“I don’t know why you’re so nervous Akane, you look fuck'en hot to me?”

The red heads words made Akane blush badly, but she gave a smile for her fiancé standing nearby, his mother, Aunty Nodoka, adding some eyeliner to his feminine face.

Her eyes looked at a couple of the other strippers, mid way through changing outfits, one standing topless as she did her own makeup again, but that Ranma’s eyes were on her body. Admittedly she felt that her fake school skirt was up around her arm pits and the blouses open sides were about as covering as a soap suds, but his blue eyes still watched her.

”Good evening honored clients, and please give a big thank you to Candy!” The voice muffled by the curtain from the back of the stage as the song trailed off out the front. Akane gave a nervous glance as a blond westerner strode through that curtain, hands holding the paper slips of ‘House stripper dollars’ and a few items of clothing she had removed since the beginning of her song. A pair of tassels, a thong and a garter belt full of more notes and some cash yen were her only covering. Akane looked again at those blue eyes, before steeling herself and stepping onto the first step at the edge of the curtain.

“And now a new prize for the ‘Royal Blush’, a brand new star, please welcome, Ami-chan!”

Akane pushed herself through the curtain as her chosen song began to play.

”How much?!” Nabiki shrieked as her father and his useless fat freakish freeloading friend blubbered. Kowtowing on the ground before the family, Gambling King, and the scam artist’s lawyer.

“Unless you can come up with the remaining money to pay off your debts to the Royal Blush and its subsidiary enterprises, we will prosecute the pair of them for fraud and seize family assets, starting with this residence.”

Akane and Kasumi were simply white, Nodoka was in shock, Nabiki was flicking through the paperwork the lawyer had handed them, while Ranma was trying to stare down the cocky gambler who had previously nearly taken the dojo off them all.

”You all lose,” the curly haired freak said with a smug grin.

”Excuse me, but I’m studying law right now,” Nabiki clarified, “and if you think you can bully us out of these stupid losers that these two fools made in your illegal back room gambling scams you are sorely…”

”Beware your accusations, Ms Tendo, if you think you have enough assets left to challenge my international law firm over a slander case you are the one who is out of her league. All these expenses, notarized by your Father and Mr Genma Saotome, are for expenses in clubs, no mention of any illegal gambling.”

”Legal action has been in progress since the 4th, and if all debts are not paid for by the 19th, or at least accepted repayment terms reached, the sale of assets to recoup outstanding debts shall be begun.”

With a bland smile, the lawyer gestured the Gambling King and both began to walk away, leaving Nabiki visibly shaking.

”Nabiki, is there any way we can make that kind of money by then?”

”No.” The middle sister had been blossoming since starting her first year of college and things had become more cordial between Ranma and his future sister in law, and in so he learned to read the previously enigmatic young woman better.

”There has to be something, Nabs?”

She held up the debt records. “See that number near the yen sign. The one as long as our phone number? That is how much they accumulated in debt. This number, that is a fifth the value of the land your Mom’s wrecked house is on but that’s what your father ‘tipped’ to a dancer called Candy.”

”I had a full house? I couldn’t lose!” Genma wailed, admitting to the real way he lost the family home.

“Saotome, I thought you bet that on a pair of twos when you thought that Gambling King was bluffing and they wouldn’t accept your son as a bet?”

”Silence!” Nabiki thundered, cowering the bickering men, both face down again. Her commanding voice continued, her arm pointing at the doorway that headed towards the dojo. “Get to the dojo Shrine and explain this to Mom!”

Watching them run out of sight, she turned to her sisters and Ranma. “They even timed it so we could never get a mortgage on this place in time to pay the debt. If we sell off everything, and if I drop out of college, maybe we can cut it close enough.”

”Nabiki no,” Kasumi said to the last option, “Maybe we can work off the debt?”

Nabiki huffed in frustration, frowning at Nodoka’s head nodding, her first movement since this began. ”Sis, that is a strip joint? Assuming that you could, is it worth losing Tofu over this? You’ve finally got him asking you out for dinner without freaking out.”

”What about my girl form?” Ranma said quietly, “Maybe we can do more photos or stuff?”

”Ranma, no,” both Kasumi and Akane said.

“Photo’s take time to spread into the market Ranma,” she said with a frown. “And assuming you could strip professionally, you think you can make that much money to pay this mess off? I doubt it.”

”If we…” Nodoka trailed off, “This is my husbands fault. We now have no home and you will lose yours. Ranma, if, could you use your curse such?”

”Hey, not the first time guys have drooled all over me. And it is only letting em see right. Bout time this curse does something good for me.” Ranma stated with an overly casual shrug.

”But what will people say?” Kasumi asked quietly.

“Like I care,” Ranma quipped, but his eyes turned to someone who he did care what they thought, his eyes holding a question and Akane finally nodded and hugged him. “And besides, maybe doing this will make Shampoo or Ukyo or Kodachi will think less of me and rack off.”

Nodoka turned to Nabiki, “I, when I was younger, I met Ranma’s father when his old master would attack the club in which I worked.” Ignoring the four sets of open jaws, the older woman continued.

”And even while Genma took Ranma away training I did a little hostessing and helped teach some girls for working the stage. I can make Ranma a stripper among strippers, if they will let him work off the money.”

To a techno beat version of the Sailor Moon theme, Akane twisted on the stage in her white heels, hooking a leg around the golden pole and twirling her body around as the audience on stools directly around the dance stage hooted and howled encouragement. For a shivering moment she met the gaze of a brown-eyed businessman and nearly froze, her muscles auto piloting onto a pose she had rehearsed and rehearsed with Aunty, much like the animated character she was parodying.

’Just think of them as Ranma watching you,’ Nabiki’s advise echoing in her head, and out of the darkness near the bar, well beyond the stage lights in her eyes she thought she saw a flash of blue. Then another and another, her smile no longer forced as Ranma’s eyes watched her from every face in the crowd.

Nabiki watched Ranma on the pole they had installed in the dojo, the pretty red head lithely twisting acrobatically on the vertical bar, part ballerina, part monkey.

“They won’t go for it,” she stated simply to the collected group.

”Did you tell em I was…”

Whatever Ranma’s next claim was was cut off by Nabiki. ”They are happy for you to work their at normal rates Ranma, but for the debts, they made a counter offer, but we can’t do it.”

”What is it?” Kasumi asked from where she watched with Akane against the wall.

”Two girls to work off the debts, minimum, one from each family. Ranma would do the Saotome’s, but they want one of us too. And since Kasumi is finally got Tofu, and I can’t do it and ever be taken seriously as a lawyer. Like I said, it can’t be done.”

Akane stood up, “What about me?”

”No chance,” Ranma stated flatly.

”Why not? I’m getting annoyed with you always doing everything to protect me and our dojo.”

”Akane you’re my fiancée, and if anyone is going to look at you naked, it’s only gonna be me.”

The statement from the angry red head was only surprising to Akane, but she shook it off quickly. “Well sorry to disappoint, but Happosai has spied on me in the furo, Shinnosoku did too, and gods only knows what kind photos of me Kuno has.” A glare at her sister told everyone she thought at least one mortal here might know.

”Regardless, I won’t let you tell me what I can and can’t do anymore than I would Kuno. Now either we can do this together or all be kicked out together?”

Ranma frowned, matching her glare with his blue eyes. “Fine, you think you can do this? Prove it? Right here right now.”

The cute grin on Akane’s face recalled that first time she took off her clothes for her fiancé, using the very moves his mother had been showing him in training from her checkered past. She had left him trembling, little nipples under his shirt like twin rocks as the red head visibly panted.

Turning to the crowd, she bent over, dragging her hands down her long bare thighs, innocent white panties flashing under the skirt, the first move Aunty had taught her, focusing on her lower assets where she had top heavy Ranma-chan play to her strengths.

Twisting up she used her momentum to flip over in a handstand and over into the splits, her hands yanking her shirt open with a faint rip of Velcro under the buttons.

Pudgy fingers from a blue-eyed man reached into the light to tuck notes into the blue frilled garter on her thigh, her body doing as Nodoka instructed, leaning forward so what cleavage she had in her bikini top was maximized for the tipper, his hand following with more money she took in hand even as other hands reaching in from beyond the stage lights with more money.

Twisting to let her leg slowly sweep around with perfect control to match the perfect muscle tone, her garter getting more and more filled before she gauged it slowing, legs coming together, sheer power driving her up till a hand gripped the golden pole and yanked her up in a little jump to get her tall heels under her feet again for just a second before leaping fully to the pole.

A mixture of moans and cheers accompanied as her legs spun around the pull, upright like a ‘V’ as it twirled slowly around so all could see it, then hooking back in time to a change in the music and locking them around the poll, rolling herself forward and stretching herself out as she hung, skirt flaring down to cover her bare stomach, as the crowd reacted again, hands waving paper at her.

