Kodak Moments 4

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Kasumi just finished putting up the last of another load of underwear from Ranma's room on the line, when she heard the gate slam open.

"Foul Sorcerer, reveal thyself so that I may find you."

Kasumi calmly rounded the house to see what the commotion was. Standing with his steel katana drawn and ready to smite, was the scion of House Kuno.

"Good Afternoon. Can I help you?"

Kuno pivoted his entire body to face Kasumi before widening his stance and speaking far too loud for this situation. "Where is the loathsome Ranma Saotome? He has revealed his subservience to his dread Master. For their heinous crimes on Akane Tendo and the Pigtailed Girl, nay on all womankind, I shall smite him down, once and for all!"

A voice from the wall interrupted Kasumi's answer. "I want to know where Ranchan is as well." Ukyo held her spatula ready to hit someone, she wasn't sure who, but someone was going to get hit.

"Oh my, good afternoon Ukyo. I'm sorry but Ranma said he and Akane were meeting Grandfather in the city. They didn't say where though."

Kuno posed for an exit and with a cry of, "I shalt not be denied!" and strode through the gates.

Ukyo and Kasumi glanced at each other before shrugging. "Do me a favour Kasumi, call me at my restaurant the instant either my fiancé or your sister gets home."

Ukyo didn't hear any answer from Akane's older sister as she bounded away to the Ucchan's. No matter what she was going to do now, she knew the thought of her fiancé naked on her rivals bed and the reasons why would not leave her.

Ranma caught up to his fiancée and Master at the photo kiosk. Happi looked away from his prints to snatch the panties from Ranma's hand. Akane stepped forward with a plastic bag for the leather outfit.

Rubbing the silk to his withered face, he smiled grandly. "Well done ma boy, I'll make you the greatest yet."

"The greatest what old... if it's the greatest pervert it ain't gonna be me."

"You wouldn't understand yet."

Putting the panties away he returned to reviewing the photos. "These first two are great."

Akane looked over his shoulder, not that hard to do to the withered little man, at the two photos in question. Both of these had the dresses lifted by the owner while the rest appeared to be from up the legs.

Ranma looked down at Akane's questioning glance. "I tried asking first and those two did. The rest hit me or spat on me. When I realised I was running out of time I had to go without asking. That second one asked for a date after I took it, and when I said I was engaged, she got me with that damn pepper spray."

Happi chuckled from his photos "One punishment point, lose something else Akane dearie."

"What?" Ranma snatched the photo Happi held up. It showed up the dress of a girl, it was glaringly obvious there were no panties in shot. "No way, this is more than what you wanted."

"But not what I asked for, now Akane."

Ranma wanted nothing more than to wipe that smug grin off his face as the little turd huddled down into the ground, getting comfortable to watch Akane.

Akane gave a resounded sigh before taking off her vest and putting it in the plastic bag with Sakura's outfit.

Happi got up chuckling at perverted thoughts in his head "Enough, lets have some lunch. On me."

Tatewaki Kuno stood at the entrance of the same railway station Ranma and Akane had used that morning. Ignoring those around him he swept his gaze around in search of his hated foe. Taking a knee he held the still sheathed sword before him and let his honourable soul flow into it, his voice loud and clear in the noisy station. "Blade of my Ancestors, I the mightiest scion of the House Kuno call on you to give me a sign that I might find my foe and smite him, and regain my loves from his evil clutches."

People in area actively began avoiding the kneeling man, going to the walls to slip by him.

"The train on platform three is all stations to Narita Airport." The electronic tones of the computer-generated voice were emotionless, yet our hero knew better to argue with his ancestors.

"Foul Ranma Saotome. Riding the wrath of heaven, I, the Blue Thunder, come for you!"

Akane wasn't sure what the point was of the expensive restaurant Happi had chosen. He hadn't set any tasks but had taken his time so that Ranma had to excuse himself six times to go off and molest some poor woman at random. She was really fed up with his stinking rule but until two more days he had control, and with Happi there was no way of knowing for sure if he'd give up the last polaroid then.

