how long? But as he slowly stood and moved towards her, he was very nervous of her reaction when she woke. Leaving his clothes on, he lifted the blanket, looking at her form through the yellow nightgown she was wearing, before climbing in.

He almost jumped out again when as he slid in, Akane turned over and placed her arms around him, mumbling something too low to hear. Finally relaxing into the embrace, he lightly held her back. He found although it was very comfortable in the warmth of her bed, his thoughts over what he was holding and the pictures from yesterday spun through his mind, not allowing him to relax. He closed his eyes focusing on mental relaxation techniques he'd learnt in his training.

Akane awoke in one of her favourite dreams, she was holding her husband in their warm bed. He was still asleep but she could fix that, leaning up to kiss him while rubbing her body against his.

Closing her eyes as she started to kiss him she failed to see her 'husbands' startled eyes shoot open. She was happy to find her husband was 'up' for a bit of fun but was distracted because her husband wasn't moving at all. Breaking the kiss she asked him, "Honey, what's wrong?"

"Akane, you know you're awake don't you?"


Ranma started rubbing his head where it had bounced off Akane's desk as he sat now on the floor.

"Pervert!!" She was on her feet swinging down with the mallet.

Without stopping rubbing at his head, Ranma kicked the mallet from her hand. "No, student pervert!"

Akane's anger derailed as she realised Happosai must have put him up to it. Looking around for the diminutive master, she was surprised not to find him. "Where is he?"

Akane hated the tones in Ranma's voice. "The awaiting me in the city. In the mean time I have to do something perverted to a girl every fifteen minutes from now until Midnight!"

"I'm sorry Ranma."

Ranma found yet again he couldn't stay angry with a sad Akane. "Look, what ever he does can't be worse than the cat fist. But no getting angry at me over this crap. I don't need it." Her smile made him know he'd done at least one thing right in the past twenty-four hours.

"But what about school?"

"I doubt the old.... Master, gives a damn about it."

"Then I guess we're going into town."

"No, you're going to school."

"Ranma, I can't go to school knowing he's putting you through hell. It was me that got you into this. Let me help. Besides I don't want you touching strange women."

"You can't help that, I can't do the same thing to the same girl more than once. So unless I can figure out..." His brow furrowed trying to figure out how many times til midnight. "A lot of perverted stuff for me to do to you, I'm going to have to.... to others."

Akane tried to control her blush before continuing. "It doesn't matter. I can still help a little."

Ranma considered this for a few moments gazing into her eyes. "Fine but if I tell you to leave, then you go, deal?"

"Fine. Ah how much time till your next...?"

Checking the watch again, "Within ten minutes."

Ranma had never seen Akane so red as she was now. Her voice was shaky as she spoke "Do you want to....?" Gesturing to her chest and making a griping motion with her hand.

Ranma was surprisingly calm, Happi's rule of surprising the girl meant it wouldn't count and so wasn't needed. It wasn't till he realised he was disappointed that his blush burst forth. "Ah, no, another rule is you can't expect it. Ah, go have a bath, while I think of something."

Akane retreated her blushing self out of the room like lightning. Ranma stood and opened the window, climbing out and down to the bathroom window. He arrived just as Akane rushed in.

Akane darted into the change room, tossed her nightgown and panties into the dirty clothes basket and yanked the door open. Rushing over to the stool she began scrubbing up with harsh strokes, trying to wash away the excitement of Ranma touching her, and the memory of her waking dream. It was about then she realised Ranma was missing a perfect opportunity to be perverted. Swinging her head to look at the window she found he wasn't missing it. Her reflexes took over hurling an empty bucket towards the window before realising she'd done it.

Ranma had only meant to peek and be gone, but realised as the bucket hit his face knocking him away from the house, that he'd stayed far longer.

Akane had finished with a relaxing soak knowing that today was going to be hell on her nerves if she was going it be surprise assaulted every fifteen minutes, and Ranma was going to be beaten for doing it to other girls if she wasn't.

