Kodak Moments - Chapter 5

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Sayuri and Yuka entered the Ucchan and cautiously looked for if the owner had calmed down since storming off the school grounds at lunch. Even though it was pretty much packed they could tell that their friend was still upset at the blank look on her face rather than the smile she normally cooked with.

Konatsu was with them almost instantly, recognising Ukyo's school friends and regulars, quickly ushering the pair to a suddenly free booth, before leaving to answer another call for the waitress. They recognised a majority of the crowd was from their own school, and could overhear the rumours passing over Ranma and Akane's disappearance, and over the polaroids Happosai had had at the mall.

The two had gone past the Dojo and spoke to Kasumi, who had hoped the missing teenagers would be home by dinner. The two began doing homework waiting for the crowd to disperse before approaching the angry chef.

After only half an hour the crowd had only just begun to disperse when the ugly gnome bounded into the restaurant, a quick grope clearing a stool for him to stand on. Several of the girls picked up bags and plates as shields, crying 'eek pervert!' The cries of pervert quickly spread though the crowd, a warning system that had spontaneously evolved in the female population of Furinkan after the old pervert’s arrival.

Whatever he wanted to say was cut off by Ukyo. "Where the hell is Ran-chan?"

"Ukyo dearie, they should be just about home."

He had just about finished when she'd jumped the counter and bounded up out the door, Konatsu efficiently taking up the cooking without fuss.

Smirking at the chefs departure, Happosai turned on the crowd. "Ladies, limited time offer, ladies only, all free...."

There were several odd looks given to the two girls walking down the street, Ranma-chan's small hand encased in Akane's. Happi had started grinning over something as they left the railway station and asked them to return to the Dojo.

He left orders for Akane to get out some music she liked and Ranma to change back to male and get changed. They weren't sure what was next and so tried to ignore their fears, talking about other subjects.

Passing through the gate, the two entered with Ranma darting for the bathroom while Akane headed for the kitchen. She found her sister cutting some vegetables near the sink. "Hi Kasumi."

"Oh welcome back, how was your day?"

"Torturous. It's been a lot harder on Ranma though."

"Grandfather Happosai doesn't have him doing anything improper does he?"

"Doesn't have him doing anything proper, you mean. Ranma's been forced to molest and be molested constantly. Right now I'm this close to asking him to give it up."

"Where is he now?"

Akane nodded towards the bathroom while sneaking a slice carrot. "Changing back. Happi had him wearing this leather outfit and he's been complaining about the chaffing."

"Leather? Oh my. Oh that reminds me, I found this amongst the underwear in Ranma's bed." She handed an envelope to Akane from her apron pocket.

Akane opened the envelope and found the missing close up polaroid of Ranma. "Oh good, thanks Sis." She smirked seeing her sister was facing away from her, and her cheeks were still red. "Wait, it was in the pile of underwear?"

When her sister nodded Akane quickly did the math on its origin, Nabiki's drawer. "Is Nabiki home?"

"I think she's in her room, is there..." Kasumi didn't bother completing the sentence as she herd Akane bounding up the stairs. Shaking her head she continued cutting vegetables. She had the feeling that they would be having guests for dinner.

Ranma finished soaking and stood grabbing a towel. He glancing distastefully at the leather outfit he'd had to wear home before opening the cupboard and looking for the clothes he kept there. Just as he slipped on a fresh pair of boxers he remembered Happi's fifteen-minute perverted action rule. Snatching the watch he flipped the lid open, ten seconds.

Bounding into the main room, surprising the two fathers, he was about to dash for the hall and stairs when he heard the sound in the kitchen. Without thought he dashed through the door and beheld Kasumi, facing away, bending at the waist to pick up a fallen knife from the floor.

Kasumi heard the door bang open behind her and looked past her legs, her fingers closing on the knife handle as she saw Ranma's bare legs behind her. She heard his almost pained voice say "Sorry Kasumi", right before both hands closed onto her buttocks.


