3 x Destroy Alien Drone (Victory. Zaps for 3 Stress when any Objective is attempted and upon failing an attempt to complete it.) 3 x Secure Medical Supplies (Humanity. When completed, put 3 tokens on it. You may remove 2 tokens from it at any time to remove a Trauma from any Character.) 3 x Scavenge Equipment (Humanity. When completed, put 3 tokens divided any way you wish on any Completed Objectives.) 2 x Destroy Hidden Hive (Victory. Each time any Objective is attempted, the current Nightmare may search their deck for any Nightmare card, show it to all players, and put it into their hand, then they shuffle their deck.) 2 x Anchor Initiation (Awareness. To attempt this Objective, an additional Character must act. When completed, attach to that Character: that Character is now an Anchor in addition to any other subtypes.) 2 x Pilot Training (Victory. To attempt this Objective, an additional Character must act. When completed, attach to that Character: that Character is now a Pilot in addition to any other subtypes.)

Characters: 3 x Jessica Simmons, Puppy Eyed (Trust bonuses, Innocent subtype) 3 x Lloyd Frey, Rising Star (Either +3 Int to one rel or +1 / +1 to two, Devoted subtype) 3 x Thomas Adams, Falling Away With You (Inflict 1 Stress on Thomas / Anchored pilot in response to a Nightmare to negate it, Experienced subtype.) 3 x Alice Robinson, Driven By Guilt (Passive +1 Power bonus to her Anchored Pilot: Act to get +4 Power, Driven subtype.) 2 x Amanda Norris, More Than Patient (Ignores the first point of Stress inflicted to any of her Rels (but not directly to her), Devoted Adolescent subtypes.) 2 x Tarragon Farah, Won't Leave You Falling (Redirects Stress inflicted on anyone with a Relationship to him, or to their other rels, to his rel with them, Heroic Adolescent subtype.) 2 x Christopher Reed, Winterborn (Anyone with a Rel to him can act to place a token on a Completed Objective you control. Devoted Adolescent subtype. Note he does not begin play as a Pilot.) 2 x Tina Benjamin, She'll Hear Me (Begins play with Trauma. 4/4 leftward relationship, 2/2 upward and downward. ) 2 x Jessica Simmons, Murderous Wolf (Can trade Stress for Power on a 1 to 1 basis, Innocent Veteran subtype, Veteran cost 3) 2 x Lloyd Frey, Falling Star (You can pay both parts of his Veteran cost to put a +5 Power token on any Pilot he has a Traumatized Relationship to. Devoted Veteran subtype, Veteran cost 4.) 2 x Rachael Robinson, First Love (In response to a Nightmare played during an attempt she is not participating in, you may inflict a Trauma on any of her outgoing rels to have her join the Attempt. She must Act and be Anchored as normal.)

Tactics: 3 x Ego Shield (Prevents 4 Stress to a character). 3 x Subconscious Frame (Pick any Attempting pilot. This Attempt, in order for a Nightmare to Pick that Pilot, they must spend an additional 2 Terror.) 2 x I Can't Go Out Like This (Play this card in response to the Destruction of a Pilot attempting an Objective to retroactively add 15 Power to the attempt. The Pilot is still Destroyed.)

Nightmares: 3 x Paranoid Fantasies (This turn, reduce one Relationship's Intimacy to its Trust.) 3 x Falling Upwards (This turn, reverse one Relationship's Intimacy and Trust values (5 / 2 becomes 2 / 5).) 3 x Searing Rays (Inflict 3 Stress to any Character.)

Interludes: 3 x Samsarol (Put 3 tokens on this card when it comes into play. You may remove a token instead of gaining 2 Bliss or any fraction thereof. You may remove multiple tokens at once.)

60 cards total.

Only properly statted two cards, but:

Lloyd Frey - Rising Star Character - Pilot, Devoted

Up: N/A, Left: 3/3, Down: 2/2, Left: 2/2

When Lloyd Frey, Rising Star enters play, you may place either one +1 Intimacy / +1 Trust token on any two of his outgoing relationships, or place one +3 Intimacy token on any one of his outgoing relationships. --- No, Amanda. It isn't like that... the ANIMa cannot lie. My weapons wouldn't work unless...!! Unless I really felt that way about you...

Lloyd Frey - Falling Star Character - Pilot, Devoted Veteran

Up: 3/1, Left: 2/2, Down: 3/1, Left: 3/2

Veteran 4: Lloyd Frey - You may replace any card named Lloyd Frey with this card, either by gaining 4 Bliss or in reaction to that card gaining Trauma at no cost. When this card enters play during your Interlude phase, you must either gain 4 Bliss or place 1 Trauma on this card. If you played this card as a reaction to Trauma or it began play with Trauma, you may also gain 4 Bliss. When you do: Place one +5 Power token on any one Pilot with whom Lloyd has a Traumatized Relationship (The Incoming or Outgoing side can be Traumatized to meet this requirement).

"Tarragon's nice," Jessica suggested. "If I had to kiss anyone, it'd be Tarragon." Lloyd shook his head. "Tarragon's a fine human, but the only thing he would know to do with a Wolf is domesticate it, and a domesticated Wolf is a pathetic thing, living between two worlds, belonging in neither and destined to die a dog's death."

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