So many blue eyes watching her.

”So here is the deal, you have to really blitz them today,” Nabiki said in a firm tone. “Roshi says that as long as you bring in as more tips combined as their best girl, they will keep you on till the debts are cleared.”

Akane nodded, glancing at Ranma as the pair sat at the table drinking tea. She wasn’t sure if Ranma knew her sister had probably learned that last night when she had dinner with the lawyer from the very club they were being forced to work at, but decided to keep it from him in case he went back to old habits of distrusting her elder sister.

A stretched arm during the dance hid her tucking a few slips of house money and yen notes into the hidden shelf above the lights, freeing her hands as she brought her legs together, bowing down the stage as she drew the white panties down her tanned legs, her short skirt providing what little cover as she kicked the underwear past her heels, twirling the garment around her finger with a seductive smile for her blue eyed patrons.

With a final twirl she palmed the underwear, twirling bodily while raising her arms, her skirt flaring to reveal the blue bikini thong that was her final covering even as she tucked the white panties in with her current takings. Returning to her best tipper, she dropped again in the splits, smiling and making eye contact with those blue eyes that seemed to be raking over her flesh no where near her face.

Watching the hands holding out money to her with peripheral vision, she took all she could or that didn’t reach her garter. Her hands ran through her dark hair, stroking down her face and over her neck and shoulders, going to the sides, on hand slipping the long string tucked around the side of her bikini top, the end of the knot at the middle of her back she held out to the stubby fingers of her best tipper.

With a demure smile she twisted on the stage, turning away, her own action pulling the string taunt, the knot at her back releasing. A faux shocked look back at the tipper, she closed one arm over her breasts, the other hand pulling the string till the client released it, her smile going from demure and embarrassed to sexy as she swung her legs around, gracefully getting to her feet without her hands, striding away from the crowd with purposeful swings of her hips that flared her skirt up exposing the bared cheeks of her ass.

Flicking her top into the curtain to collect after the show, she turned back, one arm her only defense against a club floor full of men gazing at her exposed breasts. The beat changed again to the sailor moon chorus and she obligingly took the pose of the fictional anime character, men hooting as her pert breasts bounced free in the air, her eyes seeing a sea of blue eyes looking back at her.

Akane swayed between tables, wearing a sports shirt, knotted in the front to keep it high and expose her taunt stomach, a pair of tight bloomers leaving her legs exposed, a pair of hair bands giving her two cute short pigtails that bounced with her walk as she delivered a pair of drinks to a pair of older gentlemen at table fifteen. Lustful eyes shining with that perfect blue to her as they leered over her, a tip put in her garter accompanied by a long squeeze of her thigh.

She smiled girlishly, just like Nodoka had taught her, and bowed, holding the drink stray over her stomach, pushing her chest up as she did so, the stretched neckline letting them see down her top at the show.

Just the first few beats of the next song began, an old westerner spy theme song, turned Akane to the stage, recognizing it as Ranma’s chosen song from the long hours of routine preparation Nodoka put them through. The DJ called out over the sound system. “Please welcome to the stage another newcomer to the Royal Blush, Ranko-chan!”

The lights dimmed on the stage as the smoke machine started, a light haze showing some laser effects in the air as the short girl slink onto the stage in tight fitting black vinyl. The gloss material reflected the light but left no doubt to the proportions of the young woman within, eyes drawn to the stage as some extra men filled gaps around the stage area.

Soft steps in high black heels stepped her up to the golden pole, ducking under one smoke revealed laser beam, a hooked leg around letting her twirl gracefully around it, faux suspicious gaze looking out into the dark.

A change in the music to a lower tone had the red head drop to the ground, slinking on her back as if under another laser, her hair coming loose during the action, fanning out as she rolled back over and flicked her head, crawling catlike down towards patrons holding out initial tips looking for early favored attention.

A deft swipe of her hand stole the notes and house money from five hands suddenly, but the men weren’t disappointed as the sudden move parted a black seam, pale flesh exposed down her flank.

Faking embarrassment with a shocked face as her arm covered the slight exposure, she rolled to the side, one thigh seam opening in the black plastic. A roll back let Ranma reach his feet around the pole, swinging his body around and up even as the legging of the outfit fell away from the wild haired girl.

Continuing to dance to the chorus beat with poses of spies like holding a gun, the garter on her exposed thigh reached enough hands to already be filling with house money and cash.


Snapping back into the moment, Akane had to avoid snapping an elbow back into a customers face as she was pulled back by her hips, her smile forced as she turned to the old balding businessman waving a large denomination yen bill at her. Straddling the mans legs but not sitting down, she bent over near to his face but didn’t reach for the note from his hand. “You having a good night, sir? Is there anything I can do for you tonight?” she said in the huskiest voice she had, making sure to breath on his ear, holding back a shiver as he whispered back to her.

Though nervous at her first request for a private dance, Akane smiled, letting the older mans doe like brown eyes fill with blue as she took the note from his hand while taking his fingers, leading him towards the manager at the end of the bar to book a private booth.


Ranma managed to keep the sultry look on her face as she danced, jealousy surging through her body as she watched upside down through her own legs as her fiancée went into a private booth to dance with some older guy. But that was exactly what they were here to do.

Feeling velcro seal on her suit part between the back and the bottoms, her arm holding the remaining material to her chest as she swung around the pole, hooking her legs up high, she stretched out, hair hanging down, as more black fell off her body, leaving her in a single legging and bottoms, her slender arm covering her nipple line, woefully inadequate of hiding most of her breasts from the lustful Japanese patrons.

Kicking off with a crescendo in the music, she landed like a ninja, on all fours, breasts against the stage, even as the other legging hung uselessly off her knee. Pushing up she pulled the failing legging to and covered her chest again from sight, dancing around the edge of the stage in a sultry act of looking for escape, shimmying her hips as more tips made it to her garter and free hand.

Finally her lap of the stage returned her to a golden pole, stepping back under the light to back into the cool metal, squatting down till almost sitting on her heels. Widening her eyes in mock fright, the red haired twirled behind the pole as the last vinyl fell away from her hips, a tiny black patch her only covering at the front, the clear straps of the g-string invisible at a cursory glance, most of the men aware of it.

Wrapping her legs around the pole, she twirled around it, undulating her body to climb up the pole, one hand still holding an awkward piece of black vinyl to her ample chest, she let herself lean back, slowly rotating around the pole as she descended again.

Her back just touched the ground when she twisted off, throwing the last of the vinyl towards the curtain, she still kept one arm over her nipples still. Moving with the music as it went into a fast chorus, she put kicks and the occasional punch into the action as the smoke vents puffed again.

With each mock strike from the mostly naked spy girl, she still kept one arm, and at one point one leg covering nipple line, till at the climax of the music, a spin kick twisted her around at the front of the stage, going to her knees and leaning back, arms flinging wide.

A glitter of red and orange came off her naked chest, two glittering pasties put in the path of two of the lasers sparkling at the points of her breasts.

Shrugging her shoulders to jiggle her assets, Ranma smiled to a pair of clients as she excused herself from their table. At the moment her own breasts reminded her of a pair of plates of jelly Kasumi would make for occasional deserts, forced up by the tight white corset she wore, nipples barely contained in white frill around the top.

Her eyes glanced again to the back rooms, perking up slightly as Akane re-emerged from out the back, her own eyes finding hers.

Honored customers, please welcome to the stage of ‘Royal Blush’, the double act of Ten-ten, and Candy!” The DJ announcing this new act drew eyes to the stage even as Ranma reached Akane, letting them hold back in the shadows for a breather.

”Geez, you been in the private booths enough? Those guys not trying to do more than look are they?”

The dark smile she gave her feminine fiancé didn’t settle the cursed red heads emotions, is jealousy clearly near the surface, “Nothing I can’t handle baka, but they have offered money. Compared to avoiding Happosai’s hands, these are gentlemen. I know we have a lot to earn Ranma, but they aren’t getting anything that is only for my fiancé. I’m only selling a show, and that better be the same for you.”

Emotions churned in Ranma’s gut, but her face kept calm, choosing one of the problems she brought up to focus on. “Yeah, well you’re pulling the money tonight. Mom was spot on that my tits would get attention, but all I am seeing is drunk students and junior workers and other deadbeats drooling on me. Not one has been able to afford a single lap dance yet, and you’ve been in the private booths for what, three hours?”

Patting Ranma’s shoulder, Akane pulled against her in a semi hug that neither pulled back from. “Three half hour sets, and most of the time those old guys wanted to drink and talk once I was out of those school girl sports stuff. And Aunty says you made great tips on your dance routines on the stage. This is a team effort remember, our tips are combined.”