The restaurant's main feature was the huge sloping glass window facing out from the level below all the way to the roof, two floors up. It let the diners view out over the park and further out to Tokyo harbour.

Ranma returned to the table again and sat angrily looking at the aged master puffing his pipe. Ranma had originally figured that he was going to ditch the two of them with the bill but he was surprised when the old goat had paid the bill in cash ten minutes ago.

Finally Happi sat back a little more. Looking up at a balcony level with private tables above the bar on the other side of the sheik restaurant, a grin cracked his ugly face.

Craning their necks around Ranma and Akane looked up as a heavy set man in a dark suit escorted a stunning young woman in a sexy strapless black gown up the stairs. Her dark hair was so long, it nearly reached her knees in its ponytail. Neither martial artist was that worried about the woman as much as her security man. The bulge in his jacket was obviously some kind of firearm.

An older plump man stood from his table to greet her with a passionate kiss. The girl rubbed herself against the older man enough to make Akane look away with a blush. They sat and a waiter arrived quickly to take their orders. Her guard sat at the only other occupied table up there with two other men, a nod and quick word being the only communications between them. Looking close enough, touches of tattoos could be seen around collars.


"Ranma, I want you to do something specific for your trick this fifteen minutes."

	"What now?"
	"I want that girls underwear."

Akane's voice was a harsh whisper "Happosai no! They're Yakuza!"

"We'll meet you in the park, student."

"No, Happi...."

Ranma stood up, "Go Akane, I'll see ya soon." With that he turned and headed for the toilets.

Ranma looked up at his target again from his position behind the potted plant. It had been ten minutes and he had yet to come to one decent idea to get even close to the woman. At least the couple dining only two foot away had yet to notice him.

It showed on his poker face when the Kami dealt our poor hero another good card, the woman standing and excused herself heading to the stairs. The fact her bodyguard followed her down and to the bathroom door was not a problem compared to the three that had been up stairs. He flicked a hand out snatching a glass off the table without the couple at the table he was beside neither noticing the theft nor his fast actions spilling a drop. Pouring the water on his... her head gave her access to the ladies bathroom. Slipping past the plant, she followed just moments behind her target into the ladies, smiling cutely to the bodyguard, now standing to one side of the door.

Passing the first door, she pushed the second door open and froze. Standing in the middle of the room was the woman in the black dress was passionately kissing a tall handsome dark haired man, whose hands roamed all over the woman. A yellow flash burned, off her matched by a purple from the man. Shaking her head to clear her vision, Ranma-chan quickly tried to work out why the woman had a man waiting for her in the toilets. Ranma wasn't about to ask her about her love life right now, as she squatted behind her and snaked her arm up the dress.

Ranma nearly had a heart attack, when her hand landed on the smooth bare cheek of her backside. Only the tip of one of her fingers grazing the bottom edge of the G-string strap gave her back her hope of completing this task. Adjusting her footing, she yanked the G-string down, using her second hand to lift the woman into her partner. The feet were only an inch off the floor when the underwear slipped through. By the time the two lovers turned on the red head she was already opening the door, balling the uncomfortably moist panties in her hand.

Charging through the outer door she continued to run, trusting in her brilliant plan. Shouting out in her higher pitched voice, making sure she got everyone's attention. "Eek, there's a man in the bathroom!"

As she continued for the exit, she heard the bathroom door slam open again as the woman in the black dress came out and crashed into the bodyguard rushing in, stumbling down together, legs akimbo, dress parting. If only Ranma had concentrated on running rather than looking back, she wouldn't have run into and over the tea trolley.

Flipping to his feet, he quickly shook at his clothes to get the hot water away from his skin. Doing his best to hide his face he charged for the door, beside the elevator, the sign for stairs his salvation to this whole situation.

He almost made it out when he dodged to avoid an incoming blow. The body of the guard who had leapt after him from the balcony above, bounced with a resounding crack on the slate tiled floor. Looking up as he changed direction back to the door again as he saw the second guard standing above bringing a large black gun to bear.

