Akane struggled against her bindings as the geeky Hiraku Gosenkugi took another photo of her bound form with the SLR camera, his body trembling with excitement as he shifted to a different angle to recorded her.

Ambushed during phys ed, bound to a pole in the equipment shed, Akane pulled against the tight ropes, pulling them deeply into her on her bare legs and even through her thin cotton sports shirt. Her struggling pushing her chest out further, the models own eyes burning a hole in the foreigner's eyes looking back at her.

Shampoo giggled to herself as she looked at Akane’s helplessness in the sports equipment shed, reaching out one hand to squeeze her breast amused at her squeals of indignation. “Akane always obstacle, now obstacle be gone. Shampoo use mental tsubo technique, make hot, make want man, make enjoy torture by little boy, and xi fong shoe to forget Shampoo here. Ranma see cheating girl and believe Shampoo when tell how weak girl go crazy slutty after near death at Jusendo.”

Akane struggled, squealing through her gag as Gosenkugi set aside the camera in his hands, eagerly pulling at his own school sports shirt, revealing his pale and gaunt body. Akane began to thrash in panic as he reached to drop his shorts, only to have the material come up, the hems at least as high as his lowest ribs, though the way his eyes bugged out she could see he felt like they much much higher.

Dropping the wedged boy aside, Ranma looked at Shampoo, the cute Chinese girl trying to smile like this was all a joke. “What happens now Shampoo?” he asked in a quiet voice.

“Ranma see how far Shampoo go for her Airen, comes back to village?”

“That won’t undo the pain and fear you just put into Akane, Shampoo. How will you make it up to her?”

Akane struggled, trying to speak through the gag.

“Shampoo take Airen away, always say she hate you, you leave, she happy.”

The girl shook her head, growling angrily. “She doesn’t seem to like that idea.” He sighed, drooping slightly. “I don’t think anything that is what you want would make her happy right now Shampoo.”

He eyed the bound girl for a moment, then reached to un-gag her.

“Untie me baka!” she screamed angrily.

“Akane, calm down, breath and find your center.”

Frowning, she did her best to find her control.

“Akane, would you want me to knock Shampoo out, tie her up naked and leave her in Mousse’s bed?”

Her eyes darkly looked at the girl, then she shook her head. “No,” she glared at the girl. Her voice dropping as she hissed a follow up in anger, “Mousse is too good for her.”

She turned her head to Ranma, “You going to untie me?”

“Not yet, I don’t want this to be a fight because I think she went too far.”

"Of course she went too far. She alw..." with a deft tug, Ranma pulled the gag back up into Akane's mouth to cut off her words, his eyes on the problem.

“Shampoo only do to show Airen who best is. Shampoo loves more, cooks more, prettier, nicer…”

”Not to me.”

“What mean Ranma?”

“To me, you’re not the best Shampoo. You’re not prettier than Akane, no way are you nicer, she wouldn’t do this to you in revenge let alone just because she didn’t like you. And she may not be a better cook, but I’ll eat any of that slop she makes before I have anything from you ever again.”

His angry voice jolted both girls, one glaring at the bound other, before looking sweetly at Ranma, “Shampoo want better, kiss better, kiss anytime.”

“I’d rather,” his voice petered out, then his eyes flashed and he lent to the bound girl and quickly kissed her lips around the gag. “I’d rather have her yell and beat me up for stealing that kiss than let you kiss me.”

Akane's angry gagged cries were nothing on the shaking of the enraged Shampoo, glaring at him and backing up. “Ranma Shampoo’s husband, leave weak girl or else.”

“Or else what?”

Shampoo turned in a flash to the side, Ranma following but noting till too late her hand reaching for the bucket. With a clenching of his stomach he realized that if she turned cat he would be unable to get near her, and Akane was still bound and vulnerable!

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The fear flooding Ranma’s mind tangled his thoughts driving him against the wall as the cat struggled from Shampoo’s clothes. Finally free, its haunches lowered as it readied to pounce at him, Akane squealing into his gag where he stupidly left her tied up.


With another cry, the pink and purple house cat rushed forward, Shampoo exulting as her curse gave her the ultimate weapon over her wayward Airen, but he didn't play fair, his blue eyes turning dead as he leapt back at her.

Akane watched as the cats tiny claws went into his dark hair, tiny maw opening to bite down on his nose, rear claws raking his cheeks. She was sure Shampoo was even more surprised than she was when her ailuriaphobic fiancé grabbed the animal, pulling it against him.

After a few moments of Shampoo's yowls, another cat's howl took over, the pink and purple cat hurled away as Ranma shifted, his hind raising as he stood up on all fours, eyes warily around the room.

The a smack, Shampoo landed into some shelving, the feline crying out as she bounced off a tangle of volleyball nets, one falling after her, balling around the struggling form as it came down on the ground.

Stalking forward, neko-Ranma glared down at the creature, now piteously crying, hoping her Airen would cut her free despite his remaining anger, but the empty eyes looking at her held no pity.

A call from the gagged girl turned Ranma from the helpless foe, his eyes lighting up as he bounded easily to her side as her brown eyes looked down at him, holding relief, amusement, and a touch of what his conscious form would never realize was love.

Still tied to the support post, Akane waited for her fiancé to cut her free, his insane state better than ever for cutting her free, but caught her breath as he rubbed his cheek, neck, shoulder and flank along her bare thigh, the bound limb going from numb to sensitive like a snap. As he disappeared from her sight behind her to her bounds, she idly considered how he would never have the guts to touch her leg with affection normally, and blushing at the thought of his mocking if he knew how he affected her.

Her brown eyes rolled as the sensation occurred again, this time on the other leg as he came again before her, her bonds untouched. "Making up for lost time pervert. Get me free already," she growled into her gag.

Flinching so hard she tapped her head on the post behind her, his face was in hers, his hands used like paws, resting on the poll above her head, his eyes on her even as he licked his tongue, across her cheek, gag, and most importantly lips. Unable to keep her eyes on his as she flushed and looked down, not helped as his hard body and wide shoulders so close to her that she could feel the heat.