A discrete but ordering wave from Nodoka, now working behind the bar, got both girls moving again, Ranma almost immediately waved to an empty seat at a bucks group, while Akane moved to the bar, only to trip on fallen glass on the floor, bumping into a client just entering the club.

”My fierce tigress!” A disbelieving voice cried even as his strong hands locked onto Akane’s arms.

Akane froze, part of her wanting to cover up, embarrassed at eyes she knew and hated looking at her, but a new sound shot adrenaline through her.

”HOHOHOHOHOHOHO!” The echoing laugh of Kodachi Kuno spoiled the mood of the room, Candy and Ten-ten breaking from a steamy kiss as the DJ bumped the music off with a long squeak. The dark haired girl in a loose black dress stepped around Kuno to point at Akane in the too tight sports shirt and bloomers, “There brother, your beloved is nothing but a whore!”

Akane tried to shake herself free of Kuno’s grip, but it wasn’t till a bouncer put his hand on the upperclassman’s shoulder to eject him that Tatewaki released her, a jab to the sternum with the hilt of his kendo practice sword sending the large black man to the floor with a gasp.

Near stomping strides in her red fishnets and heels towards the commotion drew the Kuno’s attention to Ranma even as the blue-eyed girl readied to put him down fast, but Kodachi was faster, tossing a bunch of black roses at the girl in the corset, the burst of gas keeping her back. “There brother, your other harlot reveals her depravity in this house of perversions.”

Kuno heard only one part of this, and as more heavyset security arrived from the door, he wasted no time, “You have defiled the innocent! Wrath of the righteous upon you!” he declared, a slash smacking down two before they could get a hand on him.

Darting under the smoke, Ranma rose up in her white corset behind Kuno, one hand reaching for the back of his neck to apply nerve pressure and subdue him with pain, her other hand reaching for Kodachi but snagged only her dress as she darted back.

Despite the pain, Kuno swung back with the wooden blade, nearly taking Ranma’s head off, Ranma ducking but lost any hold on the Black Rose as she pulled out of the material, leaving herself clad in her customary leotard.

”I got her Ranma,” Akane stated, coming around to charge her sometimes rival, even as Ranma nodded.

”Don’t hold back tomboy!”

”You should stick to selling your body, your fighting skills have never matched mine!” Kodachi boasted falsely as she flicked her ribbon at Akane, only for the target to dive through into a handstand and flip over to come in legs first.

”Anything Goes Martial Arts Stripping, Intimate Choke Hold!” Akane cried as her legs shut, clamping her thighs around Kodachi’s neck, dropping her weight to flip them over, the gymnast crashing onto her back on a table, gasping for air as Akane straddled her head.

A distracted Kuno was then easy prey for Ranma. “Anything Goes Martial Arts Stripping, Motorboat Suffocation Assault!”

Grabbing around Kuno’s neck, she pulled his face down into the soft crevice of the redheads ample chest. Locking her arms around him, then her legs around his waist, Kuno flailed his arms, with only the sound of “bwubbwubbwubbwubbwubbwub” as he resisted ineffectually.

Arms held in the vice like grip of Akane’s hands, Kodachi struggled ineffectually, unable to gain leverage, her eyes bugging out, in lack of air and the feel of tips being put in the side of her leotard.

Nodoka arrived just as the security were getting up, a swift hand held up to stay back they obeyed, watching as the girls they were meant to protect subdued the disturbing pair. Nodoka could do little to stop the Gambling King as he arrived from out the back.

”What is this, fighting in my club?” the comical figure demanded as he worked through the spectators. Kodachi finally slumping let Akane climb off her, getting back to her feet.

”They attacked, we were just helping protect this place.”

”They attacked because of you,” he cried back. “This is all coming out of your tips.”

Akane glanced at Ranma and both knew that the cost of a few broken glasses was nothing but he’d undoubtedly inflate the costs.

”No problem,” the blue eyed stripped said, “Kuno-chan here will be happy to pay for private dances till closing?”

Said boys voice came muffled out of her cleavage, “I will?”

Still holding his face down, Ranma spoke sweetly, “Would you rather Akane and I dance for these men, or just, for, you?” With each of the last word, she wiggled his face.

The Gambling King wasn’t swayed, “This guy attacked my security, I don’t care if he hits me in the face with a pile of money, he is…”


”Sold!” Kuno cried, hitting the curly haired stubby man with a wad of cash, despite his face still being in Ranma-chan’s cleavage.

The short couch set against the rear wall of the private booth blended in with the dark wallpaper and curtains that were its walls, the lights focused down around the short platform set with a dance pole, and on the short pedestal seat like a footrest before the couch. The noises of the club starting back up in the main area drowned out as the door to this former karaoke booth shut and calm muzak played through speakers.

With a seductive smile, Ranma led her former school upperclassman to the couch, letting him flop down, eyes below her neck. “Kuno-chan? In here, Akane-chan and I, we’re going to do anything you tell us to. Does that sound good? Ku-no-chan?”

A shiver went through the Kendoist and she could see his head about to blow with like a volcano the implications, her red fishnet sheathed leg lifting and pressing her long heel into his shoulder, keeping him down. “But there are rules. You wouldn’t want to break the rules would you? Ku-no-chan?”

Shaking his head, his arms reached for her leg, the nimble red head pulling back from each. “You have to stay in that seat, Ku-no-chan. And you can’t touch either of us, Ku-no-chan? No matter what we do, no matter where we touch you, and we are going to touch you, Ku-no-chan, you can’t touch us.”

Sitting herself down on the pedestal seat at his feet, she spread her legs very wide, watching his eyes flow down her white corset to the tight matching white shorts covering her juncture. “Kuno-chan? Can you tell me those rules?”

Nodding his head slowly, his breath labored, eyes on her body. “I stay in the seat and you t-t-t-touch m-m-me.”

”Not right, Kuno-senpai,” Akane said as she stepped into the room, her eyes bright as both occupants looked up. She had taken the ties from her hair to return them to her normal style, but was till dressed in her sports shirt and bloomers, complete with long socks hanging baggily up mid calf, over heavy Reeboks that occasional squeaked on the floor as she walked.

Ranma looked back to Kuno, only to see the lustful blank look at her partner. “He’s too far gone to listen now?” she whispered to Akane.

”Duh,” she said simply as she moved around the red head and knelt on the right side of the trembling young man.

Following her lead, Ranma moved to his left, both girls stroking his arms before taking a hold of his hand. She smiled at her partners idea only to be met with a glare as the girl hit a discreet control panel above Kuno’s head, starting a new song in the private booths speakers and the song counter, Ranma flushing as Nodoka’s words of making sure to start the song as soon as in the room. As techno beats with string accompaniment began, Kuno dragged his eyes from Ranma-chan’s cleavage to the speakers, “Jubei-chan?”

“Ku-no-sem-pai?” Akane asked to get his attention in the same cute slow words Ranma had been using. Taking his hand and brushed his fingers against her neck, pulling back as he tried to push for more contact, and lower down to the front of her shirt. “Ku-no-sem-pai, the only times you can each towards us, you can only reach for this.”

She had moved to point at the garter on her thigh when a red stockinged leg appeared between Akane and the client. “You can put money in other items of clothing, Ku-no-chan. But then they’ll fall then we can’t take them off. Do you want us to not take off our clothes, Ku-no-chan?”

A trembling hand reached up, suddenly holding a yen bill, drool coming off his chin as he fumbled it into the garter at the top of the fishnet stockings.

Smiling, Akane released Kuno’s hand and stood back up, taking her partner by the shoulders and turning her to face away from the client. The girl in red heels tilted her ass up some to the seated young man, only to nearly stumble as Akane pushed her down, straddling the boys lap between her partner and client.

Akane could see the shock on Ranma’s face as he felt Kuno pressing up against him through their clothes, unable to keep a grin off her face as she recalled when Ranma had practice lap dancing on Nabiki, one time her sister had taken the initiative of putting a cucumber in her pants. Suddenly her female fiancé was hanging from the rafters in panic.

Leaning in before Ranma could turn green, she placed her red lips against the red heads ear, “Grind that ass or I’ll grind it harder than I do for you.” With a nod the red head began to grind herself on Kuno’s lap, his hands reaching around to cup her but Akane faster on the draw.

”No touching, Ku-no-sem-pai,” she said with a teasing tone, “You can’t reach out unless you have money in your hand.” Again, just like how often he yanked out wooden swords for fighting when they were in school together, with a deft move both hands were full of cash.

Smiling cutely, Akane put her arms on Ranma’s shoulders as she closed her hands on Kunos’. She shivered as Ranma lent close enough to nuzzle her neck, but ignored it to focus on the guy behind her partner. “Ku-no-sem-pai? We can only take our clothes off up on the stage, do you want us to take-our-clothes-off?”