Ranma pushed himself, diving forward into a corkscrew spin, to crash through the door. As quickly as his sense of danger from the gunman had came it vanished without the bark of weapon fire. He wasn't going to complain as he began racing down the stairway as quickly as he could, bouncing off the walls to reach the ground floor. Seconds latter he was into the park.

Konatsu Kenzan was worried. He gazed at the chef behind the grill, straightening his kimono. This wasn't unusual, as he had a tendency to overreact when something bothered his employer. Ukyo had slammed into the restaurant and begun cooking, refusing to even acknowledge his questions. It had to have something to do with her fiancé, but he had enough trouble following the truth of the events around Ranma Saotome without trying to guess at what might have happened.

He was distracted from his thoughts by a boisterous customer sitting in one of the booths. "Hey, waitress, a little service."

Putting on his best smile he went back to his work. "Coming sir."

The panties rubbed gently against the withered old face, before vanishing into a pocket. The new owners voice was full of disappointment, "And where is the bra?"

"What?" Ranma was trying to catch his breath after sprinting to catch back up to his Master and Akane near the photo kiosk in the park again.

"I asked for her underwear, that means bra _and_ panties. Akane, another item please."

"Damn it no! She wasn't even supposed to be involved."

Happi smiled up at the angry youth. "Did you even try for the bra?"

"No but..."

"Did you give me your word to do as I ask?"

Ranma's rage turned against himself. His voice was tight as he continued. "Yes."

"Did you get me her bra?"


"Akane dearie, another item please."

Akane nodded her head at this and reached to her back undoing the bra clasp through her blouse before snaking one arm back into its sleeve. After many contortions the yellow bra slipped out the sleave of the other arm and was put in what had become the clothes bag. She slipped the bra deep down seeing the raised eyebrows of the old goat.

Before either youngster had a chance to say anything, Happi pulled out another couple one-use cameras, tossing them to his student. "Same as last time. Twenty four shots in five minutes."

"Girls not wearing panties counts."

"Yes, yes, hurry up and we can head home."

Ranma's eyes lit up at the thought of leaving here and he was about to jump to it when Akane grabbed his arm.

"Wait Ranma, the crowds are a bit thicker, you may want to put a mask on again."

"But I lost it... wait a sec."

Akane was surprised at how quickly Ranma could get his shirt off, his hands blurring over the Chinese ties. With an all too short glance at his muscled chest he was putting his green shirt back on and began to tie his black singlet to his head in hopes of hiding his identity, finishing by tucking the pigtail up underneath.

Ranma shook his head again to clear it when the odd yellow aura burned over Akane before vanishing slowly after the shirt came back on. Once he was satisfied with the new mask, he took off at a steady paced run intending to loop the park so he didn't accidentally get the same girl twice.

He began to count each girl he snapped the shots, even as the cries of 'Eek, pervert' began behind him.

"One*click*... Two*click*... Three*click*... Four*click*"

The train doors opened and Kuno Tatewaki strode onto this platform, katana at the ready yet not drawn from its scabbard. "Foul Sorcerer, show yourself." His mighty voice echoed around the station, the peasants stood in awe of the mighty warrior of legend who had come into their presence, most unfortunately mistaking him for an escaped mental patient or drug addict.

The sound of an electronic whistle and the warrior returned to his carriage to await the next station.

"Twenty*click*... Twenty-one*click*... Twenty-two*click*"

"Eek, pervert."

If only he hadn't recognised the voice. If he hadn't recognised the voice, he wouldn't have had cause to look back. If he hadn't looked back, he wouldn't have stubbed his toe and tripped over the rock. If he hadn't tripped, he could have dodged when the heavy blow came in, rather than just block the blow as best as possible.

        He flew back from the force of the blow, past the pretty girl with pink stripes in her hair, into some trees, breaking one. 

"Pervert! How dare you do that to my girlfriend! I'm going to send you to hell!"

If he hadn't been dodging the follow up bandanna strikes or the umbrella first charge, he probably would have cursed the heavens. 'Not Ryoga, not now!'

Dodging a few more blows from the bandanna wearing boy, he readied a plan, Saotome Secret Technique. A quick kick caught the lost boy under the chin raising him off the ground just long enough for Ranma to break and run into the tree's knowing he had a fifty fifty chance of Ryoga just blundering after him unerringly regardless of his normal habit of losing himself in a room with one door. It was just the way his luck worked.