The mewing of the angry cat caught in the volleyball netting was ignored for a second licking kiss pressed on Akane's gagged mouth, before Ranma dropped back down, his hands brushing her flanks and the ropes fell away from her making her free.

Controlling her breathing, Akane squatted down and hugged his neck, glaring at Shampoo.

Getting up again, Akane picked up Shampoo's discarded clothes, using the dress to grab the cat, extracting the struggling form from the netting and binding it inside the material.

Turning around she looked at the still downed classmate who was moaning as he woke. With a stomp she shattered the camera he had been using, Ranma looking up at her with a meow, before a swipe of his claws shredded the gaunt boys shirt.

Akane blushed and pulled Shampoo's knickers from the clothes holding the still meowing girl turned cat. Bending down to stick them over the boys head humiliatingly.

Ranma took another swipe and Gosunkugi sighed as the pressure was released.

Five minutes later Hikaru Gosunkugi sat up, snatching the cloth off his head finding it a pair of ladies underwear. Looking at the ruins of his own clothes, it was the only item of clothing he had. He looked forlornly at the pole and sighed in disappointment.

“Ack, cold!” Ranma-chan said standing up suddenly, looking around to see Akane watching her from beside the hose out the front of Doctor Tofu's clinic. His blue eyes looked her over, “You okay?”

Akane turned pink, drawing her eyes from how Ranma's white sports shirt was entirely too clingy when wet. “ How much do you remember?”

“Ah, Shampoo turned cat to get to you, I guess I went neko-ken, huh? Did I hurt her?”

“No, I left her in a letterbox down the street. I'll let her out later. But she scratched our face, go talk to Doctor Tofu.”

Nodding in the uncomfortable moment, Ranma ran inside, leaving Akane to sigh and wonder why she didn't tell him of how affectionate his cat mind had been.

Doctor Tofu Ono held Mr Herutsuwarui by the arm as he helped the elderly man back to the front of his office. “I've arranged for an appointment with a cardiac specialist at the hospital for an ECG and Ultrasound, but till then get good sleep, and avoid getting excited. Your heart has seen a good few years, it isn't as sturdy as it once was.”

Sliding open the door, Ranma bounced his feminine form into the room, forgetting the clinging white shirt, the cool dampness making her nipples erect.

Doctor Tofu's eyes went to the scratches on the girls face.

Mr Herutsuwarui's eyes went to Ranma's heaving bosom.

The wheezing old man clutching his chest drew both Doctor Tofu's and Ranma's attention.

Akane whistled as she strolled down the street, an angry howling cat struggling in the dress bundled in her hand. Spinning and swinging her arm to hopefully nauseate the annoying cat, Akane continued on, spotting the Cat Cafe up ahead.

Striding straight into the restaurant, Akane saw Mousse waiting on tables filled with the lunch crowd, hearing the sound of cooking in the kitchen knowing it was Cologne in there.

“Hello Mousse, could you tell Cologne that for what she did today, Ranma could have killed her, and I should have.”

The diners looked around in shock at the forward speaking young woman in the sporting clothes, but before Mousse could reply, Cologne bounded from the kitchen on her walking stick. “What did she do?”

“Ask her yourself,” Akane said, smiling for the old woman. Flicking her wrist, sent the dress towards a table, holding one end till it unraveled, a purple cat appearing just before hitting a bowl of hot ramen soup.

A naked purple haired woman stood on the table seething, already looking to pounce at the upstart Japanese girl, when Cologne's voice snapped rapid fire Chinese. Reluctantly, Shampoo used two napkins to barely cover her ample chest and purple delta, striding confidently for the back rooms ignoring the stares and ogling of her body and bare behind by customers.

Akane shook her head distastefully then turned and stormed out of the building.

Half way between the Doctors clinic and the Cat Cafe a now male Ranma with band aids on his face came running to find Akane walking home. “Yo Tomboy, you okay? You should a waited before visiting the Chinese, Shampoo already got ya once today and is probably out for blood.”

“She got me from behind, but I'm not going to back down because she likes to cheat,” Akane returned hotly. “If she can't take the fact you have some better taste than wanting her, I'm not going to run in fear of her desperation. Besides, I owed her some payback.”

Ranma smirked, “What did you do?”

Stepping past Ranma she continued onto home, “Pervert.”

“What?” Ranma exclaimed, “How does what you did to her make me the pervert?”

Reaching the Tendo home and removing their shoes, the young couple heard shouting in the main room.

“Wife, I am telling you that I will not allow it!”

“If what you say is true, my son can take allergy pills.”

The shouts of the Saotome parents made Ranma slow down but Akane just grabbed his hand to drag him inside rather than hide out.

“Aunty,” Kasumi's voice rose, “Mr Saotome is not actually right in calling Ranma's issue an allergy, he just doesn't get along with...”

Nodoka brightened seeing her son and future daughter-in-law enter the room, turning and pushing a fluffy ball in her hand towards her son. “Surely my manly son has no problems with a cute little kitty.”

Said manly son gave a feminine “Eep!” and jumped behind his fiancée, holding her in front of him from the furry beast in his mothers hands.

Nodoka was shocked by the behavior of her son but before she could question his manly courage her eyes looked at the blushing girl he hid behind, his face hidden near her neck, his left hand around her to hold her like a shield to his chest, cupping her left breast.

“Get the cat out now,” Akane ordered her future mother-in-law, before grabbing her future husbands wrist and twisting it off her. “And what do you think your grabbing?” Ranma still trying to hide from the cat in his mothers hand, was unable to articulate anything to appease his fiancée, not that anything he could say would ever stop her being angry with him or forgive him. His shoulders locked as he squatted back, his eyes going dead in the mixed fear he felt as the cat mind took over.

“Meow,” he moaned, thankful as Akane instantly released his paw. Her sigh at seeing him revert again, for an unprecedented second time in one day, was covered over as Kasumi gave a loud huff.

“Aunty, perhaps you should hear the entire story of what your husband did to your son before you jump to any conclusions.”

Turning from the sight of her odd behaving son, Nodoka looked to her husband for this explanation and found empty air.