The sight of one of hie beloveds licking at the neck of the other was barely breaking through the feelings that his groin was shouting up his nervous system, but to see them in all the glory as he had so often imagined them…

Taking the money from his shaking hands to empty them, Akane rose up, letting Ranma’s face press against her chest, to look down over the red hair, pulling it to the side. “Ku-no-sem-pai? Can you help by undoing Ranko’s corset?”

Shaking fingers tickled the back of Ranma’s neck as the white threads on the top of the corset were tightened, then with a little direction from Akane’s hands, tugged free. Feeling it, Ranma lent back against the firm chest behind her, looking up at her former rival with a cute grin, ”Thank you, Ku-no-chan.”

Pulled up by Akane’s hand, Ranma stepped behind her fiancée, going around the pedestal seat and up to the stage, each girl moving to one side of the pole, walking with saying hips to the music. The red head stepped closer, ducking under her partners arm as they crossed paths behind the pole, then yanked her self up, sheer strength climbing up and locking legs around the pole so as they passed again at the front, Akane bowed forward, side stepping under the red head to keep the pace up as her ass and Ranma’s cleavage faced out towards their audience.

The pair passed over and under again behind the pole, but as the converged at the front of the stage, Ranma-chan’s twisting had descended her down so low that Akane had to lean back almost like limbo to pass underneath, the pair stopping there, both glancing at their client before coming together to kiss.

”You know Ranma, if you had just accepted the fact you love my little sister you wouldn’t be grumbling about this situation,” Nabiki’s voice inside the dojo stopped Akane as she approached the doors. The youngest Tendo sister knew that Ranma had come out after dinner for more practice of what Aunty had been instructing them in, but she had thought her older sibling had gone upstairs.

She shivered, now knowing, even felt, how aroused she had made Ranma that morning when she had taken his challenge and danced then and there to prove she could do it to save the family home. She had been smug all day, keeping near her flustered fiancée even after dinner, where he still hadn’t resumed his male form after that demonstration less showing that tent in his pants again. That smugness had probably been all that kept her from collapsing in embarrassment at some of the training with Aunty.

”Doesn’t matter how I feel,” Ranma’s male voice came out from the wooden structure. “Not like modesty goes far in a fight, but… I don’t want strange guys look at Akane like that. She don’t even like me like that…”

”Oh please, you’ve been too busy looking at everything but her after that show she put on.” Her sister laughed, “Oh god, I only mention it and you got to cover up? I thought you had better control. Anyway, Akane didn’t do the show Aunty is teaching you two. She started there, but she wouldn’t have gone nearly that far for another guy, even a friend like Ryoga. You backed her into a corner because you wanted to her lash out, and she did, only she didn’t swing her fists.”

Smirking, Akane nodded unseen outside, creeping closer to the doorway.

”Face facts Ranma, if you want Akane your going to have to make a move before opening night. Why do you resist it so much? Is it just admitting your retarded father got one thing right? Or are you too scared to admit you love her?”

”What if, what if she doesn’t really want me but just goes with it because she thinks she owes me or something?”

Akane could almost hear the tone in her sister’s voice, unsure like the frown on her own face. ”What are you talking about?”

”She was ready to marry some guy in a forest cause she thought she owed him. I don’t want to marry her if she doesn’t really want me too. I don’t want to be like Mom and Pop.”

”Trust me idiot, that dance today, that wasn’t a girl who felt obligated. That was a girl who touches herself at night thinking of the man who should be sleeping beside her.”


Akane’s embarrassed voice echoed through the wood hall, startling its owner almost as much as her fiancé within. Nabiki just smiled.

Calming himself, Ranma prepared to speak but Nabiki cut him off, only for Akane to cut her off. “Thanks Nabiki, I think I can handle him from here.”

Nabiki hadn’t reached the door before Akane’s first kiss made Ranma’s legs collapse under him, the older girl fanning herself once out of sight of her baby sister sitting across her fiancés lap, lips mashed together.

Pulling up, the red headed dancers hands gripped higher on the pole, legs unwrapping to step down on the stage, squatting down low then coming back in time to the music, ass out as arms and body lent forward. Her dark haired partner squatting, spreading her long bare legs towards their audience, hands stroking up Ranma-chans thighs, fingers fluttering over stocking tops and tight white pants, dragging around to the belly of the red head.

Swinging her hips to the jazz/classical tones of the music, Ranma shivered as Akane’s deft fingers tickled slightly, buttons popping undone to loosen the shorts and start drawing them down. Glancing over her shoulder, she winked at Kuno, not that he noticed as his eyes focused solely on the red thong barely visible between the cleft of her cheeks, now exposed to the air.

Standing up with a long slow kick over turn, Ranma flicked the pants off the stage with one ankle, freeing the pole to Akane who quickly hooked her legs around for one swing, then kicking off higher, hanging up behind the dancing redhead.

Slow steps with wide swings of her hips took the red head behind the stage pole again, her sporty companion twisting around, holding above her as her hooked down low, her back against the pole. Again feminine hands strokes a partners thighs, slowly up over the tight school issue bloomers, tracing stomach muscles, knuckles turning as fingers grip the fabric of her sports t-shirt. Akane’s hands and feet let go just enough for gravity to start to slowly pull her down golden pole, the hands holding her shirt pulling it up as she came down.

Feet touching down, Akane ducked her head down and out of the shirt, standing in a thin white sports bra, pink areolas faintly visible under the bright lights. Her shirt released, the dark haired girl got one arm free but before tossing it away, lithe fingers reached up under her arms, squeezing her chest through her bra, pulling her against the red head, Akane looking over he shoulder as Ranma tilted forward to catch her lips.

In the darkened dojo, Akane danced again for her male fiancé, her breathing heavy as she ground herself on his lap, rubbing against him, her lips hovering near his lips, pulling back as he moved to kiss, his blue eyes bright, flicking between her eyes, lips, and down to her bare chest between them. Her teasing was affecting her as much as it excited him, his breath brushing over her face with each exhale.

Her own eyes noticed the way his hands clenched at his sides, held impotently there by sheer force of will. Her eyes darted to the dojo doors, then back as a smirk crossed her lips, “Clients, they aren’t allowed to touch me Ranma. Only my fiancé is.”

Her husky whisper, smirking lips, and sultry eyes froze him solid, her rocking hips sending waves of pleasure up his spine. As her lips turned to a pout he shivered obviously, moving to press his lips on hers despite half hearted resistance, her breath blowing into his mouth as warm palms cupped over warm flesh and hard nipples.

Pinching her dance partner’s nipples between finger and thumb through the cotton of the sports bra, the red head nuzzled Akane’s ear, their heights evened by the red heels the shorter girl wore. Smiling her sexiest grin for their audience, controlling her eyes from rolling at the glistening drool of the young man on the couch watching the show.

Raising her arms as she danced, leaning back against her partner, she crossed her arms over her head, bringing them down enough to grab each side of her bra, Ranma-chans hands shifting to cup over her nipples as her bra was pulled up and off. The red head her only covering above the waist, Akane put her eyes on Kuno’s, making eye contact till moving with the techno beat stepped forward, only to be held back from near exposure.

With a pout for the audience, her hand snapped her garter belt lightly, but not dislodging the notes already in it, her eyes closing as her partner licked at her ear, squeezing her breast but not exposing them.

Kuno looked back dumbly.

Ranma hid a laugh behind Akane’s back, before finally getting a straight face. Plucking one of the notes from her own garter, she spun her partner around to her, Akane’s arm covering her chest as she turned her back on their audience.

Squatting down, the red head looked around Akane’s legs at Kuno, her hands stroking up her partner’s leg to the garter around her smooth skin. Waving the note to Kuno, she slid it into the garter and pushed up to standing once more, Akane waiting till Ranma was standing and able to make eye contact with their client behind her, before pushing her arms out, exposing herself to blue eyes.

Ranma barely made a convincing face of her acted joy at seeing Akane’s breasts, mainly because of the heat flushing through them, the red head moving up to kiss her on the lips once more.

Neither noticed the cash waving in the hand of the sole audience member, their slow kiss ignoring the beat of the music. Breaking from Akane’s mouth, Ranma’s lips lay kisses along her jaw line and down her neck, quickly leaping down further and further to her bare breasts. Holding her fiancé’s head as he suckled, her back arching her against his face, Akane’s sigh caught at the ministrations.

The sound of Kuno’s stumbling feet turned Akane’s head before he reached them, hand holding out cash towards the girls. Regretfully she pulled back from Ranma, a delightful shiver shaking her at the angry flash in her partners blue eyes, but she smiled for Kuno anyway as she reached for his hand, his eyes locked on her exposed chest.

”Like what you see Ku-no-sem-pai?” she asked lightly as she took his money, only for his hand to take her wrist. A flash of panic caught her as he pulled towards her, but training took over, her leg extending up between them, heel against his chest to hold him at bay and keep his head above nipple high.

