ranma left to find his cure right after school let out. akane couldn't take it and followed. she was told he was dead, he was told she was. by different people. akane ended up in Kyoto for school, now is lead singer in a cover band. bad stuff happened which is why she was told as dead. ryoga is in the band.

while searching for him, she found shampoo who said she was pregnant with ranma's child and that he had died while helping to defend the tribe. she freaked and headed home. gave up on tokyo and moved to kyoto. ran into ryoga and ended up starting a band. she was living in an apartment with a female roomate. one night roomate goes to her boyfriend's house for the night and an obessesed fan shows up and attacks akane.

'disgrace the family', they disowned her. a few weeks later she lost the child, but she was already 'dead' to the tendo's. she took her mother's maiden name, and moved back to kyoto. Ravyn says: she happened upon a nice elderly couple looking for someone to live in thier house and house sit while they spent time in america, and when they decided to stay there, she and ryoga bought the place. <ryoga and akane are just friends. he wans more, but still hasn't done anything about it, especially with all she has been through. I have this scene planned on how she found out and dealt with his little piggy problem.

we find all this out later, about chap2. it starts with ranma passing through town, about to stop somewhere for food, but gets drawn into this club by the music. he goes in, and by the end of the set, recognizes Ryoga, who invits Ranma back to the house. 'there is someone you gotta see.'

both thought the other dead, so there is the happiness of finding out the truth. shampoo was just being a bitch. ranma never even saw shampoo on his trip. he just got stuck helping people who needed help. as for the attacker, i haven't decided yet.

i'm not sure. see, it's just something I was kicking around when i was waiting or something, and didn't have my book to read. i started this as a 'can i take the scene i see in my head, and properly describe it in print?' kind of like a writing excersize. but i just keep adding things in my mind. like the dynamic of the ryoga-akane-ranma relationship. what kind of friends they all have, what develops? stuff like that. does that make sense?

Trent O'Donoghue says: It does, but I have a few concerns that I'll point out from my limited experiance. To start with, do you feel you are a good comedic writer, and do you want any comedy in the fic? Ravyn says: i wanna say yes, and yes. i am aiming for a drama/comedy type with some dark pasts, deep secrets, and issues they all help each other through. Ravyn says: i want if fun, but serious as well. Trent O'Donoghue says: That is fine, but justr remember, every comedien finds a tough crowd at a wake.

it will, obviously, start out dark. well, dim. she does have to explain what she's been through to ranma when he looks at her and says, your family told me you died. why?

i haven't really fleshed out ranma's side yet. see, when I started this, i was kind of depressed and upset. when i get that way, i deal with it by taking it out on my favorite characters.

An idea I toyed with for Shampoo to win Ranma would be to send him into the future, where akane thinks he is dead and moves on and marries. With her married he is free and comes to her.

If that was the case here, and Ranma was apparently killed, then the girls are all morning, (shampoo falsly), but in the months after something happens. Kuno either catches akane drunk, uses his sisters poisons to paralyse her and either attacks her himself, or makes it seem he did. When akane still rejhects him, he falsifies a pregnancy test, which leads to the same result of Kasumi and father rejecting her, working even better with Nabiki being the US and unable to stop Kuno's schemeing.

In kyoto, akane and ryoga start upthe band as expected, but either Ranma is released early, or shampoo beleives akane is gone for good.

This creates a dynamic with ryoga being a more mature big brother to ranma, and akane being more in control to try and mature her returned ranma.

A twist on this is Kuno finds out someone slept with the drunk akane and claims it was him to get her, and even as the truth comes out they have to work out who did it, possibly finding it was ryoga...

Ravyn says: this can get really convoluted Ravyn says: i mean that in a good way.

It sets up a dramatic ending, with akane the non virgin ronin with ranma who is unchanged, while Ryoga is in the wings, close but so ashamed of what he has done, especially with her pain of such an abuse in the songs she sings.

What if Ryoga has been playing servant in remorse for what he thought was consensual, only when they find out and start hating him, nabiki pipes up that he was with her that night...

Also if Nodoka got pissed with akane with her 'pregnancy to kuno', there is making up between ranma/akane and nodoka to throw in for an arc.