“Um, I'll go find him,” Soun offered from his normally silent position at the table, heading for the door and grabbing his jacket as he went.

“I'll get some tea and we can explain,” Kasumi offered but Nabiki spoke up.

“Geezez Sis, it's like a band aid, lets rip it off,” she stated with a bemused smirk, standing to take the kitten from Nodoka's hands. “To teach your son the art, your husband tortured your son with cats till his mind broke and he thinks he is a cat. Now he is terrified of cats but can go cat like this.”

Then there was much ranting, waving on a unsheathed sword, and crying.

Akane sighed as she tried to watch television with Ranma's head in her lap. Nabiki's smug grin didn't get her down as her fiancé slept off his bout of insanity, her hand gently stroking his chin as he slept on. Nothing stirred him, not even Aunty Nodoka's sharpening of her family sword in readiness when she got her hands on her husband for this 'neko-ken' training.

Pursing her lips, Akane looked at a couple embracing on the television, then glanced to the young man lying on her. The semi kiss they had shared again, his cat mind through a gag. His real mind did it to but he had done that just to annoy Shampoo. Soon his beautiful blue eyes would open and instead of the animal would be the big dummy who couldn't control his mouth.

She supposed that wasn't really fair of her but it wasn't that he was fair to her. Always insulting her, never giving her a chance. She wouldn't let herself be fooled that the animal in him showed the attraction that he felt, no matter what his eyes said when his mouth denied. She couldn't take the chance it was just the cat.

Stroking his hair, Akane sighed.

Ranma smirked as he stretched. It wasn't often he got to fight for an audience and knew there was a danger in showboating for a crowd, especially one made up of those he wanted to impress like his mother, his fiancé, and Akane's older sisters. Pop and old man Tendo still hadn't returned lest they face his mother over the Neko-ken training.

Swallowing at the reminder, Ranma tried to contain any nervousness at his challenge letter signed by the self proclaimed 'Neko-ken' master.

It had been three days since he had fallen twice into the insanity of the Neko-ken, once to save Akane and once because his mother had shoved a cat into his face. Akane had been pretty smug about it and he got the feeling he had done something other than go to sleep on her lap like his Mom had said. At least he hadn't kissed her again, she hadn't belted him so he was confident of that.

Then again she hadn't belted him for kissing her when she was tied up by Shampoo.

Ignoring the tingling in his lips, Ranma focused on preparing for the fight.

With a ring of the bell the rear gate opened and the five occupants of the dojo looked to those entering the gate.

With a full head of loose and flowing strawberry blond hair, the tanned Japanese man confidently strode into the Tendo yard with a graceful if predatory gait. His wiry muscles under his tanned skin gleamed in the sunlight, a black leather vest was open revealing the rippling muscles of his chest. Tight black leather pants hugged his legs, bulging shamelessly in the front, an animal handlers whip was coiled at his side.

“I am looking for some punk called Saotome? Are you him?”

Ranma looked at the stranger disgustedly, “I'm Ranma Saotome, and only take your shoes off and come inside if your looking for a fight.” Glancing at the women, Ranma was dismayed to see Kasumi blushing, Nabiki drooling, and even his mother waving cool air into her face looking at the challenger. Akane was looking at him, pink cheeked as she looked at Ranma like a piece of meat imagining him in a different outfit and he had a fair idea what.

With a whistle, the stranger stood on the step into the dojo, eyes locked confidently on Ranma, as two young women, both Japanese but also tanned, one with long blond hair tied back in a tight braid in similar black leather to the challengers, only her vest done up and tripped in black fur except where her swelling cleavage disappeared into the laces of her vest. The other had a similar braid in black hair, her black leather trimmed in bright yellow hair but for where her deeper cleavage vanished into the laces.

Akane's eyes narrowed at the obviously loose moralled girls but when she glared at Ranma for no doubt leering at them saw only the terror as behind each they brought five large domestic cats on leashes.

Both girls bent down in their tight leather, going onto their knees, one hand with the leashes on the step as they submissively placed their other hands on the challengers leather cowboy boots, holding them down as he stepped out of them.

With a Spanish accent as genuine as how Principal Kuno spoke with a Hawaiian one, the challenger introduced himself. “I am Don Juan Feikushu, master of the Neko-ken, lord of all felines and women with feline hearts.” He glanced his dark eyes to the women as he added the last.

Turning back to Ranma he continued, “I have heard a Ranma Saotome around her claims to know my technique?”

Ranma tore his eyes from the cats trying to show no fear, his body trembling. “My idiot father taught me to use it. Trust me you don't want me to go into it now.”

“You would threaten me? You tremble like a child before me. You know your arrogant boasting of the Neko-ken has brought down the true master and you shall be trashed like a bratty child.”

Ranma trembled, shaking his head. “I can beat you without the neko-ken.”

“Hah!” the foreign sounding Don Juan laughed, his hand grabbing his whip, unleashing and cracking it in one smooth motion. With the crack of the whip, the leashed cats meowed angrily, pulling back from their mistresses.

The loud meowing in the dojo faulted Ranma back a step, trying to ignore them.

With a sneer Feikushu lashed out at Ranma with the whip, only for it to be caught as Akane jumped between them. “Ranma doesn't like the neko-ken. He hates cats. But if you push him you'll lose. If you want to try, you have to get by me first!”

Raking his free hand through his flowing hair, the tanned fighter appraised the fiery girl in a skirt and blouse between him and his target, and laughed. “You have the heart of a lion, I do not fight such women. I dominate them and they join my pride.” He waved his hand towards the pair of frowning girls in tight leather frowning as they sized the shorter Akane up.

“Akane, No.” Ranma said as firmly as he could, stepping back to her but faltering as the whip flicked free of Akane's grip and was cracked again, the cats meowing in protested, the sound going straight through him.

“I'll get my gi,” Akane stated with a glare but before she could reach the door the whip coiled around her waist and she was yanked towards the young man in leather.

Stepping into the momentum, Akane lashed out with her fist, surprising all as she caught Don Juan on the chin, sprawling him backwards.