”You know the rules,” Ranma said in a controlled sweet voice, her hand grabbing Kuno’s arm and without effort flicked him backwards, landing unharmed back on the seat. Climbing on the couch beside him, she raised his hand again, “Don’t you want to see our show, Ku-no-chan?” she asked holding his hand to her heavy bosom.

Even as he nodded his hand rotated to touch her, but Ranma smiled as she pulled back.

“No touching, Ku-no-chan,” she whispered huskily, “at least not us.”

Still smiling, she pushed his hand down on him and the rise in his lap. Slipping her hand free was even easier than expected as his eyes were locked back on the topless dancer moving on the stage.

Stepping back up to the stage, Ranma joined his partner, the pair passing each other with light touches. The pair danced to each other for a moment before with a slap Akane turned the red head, grabbing her firmly enough behind her head to muss her flowing red hair, drawing her to her chest once again, the pair swaying as their act continued.

Appearing more passionately, Ranma moaned loudly against Akane’s breast, squeezing the other mound careful to let Kuno see the action, even as her partners hands pulled her hair to the side, deft fingers working the thread running down the back of the white corset.

Kuno’s hand rubbed himself through his hakama pants, eyes looking up the small stage, up the stockinged legs and over the bare cheeks of his spirited pigtailed girl, up her back to where Akane’s dainty hands quickly pulled free more and more corset tie, exposing a lengthening sliver of creamy flesh. Further up, his vision blurred with the imagined as he saw the beautiful sight of one of his loves lavishing attention on the pristine shining womanly chest of his most pure and disciplined love, who even now looked back with love through half lidded eyes.

Pulling free the last of the white thread from the shoelace like holes up her companions outfit. Faking some embarrassment, Ranma stood again, hands shifting to appear to be attempting to hold the corset to her, ineptly letting it flop enough at the sides for the audience to see the swell of her breast.

With a smile, Akane again took hold of the red head, pulling her into a deep kiss, Ranma forced to not release her suddenly weak knees even as she acted out succumbing to the dark haired girl. The act continued as the topless dancer snatched the corset from the slack arms of her partner, who faked panicked covering of her assets and the tiny red front of her thong panties that was all she wore left.

Stalking to the music, Akane trailed Ranma-chan, reaching out with her hands, licking her red lips as she lunged forward, Ranma jiggling her behind as she ducked under her arm to the back of the stage. The girls twirled once to the music, Akane catching to take her partners elbow, seeming to pull the redhead around, backing her against the golden pole, facing their audience, stepping behind to ensnare with her arms the girl still covering her heavy breasts as awkwardly as possible.

Not truly held in position, Ranma stayed backed against the pole, Akane’s head on her shoulder as she looked at their audience at one. “Ku-no-sem-pai?” she called once for his attention, smiling as his eyes rose to hers then dropped again as he sat on the edge of his seat.

Dropping one arm down, her other arm pulled around to Ranma’s covering arm, wrapping her fingers around it, while the former wormed its way into the edge of the red panties the red head wore. “Which one Ku-no-sem-pai? What do you want to see?”

Both hands rising as he drooled at the girls, but he kept his seat. “B-b-b-b…”

Nonverbal for a long moment, he suddenly straightened, “I must have both!”

Both girl’s resisted rolling their eyes, but before he rose to them again, Akane yanked the red heads arms apart, exposing her top heavy bounty to the audience.

Kuno’s head swayed in time to the mesmerizing sight as the girls posed, Akane still hiding behind her partner, slowly raising their hands up high. Using one hand to hold Ranma’s docile wrists against the pole, she reached around, gently stroking down her ample chest, squeezing one mound as Ranma continued to sway to the music, faking resistance.

Tilting around her captive, Akane pulled her breast around, lips seeking one of Ranma’s nipples, giving it a sucking kiss. Hearing a gurgling moan from the audience, Akane smiled darkly, pulling herself back up, she raised her partners breast up, whispering to the red head. Thoughts of how far Akane may take this rushed through Ranma’s mind as she tilted her head to kiss her own nipple.

Eyes closing at the sensations of Ranma's tongue cresting her left nipple, the dark haired girl moved more firmly against her partners breasts, dainty hands twisting up as finger and thumb caught the red heads larger nipples. A sudden moan of pure pleasure against her chest brought disbelief to her suddenly open eyes, the girls snapping apart, Ranma red as a tomato as her hands held her breast and throat.

"That wasn't acted was it?" Akane whispered in surprise as the music stopped.

"Ah, Akane-chan," Nodoka said from the side of the dojo where she and her sisters watched their practice, giving tips to their routine. "As much as my son seems to enjoy that, perhaps the clients would not react to such... forcefulness?"

"Aunty is right Akane, it looked like you were giving her a mammary scan!" Nabiki chirped in, amusement obvious. "At least he is more gentle with you?"

"I wasn't at the start last night with Akane," Ranma defended his fiancée.

"WHAT?!" Kasumi screeched.

“Kasumi,” Nabiki said, holding up a calming hand, “Sis, they have to practice like this if this plan will work. If you were doing this with Ranma would you prefer to go in blind or would you be off having Tofu help you get used to being touched like that for this act?”

Flushing at the comment, Kasumi wrung her hands, not distracted, ”It isn’t proper, if Ranma had gone through with the marriage…”

”If he had the dojo wouldn’t be Daddy’s to lose. If you’d prefer, Ranma can practice on my breasts tonight?”

Kasumi’s head snapped up at the glib remark, but Akane’s growl cut in. A rough hand grabbed Ranma’s left breast eliciting a yelp. “Mine Nabiki.”

Ranma’s fingers were still on the pole above her head, eyes closed as her breasts were kneaded from behind by her dance partner’s small hands. Trying to keep breathing easy at Akane’s rough play, her blue eyes half lidded watching Kuno’s hands wriggling at her like a big Happosai, as the kendoist wished he could do such himself, the twitching in the audiences raised pants killed her growing mood enough to realize they were running out of time on the song.

Breaking free, a dropping hand grabbing Akane’s, she pulled them together, chests mashing together as lips met, parting to dance again at the front of the stage. Each twirled, past each other, the red heads long hair bushing loose over her small breasts, one of her hands slapping the rump of the partner with a clap louder than the music.

With that signal, the red head lunged at Akane, the dark haired girl evading once, but then letting her get a grip on her hips. Trying to break free, she twirled over into a handstand, topless Ranma smiling to Kuno as Akane’s long toned legs scissored open to the splits, letting the red head look straight down on her bloomer hidden juncture.

Hands stroking Akane’s legs, even as the red head bent her face down, only for Tendo girl's legs to snap closed, knees pinning her head. Acting out a sensuous struggle, the girls turned left and right, but didn’t break from where Akane had Ranma, blue eyes looking suddenly to their audience, her hands massaging the pert back side hidden in tight school bloomers, reaching to hook the hem of the material before looking at Kuno, who nodded eagerly.

With a yank, Akane’s bloomers were around her thighs, faux surprise opening her legs for Ranma to escape, her partner’s hands holding her pants as she dropped and rolled. Coming to her feet, she slowly stood, pointing her behind to the audience, turning to face him again in only her in sneakers, socks, and brief white panties, slightly ruffled with a tiny bow on the front, and a sultry smile. Stepping behind her in just heels, fishnet stockings, garter belt and thong, all in red, Ranma posed with the same smile as the song ended.

With minimal fade, a new song began, a much slower, sultry number, the girls passing each other with a kiss, bending over, ones checks barely contained in white cotton, the other exposed but for a tiny buried strip of red. Each dragged their hands up toned skin, legs spread enough to see the bare chests beyond, shining hair dangling from the athletic girls.

Raising up and kissing once again, Ranma-chan stroked down Akane’s body, pausing at her right breast, stroking down low enough, tugging at the hem of her white panties, before stroking her juncture and down her bare thigh, and patting the baggy sock she wore before pumping the air pump on the front of the sneakers tongue.

Turning to the music, Akane smiled gently as Ranma traced up her form in reverse, up her other leg, light fingers ticking her butt, and up her back, the pair coming together for a deep kiss at the top once more. This time Akane returned the favor, going down slowly till her face reached even with the top heavy girl’s breasts.

Leaning in to kiss a nipple, she bent out her behind again, smiling as her teeth tugged more firmly on her fiancés hard nipple, forcing the cursed boys female chest to shift with sudden intake at the pain she found so surprisingly pleasing. She shouldn’t be surprised, the baka always did take pain well.

Controlling her trembling, the red head swayed to the music, a hand on her partner pushing her down further, the girl crouching sexily as her hands began to brush over the red lingerie at Ranma’s waist. Unclipped, Akane’s hands stroked down, drawing the Red fishnets down, exposing yet more skin to the audience, her tongue licking up an exposed thigh. Obligingly lifting her foot, Ranma balanced on one foot as the dark haired girl removed her red heel, and took the last of the stocking off one leg, before twisting around in her crouch, legs splayed to their audience, to reach around the other side and begin again.