Ryoga watched as his opponent fled into the trees. He only knew one person who could fight him like that. Ranma. But even he would never do something as low as to take photos up a girl's skirt. As he watched the pervert flee he saw the mask fall away, hooked by an errant branch. From behind he couldn't see the face but he knew the pigtail that was released, and the shattering conclusion that he'd left that pervert to take care of Akane crashed down on him. "RANNNMAAA!"

Before he could take a step forward another voice stopped him. "Ryoga! Stop, it's just some pervert. You can't go blaming everything on Ranma."

"But...." Ryoga turned towards Akari Unryu to tell her but found that faced with the pretty girl before him he couldn't argue over this point, which had come up between them several times previously, even if this one time he knew he was right.

Akari stepped up and laid a hand on his arm, happily noting the blush he gave whenever she touched him. "Once were finished here in the city, we can go to the Dojo on the way home and you'll see he was at school today."

Smiling at Ryoga's nod, Akari leaned up and pecked him on the lips. "Thank you for protecting me, my boyfriend."

Leaving the blushing pile of martial artist standing dazed, the pink and dark haired girl went over and picked up the fallen mask starting to fold it up.

"Oh dear."

This snapped Ryoga straight back to focus and he was instantly beside his girlfriend. "What? What is it?"

Akari silently held the black singlet by the shoulder straps and let in fall straight, revealing the letters imprinted on the front, 'R A N M A'.


Akane breathed a sigh of relief as Ranma appeared with seconds to go. No mask, two cameras in one hand, and rubbing the right side of his chest with the other. Sweat drenched his face, and his breathing heavy. "What happened?"

Ranma's poker face was greatly enhanced by his attempting to regain his breath, "Ran into an angry boyfriend. Hey Master, you said we could go home after that?"

Fifteen minutes later, the three approached the railway station they'd come through this morning, Happi slowly leading the way. Ranma was just taking another drink of water from a bottle he'd gotten from a vendor when he saw the old goat's smirk. Checking his watch he saw the last few seconds counting down to another fifteen minutes. "Sorry Akane."

Before Akane could ask what he meant, the cold water from the bottle splashed her. "What the hell did you do that for you jerk." Even as she said the words she remember how pale her favourite pale blouse got when wet. Slapping her hands on her breasts as a cover she blushed red at the stares from the two in front of her, embarrassment from Ranma's, anger at Happi's. "What the hell am I supposed to do now."

"Sorry, it was that or lose another item."

"And I may as well have taken it off, at least I wouldn't be cold."

"Look, calm down, take my shirt." As he began to undo the ties the two of them looked at the old fart expecting an objection. Worse, he was smiling.

Ranma noted how several women flashed with the burning yellow aura as the trio walked through the station in search of a bathroom.

Akane noticed the hungry looks several women were giving her fiancé, as the handsome martial artist walked on her right, his uncovered chest and back rippling with tight hard muscles. His green shirt was over her shoulders until they found somewhere private enough to change. The bruise on Ranma's right pectoral was the only marring on his flesh, though it was already puffing and darkening badly.

Finding a bathroom, Akane had just entered when a pale full of water caught Ranma in the face followed by the bag of clothes. "Better get changed too, Ranma-chan. Sakura's little leather outfit, and no boxers."

Ranma only glared at the old pervert before using the bag to shield her breasts from the male passer-by's who stared with purple auras flaring. She quickly walked into the same bathroom Akane had.

Akane had just removed her blouse when she noticed Ranma had entered in her cursed form and was staring at her breasts. Holding the green shirt up as a shield she was ready to hit her but decided it wasn't worth it after the rest of day she had had. "A little privacy."

"Uh, sorry." Ranma got her thought processors back and drew Sakura's leather outfit from the bag, followed by the yellow bra, which she tossed to Akane. She smiled when she noticed how Akane caught the bra letting the green shirt fall to hang below the other hand. Akane breathed deeply and decided to keep calm in this odd situation, turning her back to Ranma. She put the green shirt on the sink bench before starting to put her bra back on, turning back once it was in place.