Forgetting her desire to change, she ran bare foot towards him, planning to stomp him some more but Don Juan managed to roll aside in time, looping his whip as he did to trip her up and force her back.

Akane smirked superiorly at Feikushu as he sprung to his feet, but in his hand, held like a claw was a strip of cloth, her eyes looking down to see her skirt slit up enough to expose much of her thigh. To focused on changing stance to preserve her modesty, she barely blocked as he charged in, lashing with clawing hands in an imitation of moving like a cat.

Blocking his arms she twisted before he sprang his back feet in to kick her like raking paws, the heir of the Tendo School of Anything Goes Martial Arts lashed up a lick catching him clean in midsection. The “oof” of his breath forced out made her overconfident, lashing out with a punch to the throat, but Don Juan bent to the side around it, raking at her.

Trying to step clear, Akane's skirt, caught by his previous kick locked her legs and with a tearing sound she fell away from him, the front of her blouse in tatters.

“Oh you'll be a fine mate,” Don Juan taunted as her leered at the girl in half a shirt and hello kitty panties.

Ranma left his fear at this and moved in, his focus off the cats leaving him open as the blond follower of Don Juan threw a powder bomb at him to keep him from ganging up on their master. Both girls smirked as it impacted and they released the leashes.

Covered in cat nip, Ranma looked up in horror as the house cats swamped him.

“Ranma!” Akane cried, paying for her lack of attention as Don Juan's hands grabbed around her kneeling form, arms holding hers at her sides, his knee on the back of her leg keeping her down, his hands feeling up her breasts.


The angry cat bellow came before the cats were thrown off Ranma, the martial artist ripping off his red shirt and most of his black pants to clear the catnip from him, getting on all fours before hissing at the man molesting his mate.

“What is this?” Don Juan demanded, still feeling Akane up but Nabiki helpfully replied.

“This would be how Ranma does the Neko-ken. Do you have health insurance?”

With a spit hiss Ranma dove over Akane close enough that she felt him brush past her hair, his hands and feet like claws locking on the head of the faux Neko-ken master. His bodyweight yanked the leather clad young man off Akane and with a roll flung him hard into the dojo wall.

Hissing at the unconscious bald leather clad challenger, Neko-ranma ignored the rain of blond hair his claws had cut off, looking back in concern at Akane.

Sighing in relief at being free and Ranma being okay if in his cat mindset, Akane tearing his eyes from his muscles as she noticed the pair of girls approaching on their hands and knees, all but panting at her half naked fiancé.

The two slutty girls in tight leather had apparently decided on a new pride leader, the blond one heaving with her hanging cleavage approaching faster as the dark haired worked on the lace of her leather bodice.

Neko-Ranma took one look at the two girls and turned back to Akane, his angry mate glaring at the girls looking up only as his face got close to hers, turning enough as he licked her hips.

Frowning, the two girls in leather stopped as Ranma continued to press his tongue and lips on Akane, the dark haired young woman putting her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss, her eyes glaring at the girls letting them know who owned this pack leader. When the dark haired girl continued to work at her laces Akane broke the kiss, pulling Ranma;s face to her neck she used her other hand to grab up Don Juan's discarded whip, flicking it at the leather clad girls, failing to crack it but managing to hit one stingingly.

With a frown the rejected pair stood and went to collect their pride leader, dragging the now bald lump away.

“Good Ranma,” Akane whispered as he licked at her neck and ear in a way that made her shiver.

She froze as a hand grabbed her right breast, pawing at her in a way that felt so much different to how the jerk Feikushu had done so. Her breath catching, she caught his lips again, keenly aware of his bare chest, her bare stomach and legs, and the fact they weren't alone.

“Akane-chan, perhaps you shouldn't encourage that,” Kasumi said with a nervous voice.

Turning to let Ranma lick and nuzzle into her ear again, Akane looked to Kasumi, dropping the whip to hold him, her hand brushing his back. “It's okay. He just likes attention like this.”

“I can see that Akane,” Kasumi hissed tersely.

Nabiki smirked and raised her camera to take a photo. “She means don't look down Akane.”

Pushing her affection fiancé back enough to look between them, Akane saw something odd coming out of Ranma's pants. She frowned quizzically and opened her mouth to ask what it was, that was when she knew exactly what it was and why Kasumi wasn't happy.

Swallowing, she was caught when Ranma tried to kiss her mouth again, his tongue previously welcome suddenly an invader, she almost pushed him away when he gave a throaty purr, his back arching up. It took her only a moment to realize she had grabbed him and where, his manhood so hot in her hand.

The soft sheath over the so firm core of the member in her hand, her fingers unable to encircle its thickness didn't help her focus on her anger. Her first kiss had been because of the neko-ken and it had been in front of her school, now her first sexual experience with Ranma was in front of her sisters and his mother because of this stupid technique that turned him from egotistical foul mouthed jerk to tender affectionate beast mouthing at her chin.

“Firmly dear, a good firm grip is fine there, just be careful with the tenderness of the sack behind it,” Nodoka supplied unhelpfully as Kasumi stormed out of the dojo.

Her hand slowly pushed and pulled at the length in her hand, trying to think and focus, distracting herself at the rush of power as her head pulled back with the simple brush of her thumb over the head of his manhood. The scariest part of a man, and especially of her man, suddenly even more of a weak spot than just a possible target in a fight. Her brown eyes widened as Ranma's other hand grabbed the other side of her chest, his pawing hands kneading her flesh, forcing her down, only her will keeping her abs from letting him.

“Ranma, no!”

Freezing at the instruction and firm grip pushing him back, neko-Ranma looked concerned at his mate for a moment, before again pushing forward on her chest and moving to kiss her.

“Ranma!” Akane said firmly, this time pushing back enough he brought his paws off her to the floor as he sat back like a cat before her legs she hadn't realized she'd spread. The way her cat minded fiancé looked down at her body and underwear then looked up hungrily at her made her swallow.

“Ranma! No!” she said again before he pushed his lips on hers, forcing her back and down before her hand reached out and grabbed the handle of the whip.