Kasumi was in such shock at Ranma's action, that she didn't even move. Ranma was frozen with his hands still on Kasumi, looking wide-eyed at Ukyo. Ukyo was stunned at her freshly bathed fiance standing in his underwear with his hands on her rival's older sister.

Akane didn't knock as she barged into Nabiki's room, the door cracking as its tiny bolt lock snapped free.

Nabiki looked up from the large wad of Yen bills she was counting into type and tying off to drop to the bank tomorrow.

Akane looked between the money and her sister. Her anger slumped in defeat at the obvious. "You've already sold copies, haven't you?"

Nabiki relaxed seeing the fight leave her sister. "I'm sorry Sis, but when the original was found discarded outside, I claimed it. Ukyo has expressed an interest in purchasing the original. How about you?"

Akane thought about the anger Ranma had shown today already and knew he would be upset over this too. "He is going to be so angry over this."

"We both know he won’t do anything, Akane. He’s a wuss. He won't hurt those who can't defend themselves."

Nabiki's smug look fell a little at the dark smile on her younger sister’s face. "You picked the wrong day, Nabiki."

Akane's attempt at a smooth exit was ruined as she saw out the window the angry Ukyo bounding into the yard.

"Oh crap!"

Akane tripped over her own feet and fell with a thump as she ran into the kitchen to intercept Ukyo and saw Ranma with his hands on Kasumi's rump.

Ukyo let her rage take her and stepped up for some fiancé re-education with guest instructor, Prof Giant Spatula.

*Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack, Wack*

Akane got her bearings back and leapt up and over to catch the spatula handle, locking it steady with her grip, allowing the unconscious fiance to slip to the ground. Kasumi managed to stand and move away from the two angry girls.

"Calm down Ukyo, it's not what you think."

Ukyo's angry glare locked onto Akane's eyes. "Not what I think! I come to find out why there's a picture of my fiance naked on your bed and find him moving in on your sister. What the hell am I supposed to think?"

Still holding the spatula, Akane tried to come up with a decent explanation. 'He was trying to leave Nermia because he loves me not you...' No. 'He was half naked feeling up my sister because Happi made him over a picture us having sex...' No. Time to lie. "Happosai made him take the photo and he's feeling up Kasumi because he has to do something perverted every fifteen minutes or Happosai will show everyone pictures of.... each of the Tendo sisters naked."

Kasumi and Nabiki may have picked the lie, but Ukyo didn’t know her tells and bought it. Akane let out a sigh as Ukyo began to put the giant spatula away just as a groaning Ranma began to sit up, coming to terms with the new hurts on his chest, back and sides.

About then Ukyo realised what this fifteen-minute rule meant. "So you've been feeling up strange women all day without coming to me?"


Ranma slammed into the wall while Akane again leapt to grab the spatula. "Ukyo, he's had a really hard time already today, he's being doing anything Happosai wants. Any whim of that old pervert. He just got changed back to being a man after Happi accepted money for strange men to feel up his girl form on the train home."

Ukyo's face paled as she imagined exactly how far the old pervert could push this. "Oh, sorry Ranchan."

What the girls figured was an acceptance of the apology came from the face trying to peel itself from the wooden wall.

Ranma finished putting on his training gi, figuring he didn't want to be as recognised around Nerima in his normal Chinese clothes when Happi inevitably asked him to go with him on a panty raid. He picked up the old pocket watch realising he didn't have a pocket for it. Stepping out he spotted Akane and Ukyo trying to talk civilly to each other over tea. Ukyo flashed with yellow, obviously anticipating being surprised molestation by him. Akane had changed from his green shirt to a yellow blouse but the skirt was the same. Taking a seat with the two he passed the watch to Akane. "Hey Akane, I don't have any pockets, could you warn me every ten minutes in."

"Sure." Akane had tried to keep it out of her voice but by the smirk on Ranma's face he must have picked the tiny jealous tone knowing Ranma was about to feel up her primary rival. Checking the watch she looked up at him "You don't have to long."

"I've already covered this one."