Ranma had just dropped her pants and boxers and almost missed it, another yellow flare from Akane. She had been figuring she'd been imagining these flares all day, but now they were clearer in her vision, she knew the strange woman at the temple must have done something to her, she'd have to ask the old fart.

        It had to be some kind of energy, yellow from women, purple from men, but she still didn't get it. Also there had been that purple flare in the bathroom behind Sakura Shishimi when her towel had fallen. 'Should have been paying more attention... Well, less focused attention.'

Pulling the leather outfit up her legs, the material quickly becoming skin tight on the hips and breasts, while the shoulders and around the waist were very loose from the original owners taller figure. She tried yanking the sailor style dress, also in stiff leather, down a little more, acutely aware of the draft.

Akane finished with the ties on the green shirt and turned back to Ranma, carefully trying to suppress any perverted thoughts. When she had seen Ranma dropping her boxes she had remembered a perverted dream she'd once had over the red head. Normally she had dreams over the male Ranma but something about this form made that one dream pop into her memory far too often, and this situation had caught her off guard. Turning, she found Ranma posing in front of the mirror with an odd look on her face.

"Who wore that?"

"Some actress. I think I look better in it than she did."

Akane shook her head at the egotistical red head, who held another pose before doing a twirl like the owner had done as part of her moves. The skirt flowed quite high.

Seeing Akane flare yellow and turn away again confused Ranma till she put the type of energy together with the situations. Sexual stimulation. The purple flare from Sakura's bathroom had been a mirror. Suddenly a whole lot of the day made more sense. Happi was trying to teach him his perverted art. She very nearly stomped out to tell the old fart to shove it when she remembered what technique it was.

Speed. Strength. Instant healing.

She'd seen the little pervert come back from massive damage with it, all his power required his perverted acts, but for a two foot tall geriatric he could hit as hard as Ryoga and dodge as quick as Cologne. That technique might actually be worth doing all this perverted crap to master.

Akane, after finally regaining control of her emotions and blush, turned back to her fiance. She was surprised at the confident stance and smirk on Ranma's face as she stared off into space. "Happosai said no underwear?"

Brought back to the living by the question, she turned to her. "No, just no boxers. I don't suppose you can wear my pants and give me yours?"

Akane found the oddest thing about the question was that Ranma got through it without stuttering. "No."

"Ah, please?"

Akane let a smile creep onto her face as she reached in and got her gym shorts out and held them up. She basked in the red heads smile as the shorter girl eagerly snatched them and slipped them on.

"Thanks Akane, you’re a life saver."

A final check in the mirror and the two girls began to leave. Ranma checked her watch before stepping over to a closed stall door. Leaping up to hang from an overhanging water pipe she perved inside before dropping and walking over to Akane. It was pretty lame but the fact was she had to do something perverted every fifteen minutes, she take them were she could get them. Acts like that did nothing for her, just like pinching a girl or taking photos up their skirt.

Ranma stood uncomfortably under the gaze of all the men around her on the platform. Although it wasn't peak hour there were still a large number of people in the station and a hell of a lot of men decided they had to be in the same carriage as the red headed walking wet dream in painted on leather. It had become peek hour. She focused on the flickering purple aura in each man, trying to determine where it came from, what it was, how it seemed to pulse from them, especially if she made a quick or sensuous move of her leather clad body.

Akane was soooo glad she'd changed shirts now, but was sympathetic of her fiancé’s plight.

The arrival of the train began a migration of the population from the platform. Just as they stepped through the doorway they heard the voice from another platform. "Foul Sorcerer, show yourself!"

Looking back, the three were startled to see their own school idiot standing on the third platform over.

Before Akane could stop her, Ranma called out. "Kuno, Kuno, Over here." Waving and posing seductively even as the doors began to close.

"Pigtailed Girl! Akane Tendo! I'm here to save you, come to my arms my loves!"

As the train pulled away the others on platforms watched Kuno jump down and up between platforms to get to his loves. He arrived as the last carriage left the platform. Heedless, he gave chase on foot into the darkness of the Tokyo subway system.