A crack of the whip sounded loudly in the dojo, breaking him off warily long enough for Akane to get her breathing under control, her hand still gripping his manhood not letting him back off far.

“Good Ranma,” she whispered to him as he looked at her cautiously with his animalistic blue eyes. With pouting lips, he glanced down at her hand on him, then back on her, obviously confused by mixed signals.

“Good Ranma,” Akane whispered again before leaning in to kiss him this time, her hand more confidently stroking his member, her confidence growing with her control of their intimacy.

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The red headed girl Ranma had been turned into by the cold water Kasumi had thrown on him and Akane looked around startled. “What happened? Where is he?” Immediately Ranma looked to Akane who was glaring at Kasumi, before realizing he was looking at her and covered her soaked bra, shredded blouse, and cute panties with her arm and hand.

Ranma looked around nervously, taking a step back paling. “Did I... did I attack you? Did I do that to you?”

“No, you pervert,” Akane said shaking her head in clear mixed signals.

“Your lecherous challenger did this to me before you went cat and took him out. You decided to kiss me again but that was 'all',” she finished stressing the last word to her sisters and Ranma's mother.

Sighing in relief, Ranma nodded, color returning to his face. “I'm sorry.”

“Just be glad you kissed me again, and not any of the other girls here,” Akane said to accuse his fidelity, though it was to her more an accusation of his awake mind, she knew his cat mind always went to her.

“I wouldn't have complained,” Nabiki offered, smirking at the expected glare she earned from her sister. Neither noticed Nabiki's joke cut off Ranma from saying something in defense.

Akane gave up her futile glaring at her sister to walk for the door, “I'm having a bath.” With a glare for Ranma that made him look down, Kasumi followed her sister.

Once she was gone, Nabiki glanced to Ranma's mother who was already cleaning up the scraps of clothing and preparing a broom for the catnip. “Akane summed up what happened with a few words. If you ever want the full version, I pictures,each worth a thousand words, and will cost the same in yen. All up about thirty of them.”

“Thirty thousand yen?” Ranma boggled.

Nabiki looked surprised at him. “Do you expect me to just sell out my sister cheap? Come on little brother.”

Ranma sighed.

Life was

, feeling life down,

Kasumi's glares, and his mothers concerned looks at him or glares for his father, not helping his appetite, but it was Akane's slightly smug attitude that had really robbed breakfast of enjoyment.

Sitting out on the veranda looking at the sunny day, he frowned, not enjoying the day off school or the lovely weather as he glanced at the dojo feeling he violated it. Akane not being upset was confounding him, cause he knew he did something bad to her there yesterday, something perverted while in his neko-ken mindset.

He tried not to think of Akane in a sexual fashion, ever if he could help it but stray thoughts assailed him often. He'd never admit them, especially to her, she'd hate him thinking such.

His blue eyes glanced up as Akane's sister Nabiki strode past shamelessly, wearing black string bikini, the rear riding up as she carried a towel out onto the lawn and laid it out. Turning to look away to another part of the yard, Ranma tried not to imagine Akane in similar attire when his fiancée came into view wearing similar attire, only hers in yellow, and as she passed by he noted one side was riding exposing very white skin.

Not trying to look, Ranma couldn't turn completely, one eye drifting to the bikini wearing young woman with her sister, her face pink as she filled her hands with sunscreen and began to rub down his sisters body with the cream.

They finally finished, Ranma freezing from trembling he didn't even realize he was doing as Akane's brown eyes locked on his. Without thought his hand covered the semi hard member in his pants but she had looked away to lay down before he noticed, undoing the back of her bikini to avoid tan lines.

“Akane!” Kasumi cried, clearly perturbed at what her sisters where doing. Striding out on the grass to berate them in a quieter voice.

She almost reached Akane before black petals rained into the yard and a high voice laughed loudly.

Kodachi sneered contemptuously at her rival sunning herself before her own beloved destined husband.

“You think you could tempt my beloved with your ugly body, it is a wonder the sun stays out gazing upon your disgusting form.”

Nabiki quickly started redoing up her top expecting warfare, but Akane merely looked up casually. “Don't you get tired of losing Kodachi? I mean he has said to your face he doesn't like you like that and you expect putting others down to make him want you?”

Sneering down, Kodachi lept from the wall to land near Akane, “I challenge you Akane Tendo, we shall entice my dearest Ranma, and only he whom he gazes on with lust shall truly hold his affection.”

Akane blushed, then smiled and put her head back down on the towel. “No thanks Kodachi. If you think crawling to him like that would make him respect you and like you in more than a perverted way, you're more delusional than your brother.”

Uniquely qualified to realize the depth of that insult, Kodachi stepped back as if hit. “Then I challenge you, once and for all, the loser will never pursue my darling Ranma again!”


Kodachi, Nabiki, and Kasumi looked at the relaxing girl shocked. “Hohohohoho, you would cowardly refuse a challenge in your own home!”

“You already lost a challenge like that and didn't keep your end of the bargain. Why should I even consider risking my honor bound marriage to that idiot if you still pursue him with cheats and dirty tricks.”

“How dare you!” Kodachi declared, rushing in with her clubs against the prone opponent, only for said opponent to roll back, squeezing the plastic bottle of sunscreen to jet into her attackers face.

Blinded, Kodachi slashed down still, forcing Akane back, the short haired girl covering her chest with her hands as she saw Ranma approaching fast.

“Hold it both of you,” Ranma began reaching to grab Kodachi only to be caught when she pushed a club blindly into his stomach and depressing the hidden button.

With a thunderous bang, the trick club exploded with a shape charge of force, flinging Ranma back from the girls, impacting onto the veranda of the Tendo home and rolling into the low table in the main room.

“Ranma!” Akane cried, rushing to get to him, only to be caught, the topless girl feeling the black gymnastics ribbon around her waist, tightening and yanking her up into the air.

Her dark eyes cleared of the sunscreen, Kodachi knocked Nabiki over as she pulled back to get Akane off the ground and deny her the power of escape, leaping to the wall of the Tendo compound to spin her opponent around her.