Getting up and drying off she figured she had up to fifteen minutes before the next attack. Returning in her bathrobe to her room she pulled out her empty panty drawer. "I will not hit him, I will not hit him." With a careful look around she pulled the lowest drawer out and removed the pack sticky taped to the bottom. She had been saving this to keep it from the pervert, now she had to wear it for two perverts. Inside was a set of racy yellow bra and panties, with lace trim. They had been a Christmas gift from Aunty Saotome. Christmas had passed before Mother and Son had been reunited so she didn't know if they were a present for her or, indirectly, her son.

Standing before her mirror she eyed herself and found she was very impressed. The matched set was beautiful and the wonder bra worked its wonders. "If he saw this, I'd be fighting the Baka off."

"Ya got that right."

She spun in place to see Ranma hanging upside down just outside the window, his eyes no were near her face.

The waste paper basket was in her hand before either knew it but Akane managed to regain control before the throw. "I thought you couldn't do the same thing twice?"

"I figured watching someone bathe was different to watching someone dress."

"Watch how far you go with your justifications Ranma."

"Want me to go watch someone else?"

Akane pensively put the basket down. "Look Ranma, I know this isn't your fault but ....I don't know, don't be so ...stop enjoying it!"

The smirk on Ranma's face was very odd up side down as he continued speaking with her breasts. "You're saying I shouldn't enjoy looking at my fiancée".

She blushed before throwing the basket at her fiancé, and shutting the window and blinds on him.

Flipping down to the ground Ranma walked back into the house. The basket had not wiped the smirk off his face.

Nabiki made sure she had her books, stationary, homework and copies of the photo of Ranma's manhood were all in order before listening for the voices of Ranma and Akane. Once she was sure of their location she dashed out her door and down the stairs.

Entering the kitchen, she grabbed some cookies from the jar. "Sorry Sis, I'm already late for my study group, have a good day."

Before Kasumi could reply she was out of the house and on the move. Her friends should have contacted those who'd made requests before and word will spread after that. She wanted to be set up for sales before they arrived. Making a negative from the polaroid was very hard and time consuming, she was intent on making her money back. That and she had yet to hear all the details from the mall regarding Happosai and the other Polaroids.

Akane would be upset but it was hardly her fault she dropped it. ‘Finders keepers, sellers markets.’

Ranma walked into the kitchen to see Kasumi cooking breakfast. He'd just heard Nabiki's voice but she wasn't here now, "Morning Kasumi."

"Oh, Good morning Ranma."

"Don't bother putting together any bentos for Akane and me, we're not going to school today."

Kasumi obviously didn't like them not going to school but knew the cause. "What has Grandfather Happosai got you doing then?"

"Nothing good, I'm sure of that."

"Is your father up yet?"

"Doubt it, he crawled into his bed last night."

Without the fathers, breakfast was a quiet affair. Ranma was hoovering down as much as he could, expecting a big day ahead. He was wearing his normal Chinese outfit but with a dark green shirt. Akane wore a pale blouse under a dark vest with matching knee length skirt.

Akane stopped eating to look at Ranma, "How much time?"

"Three Minutes." Well, that's what they though he said, through the mouthful of food.

Akane nodded before blushing and putting down her chopsticks. "What are you going to do?"

"I got the next two covered, you finished?"

With her nod, the two got up, Ranma still shovelling some last bits in before leaving the room, calling back thanks to Kasumi.

Kasumi began to clean, knowing deep down, that with Ranma, it was often better not knowing what was going on.

Akane followed her fiancé back up the stairs, tense and waiting for him to spring back and... somethinging her. Her concern grew when Ranma opened Nabiki's door and went to her chest of drawers. Checking the contents of each till he found the one of unmentionables, lifting the whole drawer out and carried it back to his room. Glancing distastefully at his still sleeping panda of a father, he used his foot to flip his blanket uncovering Akane's missing clothes. She was about to say something but thought better of it.

She watched him return the drawer before closing the door and check his watch. "Quarter to Eight". He moved down the hall and looked at Kasumi's name on the little wooden duck. He hesitated for several moments before finally opening the door and moving for the drawers. His hands stopped again just shy of the handles.

"Second Drawer, hurry up."