Akane did her best to control her giggles, while her red headed partner was belly laughing, the tight fitting leather rippling to the pleasure of every male in sight. Calming at the great purple aura in the carriage Ranma brought Akane back against one wall, and stood ready to break the hands of those foolish enough to try and grope.

The train had just started to roll out of the next station when Happi rolled out his next torture. "Student are you ready for your next task?"

Happi stared into Ranma's eyes at her sharp nod. 'She thinks she understands does she'. "Make me money."

Chuckling at the confusion brushing through his student's eyes he turned towards the rest of the carriage. "Gentlemen, limited time offer, gropes and caresses, five thousand for the rump and eight for the breasts. Come on, all real, limited time."

"No Happosai, that's..."

Akane was silenced by Ranma's hand on her arm. She had firstly been revolted by the thought of the men touching her but when the auras of every man burst with purple fire she realised this was the perfect opportunity to try to work out the old goats technique.

At first there was no movement from the prospective... clients until finally one young man came forward his eyes wide, drool hanging from his mouth. Mechanically he withdrew his wallet and pulled out several bills, passing them to Happi, his eyes never leaving his target.

"Sweeto, eight thousand, set up the rack, Ranma-chan."

Ranma focused out all her disgust as the man began to knead her breasts, blood pouring out his nose. His purple aura flared magnificently and continued to pulse. Regardless of her focus though, she couldn't work out where he was pulsing most but she did noticed that the pulses would lower till a sudden surge would raise it again. Her focus was broken when she felt another harsh squeeze right breast where Ryoga had tagged her. "Hey buddy, gentle or not at all."

Akane didn't like any of this but Ranma was concentrating on something else. When her fiancé winced and shouted she remembered the blow from a jealous boyfriend she spoken of. "The bruise?"

"Yeah, Ryoga can sure pack a wallop with that umbrella of his when he wants."

"Ryoga? I thought you said it was a jealous boyfriend."

"Uh, I'll tell you later."

The young man was still massaging until he finally fell backwards in blood loss, signalling the end of his turn. A couple men formed a short queue behind him moved up one spot. This continued with the next client, Ranma trying every trick he had to access this power without success, until one of Akane's questions broke his concentration.

"Happosai, this counts for your fifteen minute rule right?"


"Ranma, you'd better go..."

That was as far is she got before Ranma initiated lip lock. Akane froze between kissing a girl in front of strangers and kissing her fiancé. Her words from the park cam back to her, 'you are the _Man_ I want to spend my life with. I don't care about the curse'.

Ranma enjoyed surprising Akane like this as much as kissing her. She continued the kiss, waiting for her reaction, ready to block. When Akane kissed back she nearly jumped out of her skin, only the tight leather pining it her body held it in check.

After breaking the kiss, she could see Akane's smug smile. Ranma realised she'd been countered but still was stunned at Akane's actions.

The dark haired girl smirked, shining her nails against her shirt before examining them in a casual move she'd seen a movie once, "I told you the curse doesn't matter to me."

About then both noticed how the length of the queue had gotten a hell of a lot longer.

Ranma continued to sneak glances at Akane, even while yet another guy felt over her breasts. Her focus on trying to tap this power was going nowhere, partly because of frustration and her distraction of her body starting to react to the treatment of the customers. A vision of Akane doing this to her kept cycling through her mind. The only time she was left alone was at the various station stops Happi called a halt.

The Master gleefully called this guy's time up. The next man in the queue was a tall businessman with a heavy build in a high quality suit. He opened his wallet and took out a large wad of bills. His voice was deep as he addressed Ranma's gnome like 'manager'. "What will one hundred thousand yen get me?" His aura was tight and controlled, a man of focus and self discipline. He didn't appear to have any martial arts training by his stance but Ranma had learnt that hard lesson long ago.

Happi smiled darkly and looked back to the eyes of the man. "The dark haired girl sucking on Red's tits."

"Akane ain't part of this old fart."

The ugly little man’s head swung around on the red head, "Fine, get ready to suck cock student."