With nothing to grab onto, Akane was spun around the dark haired Kuno heiress at gathering speed before with a flick Kodachi released her, sling shotting Akane into the Tendo home, just to the side of where Ranma had fallen, but with a smash Akane hit the wall not the door.

Shaking his head to clear shock and dust from his eyes, Ranma looked up from the ground where Akane hung dazed through the wall. Spinning on his back to flip to his feet, Ranma was by her side in an instant, holding her shoulders up to look in her face. “Are you okay?”

At the panicked question Akane nodded, smiling wanely for her fiancé, still trying to get her head to stop spinning. Her brown eyes focused angrily on his as his stared lower at her pert breasts hanging below her, her hands slapping to cover her chest.


Both of the engaged couple looked to the television and the advert for cat food in portrayed, and when Akane looked back to Ranma to glare and demand he help her from being stuck half way through a wall, her breath caught as he fell to all fours.

With a cat like yowl, her fiancé walked around her and out the door, instantly spotting Kodachi threatening back Kasumi and Nabiki, the middle Tendo in a bikini still credibly threatening legal action till the black haired girl swiped at her with the thick gymnastics rope.

All three women stopped as Ranma in his four legged cat like gait crossed the lawn towards Kodachi with a singular purpose.

“My my Ranma darling, you finally see my devotion and match it?” she asked, not realizing the intent of the dead eyes he had on her.

“I don't think he wants you like that, Kodachi,” Nabiki smirked, only to be hit over the chest with the rope for interfering Groaning in complaint, Nabiki saw to late her top fall loose from her neck, the impact pulling the knot too hard.

Covering up, she saw Ranma's cat like eyes on her body, before he turned to look at Akane's behind still hanging out of the wall.

“Ranma darling,” Kodachi said stepping near him, only to be swept off her feet by a swiping hand.

Twirling over, Kodachi stayed standing, glaring at her man and his erratic behavior, her leg hurting from the impact. She barely dodged when he swiped at her leg again.

“Ranma, stop that,” she demanded.

The next swipe was faster, knocking her over again, but as she acrobatically tumbled over Ranma's whole body hit her, driving her face first into the grass.

Standing on the downed girl, Ranma looked at Akane's legs again, before jumping up and impacting hard on the girls back, driving her face into the dirt again. Leaving the stunned girl, he strode for the doorway and his helpless mate.

Inside the main room, Kasumi looked concerned at her baby sister. “Are you okay Akane-chan?”

“I will be once I get out of here,” she said struggling.

Kasumi held up a towel but couldn't really see how she was going to wrap Akane's chest up in such a position. “Perhaps if you cover up we can all work together on getting you out.”

“Okay, though until Dad and Mr Saotome get home what are we supposed to do to get me out? Ranma is a cat, again, so we can't even get him to underst... EEP!” It was then that Akane felt Ranma's face push into her behind and between her thighs, his nose touching her most private space through her scant bikini bottoms.

Kasumi rounded to the outside fast, flicking the towel at the insane boy molesting her sister. “No Ranma!”

A flick of his wrist and the towel fell in shreds.

“No Ranma!” Kasumi said again, this time pushing at him and again his hand lashed out.

With a screech Kasumi darted back, holding the tattered remains of her blouse and bra, her white skin unmarred as she tried to cover her unsupported breasts.

Turning she fled for the kitchen, leaving her sister behind.

Akane looked concerned at Ranma attacking her sister so, but grew more concerned when she felt her bikini bottoms fall away shredded.“Ranma!”

Trembling Akane's mind flashed with images of her position, her heart pounding as she froze waiting not sure if next she would feel his exploring tongue or his hands on her back if he tried to mount her, but to her surprise she instead felt ruble falling as his claws shredded the wall, his face so hot as it touched her bare hip, pushing her to the side as the wall fell away enough she was suddenly free and able to stand, covering her body with her hands.

“Ranma darling!” A second shocked voice shouted, making the naked young woman and her insane fiancé look to Kodachi, dirty and bruised approaching open mouthed. “How could you!”

Kodachi swiped at Akane only for her arm to be caught by the shorter girl, but both froze as with two swipes the fluttering remains of Kodachi's leotard and underwear fell to the ground.

Looking nervously at the other naked girl and her chosen love, Kodachi trembled and squirmed, “If we are going to share him, I insist that it be I who will be his wife?” she stated nervously.

Moving behind Akane, Ranma nudged them together, both looking nervous at his apparent intent, but when Kodachi went to kiss Akane, the young man hissed dangerously.

The Tendo heiress relaxed in understanding at his jealous hiss, pulled back her hand and decked the black haired Kuno. Grabbing her dazed opponent, Akane force marched the equally naked girl to the gate to the Tendo yard, opened it, and threw Kodachi out before slamming the gate shut.

Dazed Kodachi looked around the street where she stood getting her bearings, till she looked at the weazing old man Herutsuwarui leaning on the wall, clutching his chest. Glancing down, Kodachi confirmed she was still naked to the air, her pale skin in the sun.

Turning around, Akane spotted her cat like fiancé ogling her from only a foot away, her hands flinching to cover up, but she let them hand by her sides as he looked her over.

The moment broke with the indignant screech from outside and Ranma sprung straight up, matching Kodachi doing the same from outside as she tried to jump back inside the Tendo yard. The cat like young man met her half way and swatted her naked behind straight back out of the property and into the street.

Landing Ranma looked prepared to jump up and drive her off again, giving Akane the time to chose to run for inside herself, her face flaming with the inappropriate thoughts in her mind.

Neko-Ranma turned and ran in pursuit, only to get a face full of water at the doorway.

“Huh, what happened?” Ranma-chan said looking around, seeing Kasumi in a fresh apron and general destruction.

Dinner and challenge letter from nekoken master. awkwardness, near kiss but Akane reacts badly to Ranma.

Next day

As she power walked along, her eyes were drawn to the shrine gate of a Shinto shrine recalling what happened there last new years, lips thin and angry recalling what Shampoo stole that night.

A smile grew on her lips as she went inside.