Ranma almost laughed at the odd change with Ukyo going from ready to disappointed and Akane from jealous to smug. That's when his hand shot out to caress Ukyo's chest. Both girls jumped and got angry but Ranma just held up his hands trying to keep the smirk off his face. "Ukyo, you can't be expecting it, that's one of the rules."

The girls fell silent deciding to just drink their tea rather than talk to him about it. Finishing her cup Akane look nervously over at her fiance. "Ah, Ranma, you remember the missing photo...of you?"

Ranma looked at her nervousness and slumped himself, waiting to hear how everyone in school had seen the missing shot.

"I got it back."

"Really?" He brightened immediately, finally having some good news.

"But Nabiki already made copies and sold..." Akane's voice gave out as she watched him hulking down, slowly tapping his head on the table. "I'm sorry."

Raising his head, he looked over at her sadly before pulling himself together. "It don't matter that much Akane, Happi will probably have me naked before the school all too soon."

"That's what I like, an eager student."

The three turned on the diminutive old fart. Ranma's voice was resigned for his next torture. "What now?"

Taking a puff on a lit pipe, he twirled it in his fingers before pointing out into the yard where Ranma's father, as a panda, was leading a bunch of girls they knew from school towards the Dojo. The elder Saotome held up his usual wooden sign, written badly was 'This way' on one side. He waved them along with one paw.

"What's going on?"

"Customers for the Strip-o-Ranma."

Akane and Ranma walked hesitantly towards the Dojo, mulling over their quick discussion upstairs. Akane had never seen a male stripper and Ranma vaguely recalled a female one from a place his father took him years ago when he hit puberty. All he remembered of that was a girl sensuously taking off her clothes and using them to give teasing glimpses before throwing them away.

Akane carried her portable CD player. "The song is only a couple minutes, just do some kata and occasionally take a few clothes off."

"That's it?" Ranma's voice betrayed enough worry.

"I don't know, smile."


"Look, just smile, pose, and move to the music."

Arriving at the door, Ranma ducked to one side, heading towards the end entrance as Akane opened the door and entered. She surveyed the crowd of twenty girls from her school sitting in a semi-circle, most still in uniform, waiting for the show to begin. Most were from the senior grade but a few were from her class including Yuka and Sayuri, who were sitting with Ukyo towards the middle. The conversations, giggling and blushes were all pretty rampant. Walking along the wall she came to the power point and began plugging in the CD player.

Standing she saw that Nabiki and her friend Tora were finishing mounting up her tripod with her video camera. The scowl was more than enough warning for the old pervert to intervene, who jabbed Akane with his pipe. "Uh uh, Akane dearie, you’re in charge of the music."

"But Nabiki..."

"Has bought my permission." He held up a set of racy black lace panties. "Start the music please."

Ranma heard the heavy techno beat begin, and wondered how Akane had picked, out of all her music, the one CD she owned which he actually hated. Getting into the timing of the heavy beat he checked over his training gi. ‘Like it mattered,’ he mulled darkly since he wouldn't be wearing it within minutes.

With final focus he opened the shogi, and very nearly slammed it shut again. The sight of twenty girls he had seen at least once a week in the halls of school, several more than that, cheering and giggling almost breaking through his control. Focusing on their auras, he moved in. Only a couple showed any yellow in anticipation, the others were mainly giggling and laughing. Seeing Nabiki standing beside one of her friends using a video camera nearly stopped him till he remembered the photo that everyone in school has by now, a video of this wouldn't matter that much.

Moving to the music he began running through free form kata moves, intently watching any of the audience for flares of yellow aura to show he was doing something right. This continued for several moments when a chant began from the girls.

Ukyo looked suddenly to the right at Yuka, when her friend began chanting, "Take it off! Take it off!" Before she could bop her friend on the head and tell her off, the chant had spread around the circle.

Undoing the knot on the belt, while maintaining his pace and moves, he began a series of leaping spin kicks, tossing the free end of the belt in opposition to the spin, letting it unwind. As it fell to the ground he saw many more yellow flares as his top flapped open and closed while he moved, exposing flashes of his chest and washboard stomach.

