This is Cartoonfan 2012's Movie - Spoof of Alice in Wonderland  


  • Rarity (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic) as Alice
  • Flora (Winx Club) as Alice's Sister
  • Opalescence (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic) as Dinah
  • Zazu (The Lion King) as White Rabbit
  • Iago (Aladdin) as Doorknob
  • Prince John (Robin Hood) as Dodo
  • Timon and Pumbaa (The Lion King) as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  • Scar (The Lion King) as Walrus
  • Shere Khan (The Jungle Book) as Carpenter
  • Woody (Toy Story 1, 2, and 3) as Bill the Lizard
  • Dawn (Pokemon) as The Rose
  • May, Misty, Centaurettes, Iris, Sam, Clover, Alex, Young Kiara, Lily, Violet, Tigress, Gloria, Angie, Miss Piggy, Baby Lola Bunny, and Lola Bunny as The Flowers
  • Kaa (The Jungle Book) as Caterpillar
  • Sir Hiss (Robin Hood) as Caterpillar as a Butterfly
  • Jessie (Pokemon) as Bird in a Tree
  • Louis (Princess and the Frog) as Cheshire Cat
  • SpongeBob and Patrick (SpongeBob Squarepants) as The Mad Hatter and The March Hare
  • Gadget (Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers) as Dormouse
  • Ed, Edd, and Eddy as The Card Painters
  • Messina (Freddie as FRO7) as Queen of Hearts
  • Brer Rabbit (Song of the South) as King of Hearts

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