Ranma Saotme walked along the streets of Kyoto, his eyes downcast, thinking about where he might be sleeping tonight. He had all his earthly possessions on his back, and had been wandering for quite some time now.

It was getting dark now, and he was starting to get hungry. He had a little money saved, and figured if he camped tonight, he could afford to buy a meal. He would have to work a couple of odd jobs tomorrow, get some cash, then he would move on to the next town. He just had to decide where to eat. He didn’t have much, so it couldn’t be elaborate or fancy......

He looked up. He was passing a club, and the music was really good. Good enough to catch his attention, and drag him inside. He paid the cover and walked to a table. The place was packed. He didn’t recognize the music, but the singer was really good.

Ordering a drink, he sat back and watched the show. The band had 6 members, all male save for the singer. The guys all seemed to be Americans, the woman was Japanese.

She had long, black hair with blue highlights, that fell to her waist in gentle waves. She was in the middle of a song, and was turned a little away from him, so he couldn’t really see her face, but she had a body of an athlete. Curvy and soft in all the right places, toned and strong in all the rest. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt with a picture of a sledgehammer on the front, tight black jeans and black boots.

To her left was the base player and a guitarist. The first had short brown hair, and an average build covered in a simple white t-shirt and faded blue jeans. The guitarist was blond with short hair and actually looked a lot like the bassist, accept he was much thinner, his face all angles, his nose more pointed. He also wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans. The drummer, stationed behind her, was a little heavy set, and had shoulder length blond hair. He had a sleeveless black shirt and black spandex shorts. To the singer’s right were the keyboardist and another guitarist. The keyboard player was very tall, like 6'4", and Ranma could tell that all the way from his seat. He wore a red plaid button up shirt and black jeans. He was to far to see much detail in any of the band members, like eye color and the like, but he could tell at first glance, that the man standing between the keyboard player and the singer, was Japanese, like the singer.

Suddenly, recognition jumped up and slapped him in the face. He knew the guitarist! It was Ryoga Hibiki! Ranma’s jaw dropped so hard he was surprised that he didn’t get lock jaw. He stood up and walked closer to the stage for a better look. He got almost right up to the stage. Yup, that was definitely Ryoga! He had to get his attention. Just then, with a flourish of vocals and lights, the song ended and the stage went dark.

Shit! He pushed his way up to the stage, yelling his name.

“Ryoga! Ryoga!”

Ryoga looked up from loading his guitar into it’s case. He thought he heard his name, and looked over to the front of the stage. What he saw almost stopped his heart. He froze for about 5 seconds, then sprang across the stage and tackled the man calling his name.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed, picking Ranma up and brushing himself off. “Is that really you, Ranma?!?”

“Uh, ya man. I can’t believe it. You play guitar in a band? When did this happen?”

“Well, about.....Wait, you know what? This is kind of a long story. Plus, I know someone else you would like to see. Why don’t you come over tonight? We will be done here in a couple of minutes” He noticed the backpack on Ranma’s back., “Do you have a place to stay?”

“Not really. I just got into town. I don’t want to put you out or anything.” He replied.

“Great! Then it’s settled. Meet me out front in about 10 minutes. We have a big white van with a sledgehammer painted on it.”

“Ok.” he said. Ryoga clapped him on the back once more, smiled from ear to ear, and turned back to his guitar.

Ranma was waiting out front by the van while the other members of the band were loading it. Every now and then, they would throw him a strange look, as if to say ,’what the heck is he doing here?’, but other than that he was left alone. Finally Ryoga came out, carrying his instrument. He handed it to the drummer to load and walked over to Ranma. “So, you ready to meet the person I was telling you about?”

“Uh, I guess so.” Ranma said nervously.

Ryoga laughed. “Well, you gotta wait a little longer!” he yelled over his shoulder to the band,”She got a ride with a friend, she said to leave without her.”

“All right, then lets get out of here. My wife is waiting. She got off early tonight.”