Ranma was surprised by the feeling of power he had over the girls here as their eyes followed him dance over the floor. Suppressing the confidence he was getting, he focused on the auras, the sooner he learned the old goats technique the sooner he could thrash him. Pulling the lapels back over his shoulders he snapped the gi top off and began whipping it around in coordination with the attack routine he enacted.

Akane watched as the top came off revealing the well-muscled upper body. Jealousy surged through her at the cheer from the girls watching her fiancé. It changed to silent anger when she saw the forced smile on Ranma's face had become his confident smirk, 'The baka is enjoying the attention!'

She swung around suddenly when the hand fell on her shoulder, ready to hit someone, but stopped instantly, recognising the woman.

"Oh my, he is very manly isn't he? Is this a special occasion, Akane-chan?"

The surprise was more than evidence in Akane's voice at the appearance of Ranma's mother. "Aunty, what are you doing here?"

Nodoka answered without taking her eyes off her son. "Oh I just got back from Juban early, that's all. Is it one of your friend’s birthdays?"

"Ah, kind of."

"You know, Genma used to dance for me like this."

Turning back to the show, Akane tried to focus on Ranma without answering Nodoka, but kept seeing Genma Saotome doing the moves instead of Ranma. And after seeing Ranma's father returning to the guest room from the bath in just a towel, the accuracy of the vision made it even less pleasant.

Ranma was beginning to get worried, he couldn't think of a decent way to take off his pants without ruining his movements. He had to try to untie the knot and slip them off his legs but it wasn't as easy as it sounded when maintaining the fast beat.

Looking over he saw Nabiki reach down to her legs while looking at him and make a yanking motion. He almost turned away in rejection of anything to do with her, but quite frankly couldn't think of a damned thing else that he could do.

Folding in the middle, his chest lay against his thighs as his hands grabbed the material at his ankles, with a spring up into the air he unfolded, legs and arms warring till the heavy seams of the gi pants tore. The front pulled from the back, all the way up to the top before he released them to fall fluttering to the ground, leaving him in just his boxers.

The calls from the girls increased but not as much as they had when the shirt had been removed. Several of the girls were turned away with red faces and several still giggled at the hilarity they saw in the situation. There were still others watching intently, bouncing to the music, making whistles and suggestion. The chant for 'Take it off, take it off' started again. Still looking at their aura's Ranma noticed that Yuka was blaring yellow and had the loudest voice in the chant. Ukyo seemed to be more embarrassed by her friend than by her fiance.

Nodoka leant over to her future daughter in law. "How far does he have to go?"

Akane shook her head as she watched her future husband. "All the way."

Ranma had hoped the song would end before this, he remembered Happi saying completely naked, but it wouldn't be his fault the music ran out. Looking over to Nabiki he hoped for some more inspiration. She made motions to tear at the sides her own skirt but signalled to stop at the waistband. Working out the message he launched into a new routine using one hand to break the seam on the side of his boxers, the other side following shortly after.

Taking a deep breath he reached down to rip them away, ignoring the many wide-eyed stares from the girls, none of whom thought he would go so far. The exploding wall behind him saved him from exposure.

"RANNNNMAAA! I'm going to send you to hell."

The audience quickly scattered back away from the combatants as Ranma dodged the Lost Boy’s charge and swings. One strike with the umbrella grazed his shoulder as Ryoga Hibiki's surprise appearance caught him off guard, but he rolled with it enough to back away from its follow up blow.

Tora looked to Nabiki who cried out, "Keep filming!" intently watching the battle herself. Akari stood, in the hole in the wall her boyfriend had made, confused as to why Ranma was in his boxers in a room full of girls.

Akane charged between the combatants, nearly taking a blow with the umbrella for her trouble. "STOP! Ryoga, please stop!"

Ryoga tried to get around her at his half naked target, as Ranma bounded back several meters landing beside Ucchan and Yuka.

"Out of the way Akane, he's a pervert!"

