The Rats are a furious, fast and catchy band with the most pissed of lyrics and annihilating live act. They try to do something real, with the feeling and adrenalin of 80's hardcore but with a new sound and they do their best to constantly evolve and not be stuck in a certain folder of bands. The Rats will deliver, that's a promise.

The Rats started playing together six years ago out of boredom but at this time under the name Rabid Grannies. Everything was well and fine for many years but as the people in the band got older and their lifes changed so did their music. Rabid Grannies broke up spring 2006, feeling that something was about to happen that they couldn´t back up.


Two 7" are released and you can order them by e-mailing us at or! Above you can hear some tunes from the new releases.

A 12" is in the works.


wed 6th - SWEDEN, Stockholm - Gula Villan w/Imperial Leather, A.N.S
thu 7th - SWEDEN, Malmö - TBAw/ A.N.S
fri 8th - DENMARK, Kobenhavn - Kraftwerket w/ A.N.S
sat 9th - GERMANY, Kiel - TBA w/ Madrugergrind, Toxic revolution, A.N.S
sun 10th - GERMANY, Berlin - Koma/Köpi w/A.N.S, Bill Bondsmen
mon 11th - GERMANY, Dresden - TBA w/ A.N.S, Sugar Cash
tue 12th - GERMANY, Leipzig - Zoro W/A.N.S
wed 13th - GERMANY, Mülheim - TBA W/A.N.S
thu 14th - FRANCE, Paris - la miroiterie W/A.N.S, operation eat shit,get lost
fri 15th - FRANCE, Nancy - Soap box club w/massmoerd
sat 16th - BELGIUM, liege - TBA w/ severed head of state, thema11
sun 17th - GERMANY – Mainz - TBA w/deny everything
mon 18th - GERMANY Mannheim - Juz w/ Confronto
tue 19th - GERMANY Göttingen
wed 20th - GERMANY - Münster
thu 21st - HOLLAND Hogeveen - Thrashfest w/ a lot of bands
fri 22nd - GERMANY Bremen - G18 w/Victis

End of 2006/beginning of 2007
Mar 30th 2007 Sweden, Umeå - Umeå Open Festival
Nov 4th 2006 Sweden, Umeå - Hamnmagasinet (Punkfest 9)
Sep 20th 2006 Sweden, Umeå - Charlies

Tour 2006
Sep 16th 2006 Sweden, Linköping - Skylten
Sep 15th 2006 Germany, Bremen - G18
Sep 14th 2006 Germany, Münster - Baracke
Sep 13th 2006 Holland, Utrecht - ACU
Sep 12th 2006 France, Paris - Espace B
Sep 11th 2006 Belguim, Tournai - Four á chaux
Sep 10th 2006 Holland, Amsterdam - OCCII
Sep 9th 2006 Belgium, Brussels - DNA
Sep 8th 2006 Germany, Limburg - Kalkwerk
Sep 7th 2006 Germany, Jena - Café Wagner
Sep 6th 2006 Czech Republic, Prague - Klub 007
Sep 5th 2006 Germany, Berlin - Köpi
Sep 4th 2006 Germany, Leipzig - Geiszer
Sep 3rd 2006 Germany, Halle - Reil 78
Sep 2nd 2006 Germany, Dresden - Fiasko
Sep 2nd 2006 Germany, Chemnitz - Parking lot festival
Sep 1st 2006 Germany, Neugersdorf - Houseparty
Aug 31st 2006 Germany, Chemnitz - Subway to peter
Aug 30th 2006 Germany, Mannheim - Juz
Aug 29th 2006 Germany, Kiel - Alte Meierei
Aug 28th 2006 Germany, Berlin - Birthdayparty
Aug 27th 2006 Sweden, Malmö - Aktivitetshuset

First Show
Aug 23th 2006 Sweden, Umeå - Charlies


Patrik Lindmark - Bass
Johan Granberg - Guitar
Emanuel Bylund - Guitar
Mark Frygell - Vocals
Erik Gunnarsson - Drums

Other bands

Erik Gunnarson - Disconveniance(drums), Dick Cheney(drums), Guilty as charged(drums), Lipsynch Idiocy(vocals), Reign of bombs(drums) (during tour), Rabid Grannies(drums), Attitydproblem/Manboys(drums)

Mark Frygell - Guilty as charged(Vocals), Lipsynch Idiocy(Vocals, music), Rabid Grannies(Vocals), Insurgent Rat(Vocals), Begravningsbyrån(Vocals, Nerdic Assault(vocals)

Patrik Lindmark - Kommunen(bass), The Brunks(bass), Oj Ploj(bass), Disconvenience(bass)(during tour), Nerdic Assault(Bass), Rabid Grannies(bass), Insurgent Rat(bass)

Emanuel Bylund - Rabid Grannies (Guitar), Bruno Farinz orkester(Guitar and vocals), Kommunen(Guitar and vocals), The Brunks (Guitar?), Auktion(Guitar), Attitydproblem/Manboys(Guitar)

Johan Granberg - Rabid Grannies (Guitar), Nerdic Assault(Guitar), Guilty as charged(Guitar), Lipsynch idiocy(music)

External Links

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