Quivering as Akane’s hand stroked her inner thigh to the music, her own hands running through her hair then down over her ample breasts, Ranma-chan glanced down only to suddenly look up as her partners tongue trailed up the back of her thigh, onto the cheek of her ass in a sensation between tickle and wet fire that gave her goosebumps. Forced from her bare foots toes to the flat of the foot to balance as she raised her other leg, her shoe and stocking removed. Smiling to Kuno, Akane slowly and sensually bent back up, unclipping the garter belt and tossing it away to leave the red head in just her panties.


”Yes my beloved?” he said instantly, jumping to his feet, erection tented pants pointed at the pair embracing on the stage.

”Ku-no-sem-pai, we can keep dancing for you, all night long, but, well, we aren’t allowed to do all the things we really want to do for you?”

”Who!” demanded the self-proclaimed swordsman, his boken drawn and held out at the same angle as his tenting manhood. “Who for would keep you from me?!”

Frowning, Ranma pushed her face in Akane’s hair, nuzzling her ear, softly whispering, “Akane, do you want to go any further? This is Kuno, I don’t want him seeing you like that?”

”Better Kuno than some stranger, he already has photos of you. And with what he pays could get this over with so much faster,” she whispered back

Nodding, but the smile on her face fake, Ranma-chan looked to their client pulling her shoulders in to emphasis her bare chest, “Ku-no-chan? We can only go further than this…” The pair lent together, giving a searing kiss, tongues tussling, fingers teasingly in the hems of underwear.

”We can only do more than that, Ku-no-sem-pai,” Akane continued, gasping for breath, “for preferred customers.”

Feeling suddenly impotent while holding his sword, Kuno looked between the two near naked loves, “What? How…”

”We take all major credit cards, Ku-no-chan?”

The girls could almost hear the ‘ching ching’ as Kuno’s wallet appeared in his hand, pulling out his platinum card.

”Right here Ku-no-sem-pai?” Akane said huskily, stepping beside Ranma, arms encircling her to press the shorter girls breasts together. Almost stumbling to approach, Kuno’s shaking hand taking two tries to put the card in the “slot” before it finally went in. Ranma gasped, as Akane firmly pushed her breasts to trap the card, then Kuno’s hand releasing his property to grope hers.

A fast kick and Kuno again found himself held back by a divine leg length.

”Now Ku-no-chan, what were the rules?”

”I sit in the seat,” he repeated by rote, his mind empty of any other thoughts involving words.

”That’s right Ku-no-sem-pai,” Akane added in, “And the second rule was you don’t get to touch, only we get to touch you?”

The girls had seen bobble heads nod less times per second.

”But how can we touch you if you’re not in your…” she didn’t need to finish over the song, as in a flash the young man was parked back on the couch.

Again Ranma’s tongue found the taller girl’s ear, “Do we want to touch that creep?”

Smiling slyly for the audience of one, she pulled Ranma’s head around to kiss her firmly on her made up lips. Finally out of breath, she broke the kiss, brushing her lips up the red heads chin to her ear, “The Gambling King is going to try and empty that account, so he is going to get his monies worth. Now which of us is going to grind that lap?”

Nodding, Ranma broke away, swinging her hips and tits as she strode off the stage, short bouncing steps leading directly to their client. She felt Akane backing her up but tried not to think about either of them as she raised her foot and straddled the legs of the young man.

Immediately grabbing Kuno’s wrists before they could grab any of her, the redhead beamed a glare at her partner over her fakest sultry smile, not that the audience was looking at her face despite it being inches from his. Moving quickly to kneel beside Kuno on the couch, the mostly naked Akane took his right hand, keeping it from her fiancé, freeing Ranma’s hand in time to push her fingers into his shoulder, keeping their former schoolmate from moving in with his head and salivating lips.

Ignoring the sensations of what was poking her sensitive flesh as she straddled his lap, green at the thought of the embarrassing uncontrolled idiot they rendered him into, though part of her smile was the shortness of the journey to the state from his natural one was, and the thought that Akane did this to himself more than once in the last week. Grinding herself on his covered manhood, her eye contact was with her partner rather than her client, knowing that in his eyes he had imagined this, his groaning moving with the slight twitching and erratic upthrust of his hips at the simulated sex.

Leaning in to kiss Ranma as she bounced and ground on Kuno, feeling hotter at the act, the sweat on the heavy breasts of her partner, tasting her salty lips, she almost missed the sounds of Kuno’s groans reach a fever, without thought her grip changing to the back of the swordsman’s hand, shoving into his lap.

”Hold it Kuno-sempai. You’re not going cum so soon are you?”

Gripping his ‘weapon’, Kuno tried valiantly to hold back, not even aware his nearly naked redheaded beloved had jumped back to the stage in one vault. Finally, the older male’s breathing calmed, his firm grip relaxing, eyes realizing with disappointment his other beloved two was returning to the stage, though since both didn’t seem to be planning to redress he didn’t panic. “I have contained of my munificence, you may return. Perhaps my fierce tigress would like to sample my pleasures?”

Akane smiled as her partners blue eyes flashed, but with just a glance she allayed her jealousy. “But Ku-no-sem-pai, I thought you wanted to see, see all that we have to offer?”

With a sexy smile, the dark haired dancer turned and kissed her partner full on the lips once more, hands roaming the near naked girl as the red heads hands reciprocated. Keeping lips locked together, Akane stepped to the side, a hand on her partners shoulder keeping her facing the audience, even as the dark haired girl moved behind her. Stroking hands lifted the redhead’s heavy breasts, teasing and kneading as they kissed again.

Turning the red head Akane pushed her hands on Ranma’s back, bending her forward, letting the large chest of her partner hang free, before the curtain of her red hair obscured them. The redhead folded forward at the waist till her hips were the highest point, the hands on her back directing her, sliding back, fingers teasing at the thin straps of the thong she war.

Giving a sexy grin, Akane swayed to the music as her knees folded slowly, lowering her till her face was right at the shorter girls raised behind, teeth shining white as she moved in, biting the material of the dancers last covering, and moving down behind her bent over form.

Kuno watched trembling as he saw the red underwear hit the ankles of his beloved fiery goddess, who lifted one small foot free, her stance widening greatly as she shimmied to the music, raising her upper body till she could look at the ceiling, the stroking fingers of her companions hand through her legs her only covering of her naked body to her former school rival.

She kept dancing to the music, knowing that the club rules were written as no acted sexual actions, Akane’s fingers more than acting as they rubbed her, but her actions stumbled as the dark haired girl carefully inserted a finger.

”You can’t do that Akane-chan,” her partners mother stated, more to break the awkward air than anything.

The moment Ranma’s blue eyes buldged, Nodoka and everyone else knew Akane’s fingers were no longer covering the red heads naked treasure as part of acting a sexual act, the Tendo daughter consistently pushing the envelope in there dance practice and routine development.

“Sorry,” she mumbled backing away, eyes on her naked fiancé’s feminine face. She sounded as sorry as Happosai would have been, not that the red head was reacting as the dark haired girl slid the formally intruding digit between her red lips.

The sounds of Kasumi’s footsteps rushing out the dojo made all look up, Nabiki, sitting cross-legged against the wall with one of her uni text books in her lap, shook her head. “She so wants to yell and scream at you over that Sis. If Ranma had done that to you she would have been hitting him. As it is don’t look forward to a good lunch, Bro.”

Akane shrugged, this argument not the first. “She can go yell at Daddy then. We are engaged, and we can’t go blushing and messing up if we do this in a show.”

”Aunty has already stated you can’t go that far on stage, Akane. Now if you and Ranma-kun are interested in a tasteful movie deal, the Internet…”

”Ack! No no no no no,” the naked red head stated waving her hands, “We’re doing this to pay off debts and never again.”

Akane nodded, before smirking at her fiancé. “Well maybe sometimes for my husband, whoever that may be.” The startled blue eyes of the red head turned to her, checking the teasing face matched the tone.

Nabiki shrugged, though neither of the couple nor Nodoka knew if this would be the end of that discussion. “Yeah well, you may want to do a few more shows after to save for that ceremony if this works.”

The beautiful face of his red haired beloved was red and glistening, a vision of embarrassment and ecstasy as her companion’s fingers stroked her most sensitive treasure before Kuno, his deep breaths trying to match hers even as he sat and watched and sweated.

Gasping for breath, the ending of another song encroached on Ranma's mind as his feminine senses assaulted him with pleasure. Automatically he moved to change the routine, reluctantly dislodging Akane's fingers from his pussy, pressing his lips on hers.