“Relax, John. We’ll get cha there! Hey, guys, this is a buddy of mine from back in Nermia, Ranma Saotome. Ranma, this is John Kerr, he plays rhythm guitar, and back up vocals. That is Mike DeBarge on drums, and Jeff Briggs, he is the master of keyboards, also helps on vocals.

And over there, the scrawny ass dork with the bass is Chris, he and John are twins.” He said all this with a smile.

The Chris in question placed his bass in the van, walked up to Ryoga and punched him in the arm. “I’ll show you scrawny, asshole!” That was also said with a smile.

“Aww! Somebody needs a hug!” and Ryoga tried to grab him. Chris ducked out of the way and started to climb into the van. He stuck his tongue out and climbed in. Ryoga started laughing and turned back to Ranma.

“Eh, he’s like a little brother to me. We are all like family here. Come on, lets get outta here. I’m starving!”

They all piled into the van and headed off.

The ride was uneventful, with idle chit chat about the concert, and not much else. Soon enough, the van pulled to a stop in front of a big, two story home. It was very nice and had a desert type landscaped front yard.

Ryoga turned to Ranma and said, “Well buddy, this is our stop.” He started to climb out, grabbed his equipment, and waited for Ranma. They waited til the van drove off, then Ryoga opened the door. “I knew it! She forgot to lock the door again! You’d think that after what happened, she would be more paranoid about that!”

“Who? What happened? Are you married, Ryoga?”

That seemed to snap him out of his thoughts. They walked in and removed their shoes. “Oh honey! I’m home!” Ryoga yelled loudly. To Ranma he said, “No, I am not married. This house belongs to the singer of the band, and I just kinda stay here with her. We have been here about 2 years now.”

Just then they heard a voice from off to the right, “I’ll be right down! There is some pizza in the kitchen, you just missed Steve. He said to say hello, and that he won’t be here for practice tomorrow, but he will make sure to have the pizza here.”

“Ok!” He yelled back. “C’mon, while it’s hot. She’ll be here in a minute anyway.” They headed out of the entrance into what appeared to be a main room. It was very large, with a fireplace at the back. To the right, against the back wall next to the fireplace, was a staircase leading upstairs. From where he stood, he could see three doors. One at the end of the stairway, one directly across from the first, and a smaller one in the middle. The doors on the ends seemed to be bedrooms, and he assumed the middle one was to a closet of some kind. Downstairs, right under the bedrooms, were four rooms. Two doors, one under each of the upstairs bedrooms, seemed also to be bedrooms, the two in the middle seemed to be a den and bathroom, respectively.

He was shaken from his thoughts as Ryoga grabbed his shoulder. “Hey, kitchen’s that way, “ he said, pointing past a Japanese screen, “Plus, I”ll give you the tour a little later.” He laughed and turned back the other way. Ranma followed.

Beyond the screens, there was a low, traditional Japanese table with four cushions next to a sliding glass door. There was just enough room to sit and eat comfortably.

They passed through another doorway and were now in a spacious kitchen. There was a fridge on the left wall next to a counter that wrapped all the way around the wall. Directly across from the door was the sink and dishwasher, stove on the right. Cabinets lined the walls above the counter. To the immediate right of the door, against the wall, there was a taller, western style table with four chairs.

Ryoga took a couple of paper plates from the cupboard and handed one to Ranma. “Dig in!” he said, pointing to the two pizza boxes on the counter. They both took a couple of slices, Ryoga grabbed a couple of sodas from the fridge and they sat at the table. They sat quietly for a few moments, just eating, until Ryoga broke the silence.

“So, where have you been? What have you been doing? How did you find us?” Ranma swallowed and looked up at his sometimes rival. He took a deep breath and, “Well, I-“

“Where’s the grub, I’m STARVING!”

The woman from the stage came in, making a beeline for the food. She had changed into a pair of baggy pajama pants that hung from her hips, showing the delicate flare of her hips and her nicely rounded bottom. She had on a small, white tank top showing a small strip of lightly tanned skin, right around her middle. Her hair was pinned back hastily in a clip. Although he had yet to see any of her front, Ranma found this girl incredibly sexy.

She grabbed a plate and a slice and turned toward the table and it’s occupants. Everyone froze.

Ranma stood up so fast he knocked the chair over.

