Name: Raskolnikov
 Genre: Occult Horror
 Race: Human
 Occupation: Agent
 Age: 27
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0"
 Weight: 200

Description and Character Notes:

A Russian national, he's one of the few "freelance" agents working for the agency, meaning he subscribes to no one religion. This is mostly because he doesn't really care, and is generally much more concerned with what's going on around him. Or, in many cases, with scoring some more booze.

He's primarily a fighter, with plenty of experience from his years in the Soviet military, and following the collapse, as a security contractor working in Eastern Europe and Africa.


 Body: 6
 Mind: 5
 Soul: 4
 Health Points: 50
 Energy Points: 45
 Shock Value: 10
 Combat Value: 5
 Defense Value: 3


   Gun Combat 3x4 = 12  
   Stealth 1x4 = 4  
   Heavy Weapons 1x4 = 4  
   Sleight of Hand 1x2 = 2  
   Medical 1x3 = 3  
   Urban Tracking 1x3 = 3  
   Wilderness Tracking 1x2 = 2  
 Personal Gear 3x1 = 3  (3 major items)
   Major Items   (3 major items)
   Minor Items   (12 minor items)
 Gun Bunny 3x1 = 3  
   Dead Eye   
   Lightning Draw   
   Steady Hand   
 Weapon Attack 2x4 = 8  (30 damage)
   Burning, Fast   (3 damage for 5 rounds)
   Only In (Environment)   
   Affects Incorporeal   
   Short Range   
 Regeneration 2x4 - 1 = 7  
   Cannot Regenerate Uncommon Attack   
 Wanted 2x-1 = -2  
 Marked 2x-1 = -2  
 Not So Fast 1x-1 = -1  
 Sensory Impairment 1x-1 = -1  

Info And Comments For: Raskolnikov

Level 1 - Hey! Wondering what's supposed to go in this big box? Check out readme.txt to see why there's nothing down here. All BESM stuff is a trademark and copyright of Guardians of Order. Used without permission. Any questions about how this works, email

Info And Comments For: Personal Gear 3x1 = 3 (3 major items)

 1 AA-12 Automatic Shotgun
 1 Flamethrower
 1 Magnum Research BFR
 2 combat knives
 Great Coat
 Patrol Cap

Info And Comments For: Weapon Attack 2x4 = 8 (30 damage)

A big, nasty flamethrower, with special enchantments allowing it to inflict damage on the disembodied. Obviously, can't be used underwater.

Info And Comments For: Wanted 2x-1 = -2

The governments of several African nations are rather angry at Raskolnikov for some of his mercenary activities in the region, which mostly involved his love of flame-based weapons, and their utilization during the African dry season. Specifically, this combination in very close proximity to several capitol buildings.

Info And Comments For: Marked 2x-1 = -2

Lots of drunken tattoos. Although some are proudly displayed on his arms, he makes conscious effort to hide the more interesting ones ordered in his less-than-sober moments.

Info And Comments For: Sensory Impairment 1x-1 = -1

He's half deaf thanks to years of very loud music. And gunfire. And explosions.

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