Ranma ignored the fussing of his mother over the band aids on the cuts on his face, trying eat his dinner. He was still waiting for the hammer to fall, suspecting more happened when he was in the neko-ken than Akane was saying but there was no way for him to recall it.

The ringing of the phone had Akane jump up, Ranma's brows furrowing as it was like she expected it. In a surprisingly short time she returned looking annoyed.

“Ranma, someone saw a ghost over near Ucchans.”

“Aw hell,” he snapped standing up, Nodoka letting the curse slide as he went off like a manly hero. Ranma looked confused as Akane sat back down to dinner.

“You ain't coming.”

“Saving the girl who threw bombs at your mother and me? I don't think so, you can handle it.”

Nodding he ran off.

Three other women at the table looked at Akane suspiciously. “Who saw a ghost near there?” Nabiki asked.

“A reliable source,” Akane said smugly digging into her dinner.

Straightening his collar, the giant two story tall ghostly cat Maomolin set his large bell in the center like a tie, hefting a flowering bush as a bouquet for his date.

Taking a breath he moved on towards the restaurant where the nice girl said his date awaited - Ucchan's Okonomiyaki.

Ukyo blushed looking in the mirror. There were times she doubted she could be a woman and a chef. She knew she was a damn fine chef and wearing the flowing lingerie, she was a pretty fine woman. White and sheer, it flowed finely from the lacy white bra that held her so often bound assets. Below, her curves could be scene by anyone who happened to try as the material was translucent so as to let enough light through that the matching white lace panties shone through.

For a brief moment she imagined the blue eyes of her handsome fiancé examining her body like this, eyes filled with lust she had never seen in them in real life. She shook her head as the eyes became the brown puppy dog look of her friend and waitress, the gender confused ninja Konatsu, the lust she imagined in them darker and predatory.

Not like the wide yellow eye looking in her window.


Outside Maomolin could think of only one thing at the gorgeous woman covering up.


Ranma shuddered hearing the voice of the accursed cat, knowing what ghost he faced, the one ghost in the world he could never face. “Cats. Why did I have to be cats.”

Well at least Akane wasn't here for him to kiss, he thought, lips tingling considering the stolen kiss in the sports shed when she was gagged before shampoo turned cat.

Stealing himself he ran in hoping the would let him fight in the street and he could just used ranged attacks, but predictably he heard the sounds of the cat facing off with an opponent. Konatsu he guessed by the lack of sound.

Darting inside saw Konatsu guarding Ukyo behind the grill. Ukyo appearing like a damsel in distress in a very attractive outfit. A very sexy outfit. For a brief moment Ranma had a vision of Akane wearing such, his loins stirring, before his eyes settled on the cat before him.

Falling to all fours, Ranma released a roaring yowl, all inside freezing at it.

Maomolin looked shock, “Not you again.”

Ukyo looked at Ranma in wonder, recognizing from stories the nekoken. “That's my fiancé, jackass.”

“But the woman at the temple said you wanted to date me,” The ghost cat whined in its high voice, backing up.

“Who did this? Shampoo?” Ukyo asked, but Ranma darted in and Maomolin fled out the door and down the street with a ringing of its bell.

Ukyo swallowed, looking at Ranma neko calming in her shop. Stepping around Konatsu, she pushed out her chest. If Ranma showed his true feelings like this, this would be when she knew if she could be a woman for her future husband.


Neko Ranma looked up at her hungrily and walked towards her, and past her, and nudged open the fridge to get at the tuna.

Quick as a flash with a mouthful of tuna, Ranma fled into the night. Crying Ukyo chased him getting out into the street when her translucent material caught on the doorway and ripped the bra and material from her.

Standing in the middle of the street for a moment, Ukyo cried, not feeling her nipples harden in the chill. “I'm not a woman.” she whispered and turned, pumping into Konatsu, the feminine ninja automatically cupping her breasts in his hot hands, his hardened member in his robe bumping her bare belly obviously.

“You are to me.”

Ukyo leaned up and kissed him.

Bounding over the wall into the Tendo yard, neko-Ranma took one look at the lights of the house before sniffing the air. Loping to the darkened dojo and around the back, he found Akane kneeling on a blanket in the shadows.

Akane smiled shyly as Ranma approached, wasting no time to push through her embarrassment to kiss the young man who thought he was a cat. He was a fast learner at kissing like a man.

And a faster learner at other thing as he pawed her breast eliciting a moan from his mate.

After three attempted to be go below the chest, Akane smiled as his actions through her clothes and kept kissing him.

Nodoka looked at her son one last time before laying her head back on the pillow beside her husbands and trying to sleep.

Beneath Ranma's closed eyelid, flutters of movement gave away the images bombarding his mind he entered REM sleep. Lower down, his blanket began to tent up as his body reacted. Suddenly his eyes flicked open.


Akane shivered slightly as she awoke, believing she had kicked her thin blanket off her in her tossing and turning.

A nudging at her arm by warm skin made her reluctantly turn over, eyes snapping open as hot breath washed over her face.

“Ranma?” she asked startled in the dark room, trembling at his reply.


The inquisitive cat sound heralded a paw on her hip, pulling her towards him as his tongue licked across her chin and lips.

“Ranma, stop! Bad Kitty!” Akane hissed, trying to stall as his paw pushed on her chest through her night gown, her skin reacting so fast her breath caught.

Glancing down she could just make out some pale flesh sticking out from below his singlet, his only clothing as his manhood pointed at her.

Almost without thought her hand wrapped his length, fingers not able to completely close around the iron hard super hot flesh inside the soft skin.

With a growled sigh, Ranma slowly pushed his hips in to make her grip stroke him, accompanied by the idle tearing open of her nightgown exposing her chest to the air.

“Ranma, stop!” she hissed again, failing to get his attention but unwilling to raise her voice to a commanding shout lest it attract her father and his lest they find them like this or find out what happened in the dojo.

Awkwardly Ranma bent his frame, legs bent into her grip, his face finding its way to her chest, first lick finding her nipple, his lips wrapping around it to suckle in a way that rolled Akane's eyes with pleasure.