“Ranma!” she exclaimed, pointing.

“Akane?!?” he yelled, also pointing.

They just stood frozen in shock, staring for the longest time.

Suddenly, Ryoga started laughing. This got the others moving again. Akane recovered first. “Ranma, is that-is that really you?” she stepped forward, reaching out as if to touch him, but pulled her hand back at the last second.

“Ya, it’s me, but is it really you?”

She smiled, and he knew it was really her. No one else could make his knees go weak and his heart speed up with just a smile. Before he even knew what he was doing, he reached out and pulled her into a hug. He held her tight and buried his face in her hair, just reveling in the feel and smell of her. When he finally let her go, he had tears slipping down his face.

She was blushing and looked astonished. She slowly reached up and brushed away his tears.

“They said you were dead.” he whispered.

Back to my last question, would it be less dark if if Ryoga has been playing servant in remorse for what he thought was consensual, only when they find out and start hating him, nabiki pipes up that he was with her that night...

Gos may be a photographer and starts restalking her as she become famous.

So there you have your fic, open with ranma's POV of the time displacement, from normal day to a future without friends and soun and kasumi threw out slut akane.

Finding her and reconsiliation. Working through troubles, maturing and helping her career, strange occurances

A kidnapping attempt by crazed fan perhaps.

Kuno comes with claimes and is eventually proven not to be, ryoga ashamed either beiong pointed out or admitting it was him, nabiki visiting points out she was with him, and the question is still in air of who

Reconsiliation with nodoka and possible tendos, then successful kidnapping by gos who claims it was him and has a trophy to prove it.

Hmmm... Didn't include shampoo, she has to have a roll to justify the time shift.

Out of interest, have you given akane a 'stage' person/look/name? Ravyn says: i haven't decided on the name yet, the look is basically just longer hair, still toned, kinda rock n roll. had the band named 'sledgehammer' Ravyn says: so, while on stage, her clothes always have at least 1 referance to sledgehammers Trent O'Donoghue says: Sledgehammer is a great angle. Trent O'Donoghue says: It just occured to me that a ronin like her may have tried to make herself look a little different, possibly red hair, or a pigtail as a bit of a tribute. Ravyn says: LOL!!

Trent O'Donoghue says: I like the meeting scene, but it did miss one thing. Where was the fight? Ravyn says: what fight? Trent O'Donoghue says: It is ranma Trent O'Donoghue says: I would have had him get into a spat with the bouncers at the gig, they call in ryoga... Ravyn says: oh, i see. Trent O'Donoghue says: Especially if this bar is their regular hangout and akane may teach some of the bouncers during the day Ravyn says: another good angle Trent O'Donoghue says: Facing her techniques may put him off. Ravyn says: ya i could see that

Chapter 1: Ranma's POV, getting attacked, returns with Shampoo trying to hug him, going on about bringing him back from death, he leaves to dojo finds it near empty, only soun drunk off in the dojo itself, crying about daughters abandoning him, Ranma asks about akane and is just told she is gone, when asks about parents and where they went, soun doesn't seem to know, then mentions kyoto. Unable to find Kasumi, and beleiving Nabiki still in the states, Ranma finds a train ticket to Kyoto inside the house, unusued from a month before. When Shampoo shows up telling a story about Akane doing Kuno then leaving, he descides to go to Kyoto to find his parents or someone to tell him what happened.

Chapter 2: Unable to find his oldies, is wandering the streets when comes across a club with strong music blaring, the singer drawing him in. See's ryoga, meets up with him after show, is taken home with him and finds Akane. Hears part of story, asks about shampoo's claims and akane tells the rest, ryoga backing her one hundred percent in hating the attacker, but more remorse than angry, Ranma mad then upset because if he hadn't been sent into the future she wouldn't have been drunk and vulnerable.

Thought, Gosenkugi is not just a stalker after the girl he took advantage of, but wannabe agent of the Sledgehammers, possibly also living with Akane and Ryoga. Is trying to slowly win over Akane, especially with doing publicity and trying to arrange a record deal. But when Ranma returns, he then starts bringing in old rivals to stop ranma regaining her affection.

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