Using the kiss to push Akane back, Ranma backed her onto the cool metal of the dance pole before deepening the kiss, pressing their chests together as Akane's hands squeezed the bare cheeks of her naked behind.

Parting from their kiss, Ranma gave his partner a meaningful nod before kneeling down before the dark haired girl. Sticking her behind out to their audience of one, mindful that she was aroused to the point of dripping in the presence of the perverted kendoist, Ranma put his feminine body to block Kuno's voice of Akane's hips as he reached for the white panties his partner wore.

Akane put her arms on the pole above her and swayed her hips to the music, looking over the supplicant red head before her to her admirer customer, the two timing pervert's eyes glued up her partners rear. Keeping to the swaying, Akane looked down at Ranma as the red head drew down the last of her covering, exposing her trimmed pubic hair and labia, her smile turning dark at the staring of the red head into her treasure.

Without dropping her hands from above her head, Akane tilted her hips up to push her vagina into her female fiancé's face, sighing at the sensations as Ranma began to lick and kiss at her flesh.

”Ranma Saotome!” Kasumi shouted from the slammed open doorway of Akane's room, light from the hall exposing the couple one in and out of the bed. The rest of Kasumi's rant faltered as he sprung back from Akane and her open pajama top, tripping over his pants around his ankles, landing at the girls feet, manhood standing proud up at the other Tendo sisters.

Gulping a breath, Kasumi took his ear, dragging him from the room, half coherent accusations of honor, appropriate behavior, and marriage spouting, and becoming louder and less coherent as he defended with, “I was just making sure she liked me as a man too?”

Nabiki glanced to her younger sister, who looked simultaneously upset and relieved, looking at her hand, curled over like holding an invisible rod. “Kasumi will be back to yell at you soon, so I’ll skip the congratulations and move straight to the problem. Are you on the pill yet?”

Akane didn’t get the chance to answer.

”I know your not, but you better get to the doctors and get on it fast. In the mean time here,” Nabiki stated, opening Akane's bedside drawer and throwing a box of condoms in it before shutting it again.

The sound of the stomping steps marked Kasumi returning, Nabiki wisely chose to withdraw before getting caught in the crossfire, only to have her own ear snagged by the eldest sister. “Akane, Nabiki, we have to talk about boys and sex.”

Ranma ignored the crick in her neck to keep licking at Akane, violating the rules of the club about live sex by violating her with his tongue. She had squatted down on her heels, her hips up as her legs spread wide to give him access. Her eyes flicked over her partners beautiful behind raised up towards Kuno, still rubbing his crotch, eyes on the glistening labia, the most intimate of intimate, of his beloved red haired love.

Akane closed her eyes as Ranma's tongue slurped over her clit, her body shivering in credit as her voice cried out.

“Oh God!”

Akane's hands dropped from above, grabbing handfuls of red hair to keep her partner doing that. “That, more.”

Her eyes Akane let her focus drift on the sensations, ignoring the audience as Ranma got more enthusiastic despite her guiding hands.

Kuno's finger and thumb were clamped hard around his twitching member, containing himself from messing his pants as his first true love moaned in the thrashes of love from the pleasing tongue of his second true love, his pigtailed girl unbound and unclothed with her opening visible to him from scant feet away.

Tongue already starting to tire, Ranma kept licking and sucking at his fiancées treasure, feeling her pleasurable trembling in her hands pulling on his hair.

“Oh god, I want you inside me,” Akane moaned loudly, making Ranma and Kuno equally shudder.

Standing up, Tatewaki Kuno pushed his pants down to free his manhood. “And so you shall be blessed by my weapon! Before I too consummate my red haired goddess!”

Akane's eyes shot open with fright, Ranma, his ass much closer to Kuno's weapon, its purple head emerged from his foreskin pointing at her virgin sex, lashed out much faster. Twirling off Akane his right leg extended as the left was pulled in to protect his juncture.

Kuno smiled as the red headed treasure coming towards his manhood, frowned when one leg cut it off from view, noticing too late as the other leg hit clean to his temple and dropped him back to the couch. Unconscious, his hand released his manhood sending jet after jet up his own shirt and face.

“Whew, I guess he liked the show,” Akane said nervously, coming down from her own highs.

Moving to the side of the booth, Ranma pushed a discrete intercom to the bar. “Booth two. We need towel, a credit card collected, a bottle of sake, three cups, a cold water and a cup of hot tea. Quickly please.”

Akane briefly considered helping clean Kuno but didn't want to touch him, looking up at her equally naked companion as she stressed the hot on the tea. She briefly considering asking but the way the red head was trembling she already knew, the fire rekindling in her belly.

“The bouncers come around regularly,” Akane warned, receiving a knowing glance from Ranma.

Ranma sashayed to the music towards his fiancée, the red head giving a searing kiss as her fingers found Akane's dripping juncture again.

When the shorter girls kissing left to trail up her chin, Akane tried again.

“What if he wakes up?”

Ranma breath was hot on Akane's ear, “Then he'll see the demon Saotome blessing you with his weapon. His bigger weapon.”

Smirking despite herself, Akane kissed her fiancé back. “Egotist.”

Listening over the music, Ranma heard soon enough to break off from Akane before Nodoka pulled back the dark curtain to the booth, holding a tray with the drinks and a towel. The old woman looked impressed at the unconscious customer. “Did you make him pass out through excitement?”

Akane bit her tongue but Ranma shrugged, “He's getting his moneys worth. Can you delay the next bouncer checking the booths for a couple minutes?”

“Couple?” Akane asked, ignoring Nodoka fluster with her sons forwardness.

Passing Nodoka the drink tray to Akane and throwing the towel in Kuno's messy face, Ranma gave her mother Kuno's credit card and closed the curtain on her.

“I don't know about you,” Ranma stated, snatching the hot tea and pouring it on his leg, enough to trigger the change to his male form, his black hair unbound, his face masculine and lustful despite the traces of makeup from his girl form, his think member rising quickly with rushing blood. “A couple minutes is all I need.”

Glaring at the egotistical jerk she loved, Akane froze realizing what they were missing when Ranma reached for his discarded corset and taking a condom out, tearing it open.

Reassured, Akane moved to the couch beside Kuno. “You better make them the best ever then,” she said, sitting down and using her hand to pull her leg up to beside her head, her treasure open to him.

Eyes on her lustful action, Ranma fumbled the condom before finally getting it on.

The dojo was dark but for Akane dancing under one light in practice for the next nights opening shows, spinning in place as she pulled off her miniskirt, revealing the tasteful black lace of stockings held up by garters, disappearing with a hint more of black lace panties below the white office shirt. Her heels clicking as she danced to the music in the dojo, smirking under the thick empty lensed bookish glasses she wore to complete the office lady appearance.

The doors to the dojo were shut by Nabiki when she left, and Akane had no doubt that Aunty and Nabiki knew what she was planning keeping Ranma still male during extra training. Kasumi had been convinced to go out with Doctor Tofu, who had snapped to attention hearing Kasumi needed to be relaxed from the stress of Akane becoming a stripper to save the house.

Twisting around she tore open her blouse, the clip buttons snapping but not breaking like a proper buisnes shirt, exposing her tight body glad only in more of the black lace of her bra, panties, garter, and stockings.

Ranma swallowed, his body reacting naturally to the enjoyable show but his thoughts only on how other guys will be looking at her like this.

Swaying in time to the music Akane moved to straddle her seated finance's lap, sitting to grind herself on him, slowing only as he kissed her in a way no client would be allowed. The sensations of her crotch rubbing on his bulge, as close to sex as either had come before, made her sigh with delight, ignoring her bra being pushed up, his hands gentle but skin rough.

When Ranma froze, Akane came back to the moment, opening her eyes to see him holding one plastic square of the condom. The condom she had hidden in her bra, 'just in case' till her next cycle and the pill could be relied on.

Locking on his eyes, Akane swallowed, not sure what to say. Ranma tilted his head, looking at her cautiously. Putting the wrapped condom between his lips to hold it, Ranma stroked a hand down her stomach.

Breaking contact only to cross her garter belt, his fingertips twisted to angle in under her panties, Akane shivering but not stopping the intrusion, before he made contact with her center.

Smirking as his fiancée closed her eyes and sighed, Ranma trembled himself as he probed her for the first time, one finger finding its way into her slick heat, her body writhing in pleasure.

Using his free hand to go around her neck, he pulled her close placing his cheek against hers, his fingers taking the condom from his mouth as he whispered to her. “Is it because of the dancing? Or me?” He punctuated his point sliding his finger inside her.

“Baka, it's always been you.”

Kissing deeply, the young couple awkwardly found timing as tongues tussled in Akane's mouth and a finger explored lower, both gleaming with sweat.