"No, you don't understand."

"He took a photo..."

Ryoga stoped with Akane's hand over his mouth. "Please Ryoga, calm down and we'll explain what happened."

Akari came up beside the lost boy and looked at Akane, obviously upset. "Akane, Ranma was in the city today..."

"I know, I was there. Please just let me explain." Turning away she addressed the crowd. "Sorry girls, the shows over."

The cry of “Hey!” from Ranma brought all eyes to the pig tailed martial artist. Only a few got an eyeful before his hands clamped over himself, the remnants of his boxers hanging from Yuka's hand.

Sayuri fainted and Ukyo stuck a spatula up as a modesty shield, before realising the inadequacy and reaching back for her big spatula. Akari turned bright red and turned away, and Akane restrained Ryoga again as he tried to kill Ranma for flashing his girlfriend.

Nodoka calmly walked over to her son and Yuka, "Oh, you must be the birthday girl, I'm Ranma's mother. Please to meet you."

Most of the girls turned bright red and bolted at the identity of the kimono clad woman. Yuka was unable to leave under the gaze of Ranma's mother’s blue eyes, but seeing Akane nodding her head vigorously, went with it. "Ah, yes, Happy birthday to me, I'm Yuka Masaki." She bowed deeply trying to control her blush.

Standing up straight, she spoke quickly trying to edge for the door. "Ah, thanks for the show Ranma, I better get home, Birthday dinner and all. Bye Bye."

She darted out waving with the hand still holding the ruined boxers.

Dinner was fairly quite with Kasumi managing to throw some extras together with Ryoga and Akari staying. Akari wasn't happy that Happosai had a photo of up her skirt but after getting the full explanation was willing to keep Ryoga calm.

They didn't bother explaining the situation to Ryoga as he would no doubt take it wrong... well right, but same problems would arise. Ryoga and the redressed Ranma glared at each other over the table while everyone ate. The fathers were remarkably quite, orders from Happi that they were to butt out tonight.

Ukyo had been molested twice since the events in the Dojo and was trying to look like she was enjoying the surprise attacks whenever Akane was around.

With thanks to Kasumi, dinner ended and Akari and Ryoga left for Akari's farm. Ryoga tried to threaten Ranma over further perverted acts but glares from Akari, Akane, and Ukyo silenced him pretty quickly.

Akane found Ranma in the hall beside the stairs with only two minuted to go on this round. "Nearly time, Ranma."

Looking up, he nodded. "Ukyos' tense and ready for it every time I enter the room, I think I might have to go for a walk till midnight."

Akane began to shake her head, but the tight smile on her face told him she had another plan. "Nabikis' in her room."

Ranma smiled and nodded before bounding up the stairs. Stopping in front of the wooden duck with Nabiki's name on it and rapped a tune with his knuckles on the wood. Akane had come up the stairs behind him and frowned when she realised the tune he knocked was the same the woman at the temple had been singing.

Nabiki looked over at the door and let the camera continue to copy to her VCR. Opening the door she saw her sister’s fiancé standing there with a grin.

"Hi Nabs!" With those words Ranma calmly reached out and started feeling up her clothed breasts.

Nabiki stood in shock before jumping back, hands held to protect her breasts, looking at the man she thought she knew. "What the hell!?"

"Thanks, Nabs." With a shrug he grabbed the door handle and closed the door leaving her there confused.

Stepping up to go get some answers Nabiki heard the laughter starting. Placing her ear against the door, she could hear Akane laughing as much as Ranma. She flicked the replaced lock on the door, trying to consider what this could mean.

Toji kept his hand on the dead man switch, monitoring the controls as his train slipped through the darkness. It was his first peak hour run and after cousin Hiro had done so much to get him this slot he wasn't going to let anything stop him from keeping to the schedule. He glanced at the computer screen displaying his position and time variance, happy to be nearly forty seconds in front.

Looking back up he almost missed it.

Out of the darkness he saw the samurai jumping clear of the train, swinging with his ancient sword. A dull thump came from the corner which would almost have gotten the apparition. Over the noise of the wheels on tracks and the cabs air conditioning he heard part of the cry.