Ranma's pretty face went absolutely white.

Akane didn't like this but sure wasn't going to let Ranma dig himself worse with Happi. "Ranma isn't touching any man. Open your top Ranma." Happi smiled as Akane had stopped Ranma from breaking the promise.

Ranma looked wide eyed at her fiancée for several moments before she undid the zip carefully concealed in the bodice of the leather, her face and chest blushing to be quite red, especially compared to the pale it just was. Happi snatched the money from the hand of the businessman as Akane pushed Ranma against the wall, the noise of men climbing over seats and each other to get a better good look ignored by the two girls.

Trying to keep control of her embarresment and emotions, Akane ducked her head to the emerging breast, quickly locking her lips on the already hard nipple and suckling gently. Ranma jumped a little at the pleasure Akane's attentions were giving her, noting the flares of purple and yellow aura burning over her own body. Focusing her will she stifled the feelings not wanting to lose any control with Happi calling the shots.

Akane heard a blow of metal on flesh from behind and left her work, spinning to take a defensive stance.

Happi was twirling his pipe while the businessman rubbed his wrist. "No touching."

Akane was suddenly much more comfortable with Happi actively keeping the men back, especially since bending over it was her ass their hands would be closest to. The pipe prodding her in the stomach brought her attention back to withered old goat.

"Back to it, these are paying customers."

Bringing her head back around she could see Ranma trying to keep a smile from her lips, anticipation in her eyes, as Akane went down to her chest. Moments past with Akane getting more and more into it, her treatments slightly harder and harsher. Ranma felt the prod to her lower abdomen from the pipe and recognised it as some kind of pressure point but lost focus and will to do anything about it as Akane's attentions seemed to increase dramatically. She didn't even feel the second prod to her thigh as she groaned out loud trying to control the heat flooding her.

The moment Akane heard the throaty groan, somewhere deep down, weakened by over a day of sexual tensions, she broke. Ignoring all sounds from the train her hands came up, her right hooking around Ranma's shoulder to hold her steady, the left caressing the other breast, twisting and tugging at the nipple, copying motions she knew from the privacy of her own room.

Happi grinned evilly as he reached out with the pipe drawing Akane's skirt up and over her hips, the smiles of the audience getting that much wider at the sight of her tight buttocks and smooth legs clad only in the beautiful yellow panties swaying back and forth to a beat of her own.

Ranma swung her head back headless of the wall, gulping air, the pleasure just too much. She didn't feel any pain as her head ground against the cool metal wall, instinctively trying to resist the hot pleasure flooding her body. Her own hand lifting to caress Akane's neck even as the dark haired girl switched to the other breast, her left hand slipping down to squeeze and rub along her bare thigh. Moans from both girls drowned out the drip and splat of saliva and blood on the train floor.

The arrival of two rail security brought... two more men watching the show.

Her lungs torn between impulses to gulp air and exhale pleasure, Ranma kept getting hotter as Akane moaned into her chest, as she continued licking, kissing and biting into Ranma's breasts. Akane's left hand grinding against her fiancé through the gym shorts she'd borrowed before boarding the train. Ranma could do nothing but hold the back of Akane's neck as the fires within kept building and building.

The show was finally brought to an end by a little old lady who wanted to get on the train from the platform, a platform that the train had obviously stopped at even though only Happosai had noticed that it had. She had started screaming about perverts and hitting people with a startling umbrella and handbag technique. Akane suddenly realised how badly she'd lost control and yanked the leather bodice back over the mounds she had lost herself in, standing up she didn't even notice her skirt falling back down from where Happi had hooked it up.

As soon as the show went away the audience tried to casually return to sitting on a train, Ranma slumping to the floor her legs weak and any movement in the leather adding to the fire inside her. A prod from Happi's pipe and Ranma felt a wall of ice flood her body, dowsing the fires within with a pleasurable pain all of its own. "Enough of that."

Akane saw a flash of emotions over Ranma's face before it went very pale again. Lifting her up she helped Ranma to a seat, trying to figure out what the redhead was feeling, and trying to ignore the ramifications of her own loss of control. Ranma was mentally locked in embarrassment and shame at what Happi had forced on the two of them. She wanted to beat him, to kill him, but knew the old goat was in charge for now.