Ranma looked across at his fiance in surprise. He'd alway figured he'd be cured of the curse before he'd hear Akane Tendo help a pervert. "Thanks." Focusing he grabbed the appropriate handles and pulled and them slammed it shut. He glanced over to his fiancée. "But it's Kasumi."

"Just do it, Baka."

Screwing his eyes shut he lifted the drawer free and walked out of the room. Banging into the wall twice, Akane managed to steer him to his room and he poured the contents with the rest of the sisters 'silky darlings'. A deft foot flicked the blanket back over the pile and he bolted away, running to return the drawer to its home.

"Let’s go."

Akane tried not to giggle at his discomfort.

A shadow fell over Nabiki as she munched on a cookie.

"Tora say's you got the genuine article?"

"One hundred percent."

"How much?"

The predatory smirk appeared. "For you Mai, Eight Thousand Yen."

"EIGHT! No way five tops, and only if it IS uncensored?"

Nabiki flashed the item in question up almost too quick. The glazed look from the girl said it was just enough. Nabiki started doing the figures in her head smiling more and more. This was soooo worth it.

Kasumi entered the guest bedroom to check on Uncle Saotome and found him pandafied and snoring, as she had expected. She almost shut the door again when she saw the large lump in Ranma's bed. Curiosity getting the better of her she gently lifted the blanket, tossing it off when she realised what she was seeing.

Looking over the pile recognising her own, Akane's and Nabiki's underwear. She couldn't understand what was going on, obviously something to do with Happosai but what? In her confused state she spotted the corner of a page in one of Nabiki's bras. Pulling it out she realised it was another polaroid. Even as she turned it over she knew she was not going to like it. In fact she'd seen this one before.

Genma Saotome awoke and rolled over ready to get up, a hangover overriding his urge to fill his stomach. Turning to face his sons bed, he saw his best friends eldest daughter on it, face down in a large pile of bras and panties, holding a picture of a man's erection.


-Still dreaming.-

Laying down again, it was a very short time till his snores reverberated off the walls again.

Ranma checked the watch again on the crowded station platform, two minutes to go. He had already squeezed Akane's butt once on the way to the station and was worried he'd have to start on some other girl before they even got to the City proper. He felt like such a heel doing it to Akane as it was.

"How long?" Akane's voice was nervous as she stood by her fiance on the crowded platform. She knew it was getting close.

"Five minutes." He felt her breath relax with her tension.

Akane almost lost it and decked him as he rubbed himself bodily against her, his hard body sending a flush through her, embarrassing her more in this crowded public place. She remained calm so as not to attract more attention, even as she felt a large number of eyes on her already.

They waited for the next train in silence. The wind blowed past them as it appeared from the tunnel, several carriages passing before coming to a stop. Shuffling in they found, as expected, it was standing room only. Ranma manoeuvred through to put Akane against one wall of the train, away from as many people as possible. The crowd huddle together closer and the doors again shut. The speakers spoke in clean electronic tones of the future stops, first in Japanese then in English.

As they pulled out Akane felt Ranma rub her backside. Must be getting over the next fifteen minutes. She turned to ask him hadn't he already done that once, and saw him rubbing his face with one hand and holding onto the overhanging rail with the other.

Spinning fully around she saw a middle aged short man in a suit gazing out the window, looking completely innocent. Only the grin struggling to get out of his mouth foiled it for him.



Ranma winced as the poor man became the target of all of Akane's pent up anger over this whole situation. He was pretty well embedded in the wall of the train.

This was going to be a long three days.

(To be continued)

I, as the author would just like to say I do not condone any perverted acts out side of a consensual relationship. Any perverted acts I use in Kodak Moments are only used for their amusement value to the story. All peeping acts are a major invasion of privacy. I hope any person who wilfully commits any act of sexual assault or invasion of privacy, no matter how minor they may seem, are caught and persecuted to the full extent of their countries laws.

Final thanks to my proofreaders: ,Becca Abrams ,Hashbrown ,Ranko Ketchum ,Ray DeVore

Thank you for reading.

Trent O'Donoghue

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