".....l Sorc....."

With a shaky hand he lifted the radio to call control, not stopping the train. He was completely unaware of the six foot cut into the nose and side of his train.

It would have been an hour later when Nabiki saw the letter slipped under her door. She ignored it for several moments before finally getting up and moving over to the folded paper. Opening it up, she read the word 'gotcha', just as she felt the breeze from her previously closed window and the hands on her ass. She swung around to slap him only to see the red shirt and pigtail disappearing out the window.

Nabiki didn't know what to think the first time but this was too much. Storming out her door and down the hall, she turned for the stairs when she ran into Ranma 'glomping' onto her and rubbing his hard body against her. As quick as he was there he flipped the hall rail to jump to the lower storey and walked off into the main room. She could hear his voice talking to Ukyo.

Anger regaining control she was about to charge down and get an explanation when Akane spoke up from down the hall. "I warned you that you chose the wrong day to sell that photo."

"And this is his revenge?"

"No, this is Happosai's fault. His order is Ranma has to do something perverted every fifteen minutes, he just got you for two."

"And you're not angry?"

The anger grew in Akane's voice at least, "Of course I'm upset. Why do you think Ukyo's hanging around like a bad smell." The anger left her to sadness. "But it's all my fault he's doing it."

Nabiki put on her best concerned voice. "Why, what is on that polaroid?"

Akane looked down, "I was so scared he was going to leave, and while he was...." Akane suddenly realised who she was talking to and shut up fast. "Good try."

Nabiki shrugged smugly and smiled, "You may as well tell me Sis, I will find out."

Ukyo stood straight while chatting with Ranma in the main room, waiting for him to pounce, she was getting upset because it was over forty minutes since he last did, which meant he'd done something else, twice. She kept the frown from her face with Akane entered. "Three minutes, Ranma."

"Yeah, thanks Akane. Ah, Ucchan, I can't do it when your expecting it, try to relax."

Akane looked over at the fathers playing go on the porch, before getting up and whispering to her fiance. "I saw Nabiki sneaking to the bath".

With a smile and a nod he hopped up heading for the outside. Leaving the Ukyo glaring at the smug Akane.

Walking around the other side he bounded up to the roof, wondering how he should alert Nabiki to his presence, a whistle? A question? He mentally ticked off that he had about a minute to go.

Grabbing the edge of the roof he swung around and climbed to the window. He didn't bother listening just sticking his head in the window. His eyes bugged out before he let go of the house.

Kasumi looked towards the window and the 'Eek' noise. She saw nothing and returned to scrubbing her legs. Feeling the hands leave her back she turned around with a smile. "Thank you Aunty, would you like me to wash your back now?"

Ranma picked himself out of the garden bed, red at peeping on Kasumi and his own mother, and at the laughter of the woman who had set him up. Looking over he saw Nabiki calming her laugh, standing on the porch in her bath robe, a towel over one shoulder.

"Oh, did Akane tell you someone else was in the bathroom?"

Without waiting for his answer she continued, the smile of confidence at controlling the situation stuck to her face. "Akane said you've had a bad day, but if you think I'm available for your and Happosai's little games, think again. I'll start by putting five thousand on your debts for the gropes. If you want to escalate this, you know I'll win."

Nabiki managed to hold her confidant stance when she saw the look in his eyes change, from resigned to curious. She didn't see Akane and Ukyo step silently behind her with two cute smiles and holding up the watch.

Nabiki tensed herself to run when Ranma suddenly smiled. Scared of what he had in mind, she was surprised when her arms were grabbed from behind at his nod. She managed to glance either way to see her attackers, the smiling fiancées, as her robe was yanked open. Ranma just smiled wider at the view while Akane and Ukyo laughed before finally releasing her. Covering herself she turned with glares for her attackers before fleeing back inside.