The nervousness in Akane's voice brought her back. "At least you didn't have to do the other thing he said."

Ranma gave a halfhearted smile, placing an arm around her shoulder. "Thanks for that. I'm sorry you had to be put through that." Her blue eye glared a hole at the head of the perverted old letcher, who was talking with the rich businessman, now at the other end of the carriage.

With Ranma's words of her own discomfort, Akane felt far more comfortable, snuggling in against the red head, whispering in her ear. "Sorry I lost control." The tone in the whisper conveyed that the apology was far from heart felt.

Ranma began to blush again when she remembered the pressure point Happi had used, and that Happi had poked Akane as well. She brought back her hand, shying away from Akane, but keeping her head near her ear. "You didn't, he hit a pressure point. You can't trust him, he's as bad as the old ghoul, any time they touch you it’s just some new pressure point."

Akane began to feel rejected as Ranma backed off till her words made her understand. Not about to let Ranma feel any worse about this she snuggled up to her. "It wasn't like I hated it, Ranma, like I said, the curse doesn't matter, I might prefer your male form but _I_ _Love_ _You_, that means like this as well."

Ranma didn't look very convinced as she sat there, acutely aware of the cooling moisture in her gym shorts, taking in the words. "I just want to be a whole man for you." Her voice was barely above a whisper.

"You are a whole man, wholly mine." Akane grinned at the pun trying to lift her fiancés spirits again.

"Heh, very funny."

"It's true, _isn't it_?"

Ranma looked up when Akane stressed the word, nodding quickly, the memory of not responding in the park flashing up. Looking into the brown eyes she saw them change from challenging, to hungry.

Akane took a breath to steady her nerves before grabbing Ranma's head with one hand and guiding in for a kiss. Happy that the red head didn't resist she continued for a few more moments, before breaking off. Sitting comfortably together they tried to ignore the stares from around the compartment.

Two stops latter saw the departure of a couple men, including the businessman who'd been talking to Happosai. Unfortunately that meant the return of the old goat to harass them. "Akane dearie, fifteen minutes, another item of clothing please."

"To bad Master, I've already done something this time." Ranma sneered at the old fart.

"What? When?"

"Hey, ya rules were I own up if I fail. I did something so shove off, Master."

Happi didn't even lose the grin. "Student what did you do?"

"I'll tell you when we get off." She turned to look out the window, hoping the old goat would accept for once.

"Student what did you do?"

Akane knew Happi would use their defiance against them so tried to calm the situation. "You may as well tell him, Ranma."

She looked at Akane with a blank stare before a grin appeared at the edge of her lips. "Fine," she reached out and handed her some yellow cloth.

The dark haired girl's eyes bugged out as she snatched back her panties and began to put them back on, conscious of the eyes on her, making sure to bend so that her skirt preserved her modesty. She had just slipped them over her ankles when one of the voyeuristic passengers made his offer. "I'll give you five thousand yen for the panties." Several offers of more money followed, including some for Ranma's.

"No way, these were a present from my future mother in law."

It was one of the other passengers who asked the question, "You're getting married and doing that with her?"

Akane smiled a large smile before answering. "This is the _Man_ I'm going to marry."

"She's a guy!!!"

Akane started laughing at the bug eyed looks of the various passengers who were left as several bolted for other carriages.

Ranma watched stunned as just about all of them backed away from the couple, several trying to look like they hadn't been interested in the first place. Finally she turned to her fiancée "Why didn't you try that when we got on?"

(To be continued)
        Final thanks to my proofreaders:

Hashbrown Ray DeVore

I, as the author would just like to say I do not condone any perverted acts out side of a consensual relationship. Any perverted acts I use in Kodak Moments are only used for there amusement value to the story. All peeping acts are a major invasion of privacy. I hope any person who wilfully commits any act of sexual assault or invasion of privacy, no matter how minor they may seem, are caught and persecuted to the full extent of their countries laws.

Thank you for reading.

Trent O'Donoghue

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