Pulling back from his lips, Akane forced his hand to reluctantly withdraw, standing up with need, hooking her thumbs to inelegantly drop her knickers from over the suspenders and down to her ankles, stepping out of them and leaving them on the floor as she grabbed the fallen condom and stood up, her eyes locking on his as they glued to the trim patch of dark hair at her juncture.

“Do you know how to put one of these on?” Akane asked in the sexiest voice she could muster, glad she got his attention as he broke from staring at her body.

Startled into action, Ranma stood up and yanked down his pants and shorts, resisting a sudden urge to cover his obvious reaction from her staring eyes. For Akane, the manhood pointing at her made her more nervous than lustful, but she couldn't be scared of Ranma and busied herself, kneeling down as she carefully pulled the condom from its wrapper.

Wrapping her hands around his girth, both sighed out, Akane taking strength from the nervousness he shared with her, stroking him for the first time. In the weakened light just out of the spotlight, she watched as the skin moved under her grasp, exposing the head from the foreskin. Pulling back, she began to work the lubricated condom on and down his length, smirking as he groaned.

Standing up, she kept her grip on him as she kissed him again, his arms wrapping her but she dragged him behind her into the darkness and the dojo training mats.

Laying down, she looked up at the man she loved as he moved on top of her for the first time as a lover.

Grunting unfemininely at the sensation of Ranma's manhood forcing open her lips and vessel to accept him, tight even with her so hot and wet and her right leg upright to open her thighs as wide as she could on the soft viewing couch.

Ranma's own grunt as his hips met hers made Akane smirk, her and releasing helping her leg stay up to grab him by his unbound black hair and pull him in for another harsh kiss.

The viewing couch yielding deeply at Ranma's thrusts forced him to pull her back by her hips so Akane sat just on the edge, bracing his hand above her to really pump into her with methodical thrusts, enjoying the sounds she made and hoping she didn't get much louder lest their actions be heard over the music into another occupied booth.

Each stroke brought Akane higher as her lover pounded into her body just hard enough to make a weak slapping sound ad his hip hit her legs, his thighs hitting the cushion of the seat. Nibbling on his ear between gasped, Akane just caught the smirk Ranma had for their unconscious customer paying for this show.

Tatewaki Kuno snored on oblivious to the lovers slapping their bodies together just inches from him, not that he could have read the mind of his first crush as she envisioned all those moments of jealousy Ranma had shown Kuno over her even from their first meeting. Or how Akane imagined this ultimate victory Ranma was enjoying as he screwed her before their upperclassman.

Ranma smirked as Akane gasped, thinking his shifting lower for better angle was working when he's head was pulled back by his hair, Akane pulling him off her, her long leg dropping as she lithely stood, still forcing Ranma back to the dance podium.

“Sit down.”

Obediently Ranma sat his naked behind down on the cool dance platform under the lights, Akane releasing his hair to push his chest back, turning to reverse straddle his thighs. Reaching back she roughly grabbed Ranma by his member as she raised herself up, using her free hand to open her folds, eyes looking at her first stalker unconscious on the couch as if he were watching the show.

“It's going in,” she gasped redundantly, not really caring that Ranma was well aware of the action. Sighing in pleasure as she reached the base of Ranma's manhood, pushing up with her thighs to drop down again.

Ranma reached for her hips to aid as she rose and fell, Akane rocking her hips to the music as rode him as the name implied, reverse cowgirl.

Feeling Ranma's hands helping but really just restricting her, Akane pulled them off her hips and up to her breasts, letting his fingers cup her flesh. Still rocking up and down on him, she squeezed his fingers into her roughly.

“Harder,” Akane demanded, her breasts squeezed and Ranma's hips aiding their joining as he obeyed.

“Kuno-chan?” Akane gasped her sister's pet name for the wannabe samurai, her fingers parting her labia and rubbing her clit as she rose and fell on Ranma's manhood in earnest. “Am I still pure like this Kuno-chan?”

Groaning in pleasure she asked rhetorically again, “Am I still your precious pure and tidy tigress?”

Feeling one hand release from mashing her tit, shivering in delight as her right buttock was slapped sharply. “Not sure bout Tiger but feels like I'm fucking an animal.”

Her eyes rolling as she shivered at Ranma's words, Akane put her hands on his thighs to support her actions, digging her nails in like claws of the animal he called her. Another slap on the behind was her reward.

“I'm gonna cum,” Ranma warned, squeezing her breast again, pinching her hard nipple, muscles tight as he held off.

“He's going to cum, Kuno-chan. He's gonna cum for me and soon he won't have to use a condom. Will I still be pure Kuno-chan?”

Akane's words didn't help Ranma's self control, his hips jerking up as he put his hands on her to control the action.

A flash of blue from the closed eyes of their audience made her imagine Ranma watching her like this, the lust in his face as she made him feel like this sending her over the edge, liquid fire pouring through her body as her legs gave out, falling back on Ranma as he awkwardly jerked into her, his seed filling the condom.

The gasping young adults finally found their breath, Ranma kissing Akane's shoulder between breaths before eventually sitting up.

Reluctantly following suit, finding her legs less than agreeable to movement, Akane gingerly got up, ignoring the mess of her own juices in her juncture and down her thighs. Reaching the drink tray, she took a sip of the cool water, resisting taking it all, before offering the glass to her lover, watching as he carefully removed the condom, the sheath weighed down by his white seed.

Reaching out, Akane took it from him and offered him the water. Turning she took the towel thrown on Kuno and used the clean side to wipe herself up some, sighing at the sensitive friction, and tossing the towel to Ranma.

Watching Ranma clean up, she sighed again as she watched him spill his drink on himself, purposefully triggering his curse to his attractive red headed girl form and drinking the rest of the water.

Sighing again as her fiancé lost his strong wrapping male arms, still attracted to him but wanting that warmth in the after glow, Akane looked again to the messed male remaining. Taking the towel again she used it to avoid direct contact as she put Kuno back into his pants.

“What ya doing?” Ranma asked slightly jealous after just making love to her.

“Cleaning up before we get fired,” Akane replied, before surprising Ranma again by putting Ranma's filled condom in Kuno's pants before doing them up.

“Won't that get us fired?”

“We can deny it. He didn't after all. But he'll believe what he wants to believe and that will make him ignore the Gambling King maxing out his credit card.”

Still pouting cutely, Ranma shook her head, “I don't want him thinking he did you.”

Rolling her eyes, Akane reached for the sake bottle and a cup, “Then we'll say to him he only did you.”

“Then he'll be back tomorrow for you!”

Glaring at her partner, Akane stood firm. “Stop raising your voice, idiot. If he comes back again he gets another show that he might stay awake through but I only sleep... I only fuck you. Got it?”

Moving over, Ranma stood on her toes to kiss the taller girl. Parting, Akane splashed Kuno with sake, pouring some on his lips and chin and putting the cup in his hand. Putting the bottle back on the tray, she joined Ranma in putting on her panties and helping the redhead put her red corset back on, but ignored her own shirt and bra.

A nod to the bouncer as he did his rounds let them know they hadn't been caught out, stopping the bouncer when he was going to wake Kuno, telling he gave his card already.

Alone again, the pair of girls looked at the still unconscious audience.

“So what do we do now?”

Akane shrugged. “We could make out?”


Nabiki smirked as she listened to the MP3 player over the sounds of loud lovemaking upstairs.

It was a gift from her boyfriend, a thoughtful one month anniversary gift. She was still surprised that 'Roshi, the Gambling Kings own lawyer had turned out to be something of a catch. And even if it turned out he was only Mr Right For Now, he was wealthy, a great reference, access to major legal resources for her studies, and a great deal of fun.

Across the table her father drank and smiled and cried, looking up at the ceiling to the bedrooms above like his daughter was up stairs winning Olympic gold.

To his left Kasumi was less joyful, actually down right trembling with anger as she sharpened every knife in the kitchen. Again. Hearing her unwed baby sister riding her fiancé not good for Kasumi's mood.

This was Ranma and Akane's celebration. Last night they earned enough to be clear of debt and the house and dojo were saved.

'Well, thats what they will tell the investigators,' Nabiki thought to herself. The sounds of love making above recorded the night before and played on her stereo, Aunty and Uncle Genma up stairs either moving the furniture to the timing of the recording or maybe actually banging the furniture to make the same sounds. When the cops asked if Akane and Ranma were here there is no way they'll think Kasumi or Daddy is lying, and Genma well acquainted with lying.

Shifting thinking of Roshi making her cry like that, Nabiki turned up the MP3 player.

Akane moaned as Ranma thrust into her, the chill night air making her nipples tighter and harder as they screwed at the rail of the tall building, the height over the street her feel like she was being screwed while flying.

Smirking Ranma pulled Akane back into him, enjoying the smooth action of their love making.

Both inhaled deeply of the faintly smoky air, smirking as they saw in the distance the 'Royal Blush', the club where they worked, burning to the ground.

The end.

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