An hour later Ranma was walking down the stairs shaking his head. Akane was upset because he had peeped on Ukyo when she had blatantly asked to use their bath since hers was 'damaged'. His mother found him as he reached the bottom step. "Ranma-chan, can I ask when you're going to bed?"

"Not until midnight. Why Mom?"

"Oh I'm just a little tired and I'm turning in."

Ranma's eyes were wide at the flash of yellow in his mother's body as she headed into the main room. He followed her through the main room and out to the porch where she told Genma and Soun how she was feeling a little tired and going to bed. Ranma watched as she gently laid her arm on her husbands, in a move he had seen a couple times before this day. But now with her yellow simmering burn and his fathers sudden purple flaring, he made a connection he really didn't want to know.

Saying he was tired as well but failing to keep the grin off his face, Genma declared Soun the winner of that game and followed his wife into the house. The purple in his aura growing with each step.

Shaking his head Ranma rubbed at his eyes. "That I didn't need."

Ukyo and Akane looked up concerned from the table. "What is it Ranchan?"

Kneeling at the table he decided to tell them. "This morning Ha...the Master, took us to a temple were this weird woman did some magic ritual to 'open my eyes.' Ever since I can see when someone's ...horny."


"It's like this burst of flame from your body, kind of like a battle aura, but it's basically when you're horny. I think it has something to do with why the old... Master is such a pervert, why he gets stronger touching girls."

A thump was heard from the guest room above and the two girls blushed red realising what he was referring to when his parents had left. With the second thump, the three stood and headed for the Dojo, Ranma trailing the girls.

Walking across, Ranma's eyes were glued to the sway of Akane's hips, thoughts of everything that had happened today passing through him, from her rubbing against him when she had thought she was dreaming, watching her in the bathroom and getting dressed, feeling her up and finally what happened on the train. He smirked at the purple glow from himself at the thought of not being the only Saotome not getting any tonight.



The girls spun to see Happi twirling his pipe, while Ranma rubbed at his head. Happi had an empty sack over one shoulder and his peeping mask on. "No thinking about that my Boy, No nookie for you till after were finished."

Both girls were startled at the statement before smiling and blushing, and turning away from him, towards each other. Lightning flashed between them.

"He was thinking of me!" "He was thinking of me!"

Both girls immediately stared at Ranma for validation. Ranma froze under the gaze, somehow one eye on each of them in panic. He knew he had to break the engagement with Ukyo eventually, but was still hoping to find a way to keep her as a friend.

Happi's voice was poorly impersonating Ranma's as the three turned to his interruption, the perverted little gnome was reading from a letter. "Hey Ukyo, Sorry I can't do this face to face but the more people who know the more chance they'd stop me. I'm leaving Nerima. I'm just causing..." The voice was cut off as Ranma snatched the letter back. He remembered Akane had dumped it with the rest of the good byes in her trashcan.

"Damn it, old fart...."

The sob behind him stopped him still. "You're leaving me?"

Turning around he saw Ukyo had sunk to her knees, tears on her cheeks. Her eyes were pleading.

"No, no, I'm not. I was but now I'm staying. I..." Ranma stopped knowing he had to tell her he'd chosen Akane.

"Ucchan, you're my best friend and always will be, but... I don't love you like I should my wife. Like I do... Akane."

Ukyo looked up at Akane, wanting to rip her apart, but was stopped by the sorrow on her face. She could tell that neither wanted to hurt her. With a final look up she turned and fled the Dojo.

Ranma watched her run, kicking himself for hurting his best friend. He tried to glare at the old goat but he had already vanished. Akane's arms encircled him, silently squeezing him tightly.

(To be continued)

I, as the author would just like to say I do not condone any perverted acts out side of a consensual relationship. Any perverted acts I use in Kodak Moments are only used for their amusement value to the story. All peeping acts are a major invasion of privacy. I hope any person who wilfully commits any act of sexual assault or invasion of privacy, no matter how minor they may seem, are caught and persecuted to the full extent of their countries laws.

Thanks to my proof reader: Ray DeVore

Thank you for reading.

Trent O'Donoghue

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