Trying to think, Akane lifted his face from her chest, pulling him closer by his hardened shaft, closer to her chest to keep him from trying to lick her there again.

Neko-Ranma believed differently in Akane's intent, purring happily as he climbed up, his front paws on the wall to bring his manhood to his mates pink lips.

Akane's eyes went wide as Ranma changed his actions, going with her then way past her her goal, finding his manhood near her face, her eyes nearly crossing trying to focus on the wide head, her embarrassment wanting it out of sight as she pressed her lips to it.

A long cat moan from Ranma made Akane flush, embarrassed but thrilled at his reaction, her hand holding his hip back from trying to push into her mouth, slowing him enough to start working his shaft with both hands, her pink tongue gliding over the rough head at her lips.

Cat like steps cautiously turned the martial artist lover of the woman on the bed, Akane continuing her actions as he moved, taking the opportunity to readjust herself to better comfort, but just as her legs rolled up as she shifted onto her hips, his hand pulled her back, pushing her down before reaching for the hem of her nightshirt and pulling it up to expose the white cotton underwear she wore.

With sudden clarity, Akane knew his goal, to pleasure her as she did him, and she knew that should she let him touch her hot damp center there she'd never be able to stop him tonight, tomorrow she'd be married to him while he wouldn't remember the slightest bit of why in this mind.

Opening her mouth, she sicked hard on the head of his manhood, her lovers back arching as he lost all other intent but to be at the mercy of her hands and mouth.

Again his hips tried to thrust into her, forcing her to stop as he meowed plaintively, her actions starting again, her not mouth and lips sucking at his flesh, hone hand stroking his hard length, the other gently rolling his balls as he whimpered.

With a grunt and another hip thrust Akane felt raw heat lash into her mouth, her head flinching back as his manhood twitched, a second twitch splattering her face with his seed, white cum jetting onto her face and dribbling to her exposed chest as she tried to swallow the salty taste and clear enough to breath again.

With a final purr, her loved climbed back from her, seeming about to lick her face before deciding better and climbing onto her the foot of her bed and curling up.

As she watched him, the curled up pantless young man fell instantly asleep.

With a sigh, Akane ignored the hormonal urge to wake him up, using her only clean hand to help herself stand, then pulled the blanket he and pulled from her over his form.

Reaching the door, she flinched seeing a nervous Kasumi waiting with a towel.

“How much did you see?”

“Only the end when he... Are you okay?” her older sister asked. “Why didn't you yell at him to stop?”

Akane frowned, wiping her face and chest before discarding her ruined nightie. “And get Daddy and Mr Saotome arranging a wedding before we're ready?”

“Perhaps you should get married before you can't control him?” Kasumi urged clearly uncomfortable. “Or we could send him away till you are ready.”

Briefly wondering if it was controlling him or herself that would be the problem, Akane kept wiping at mess in her hair, careful to keep one part of the towel in front of her hips lest her sister see how damp she had gotten herself in the brief moments with her amorous fiancé. “We can't send him away because his idiot father put him through this.”

“You can't have him molesting you every time he gets a naughty thought Akane. He is a teenage boy, walking gives them perverted thoughts.”

Akane smirked ruefully at Kasumi's choice of words, but shook her head. “Then it's even more important that I am near in case he goes to another girl who can't control him and he gets arrested?”

“Don't be so cavalier Akane, you might like this sudden interest but if you can't stop him, he can't stop himself.”

Akane shivered, her face paling thought the blood rushed around her body. “Then we have to help him recover.”

“You should take him to Doctor Tofu, or to a psychiatrist. He needs help before you do.”

Nodding, Akane squirmed. “Ranma will just close up if we get Doctor Tofu over. You know how proud he is. Your saw his face when he thought he had torn my clothes in the dojo, he thought he had attacked me.”

“Akane he attacked you and ruined your clothes here.”

“But this was...Okay,” Akane agreed, “But we invite Doctor Tofu over as a friend and get him to talk to Ranma about it. We don't tell Ranma about tonight.”

Kasumi nodded in agreement and Akane moved for the stairs to go down to the bathroom, only to turn back when Kasumi gasped. Slowly striding out of her bedroom door, Ranma was still on all fours, still lacking pants as he looked at Kasumi, then at Akane in her underwear on the stairs. At his inquisitive meow, Akane shook her head.

“No Ranma,” Akane whispered, “Go back to bed.”

The young man in the neko-ken glanced with his empty eyes to Kasumi then turned and went back to the guest room, though the torn opening in the sliding door he had originally emerged from, and slumped into his bed.

Akane awoke at the nervous tapping on her door, looking up at Nodoka as the older woman nervously entered.

“I'm sorry to wake you dear but are you okay? Did my son attack you last night?”

“No Aunty, I...”

Sitting down, Nodoka hugged the girl in the heavy pajamas, “Shhhh dear, it's okay. I know he came in here.”

“Aunty, I, yes he did and I calmed him down and he went back to sleep. It's okay.”

Nodoka looked at her face for a long time, not relaxing. “Dear, I know you didn't go to bed in those pajamas, that there are some stains only a man can make on your bed near your pillow. Did he attack you?”

Flushing red, Akane shrugged, “He came in, he woke me up, he got a bit amorous and I... finished what I started in the dojo.”

“You two didn't...?” Nodoka alluded, obviously calming.

“No. It's okay.”

Nodoka looked piercingly at the woman she hoped would be her future daughter in law. “Your taking this rather well?”

“Aunty, Ranma has been a pervert for a long time, its this stupid neko-ken that is the problem here.”

“So you and Ranma have before?”

Akane surprised herself with a blush, “Oh no, never.”

Nodoka nodded, more used to this Akane, “But now you know his true, controlled feelings?”

Going a deeper shade of red, Akane shook her head, “No way. I mean maybe once we're married, but not while he still acts like an egotistical jerk.”

Frowning at the young womans apparently different attitudes and attraction to her son depending on his mental state, Nodoka was going at ask more when Kasumi's voice called from downstairs for breakfast.

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